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  • Thank you for your prayers for my friend!

    9/27/2016 12:15:18 AM, by GRANDMABABA

    I so appreciate all the prayers and encouragement from SP friends. My dear friend, Connie, died last Wednesday and I went to her funeral today. When I visited her, her husband told me they would take her off life support in a couple hours. Still, I spoke to her and prayed for her and blessed her.... Read more

  • Goals and planning

    9/26/2016 11:03:15 PM, by HTMLJENN

    I have a goal of planning my week on Sundays, and this week I forgot so I did it today. It always takes longer than I expect it will. But I always feel so good afterwards. It's nice to have a plan for when I'm going to do things and what I want to get done. I noticed some setbacks last week, s... Read more

  • Consistency

    9/25/2016 8:28:38 PM, by RUNAMOKQT

    I suck at sticking to this everyday, I think the problem is I don't focus enough on set up. I've made a list of what I need to do and tomorrow I'll start focusing on that. Plus there are things I need to do around the house, organize the closet and the kitchen. I also need to set up a command cen... Read more

  • I hate being anemic

    9/24/2016 8:16:09 PM, by AOLIVER2016

    39 198 Recently I was informed by my doctor that blood tests show I'm anemic so she couldn't approve my oral surgery. Up until lost tooth would drink my orange when took my iron supplement. Problem is that since lost tooth orange juice makes me get sharp pains where lost tooth. I've changed ... Read more

  • How Would You Log THIS?

    9/24/2016 8:04:06 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    ... Read more

  • I found a new place for short walks!

    9/24/2016 6:25:56 PM, by BONNIJEAN

    I mentor a teen who is in foster care. Yesterday I got a call saying that she really needed to talk. I called the group home's office to get permission, and the director suggested a small river side park nearby. It was perfect. We could walk. We could sit side-by-side and watch the river (better fo... Read more

  • Slow Carbing for Slower (Less "Painful") Weight Loss

    9/24/2016 5:49:08 PM, by MSBOOTCAMP

    The past two months I've been applying the slow-carb nutrition method. This is described and prescribed by Tim Ferriss in his book, "The 4-Hour Body." I can totally relate to what Ferriss has learned, and what he shares, about cutting back sugar and other simple carbs - the kind which release ... Read more

  • My primary motivation

    9/24/2016 10:56:50 AM, by HTMLJENN

    Like most people I want to lose weight and get fit. When I peel back the onion on why I want to do these things I get a number of answers: - I want to lower my blood pressure enough that I don't need to take medicine for it - I want to feel better - I want my doctor to look at me as a whole pe... Read more

  • Beyond The Scale

    9/23/2016 10:49:51 AM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    Today my SparkCoach challenge is to list as many ways as I could the differences I have noticed other than just the scale. So, after a month of this SparkPeople routine, here are some of the things that I have seen. - My nails are stronger. I have had weak and chipping nails for a couple years... Read more

  • Whirlwind

    9/21/2016 7:21:03 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    I can't believe I last posted early August, and that it is nearly the end of September. In the meantime: We had our 36th wedding anniversary. I became a grandma to a sweet little baby boy Liam James and took a trip to PA, WV, VA, NC, and SC and my back survived without any kind of major... Read more

  • Adventures in walking

    9/21/2016 4:39:06 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    Today I started out on my walk. I have been walking about 2 miles on our dirt road. It's about 1 mile downhill and then, yep, you guessed it, a mile uphill. This is a pretty good workout for me as a beginner. I usually take my dogs with me. They love going for walks. I don't have to put them on a... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Prep

    9/21/2016 4:01:45 PM, by TAMIP62

    Saturday is the official start date of the Fall 5% Challenge where several teams within the main group compete each week to do the most exercise, lose the most weight and meet other healthy lifestyle goals. It's going to be a blast! If you are interested in joining, there are still a few spots ... Read more

  • On Track Yesterday - Way off today

    9/21/2016 12:45:38 AM, by HTMLJENN

    I find it interesting how little I was interested in doing any of the normal SP stuff today beyond working out. I didn't want to track my food, didn't want to record my water or watch a video. Yesterday I guess I was just too good, and my brain rebelled. :-) Ah well, tomorrow is another ... Read more

