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  • Baby watch.

    5/28/2016 12:19:38 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    Our daughter went to her doctor a couple of days ago. The baby has gotten into position and dialation has started. She's showing other signs that the time of delivery is drawing near. The baby is big. If he doesn't come on his own in the next week or so, doctors want to induce. Praying he co... Read more

  • Motivation

    5/24/2016 11:56:23 AM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    There is an old saying from a certain 12-step program that says "get sober for yourself. If you do it for someone else, you'll end up drinking again." I started this lifestyle change with the motive of looking good when performing. Specially, looking good while playing a ukulele. I can hide b... Read more

  • Help!

    5/22/2016 10:57:45 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I've had a rough couple of weeks health wise and haven't been able to do much. I've been pretty good, food wise, but not perfect. This morning I wighed myself - and gained four pounds. Really? In one week? I've now have a "what's the point?" Thought in the back of my head. I'm feeling lok... Read more

  • Greek yogurt guacamole

    5/22/2016 4:19:22 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I've always made guacamole with sour cream. Lately I've been making it with non-fat Greek yogurt. It tastes great and is probiotic. It's even passed the husband test. Have a blessed Sunday.... Read more

  • Low fat cheese with that whine.

    5/19/2016 10:40:47 AM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I've been a bit down lately about my health. I've been in the hospital twice in the last few days. I'm bruised all over from IVs and procedures. And it's not over. I've come to the realization that I'll have to learn to live with the health issue until such time as I'm cured, or at least able ... Read more

  • Wondering.

    5/18/2016 8:26:57 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I'm on day 122. I've lost 19 of my 40 pound goal. I've stuck pretty close to my food plan. The last couple of weeks have been bad, health wise. I've been in the ER and hospital twice in the last couple of weeks. I have been unable to excercise more than a short walk. I feel bloated. At this... Read more

  • Heartening news.

    5/16/2016 10:33:10 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    Went through the angiogram. My heart is in good shape with no blockages. That means the risk of heart attack or stroke is low when my heart goes into afib. I'm being referred to specialist who deals with the hearts electrical system. Surgery may help the condition, or I may have to learn to... Read more

  • Montara Mountain

    5/15/2016 11:03:32 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Today my husband and I hiked a trail on Montara Mountain. We started at the end in a county park, and you can take this trail all the way to the ocean. That actually would be nice to try some day, but for today, we got about halfway, almost to the top. The fog never completely burned off, and it's w... Read more

  • Silver lining?

    5/11/2016 5:13:15 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    Yesterday, I was experiencing chest pains. I worked all day and was really tired when I got home. I laid done to rest for a few minutes. I got up to make dinner. My heart went into afib and irregular so off to the ER we went. I was admitted to the hospital for observation. Because of all o... Read more

  • Of hearts and kale.

    5/10/2016 9:48:42 AM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I've been having some heart problems that I thought was being controlled by medication. After a twi month reprieve, and just as I started feeling confident about doing things again, it started all over. This time with some new symptoms. I'm scheduled for an angiogram next week. Lately, I've... Read more

  • Spring showers

    5/8/2016 8:49:21 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    So, we had two baby showers this weekend. The one yesterday was a traditional shower for our daughter. It was a wonderful time and I don't like showers. The one tday was non-traditional and held on a comic book store. Lots of geeks and game playing. Both showers had the type of cake that is... Read more

  • Disconnecting

    5/5/2016 12:58:48 AM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    I took Facebook and Messenger off of my phone. Depleted it from my Kindle. Still have an account. Debating about deleting it entirely. As I've been on this journey of changing my lifestyle, I've been confronting destructive behaviors in relation to food. I saw similar behaviors in terms of m... Read more

  • Good and bad.

    5/1/2016 6:44:45 PM, by KARMANNPOWELL

    The good - I'm down the 2lbs I gained a couple of weeks ago. My goal is 160. I'm at 178 now. I started at 197. I'm not exactly where I want to be but I'm a far cry form where I was. The bad - afib and irregular heartbeat is happening again. I had to cancel a gig yesterday because I had such a... Read more