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  • Still Basking...

    9/1/2014 11:21:51 PM, by DDOORN

    Too late to tweak & share my pics, but some of the others who shared our absolutely AWESOME Labor Day weekend @ Tibbett's Point, Cape Vincent, NY on the shores of Lake Ontario near the beginning of the 1,000 Islands have already posted some of their pics. So I'll share THEIR links and hope the... Read more

  • So Open Your Eyes

    9/1/2014 4:47:51 PM, by JESPAH
    watch?v=ZavLCla-Lzw I turn 52 tomorrow. This picture was taken not an hour ago. Yeah, I've gained some back. There's still a ways to go (isn't there always?). But hell, I'm here. ... Read more

  • OFF I GO! #13, 2014 Trip

    8/29/2014 5:30:47 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    With my soul sister Adelaida on my 71st birthday in Ecuador, Feb 23, 2013. Adelaida and her daughter, my beloved goddaughter Amrita, with dear friends Micaela and... Read more

  • I SOLD THE CAMPER. #12, 2014 Trip

    8/28/2014 12:04:30 AM, by VALERIEMAHA

    Essentially, I own nothing. THE MOMENT The moment when, after many years of hard work and a long voyage you stand in the centre of your room, house, half-acre, square mile, island, country, knowing at last how you got there, and say, I own this, is the same moment when the t... Read more

  • Bicycle Commute: Change in Plans

    8/26/2014 10:01:36 AM, by DDOORN

    One of the losses I've had with my ongoing use of blood thinners has been my bicycle commute to work. I've struggled with this and finally I think I have a solution that will "work" least on occasion. The reason I gave up my commute is that there is a stretch of road near my house where the sho... Read more

  • It's About TIME!!

    8/25/2014 8:51:34 AM, by DDOORN

    I heard a piece on NPR this morning that both made me want to scream in frustration and WOO-HOO that someone has FINALLY caught on: Grocers Lead Kids To Produce Aisle With Junk Food-Style Marketing
    cers-lead-kids-to-produce-... Read more

  • Jam-Packed Day of Play!

    8/18/2014 10:53:46 PM, by DDOORN

    There were two rides scheduled this past weekend, BOTH for upper Catskill region. I passed on the Saturday ride through the Cannonsville Reservoir...HATED to, just too much to do to give up both days. 21 bike club members showed up for that ride. Instead I chose the challenge of the Pepacton R... Read more

  • Capital SparkFriends in the Capital! #11, 2014 Trip

    8/3/2014 10:24:45 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    Definition of "capital" as an adjective -- "excellent or first-rate: a capital fellow or girl, a capital hotel." I was recently with capital friends Kathy (ATRANSFORMATION) and Vivian (MISS_VIV), each welcoming me into their ... Read more