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  • Just a random rant

    11/19/2015 2:51:30 PM, by TAPPANGA

    Who are these people who have two or three hours a day to work out?! I can barely squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour most of the time. Then I read about people who work out two hours a day three days a week. I'm convinced there are more hours in their days than in mine. ETA: I feel I need to c... Read more

  • Veterans Day

    11/11/2015 10:40:40 AM, by CHAOSDAD71

    Oddly this is a work holiday for me but I'll take it!... Read more

  • Post Halloween

    11/2/2015 11:35:24 AM, by CHAOSDAD71

    Nope not taking the decorations down... Read more