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  • How Fast do you eat?

    4/16/2015 12:42:44 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    Wow! Todays SparkCoach lesson is to tell how I slowed the eating pace down. That is something to really think about. Prior to SC I used to eat a meal in about 10 minutes. I ate fast. Although I still have moments when I have to think about eating more slowly, I try to eat in 20 minutes by put... Read more

  • My Grocery shopping and "the list".

    4/12/2015 10:59:24 AM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    When I go to the grocery story, be it for one item or several, I carry my "list" and just run through the store getting stuff on my list! My rule is, if it isn't on the list, it doesn't get put in the basket! Well, as I wondered down each isle looking for what was on my "list", I saw some goodies ... Read more

  • Do You treat yourself like a friend?

    4/8/2015 9:49:43 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    Today's lesson in SparkCoach talked about not beating yourself up when you "fail". When I was working and was under a great deal of stress, I would have talked really badly to myself because I "failed". I.E. binged, ate junk all day, etc. I learned after I started SparkPeople that you really do ne... Read more

  • Dusting Myself Off...

    4/3/2015 2:10:02 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Well, March turned out to be an interesting month. The day I wrote my last post (3/8), I went to the beach with my family and I blew out my ankle. I was already dealing with a sore shoulder, so when I hurt my ankle, I really felt like a mess. I iced the ankle, rested it, etc. for a whole week a... Read more

  • I Just Can't Get Serious

    3/26/2015 5:11:33 PM, by TISHTOES

    I am limping along, not serious about being good with my food choices. I start out the day okay but then get busy and fall to temptation or overeat at the end of the day. Arghgh. Must get more organized and serious. It really is mindset more than anything. Onward for health! 52... Read more