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  • Long week...

    4/24/2017 11:32:08 AM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    about sums up how I have been feeling these last weeks... will have been working two half weekends and a whole one with only 2 days off at random intervals...makes it very hard to plan for the week and get stuff done with any reasonable degree of success... especially as shifts are getting harder du... Read more

  • Exercise?

    4/3/2017 3:07:04 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    That was always a bone of contention with me... at school, I used to enjoy PE and would even take extra lessons in any sport I could get into. Then I discovered the awful truth that I had unstable knees and they would dislocate at the drop of a hat...Later in life I started out at the gym, and for 5... Read more

  • It's always great...

    4/1/2017 2:08:25 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    ... to hear from friends on one's blog or page! It is one of the things that keeps me going even when life is rough... Non- scale ways of knowing that I am on the right track... ok, let's see,,, Clothes- now that is a def for me as I have lots of clothes that used to fit and didn't, but no... Read more