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  • Making a big change

    5/5/2015 2:59:40 PM, by BIGSKYCHERIE

    It's been a long time since I've posted to my blog. Much has happened. I've learned I need both hips, both knees and my left shoulder replaced. The most damaged is my left hip, which makes it impossible to put weight on my left leg. Three surgeons have refused to do the surgery unless I lose weight ... Read more

  • 25 pounds down

    5/2/2015 8:52:18 PM, by MISHA_T

    I started the month at 260 and by the time I started Keto on the 15th (or so), I was at 255. By today I'm sitting at 235. I have been losing roughly 5 pounds a week. I don't see a physical difference but I was at a surprise birthday party and several friends asked if I'd lost weight. So, I guess it'... Read more

  • Slimming Meals That Heal

    5/1/2015 3:32:43 PM, by CWCREATIONS

    I want to reach out & update all my friends & a great many others, that I've created a group, & I long for members to join me. I have plenty of things to do via this group & there will be a great many more benefits added to the group, as I follow along with the "Slimming Meals That Heal," health bo... Read more

  • Goodbye Women's Department...

    4/30/2015 8:35:12 AM, by TAMMAE

    I went shopping for clothes yesterday. I have always hated shopping because nothing ever fit correctly. I still can not "see" in my mind's eye how my body looks... so I kept the stores busy putting away all the sizes I tried. This is the first time in 20 years where I did not have to shop in the ... Read more

  • I Did It! Couch to 5k Completed And Other Awesome News!!!!

    4/28/2015 12:53:19 PM, by MISHAMW

    Far warning, this is going to be a very long and VERY HAPPY blog! So first off, I am sorry about not writing in a while. I have been really busy, which is good. It means I am doing things outside of work and! I still have been working out my three days a week, Su... Read more

  • Ready for this year to be over with...

    4/24/2015 3:45:34 PM, by SANA0825

    It's been an awful year already. My best friend's four month old son passes away, my relationship tanks BIG TIME, and today same best friend's grandfather passed away suddenly. I've known the family for ten years and just saw him last month. Healthy as a horse. Today is the kind of day that all I... Read more

  • Over 50 lbs lost in ONE Year!

    4/23/2015 8:22:58 AM, by TAMMAE

    April 23, 2014 ... 247 lbs. This is what I SAW on my calender this morning. I am 51 years old and have struggled with obesity since third grade. That is a lot of years to be on diets. Last year I was struggling to walk with painful joints and squeezing into the clothes (which have currently be... Read more

  • Introduction Page from May 2011

    4/23/2015 12:46:18 AM, by GOALISSIZE8

    (THIS WAS ON MY INFORMATION PAGE IN MAY OF 2011. IT HAS BEEN THERE EVER SINCE I CHANGED IT TODAY - APRIL 22, 2015) So, it's been just about exactly 4 years since my divorce was finalized and it's very empowering to realize how much stronger I am now than I was then. Although much has changed... Read more

  • Same song, different year

    4/23/2015 12:43:40 AM, by GOALISSIZE8

    I can copy and paste any of my previous "re-start" blogs and it would apply to me today. I am not going to stress over my past failures or the fact that I have stated "this time is the last time"umpteen times. There have been so many challenges and changes in the past few years. Some aspect... Read more

  • Sawdust

    4/22/2015 5:47:46 PM, by MISHA_T

    I had a problem over the last few days. Every meal was difficult to eat. It was like sawdust. Even stuff I really relish like avocado. And often I found myself queasy between meals. I blamed that on my meds (I take a lot of pills). Even this morning, I had force myself to eat two hard-boiled eggs an... Read more

  • Weather blahs

    4/20/2015 3:02:38 PM, by MISHA_T

    After a glorious week bother weather-wise and fitness-wise, today is definitely blah. I felt a bit queasy at noon so I laid down and took a nap. It seemed to do the trick. Before that I walked the house briskly for 20 minutes because I didn't want to go outside. It's 40° and the winds are positivel... Read more

  • Vegetables Nutrients

    4/18/2015 6:36:38 PM, by -SHAWN-

    Vegetables begin to lose their nutrients the moment they are cut. Once harvested, they begin to consume their own nutrients in order to stay alive.
    s-nutrients/ ... Read more

  • Heartbreak Ridge

    4/18/2015 6:54:51 AM, by MRTHING2000

    I was flipping through the channels today and caught a few minutes of the movie Heartbreak Ridge. I think it is one of Clint Eastwood's best movies. He plays a gruff Marine struggling in his personal life. I saw this movie years ago, and its oddly familiar to me. I grew up with my dad as a N... Read more

  • Confession

    4/16/2015 4:00:26 PM, by SANA0825

    I have not been eating well.... nor have been very active the past few days. Moving has set me back a little, but starting to get a grip on everything again. I hope to have my meal prep done tonight so I can avoid any further obstacles. I am NOT a morning person, but need to become one in the ho... Read more

  • Solutions

    4/15/2015 8:54:01 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Sometimes the cure seems worse than the disease. Well, today's latest medical appointment for the daughter sort of surprised us. The scoliosis is currently being casted to correct it, though we don't know if it is doing much anything. I figured at best, it corrected it 'some' and at worst--it kep... Read more

  • FOCUS!

