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  • Chris Pratt's words of inspiration

    7/24/2014 8:11:22 PM, by APTOREN

    I like Chris' words on his weight loss. so sweet and so simple and so true!
    766074312.html ... Read more

  • When your size 14s are getting tight, embrace kale

    7/23/2014 11:11:43 AM, by LOTUSFLOWER

    I'm still in post marathon bliss. And it's 9 months later. My body still wants to eat at the higher calorie range. That, paired with a big milestone birthday sound the corner...the big 4-0...well my body just wants to get fluffier. I have gained a good 10 lbs, and I had wanted to reach goal wei... Read more

  • My personal challenge

    7/16/2014 9:24:44 AM, by ASIMPLEHOMESTD

    At the beginning of last month I found a group of women on Ravelry ( ) that were doing a Knit 'n Fit challenge for three weeks. We really held each other accountable as we were supposed to check in each day, post pictures of what we ate (no hiding), our sweaty selves (... Read more

  • So here's what happened...

    7/13/2014 9:18:45 AM, by APTOREN

    I knew I had been putting on weight. My fat pants were getting tight again. I knew I had been eating out a lot. I knew I had been drinking a lot of pop. And I knew I was drinking a lot of coffee creamer and a little bit of coffee. Then last week I stepped on the scale. Uh-oh...all those "knews... Read more

  • Time to re-boot and re-focus!

    7/7/2014 8:17:11 AM, by LIFEISPURRFECT

    Today is a new beginning for me. A new beginning that will encompass my spiritual side, my emotional well-being and my physical side. I'm ready for the journey to begin ... Read more

  • PiYo Day 6

    7/1/2014 6:37:50 PM, by KAUGUSTIN

    Sweat workout done for the day! I really like that workout. Really pushes me outside of my comfort zone. Especially today as every time I had to do a push up, my 3 year old would hop on my back and go along for the ride! Then he was running through my legs during other exercises. A little extra... Read more