  • Please pray for my friend

    9/20/2016 6:56:54 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Please pray for my dear friend, Bible study pal, and prayer partner. Connie is on life support since yesterday due to heart failure. Her poor heart has struggled for years though she is only in her 60s. Previously, medications and procedures have gotten her back on track. Last Thursday she told ... Read more

  • Celebrating a Small Victory of My Own

    9/20/2016 5:32:50 PM, by TAMIP62

    A fellow Sparker (Beachtub) made a comment on my last post where I had celebrated my husband's great health victory at the doctor's office yesterday. She said that she had found that making healthier choices had helped her greatly too, and one of the things was that it had virtually eliminated her n... Read more

  • myths about drinking 8 cup of water everyday

    9/20/2016 3:16:40 PM, by BLACKFLAME27

    I just learn that i don't have to drink 8 cup of water everyday. All this time, i'm being drinking myself to death. If you want learn about this myths, here are some information on it:
    v=ae4wZ79GzGU... Read more

  • Had a sad point but made a good decision

    9/20/2016 12:00:26 AM, by HTMLJENN

    I was having a difficult morning and was driving back with the intent to work. I knew that I was also going to grab some bad for me food and wallow in the sad feeling. But as I was driving I saw the park I sometimes walk at. And I thought "first I'll go and walk a little bit." Well, this was a... Read more

  • The Proof is in the ... No Not Pudding ... the Doctor's Visit

    9/19/2016 10:28:25 PM, by TAMIP62

    I am so happy today. Hubby is on this journey with me. He has never had as serious a weight issue as I have, although he is overweight. His big problem has been Type II diabetes and high blood pressure. Since we both decided to be serious about changing our bad eating habits and exercising several h... Read more

  • Week 7: Spacious Awareness & Week 8: Accepting the Unacceptable

    9/19/2016 6:00:13 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    Insight changes everything. The past two weeks have been the most curious, exploratory, and wisdom gleaning weeks that I have experienced in a long time. They have also been the most emotionally taxing, as I have learned to accept the unacceptable and come around to reignite some old unfinished rela... Read more

  • First ever 5k race

    9/19/2016 12:28:32 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    I just got signed up for my first ever 5k race. Or to be truthful, my first race of any kind ever. I get to participate with a dear friend of mine. When I mentioned it to my husband, a tad bit apprehensive of what he would say, his response was surprising. He asked if he and the kids could go and ch... Read more

  • reality

    9/19/2016 10:27:50 AM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    I started to type up a blog and it was half way done until I realized that it was just another blog where I rant on and on about everything I have to do and why I cant get it done. About how I want to plan things out and be organized. So in this blog Im going to tell you that I am going to t... Read more

  • Going Macrobiotics!!

    9/18/2016 1:12:58 PM, by YUKIJANE

    Today I went to a bookstore to have a cup of coffee at Tullys located in there. I checked the bookshelves and found a book written by Michio Kushi, a macrobiotics master, who died in 2015 in Massachusetts. I bought the book and read it at home. I have been following Aya Kagawa, a Japanese n... Read more

  • Getting the thoughts out

    9/18/2016 11:25:33 AM, by ALICIA363

    We interrupt the blog challenge topics to bring you the thoughts of today... As I scrambled up and down steps this morning to do laundry, talk to family members, distract the dog, etc., I felt joy in knowing that I couldn't do that (at least not as quickly and as well) in December and January 2... Read more

  • Grinding Hip Pain While Walking!

    9/18/2016 11:08:59 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Oh, good morning. You, too? Well, I figured it out on my own, this morning - got in my 3.4 mile walk and realized I have to re-learn how to walk. Something I've been doing all my life, and suddenly realize I'm doing it WRONG? OMG. I thought I was going to need a hip replacement. And... Read more

  • Day 22 - attempting to meet the nutrition goals seems challengnig

    9/17/2016 10:49:44 PM, by HTMLJENN

    It seems like unless I take a supplement (which I'm loathe to do) It's very difficult to meet all the daily nutrition goals and not cause the calories, fat, protein, or carbs to be over. I run the daily report, well, daily, and it seems like a puzzle. Part of me is afraid that if I do find the "magi... Read more

  • Fear: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    9/16/2016 3:02:34 PM, by TAMIP62

    Fear is pretty much a built in emotion that is hardwired into everyone's brain. How we perceive it, I suppose is different depending on the experiences we've had in our lives. For the most part, fear is a very important psychological element. Good fear keeps us from standing to close to the edge of ... Read more

  • Plateau busted!

