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  • Streets of Brussels

    1/28/2015 4:18:43 PM, by HAKAPES

    Since first of 1 Dec 2014, I work in Brussels. Great city! I can recommend to visit, if you are nearby. So new work, new place, new life - new habits to develop for sports. I loved in Austria that going out to the nature was so easy, I ran, biked, swam outside so much. Here in Brusse... Read more

  • Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail

    1/28/2015 11:39:44 AM, by CALLIKIA

    And here we are at Day 2...again. Life is honestly full of disappointments. One of my oldest and best Sparkfriends yesterday reminded me to keep my eyes open. As she said, I shouldn't set myself up to fail. She's right, of course. All of the pitfalls must be avoided wherever possible. The ... Read more

  • Forward Progress

    1/27/2015 2:17:23 PM, by CALLIKIA

    First things first, I did finally get a call from the Weight Loss Center. NOTE: The nurse I was waiting on works for the OTHER doctor in the practice, so at least there's that... I finally had my first appointment yesterday with my new PCP. Must say that I am extremely pleased. I was beyond... Read more

  • With coffee in hand...

    1/24/2015 6:42:24 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    It's 6 am here in NY right now....and snow/rain/ick is falling outside this LOVELY morning. It's just me and my cuppa coffee in hand in the silence of the house, surfing the web (OK, not the web, really just Spark and Facebook) and observing what other people put out there into the universe. ... Read more

  • What if....

    1/18/2015 6:55:55 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    The phrase "What if...." has bopped around my brain since the beginning of the year, so there must be a reason right? For example: What if I got my exercise clothes on after work? Yup...perfect example. Because when I thought the thought, and then did the action, the result was "I woul... Read more

  • "You did this to me"

    1/17/2015 5:15:55 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    Say WHAT? The title came from a conversation I just had with my 12 year old son on Thursday. I was in my room, needing to change out of work clothes and into my workout clothes because dammit, I was going to do SOMEthing that night! LoL....and he followed me in talking the whole ti... Read more

  • Checking in and Catching up

    1/16/2015 12:12:37 AM, by SPUNKYDUCKY

    Hi beloved sparkies! I have missed you so much! I imagine many of my old spark friends have moved on or no longer check on me but hopefully a few of you are still here keeping the faith. I thought about trying to explain my las... Read more

  • An app blog! Look at that!

    1/15/2015 9:24:57 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    trying this app blog thingy out right now....let's see how it goes! Well...the week has been aok with exercise... Got back into just getting my gear on and doing it! The other night was at 9:00pm. Not the greatest sleep after the great workout, but I got it done! And Holy cow I was so beat the nex... Read more

  • Scared

    1/12/2015 12:04:13 PM, by CALLIKIA

    Okay, so since my husband doesn't understand, I needed somewhere to put this. I'm scared. Terrified, actually. I've taken the steps required of me to start the process for surgery. I even talked one-on-one with what seemed like the nicest secretary of one of the doctors and she offered to help m... Read more

  • Resolution 5k 2015

    1/11/2015 11:06:11 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Resolution 5k 2015 My benchmark 5k this year was 63 minutes. I have to stop comparing myself to my former success until I get closer to surpassing those victories. I didn't really keep track of my 5k times before. I will star... Read more

  • An April date

    1/10/2015 6:38:22 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    I woke up this morning at 5am....feeling more normal than I have in the past month really....the last 2 weeks I have had a head cold that really was crappy and's finally breaking up. I just thank the gods that I did not have the flu, so the head cold, I would gladly deal with! ... Read more

  • 3rd deleted blog of the night

    1/8/2015 9:28:52 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    Yup...I deleted 3 so far. All were a mish-mosh of thoughts and feelings...none of which are all that wonderful....or inspiring....or awesome in any particular way. Mostly, they were kinda bummy....all because of the simple fact that when I came home, no one wanted to hear about my day. ... Read more

  • 2015 Goals

    1/7/2015 9:27:50 AM, by CALLIKIA

    Another year. Not any closer to where I wanted to be. Last night was rough. Like I had to pop some pills in order to dull the pain enough to sleep rough. I am seriously losing myself here. The physical pain wears on my mentally and I just feel like I'm falling apart. Trying to not lose hope. ... Read more

  • Benchmarks 2015: Beach Stairs Timed

    1/7/2015 1:50:43 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    So far I only have this non-scale measurement: Time up 140 stairs - 2:41 *Always climbing, without stopping I played this game at a local landmark. Half way up Half way down ... Read more

  • 5 Big Things for 2015

    1/7/2015 1:37:28 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    I admit my life is not where I want it to be. Rather than dwell on what isn't and continue to get overwhelmed by all the pieces needing fixing I've summed it up to 5 big things. -Movement: Fitness & Rest -Nutrition: Quality & Quantity -Budget: Plan & Save -Mental: Health & Stret... Read more