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  • Holiday kick-off begins!!!

    12/13/2014 7:19:59 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    With Hanukkah! and we are not even Jewish! Yup...tonight we celebrate Hanukkah with our adopted Jewish grandparents....because 7 years ago, they invited us over and it became a tradition in our family, and as long as they live near us, we will be celebrating with them... Read more

  • How long do you meditate per day?

    12/4/2014 4:58:40 PM, by HAKAPES

    Recently I started my meditation habit really consistently. I do it both in the morning and in the evening, about 20 minutes each. When it is a rush, I only do 10 minutes, and when I have a lot of time and motivation for it, I do 2 x 25 minutes in the morning, and another 2 x 25 min in the even... Read more

  • No, my booty is up here...

    11/29/2014 2:47:17 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    You know that joke about "my eyes are up here, buddy"? Yeah well, I want to tell these pockets that my booty is up higher, stop hanging out on my leg. After sitting in them for 10 minutes and kinda giving myself a wedgie, ... Read more

  • Lack of Blog Access

    11/29/2014 2:30:03 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    I finally downloaded the Spark app again and kind of have access to blogs from my phone (progress!) When Spark converted to make a "mobile" version of their pages, they eliminated access via phone to many parts of the website. There is no "switch" to turn off a mobile version of the website. It's be... Read more

  • Too much of a good thing...

    11/24/2014 8:21:00 PM, by ANNIEONLI

    Ahhhh....Kashi. Depending on the food product chosen from that particular brand, it can be great or it can be bad You get my drift. I've run into this before, so why am I so surprised!?!? Because this was a new product for me...and I wa... Read more