    9/16/2016 2:21:02 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Well, sort of. I'm in maintenance mode, but do want to lose some more pounds for vanity reasons. I got off the plateau the wrong way. I gained weight. Ouch!!! However, I'm pretty sure I gained mostly, if not all, water. I didn't get quite as much water as usual for a few days. In addition I ... Read more

  • Day 21!!! Three weeks! WOOT!

    9/16/2016 2:07:30 PM, by HTMLJENN

    244 244 244 244 When I started this program three weeks ago I was very resistant. But I've been taking it gently, not getting down on myself for my mistakes but rather focusing on small changes. For the first three weeks, I just focused on drinking water (8+ glasses a day now is very normal!),... Read more

  • Vision Collage...sort of.

    9/16/2016 11:50:43 AM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    So my SparkCoach challenge for today was to make a vision collage. I don't much care for that kind of thing. I don't really know why. Maybe because staring at a picture isn't as motivating for me as being able to cross something off or putting a check mark by it or even highlighting it. But for t... Read more

  • Not feeling very good!

    9/16/2016 7:57:23 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I am on a course of antibiotics. Tomorrow is the last day but my mucus still hasn't cleared up. I am feeling better. No fever. And my throat doesn't hurt so much anymore. But I still don't have to confidence to sweat it out in exercise yet! I still need more rest! Sigh! Lot's of ppl are sick! I... Read more

  • Day, um 20? :-)

    9/16/2016 12:29:01 AM, by HTMLJENN

    My focus right now is exercise and adding fruit/veggies. I'm not worrying about the actual calories that I'm eating. I am finding that now that I don't eat after 8pm the hardest part of the day is lunch to around 4pm. Not because I'm hungry, but because I'm stressed. And when I'm stressed I eat. ... Read more

  • The missing number 11

    9/15/2016 9:04:38 PM, by ALICIA363

    Blog challenge topic number 11 is labeled my "school status" with suggestions-examples of nerd, jock, prep, bully, etc. I disliked being boxed in. In high school I was referred to as a "brain", and I understood there was some disdain in the label. "Nerd" was just beginning to be used in the l... Read more

  • Why I Need This NOW

    9/15/2016 1:27:11 PM, by TAMIP62

    This is a prompt from the 5% Fall Challenge Team: "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going". - Jim Ryun Today's assignment is to list 10 reasons you want to lose weight. What do you want to change? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? What things wi... Read more

  • 5 to 10 percent - I have a new goal!

    9/15/2016 12:11:41 PM, by BONNIJEAN

    I finally asked my doctor what it would take for me to go off of my medication. She said 5-10 percent weight reduction. Hmm. Her math was a little off, and she suggested that it could take a year or two. I believe that 5 percent is possible before my next check in January and 10 percent by the... Read more

  • Three Weeks in and Counting

    9/15/2016 11:25:49 AM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    So, I have been at this for a little over three weeks now. I thought it would be good to record my thoughts and what I have noticed since I have started. First of all, it feels so good to have something specific to help keep me in a routine. I have been homeschooling for 13 years now and we are gr... Read more

  • Sugar and Heart Disease: A 1960s' Scandal - "Big Sugar" Paid Harvard Scientists (Mother Jones mag)

    9/14/2016 11:58:27 PM, by MSBOOTCAMP

    The sugar industry bribed health researchers to play down the dangers of sugar, and to focus the blame on fat. Have any of us not been influenced or affected by all the "low-fat" health advice and food/ dietary products of the past 20-30 years? It's 2016 now, but the news of this scandal is ju... Read more

  • Weight Loss Goals

    9/14/2016 5:45:26 PM, by BEAUTIFLYHEALTH

    About a month ago I decided to restart my weight loss journey and went through some articles on here. As a result, I found a lot of helpful information and wrote down some goals that I have and decided to post them here. These are the weight loss goals and I will share my fitness and nutrition goals... Read more

