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  • feeling absolutely disgusted

    2/23/2015 7:55:55 PM, by LYNNA1968

    With myself. I weighed myself and I've gained 7 Lbs! I worked so hard to lose the 100lbs & now its coming back. I'm going shopping tomorrow after work for veggies & fish and going back to the way I was eating before. The DR's are going to have to work something out. I'm getting very depres... Read more

  • Walk/Jog

    2/14/2015 12:16:00 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of Walk/Jog intervals on the treadmill. My walk pace was 3.5 mph and my jog was 4.2. This meant I did 2 miles in just over 36 minutes. I walk 5 minutes to warm up and then alternate 2 minutes walking with 2 minutes jogging. It may not sound very impressive ... Read more

  • Another Good Workout!

    2/12/2015 12:46:24 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    The cold outside made for a pretty crowded gym this morning. All the treadmills were in use so I did 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Then I did my full body workout with the free weights. My arm muscles are still a little quivery! I did not make it to the gym before work yesterday and found myself ... Read more

  • blood work & working out

    2/11/2015 10:40:50 AM, by LYNNA1968

    Getting blood work & iv treatment today. Coughing is minimal. So my plans are: Get new heart rate/calorie burner monitor treatment shopping (more snow) Trying to get back into my workout I'm not going crazy maybe just my pt, I haven't been doing that either. Last year was a complete cluster **** ... Read more

  • My Everest: Chocolate

    2/7/2015 10:19:18 PM, by MOOSERAMBLINGS

    February was supposed to be my no-chocolate month. After all, I did so well not drinking and doing daily exercise in January I thought this would be doable (not easy, but doable). I forgot about stupid St. Valentine's Day and the massive amounts of chocolate displays everywhere. So I'm a week into F... Read more

  • Faster Treadmill Time

    2/6/2015 12:33:07 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    I got to the gym to do my 2 miles on the treadmill this morning. I pushed my speed up to 3.9 for several minutes. This resulted in getting my 2 miles done in 34 minutes - almost 2 full minutes faster than my best time so far! ... Read more

  • Full Workout!

    2/5/2015 12:59:39 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Yesterday was another day of being snowed in. Today it is still very cold outside but the sun is out and the plows and sanders have made the streets passable. I got to the gym this morning - and YAY Me! - I did my full workout for the first time since I was sick last month! i did 2 miles in 35 minut... Read more

  • Snow Days

    2/3/2015 12:08:38 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Yesterday the schools were closed due to the heavy snow. They needed to work on the roads to make it safe for the buses to run. I did make it to the gym to do 2 miles on the treadmill at a 3.5 pace. Today I am busy with laundry so I will do some home exercise before going to work this afternoon. I d... Read more

  • being told to eat "unhealthy"

    2/1/2015 10:28:45 AM, by LYNNA1968

    So dr's office called with blood work results. My sodium is way to low. So now I have to eat high sodium foods. I also have to take sodium pills. Also my iron is dangerously low. Lol that's it I'm not going to the dr's anymore! ... Read more

  • Starting Over... Again

    2/1/2015 10:25:58 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    Well, I am starting over again beginning today. I got in a real fitness slump after being sick for almost 3 weeks. I got discouraged about my fitness goals and did not get back up on the wagon very quickly. I have gained back 2 pounds. Oh well - that changes today. It is a new month and I am determi... Read more