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  • Change, Accomplishment, and Moving Forward

    5/19/2015 7:39:07 PM, by KONRAD695

    Before I start, let me acknowledge Sususuzzzie. Your status was the driving thoughts behind this. Hope you don't mind me borrowing from you. Many people out there do not run or even jog. They will say things like "how can you do that", "are you crazy", "I couldn't think of even running that ... Read more

  • A Few Mistakes But Good Result

    5/18/2015 11:20:55 AM, by BOILHAM

    Tomoka Triathlon was a success. I got a PR on this race, 13 minutes faster than last year. It's a sprint, but a longer than typical cycle portion of 16 miles. I ended up doing at least 17 miles, 'cuz I took a wrong turn. There was a portion where I was alone near the end of the course, and I d... Read more

  • Pics from my phone

    5/15/2015 2:53:35 PM, by KONRAD695

    One lucky aspect of life is that it's easy for me to get away. Less than a mile away is a small park with a 3/4 mile path around the outside. The outside of the path is mostly unkempt with trees, weeds, and grass growing naturally. Here are a few pictures I took along with a couple from my yard. ... Read more

  • The struggle continues

    5/14/2015 12:38:04 PM, by SEATTLESIMS

    I like to read SP emails in the morning and click on any links I think I might enjoy. This morning lead me to PIXIE-LICIOUS and her highlighted post.. and it really resonated with me.
    rce=sparkpeople&... Read more

  • Mother's day Half Marathon

    5/11/2015 1:31:26 PM, by SEATTLESIMS

    Well, I ran my second ever half-marathon yesterday. About 7 years after running my first one (which was when I first started running with a 6 month training plan). Going into it, I knew I could have a better finishing time since that first 1/2 so long ago, so I didn't have to worry about that.... Read more

  • When is Enough Enough?

    5/6/2015 11:53:20 AM, by SARAHSSUNSHINE

    I don't know how many spark friends of mine are still out there or active, so I'm not sure who will see this blog entry, but I need to write something down. I haven't made any blog entry posts on here or anything for about 2 years now. If I say I am coming back, I'll be here for maybe a day, g... Read more

  • Life sucks...partially anyway.

    5/5/2015 7:51:16 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    My FIL passed away a little over a week ago. He was one day shy of being a full month into his diagnosis when he died. I am still in a sort of shock over it. We had four (yes...FOUR) services last week. It was just sort of a relentless sadness; a continual ripping off of the scab. There is still so ... Read more

  • Boston Recap

    5/5/2015 12:04:52 AM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    First - the intention behind all my blogs is to cultivate positive memories. As a Boston marathon recap, this blog comes late but the last two weeks were full… of positives memories (that I intend to share in blogs to come) Ok, backtrack ... We drove (actually I am very fortunate to have my ... Read more

  • weight loss and watching the scale

    4/30/2015 1:10:32 PM, by SEATTLESIMS

    Well, I've been a lot better about not weighing in as often.. I often forget in fact, so I weighed last Friday after my long run.. saw a nice low number (as to be expected due to sweat etc), so in some ways, I expect to see a similar number if I've been good about my sodium etc! Which I hav... Read more

  • My Long run was Friday and Birthday weekend

    4/27/2015 2:40:20 PM, by SEATTLESIMS

    Hi there, I had a birthday on Saturday, so I knew I would prefer to get my long training run in on Friday. My volunteering in Kid#1 class was cancelled so the stars aligned and I went for a run. It was supposed to be 11 miles, but having been off a little in my training and then a particularly heavy... Read more