  • Day 19 (I think) - motivation beyond the scale

    9/14/2016 10:47:04 AM, by HTMLJENN

    Today, SparkCoach wants me to look at some of the less measurable ways you can tell that your nutrition and exercise plan is starting to have a positive effect. Here are some ideas: - do I have more energy? - am I craving diet coke less? - am I craving sweets less? - am I craving salty... Read more

  • Blog Challenge 8, 9, 10, 11 and 26

    9/13/2016 8:01:31 PM, by ALICIA363

    8. How did I discover Sparkpeople? I didn't really discover it; ONEKIDSMOM had been mentioning it for years. I got desperate and decided to try it in January 2014. I think I'm still in shock from how well it worked initially; I set my goals, I tracked my food, I stayed 100% compliant (with some ... Read more

  • Day 18 - reluctant

    9/13/2016 10:51:00 AM, by HTMLJENN

    So far, I've written this blog post three times and erased all three. You see, I have a bunch of concerns about working out and every time I write them out I hear the voices of the jocks in my head "you can do it!" and "fight past the pain" and "the workout will make you feel better" and so on... Read more

  • 9 pounds down.

    9/12/2016 10:01:08 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    Just to keep track of things in photo form, I thought I would start to take some pictures even though I hate them. Here I am, three weeks into my new SparkPeople lifestyle and 9 lbs gone. Weigh in at 173.8... Read more

  • Notes on My Napkin

    9/12/2016 2:41:35 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    LUNCH I am sitting here trying to enjoy a baked sweet potato as recommended by the personal trainer I'm meeting with tomorrow. It's not bad, and it's loaded with nutrients - I can see why she recommends it. It doesn't "go" with any of the toppings I normally choose, like chicken or jalapeno pep... Read more

  • Home with My Babies

    9/12/2016 2:05:48 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    Hubby has a car appointment so I am here with my doggy babies. Hanging out.... the meds have loosened everything. I guess it is productive coughing.... wanted to go with Hubby but did not feel good enough.... Read more

  • How to Train Your Dragon

    9/12/2016 12:16:34 PM, by TAMIP62

    A new spark friend posted a comment on my home page about how she could identify with my being a food addict, and she also added a quote that she had read about it that so rang a bell with me I just had to do a post on it. The quote was: "alcoholics have to slay the dragon, while food addicts h... Read more

  • Day 17 - Visualizing success

    9/12/2016 10:33:05 AM, by HTMLJENN

    Today I was asked to "Imagine reaching your goal weight and seeing an old friend for the first time since you began your journey. Picture them congratulating you on your transformation. If you struggle making healthy choices today, think about how good it would feel to receive such a positive reacti... Read more

  • Smoke secession failed! Getting the life back.

    9/12/2016 8:36:19 AM, by YUKIJANE

    And I failed. I announce here that my smoke secession has failed and I am back puffing again. Not a big issue, maybe. I tried it before many times, failed each time. But this time I was very serious and was very positive that I could quit, but I could not. I stopped for 4 days with ... Read more

  • Bronchitis

    9/11/2016 9:05:16 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    Family trip from days gone by.... Just a quick note to let you know I finally broke down and went to the Clinic yesterday. Xrays show that I have bronchitis...... good news is no pneumonia. I am taking my meds and laying around a lot. I guess I am trying to make up for those nights... Read more

  • Revising goals?

    9/11/2016 6:42:17 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    So I have a list of goals I want to attain, and I have broken them down into what seems to be manageable chunks, but I feel as if they need more work. I am trying to think of ways to make them more specific to me. - My first goal is to loose 5 lbs a month for 10 months so that I am at my goal wei... Read more

  • Be Accountable for More Motivation

    9/11/2016 3:34:34 PM, by TAMIP62

    When I'm really into being healthy, I really don't usually have a problem with motivation. Even on days when I don't "feel" like exercising, I can make myself take that first step that turns into a full session of whatever I have decided to do. However, being healthy isn't a quick sprint, it is a ma... Read more

  • Do Not Envy My Progress! It's Misleading, and Here's Why...

    9/11/2016 12:03:48 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    So, this morning I had a comment on my Activity Feed: "How many are you down now??? I've lost count!!! You are doing so very well!! You must be so excited!!! :) :)" Well, yes and no. If you're counting, I'm down 25 pounds from my highest weight, and I'm down 4 pounds from the last time I played... Read more

  • Do Not Envy My Progress! It's Misleading, and Here's Why...

