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  • Day 808 - Sick

    3/18/2018 12:16:28 AM, by KALEWINE

    Well, in my last blog I talked about getting more involved in the community, which I chose to do by reading blogs of spark friends and posting on message boards. I've been meaning to blog again, it's just been low on the priority list. I also talked in my last blog about feeling like there wer... Read more

  • Day 795 - Why SP?

    3/4/2018 11:29:25 PM, by KALEWINE

    I've gone back and forth on whether to stay involved in the SP community or to just use the trackers. At times, I wonder if it's even worth the monumental effort to try to be involved and make friends here. I mean, I'm pretty busy. But then I remember that most other people are just as busy as me... Read more