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  • Pics of my boys.....

    5/23/2015 8:46:55 PM, by TEXASLADY65

    Dalton in Korea Dylan in OK ... Read more

  • Well...been a fairly good day so far

    5/23/2015 8:40:58 PM, by TEXASLADY65

    Have stayed within my dietary limits so far, exercised for 30 minutes too. Feeling pretty good.... Read more

  • The EX is getting on my nerves.....

    5/3/2015 12:14:47 PM, by ANGYAS

    I`m so pissed today. My ex partner and father of my son is now wanting to lower down the child support that he is paying because according to him I`m lying to get more money. He is giving me so little and want to even lower it down. It is like 5% of his monthly payment and he is claiming that ... Read more

  • Rebooted

    4/25/2015 9:28:22 AM, by ANGYAS

    Hi friends, I`ve been off for almost an year but I have had a lot on my plate. 2014 was a very dynamic year for me and my son. I was in relationship with his dad for more than 5 years and at the end my partner become abusive both to me and my son. So I finally decided that It... Read more