    4/14/2015 2:42:40 PM, by SANA0825

    I'm looking forward to a new healthy ME! My bully baby, Bubba, and I moved into a small 3rd floor studio apartment in a trendy college life side of town. I'm so excited to be able to WALK everywhere! Lots of food, stores, two parks, AND the lake! :) I can't wait to start going on longe... Read more

  • Day 32: Maybe Time For A "New" Streak

    4/14/2015 12:28:37 PM, by MISHAMW

    I did really well with my no gluten and no sugar for the past thirty days. And it made me learn a lot about myself. I am ready to get back into a more "keto" state of mind, as well as a more "paleo" out look as well. Typically, from what I know about Paleo is most grains are a no-no. Plus ... Read more

  • Trying to focus

    4/13/2015 3:01:54 PM, by SANA0825

    It's been a rough weekend. Moving, stress, and relationship issues are a bad mix. I'm so very tired and sore. My body and my heart hurt for different reasons. Starting over SUCKS! I'm trying to focus on staying active and as positive as possible. Just a little difficult. I'm trying to focus on ... Read more

  • Day 31: I Made It Without Sugar and Gluten (mostly)

    4/13/2015 8:27:54 AM, by MISHAMW

    So today marks 31 days with gluten (mostly) and without sugar. I will say, towards the end of my 30 days I did indulged in "sugar" a bit more. I had some delicious raw, vegan, paleo date bars (just dates, coconuts, and almonds) as well as lightly sweetened gluten free cereal. I am saying "lightly... Read more

  • Another gym session down

    4/13/2015 7:13:25 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Oh, all the times I said 'I'm too tired' and 'maybe tomorrow' really added up. And those days where I planned NOT to go to the gym, and still paid for a membership for months when I didn't go at all. Or I was too sore, so I didn't go. Sounds like a ton of lame excuses. And then the body turned l... Read more

  • Rebooting

    4/12/2015 7:28:12 AM, by MRTHING2000

    I haven't written in a bit, and that's probably because I didn't want to face some things. I didn't want to admit a temporary defeat. I didn't want to think about crushing stress or the chaos of the wifey going back to work. But after some readjustments, I finally am coming around. Sort of. ... Read more

  • Day 25: Reward Conundrums

    4/8/2015 12:06:28 PM, by MISHAMW

    Today is Day 25 without consuming gluten (unless it was an accident) or sugar (unless it was dates). I am doing really well, and have even stopped a lot of my bad habits. But I find myself starting to do them again. I will just have to continue to stay away from sugar and sugary stuff for t... Read more

  • Ketooooo!

    4/8/2015 10:54:41 AM, by BEE797

    April 8th, 2015 So I am now at 171, just a pound over the weight I was in the photos with the blue jeans on (which reminds me, I need to try them pants on again!). I have gotten much stricter with my keto-ing over the past month and am seeing great progress! I am also using the treadmill at hom... Read more

  • Eyes on the prize!

    4/8/2015 10:46:41 AM, by SANA0825

    I have found that it is very easy to wallow in your misery, whatever it may be. Life isn't easy. It isn't easy for anyone at any time. It's easy to say, oh so-and-so has the perfect life, they have their life together. However, the truth is that we ALL struggle daily with our own demons. For e... Read more

  • CAMO27!!!

    4/7/2015 8:57:13 PM, by JDUBLANKO

    This has been a phenomenal round for me... I have enjoyed my team as a whole...I have learned a lot from each and everyone of them...and I want them all to know how much I appreciated them!!! I have really enjoyed all of the challenges this round...they each made me think about what I was ... Read more

  • Day 24: New Personal Best and Revelations!

    4/7/2015 1:05:32 PM, by MISHAMW

    So today is day 24, mostly without gluten and sugar. I might have fudged yesterday. Day 23, Monday April 6 is a half day at work. Also my Friday. It went well, and my eye is doing much better. Every once in a while a strong smell will cause it to hurt, but the redness is gone and th... Read more

  • Work in progress

    4/6/2015 6:05:25 PM, by -SHAWN-

    Working on this Triglycerides and Fatty Acids There are three sizes/lengths of triglycerides: Short, Medium & Long Three chains of fatty acids attached to a glycerol equals a triglyceride. They like an "E"
    d/HTML10234/LEC19/LEC19.html Fat ent... Read more