    9/11/2016 12:03:40 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    So, this morning I had a comment on my Activity Feed: "How many are you down now??? I've lost count!!! You are doing so very well!! You must be so excited!!! :) :)" Well, yes and no. If you're counting, I'm down 25 pounds from my highest weight, and I'm down 4 pounds from the last time I played... Read more

  • Incidental exercise is probably my favorite.

    9/11/2016 8:39:32 AM, by GRANDMABABA

    I chugged mostly uphill to our annual street fair to help with one of the booths. It's about 1 1/2 miles. (I thought longingly to the walk home, mostly down the hills.) Then I was on my feet for the three hours as I helped share information about our upcoming Scottish Festival. It was such fun. ... Read more

  • Blog Challenge Catch Up

    9/11/2016 7:50:48 AM, by ALICIA363

    Day 2: Dream Profession - Reclusive Writer Day 3: Closest to - my gut reaction was myself. My thoughtful answer is DD. Day 4: One of my biggest Secrets? Sorry, if I told you about it, it wouldn't be secret. Duh. Day 5: Obsessions. Hmmm. I suppose right now my 90% dark chocolate b... Read more

  • If at first...

    9/10/2016 2:13:24 PM, by HISANGELG

    So, I'm trying again at tracking foods, fitness, and losing weight. Lifestyle Diets. Slow going.... Read more

  • My Little Sister Franny

    9/10/2016 1:10:50 PM, by 100LBLIGHTER

    I just wanted to take a second to tell my Spark Friends that my Sister Franny passed away one day before her 66th birthday. Mom and Dad had three girls, like stair steps not one year between Franny and I and not one year between my sister Liz and her. So every year Franny and I were t... Read more

  • Creating a New Me

    9/9/2016 6:38:08 PM, by TKRYSTINA

    I am working on creating & becoming a New Me. I am trying to learn about & embrace my Native American heritage. I am a member of the Cherokee Nation. Even though we do not have enough Cherokee in our blood to get any money I still consider myself a member of the Cherokee Nation. I am also Scottish,... Read more

  • Day 14 - Finally had time to build a mood poster

    9/9/2016 5:33:13 PM, by HTMLJENN

    I didn't think I would benefit from it, but as I looked at the pictures and chose the ones that spoke to me, I got more and more into it. Until I was ready to imagine what my life would include and why I was trying to get healthy and lose weight. And that's what helped me. I found two quotes v... Read more

  • Complacent!

    9/9/2016 4:30:13 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I've been in a bit of a rut lately. I'm way over extended at the moment with no end in sight. I love all I am doing. It's just a lot. Which brings me to my rut. I've not really challenged my body recently as I've worked out, walked, etc. I've slipped up more often than usual in eating some les... Read more

  • Inspiration for today

    9/9/2016 4:02:08 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    ... Read more

  • Today's Challenges

    9/9/2016 7:22:59 AM, by ALICIA363

    Well, I got stuck on the blog challenge for now. Might get unstuck later, might not. But I need to post something. Glancing at my friend feed, I see people are setting healthy boundaries, both with others and themselves. Keep up the good work! Of course as we go about our day, we'll run... Read more

  • Home Again

    9/8/2016 4:58:01 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    We got home late last night after a 5-day trip to celebrate my father-in-laws 80th birthday. I was nervous to take this trip since I was so new to SparkPeople and my new fitness and healthy eating routines. I have to say, I am super excited to see how things went on the trip. I wasn't able to measur... Read more

  • Day 13 - Need help coming up with a plan

    9/8/2016 11:03:41 AM, by HTMLJENN

    Today's challenge asks that we come up with a plan for when we're feeling less motivated. But honestly, I have no idea what a plan like that would look like. Most of the time, I go off program in weight loss when I'm unhappy, angry, or stressed. My gut reaction is to say "so don't get unhappy,... Read more

  • Day 12 - very busy day

    9/8/2016 12:31:07 AM, by HTMLJENN

    It was hard to stay on program today because of all the things I had to do. But ultimately it went well. I went out to breakfast. I planned ahead of time to get eggs Benedict and that I would put 1 egg in a doggy box before I even began to eat. It was disconcerting when the restaurant makes th... Read more

  • Swimming like a maniac...

