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  • Personal reasons of why I need to exercise.

    10/23/2016 9:14:18 AM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    In the SparkCoach lesson today, I was asked to blog about my most common excuses I tell myself when I just don't wanna workout and then counter each excuse with a way to stay on track! I chose to make a list of reasons why I need to exercise. I can put any excuse not to exercise. We all have th... Read more

  • Changes...I have noticed several.

    10/21/2016 8:13:08 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    I have been a SparkPeople member since July, 2014. I lost 37 pounds in the first 6 months by changing what I ate and exercising more. When I was younger I used to compete in triathlons. I could eat what ever I wanted and not gain an ounce. The training involved lots and lots of running (which I ca... Read more

  • Who needs goals? This Girl!

    10/19/2016 1:56:02 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I started SparkPeople at around 195 with a goal of 165. I made it to 175. Then came surgery and several weeks of health crisis. The crisis seems to be over. I gained back nearly all the weight I lost! I'm disappointed in myself. In the past, this is the point where I say 'forget it' and t... Read more

  • I am a streaker.....A Water Streaker

    10/18/2016 12:12:30 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    How do you sneak in more water? I have been utilizing a plan I made for me. I began by saying only 2 flavored packets per day. I would drink one 24oz glass of water, then in the second one I used a flavored water (10 calories). I alternated between water and the packets until I ended up the day drin... Read more

  • Do you shop the perimeter of the store for groceries? Do you make a list?

    10/2/2016 10:14:04 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    One rule I've learned during my SparkJourney is to make a list of what I need and to eat BEFORE I go shopping. I have also learned that going down every isle of the store is not beneficial for me. I like to go in, get what is on my list and get out! I check labels for Calories, sugars, and sodium.... Read more

  • Are you counting...Everything you eat??

    10/1/2016 9:19:57 AM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    I have learned in the two years of SparkPeople that you MUST track EVERYTHING you eat. Tracking is one of the most important habits a person can do! That piece of cookie you ate? Track it! Don't know how?? Look on the package and do the math or check the SP food Calculator. I use my calories th... Read more

  • What's For Supper This Week?

    9/28/2016 10:16:56 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    This blog is being posted to fulfill my SparkCoach obligation to today's video lesson which covered using a 9 inch plate and using smaller sized bowls. Also, Chef Becky mentioned making a shopping list and buying foods from our list only. So with my list of supper's made, I can quickly scan the re... Read more

  • Walking through the valley.

    9/26/2016 12:04:38 AM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I've not posted lately. Mostly because I would only complain about my health. I've felt horrible since I was in the hospital on 9/11. I was eating whatever we had what my husband would make. I've not had a food plan the past couple of weeks. I started to feel like myself again on Friday. We... Read more