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  • Thrift Store Challenge

    2/4/2016 9:18:43 PM, by SLYDEGLYDER

    I love the hunt, finding what I want in the thrift store. I don't want just a bargain. I want a bargain on what I want. Sometimes that means a certain item. This is the biggest challenge yet. A complete set of books, the Left Behind series, for as little as possible. Thirteen books in the series wit... Read more

  • Really working on it

    2/3/2016 12:58:55 PM, by SEATTLESIMS

    Well, I'm REALLY working on it.. everything really. Tracking my food. Tracking my carbs, protein, and fiber. Tracking my steps (thanks fit bit). Tracking my exercise (thanks to co-workers lunchtime workouts, some own workouts on my own etc.. and that dang fit bit! :) Tracking my weight... Read more

  • My Birthday - Celebrating Life

    1/30/2016 12:06:59 PM, by LADYMACK24

    Celebrating another year of life, health, strength and all things good. I am truly happy and blessed. ... Read more

  • So you can't stand cottage cheese.

    1/30/2016 10:41:03 AM, by SLYDEGLYDER

    I felt the same way. It was the salty aftertaste I didn't like. After all it's loaded with protein, low calorie, low carb, filling and versatile. One day I found this one; Friendship, No Salt Added. Only 55mgs of sodium and no aftertaste. I found mine at Publix, nowhere esle, not Kroger or W... Read more

  • Where is My Wagon?

    1/25/2016 1:25:05 AM, by JENNSWIMS

    So I fell off the wagon. It happens. But I didn't just fall off, I dove off, rolled a few times down a hill, bumped off a few boulders, slid down a muddy path until I flopped face first into a pile of manure then slowly skidded into the river and hung out there, all pruney and wrinkly,... Read more

  • Good to Be Here

    1/24/2016 12:19:07 AM, by JENNSWIMS

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (or so says the internet) It may be hard to believe, but not tracking my food, eating whatever is handy (and not necessarily even tasty), not exercising, working night shift and not hold... Read more

  • My 2016

    1/22/2016 7:44:54 PM, by LADYMACK24

    "My phenomenal 2016 is waiting on me! No more resolutions, no more empty promises and no more lying to myself! Set a goal, plan it out, and make it happen!" Inspired by E.T. The HipHop Preacher... Read more

  • Grateful for Wednesday

    1/13/2016 11:18:36 PM, by LADYMACK24

    Grateful for today! Hope your day was good. Rest well. ... Read more