    9/7/2016 5:12:18 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Yes Joy, I wrote a "thank you!"- answer on the facebook page of my indoor arena, I am really really happy because the renewed challenge has brought me to the inddor pool three days in a row, without that challenge I would probably maybe had gone once... But it is of course a little obsessed. Tu... Read more

  • Day 11 - Tracked the bad food I ate.

    9/7/2016 12:11:58 AM, by HTMLJENN

    43 I ate M&Ms and a ton of graham crackers today. But I wrote them down. I noticed that I didn't feel as good this evening as I have on other days. I'm struggling with the nutrition report. I keep thinking I'm improving my nutrients, and then I do the report and I'm over on things like sodi... Read more

  • Deadlines

    9/6/2016 6:01:26 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    So I tried to plan things out for the week and it didnt really work. I needed help moving things out of the dining room so that I could paint but my aunt would change her mind last minute. She has been putting in a lot of OT at work so thats why she wasnt helping me so much. We did finally cl... Read more

  • The Martian Message

    9/6/2016 12:13:37 PM, by TAMIP62

    I just watched one of my favorite movies of 2015, and arguably the best one of the year--at least that's my opinion, The Martian, for the millionth time. I watch it whenever it comes on one of the movie channels even though I have the DVD. It is packed with exhilarating adventure, danger, inspiratio... Read more

  • Tummie trouble

    9/6/2016, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I have had a bad stomach for a week, been able to work and study apart for one day when I stayed at home, otherwise I have "just" kept close to the toilet for safety. And no exercise at all. So I was cringing a bit how to get going again - but got help. I have written about the swimtag and tha... Read more

  • Monday, September 5, 2016 - the blog challenge begins for me

    9/5/2016 8:13:19 PM, by ALICIA363

    The days have been full. I get to spark late, and tired. The 31-day blog challenge intrigues me; I fear I am too boring and private. I love to think, and many of the topics generate hours of thought. Well, here goes nothing. For the topics:
    lic_journal_i... Read more

  • Day 10 - anger definitely makes me want to eat

    9/5/2016 5:47:40 PM, by HTMLJENN

    Had a stressful day today where I got really angry. I found myself desperately wanting to have something to eat. Anything to eat. Of course chocolate would be best... 493 I drank water. 194 I'm not quite so angry now. And the craving for chocolate is less. I am also not hungry. I wasn't... Read more

  • Don't Mind Me, I'm a Data Analyst...

    9/5/2016 10:46:02 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    So, according to this:
    d-counting-calories-isnt-worth-it may not be worth calculating BMR and/or counting calories. I got a slightly different take-away: First, my BMR calculati... Read more

  • Mat Pilates today!

    9/5/2016 8:31:46 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I did some mat pilates today! It felt wonderful to stretch out my whole body! I save these workouts for when I don't feel like sweaty cardio.... Read more

  • Day 9 - Back on track

    9/4/2016 11:59:23 PM, by HTMLJENN

    I took yesterday off. But even though I took the day off from completely following the plan, I still didn't do too badly. Then today I came back and did all the coaching early in the morning. That helped me stay focused. Then when I was really hungry after working out I had the opportunity to ... Read more

  • Week 6: Defying the Lie, Patterns of Behaviour, & Parting Ways with the Scale?

    9/4/2016 9:59:10 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    I have slowly been getting acquainted with the nine practices to ignite an empowered life that Baron Baptiste has provided in his book Being of Power, and right now I've been reading through the book in its entirety, but slowly going back and focusing on specific chapters that I need at given times,... Read more

  • Theater Challenge

    9/4/2016 5:15:20 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Went to see the latest Star Trek movie today. Normally, this would be a problem: I can't seem to watch a movie in the theater without a LARGE tub of popcorn in hand. So today, I went in with a plan in hand, instead: 8 ozs of baby carrots, about 1/3 c. of raw, crunchy cauliflower, 1 oz. of... Read more

  • Wheat and my joints

    9/4/2016 9:00:15 AM, by SIMPLY-CRM

    I had always suspected that diet was more to blame for my achy joints than anything else, yet went to Dr to be sure. A year later I'm still waiting to hear back! Great sick-care system we have. I had pretty much given up wheat and shifted to almond flour and a variety of other flours but for weig... Read more

  • How Many Calories in 17 Pints of Pickles?

