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  • Fuzzy Sources of Joy

    10/6/2015 2:16:57 AM, by SPUNKYDUCKY

    This is Sadie and Scout - who give me so much joy Sadie and Scout turn two this month and tonight I was thinking about how much happiness I have had with them over the past two years. They are fuzzy, furry balls of love. This is Sadie Sadie knows she is a cat. She is fussy about... Read more

  • Representing Sparkpeople in NYC!

    10/5/2015 7:18:44 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    Ok...this is some HUGE news I'm going to share here. 334 Most of the time, I tend to shy away from announcing anything major going on, but this involves all of YOU to some degree in some way, shape, or form! I have to thank Nu (NUMD97) for really bringing this about....she sa... Read more

  • Post blog events.......

    10/4/2015 7:55:27 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    Ever do a blog venting something....and after the vent is done, somehow, magically, things take a turn towards a different light. This happens to me all the time. I just vented about busy things going on here and hugs, and whallah, things smoothed out just in time...busy, but more pleasant tha... Read more

  • The road ahead...

    10/4/2015 1:59:37 PM, by SPUNKYDUCKY

    The road ahead is beautiful It is muddy and sometimes has unexpected bumps but look at the beautiful trees beckoning you forward The road ahead is an adventure It has twists and turns that both delight and disappoint It heads into the mist, and requires courage and faith The ... Read more

  • October 2015

    10/3/2015 2:25:30 PM, by SPUNKYDUCKY

    So much has changed in the 6 months that I think the only place to start is with a brief blog (on the slight chance that anyone is still following me, but also for myself) and get started. I think you always have to start where you are. Yes I would like to have started 10 lbs ago (or 35... Read more

  • Rain and Hugs

    10/3/2015 7:39:41 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    Rain is a good least from where I stand right now....which isn't in any basement flooding or a rising river outside my door thanks to the passing storm. For those of you dealing with have my deepest sympathy. Being a Long Islander, we've seen a lot of that and it's really n... Read more

  • 5 years on maintenance... thanks Sparkpeople

    9/22/2015 7:19:55 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    334 It's a neat thing to have to be reminded by the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance team that today was the day I officially entered into Maintenance. I think it happened last year as well! You'd think that after all the work of getting to this point, I'd have it tattooed... Read more

  • What...a...week

    9/18/2015 9:18:45 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    School began and it's like the whole place BLEW UP!!!! 40 Papers are everywhere...clutter is everywhere...cups are everywhere...people are scattered everywhere! Hello..where are you going? Hello....I am are there...see you later 213 Tuesdays alone has track, religion,... Read more

  • Food Changes

    9/11/2015 6:43:53 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    My boyfriend is eating paleo and I've had the opportunity for much more protein and veggies in my foods. Although I'm not eliminating carbs or eating strictly paleo, they are dramatically reduced. My favorite thing I introduced him to are romaine lettuce leaves as "cups" or taco shells. ... Read more

  • 4 weeks and coffee-free

    9/8/2015 8:59:32 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    It's true!! It's been 4 weeks and I have no real desire to start up again. The lovely after effects of coffee 40 for, you know, regularity 243 LOL Are really not body can take care of that aaaaalll by itself. And the headache that usually accompanies the withdrawal really was... Read more