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  • Anxiety,People,Wine,and SUGAR

    11/13/2017 10:23:07 AM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    This is a vent. Might sound mean. Sorry. I'm annoyed. 1. Guy sitting in the lounge talking LOUDLY and SLOWLY on the phone. Sounds like he has something in his throat that he won't clear up. 2. Hoping one of these guys I talked about in my previous blog won't come to my desk leaning over my cou... Read more

  • Didn't ask to be HARRASSED

    11/8/2017 10:06:18 AM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    I work at a car dealership. Work with the public every day. Used to wear makeup to look nice for my customers. Now I don't. I wear my long curly black hair in a clip every day.I wear baggy dress pants most of the time. Today it's a little cooler so I wear leggins and tall boots (YAY I GOT MY WISH).... Read more


    11/7/2017 12:53:45 PM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    80'S IN NOVEMBER!!! Ridiculous. 259 I'd like to throw on my leggings and tall boots but mother nature wont let me!!!! But I unfortunately can't wear anything rather skimpy either. If I'm over 130 lbs I won't do shorts or sleeveless. I just don't feel that anybody deserves to see my flap a... Read more

  • Back on Track

    11/7/2017 9:22:27 AM, by CALLIKIA

    Hello, Sparkers! Okay, so I need to get my butt back on track. That isn't to say I haven't had successes along the way, but I'm now two years out from surgery and I've only succeeded by cheating the system a bit and having a little luck as of late. As I approach year three, the year in which ... Read more

  • Car Crash, " heal you."

    11/2/2017 4:09:45 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Oct 14th, about two weeks ago I was hit from behind on the freeway. My very old car protected me, and it might be wishful thinking, but after the initial injuries, I seem to be doing better. I've developed some high anxiety about driving (since I drove correctly and was hit by someone else), but lik... Read more

  • Bye-bye Green-Blue Bike!

    10/29/2017 4:21:05 AM, by HAKAPES

    I bought my green-blue bike on a blind date... That time, hub-gears were more an exception, and I remember to visit almost all bicycle shops in Budapest to find a bike with hub-gears. Finally, the owner of Pedaloman said he can try to get one. One day, I just got a phone call. He says he's at the w... Read more

  • City e-bikes with wide tyres - 50mm (2.0") and wider

    10/28/2017 1:22:03 AM, by HAKAPES

    One thing I can't get my head around, is why bike manufacturers make bicycle tyres still so thin. It offers no cushioning on everyday streets, it gets trapped in the tram rails, it slips on cobble stones... I think a narrow tyre offers speed and weight advantage when someone goes on a race bike at 2... Read more

  • My tracker made me became healthier, and sadly more environment polluter (aka bye-bye Fitbit)

    10/22/2017 2:53:02 AM, by HAKAPES

    I was so excited to get my first Fitbit watch, a Surge, as it combined many features into one: a step tracker, a sleep tracker, a gps for my runs and bike rides, and a watch with chrono and alarm. Plus I bought the Fitbit Aria scale that synced my weight into the same place BEFORE, I had En... Read more


    10/20/2017 10:45:18 AM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    My Birthday is tommorrow. Co-workers got me a HUGE basket of goodies..and a chocolate cake and a cream cheese cake.Diet Screwed. BUT FEEL SO LOVED Basket consists of: 2 bags York Peppermint Patties Fun size Butterfingers Kit Kats Cool Ranch Doritos Hershey Kisses Wether's Oreos 2 G... Read more