    9/3/2016 6:34:04 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    No, I'm not planning to EAT 17 pints of pickles - I want to know how many calories are burned in 4 hours of chopping all the veggies and canning them. My feet and back ACHE! There SHOULD be calories burned for all that! :) If you don't have enough to do this Labor Day weekend, it'... Read more

  • Get Out There and make the other dogs jealous

    9/3/2016 10:21:16 AM, by ALICIA363

    Hanging out on sparkpeople made me give in and take the dog for an extra walk this morning, even though I just wanted a t-shirt to proclaim "I'd rather be watching Harry Potter." But the being-active-is-the-way-to-go sparkpeople culture triumphed, and I noticed, as I walked the beloved furry pe... Read more

  • It rained again!

    9/3/2016 8:28:50 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I went for a walk later in the evening after the rain had stopped! I was nice and cool! I'm testing my activity tracker and it's working fine! I managed a total of 8,000+ steps today! I tracked my sleep last night and I realized that I didn't sleep enough. I will have to make sure I get my 8 hours t... Read more

  • Should I be attempting this?

    9/3/2016 12:21:48 AM, by RACHEL_JANE

    Hi all, So here is the long and the short of it. I've lost a good deal of weight, and I lost it fast. In two years I've dropped 130 pounds. I have loose skin. I hear it can weigh a good deal. I weigh 150 (148-152). At my highest this was a dream. However, now I wonder if I can get down... Read more

  • Trying Not to Soothe the Pain with Food

    9/2/2016 11:18:28 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Recurrent corneal erosions - I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, and that's the truth. I'm feeling discouraged, at the moment, that I couldn't even make it through three nights without a bandage contact lens and not have a massive erosion. You have NO idea how many tiny little ultrasensiti... Read more

  • Day 7 - Adding various activities

    9/2/2016 9:04:21 PM, by HTMLJENN

    266 I'm considering getting an Xbox game like Shape Up as another activity to try. Some of the other things I'm planning: - walking - this is my go-to exercise. It's easy and I can do it by just wandering around where I live. - Pokemon Go - I live in a Pokemon desert, so this means I hav... Read more

  • Baked Potatoes: Raw or Cooked??

    9/2/2016 12:47:38 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    I just got back 100 calories today! Woo hoo! I've been counting my baked potatoes by their RAW weight, instead of their COOKED weight - but that's not how the database does it (of course!) Don't make that mistake. Potatoes contain a lot of water. Much of it cooks out when baking them. So y... Read more

  • A Little Nervous

    9/2/2016 10:38:21 AM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    We are leaving tomorrow morning for a four-day trip for my fil's 80th birthday. I am still so new to making healthier eating and exercise a habit, that I am nervous leaving the comfort of the small routine I have made to this point. I have shed 5 lbs in the less than two weeks I have been on here an... Read more

  • My activity tracker is here!!!!

    9/2/2016 5:02:55 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I'm having fun setting it up! Now, I'm going for my usual walk to test the pedometer function! I will come back with a report!!!!... Read more

  • Day 6 - First blog...

    9/1/2016 11:52:58 PM, by HTMLJENN

    Today went amazingly well in some ways and crazy wrong in others. I got all my water and exercise in. And I tracked all the food that I ate. But I was so busy that I wasn't hungry and didn't remember to eat. I tracked a peach for breakfast that I didn't eat until around 7pm. OOPS! But I ... Read more

  • A respite from the heat!

    9/1/2016 7:19:44 PM, by EOWYN2424

    It rained heavily last night. It is cool this morning! I just love this kind of weather! I hope it will rain again and this cool weather will last! Sure beats the horrible heat! I took a break from exercise yesterday. I was half dead from the cardio dancing on Wednesday! And I didn't think I ca... Read more

  • Rewards for the small successes.

    9/1/2016 12:36:07 PM, by OLDFASHIONEDGRL

    I decided that I want to set up some rewards for accomplishing small goals on this long road to weight loss. I have 49 lbs to loose, so I know I will need extra inspiration along the way. So here is what I came up with. Down 5 lbs - a jump rope Down 10 lbs - six pairs of pretty, new undies... Read more

  • I got a Haircut

    9/1/2016 11:41:58 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    I went to the Evan's Hairstyling School for this new look. On Thursday's they have a discount of $3 for all women's haircuts. Usually it's a dollar more. Well it seems to be a cloudy rainy day, so I am relaxing with some Swiss Miss Chocolate in my coffee, right now.... Read more

  • Fun, Fit Breakfast

    9/1/2016 10:29:47 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    What did you have for breakfast, today? I had a banana-blueberry fiber smoothie (if you follow me on the Pep app - 250 points for downloading that, by the way, if you haven't already collected them! - you'd see a picture). 8 ozs. skim milk 28g (powdered) Kellogg's All Bran Buds 94g f... Read more

  • Why We Don't Eat an Entire Bag of Molasses Cookies in a Day

    9/1/2016 10:17:45 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    So, yesterday, I gave a speech at Toastmasters called "A Sticky Situation." How many of you have heard of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919? I was watching American Gothic, the other night, and they referred to it - my first thought was, "You are pulling my leg..." (The show is FICTIONAL - they can m... Read more

  • A Good Start

    9/1/2016 7:31:39 AM, by ALICIA363

    Running on time today. Ha, ha, I said running. The workout bag is still in the car from yesterday. I don't like my choices, but I know what they are: run on a treadmill, or run on streets. After work. High priority. The food bag has chicken and peas for lunch. Cheese sticks, apricots ... Read more

  • Opting to stay home instead!

    9/1/2016 12:31:40 AM, by EOWYN2424

    My Mom offered to take drop me off at the mall today but I opted to stay home to wait for my deliveries. Also, I have not much money in my purse so, I also wanted to save more so I can splurge a little next week or later when I have more money!... Read more

  • Too much sadness...again!

    8/31/2016 9:49:44 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    At the beginning of this year my grand nephew was violently murdered at work by a deranged co-worker. His body was found about a week later. His murderer sits in jail supposedly unable to stand trial at this time. Meanwhile our family is so sad and missing him every day. He was his mom's only ch... Read more

  • Great workout today!

    8/31/2016 9:30:44 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I did an old favorite, it's a cardio dance workout, but for some reason, I sweated even more today and I felt like I was half dead at the end of the 45 minutes! The cold shower afterwards felt so good! I ate dinner before I showered! I am thankful for the rain, it has been raining off and on fo... Read more

  • If you don't have anything nice to say ...

    8/31/2016 7:16:05 AM, by ALICIA363

    ... don't say anything at all. How many of us had that drummed into our heads as children? How many of us wish other adults had learned it, at times? 211 So yesterday's lack of blog was largely due to that. What is there to say, when there's nothing to say? It's like a switch got f... Read more

  • Finding time and Starting an exercise Routine

    8/30/2016 11:10:00 AM, by OLDEROWL

    I read this somewhere and put it in my Journal 1/22/16: "Is it even possible to be too busy to exercise? Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has started more than 400 companies. He has also published multiple books, is an active philanthropist, and has many personal hobbies. When asked how he ... Read more

  • Trust the @#$% Process

    8/30/2016 8:47:46 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Today is "one of those days." I stepped on the scale - feeling thinner, fitter! - and the stupid thing said I've GAINED three pounds. Paradoxically, it said my body fat percentage is down 2%. I haven't been weight training. That's not even possible. Stupid scale. But wait... I did a LOT o... Read more

  • Tricky Merchants!

    8/30/2016 5:56:38 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I made a purchase of a set of 2 rechargeable batteries, then I surfed around, and found the exact same thing for a much cheaper price. So, I contacted the merchant via live chat and cancelled the first order and made a 2nd order (the cheaper one). But instead of refunding the money into my bank... Read more

  • Taking care of little things

    8/29/2016 7:23:11 AM, by ALICIA363

    Everything takes longer than I think it will - another reason to get up early. Makeup shouldn't take longer than ten minutes, but it stretches to 15 and 20 when I'm also running interference between DH and the dog (one asleep, the other awake). Writing a blog shouldn't take that long - unl... Read more