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  • Downtime (Or, When Not to Fight the Laziness)

    11/18/2017 6:41:15 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Some days? I just get lazy. Take last Tuesday, for example. I woke up at my usual time, around 4:00 a.m. (although I should say that the phrase “waking up” doesn’t really apply to me—I almost never sleep for more than an hour at a stretch, so there’s rarely any kind of “deep sleep” to “wak... Read more

  • Itchies

    11/18/2017 12:09:24 AM, by STARRYROSES

    I didn't think anything of it until now, but I've been very itchy in the past few weeks. Ar first it was just my lower back, but then I noticed my hips, my full back, my arms, fingers, toes, scalp... to summarize, I've been itchy everywhere. I suspect it's a dehydration issue, or toxins leaving the ... Read more

  • Up from the ashes

    11/17/2017 5:27:39 PM, by COURTENAYE

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  • New Primary Care Provider Visit overview

    11/17/2017 3:06:27 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Today as I said earlier I seen Dr. Julie Magnin to establish care with her. I was her first patient of the day and I seen her. I liked her a lot. She is very personable and likable. She is someone I can get along with really well. I believe her and I will do a good job managing my health care needs... Read more

  • Woosh! MAJOR health goal met!!!

    11/17/2017 11:56:13 AM, by LUNADRAGON

    That is time. The last three weeks I have been working on the largest project ever on freelance, although when I actually worked for the company (not virtually), I did work on one much larger. Whew! Glad that is done. Then yesterday I spent 3 hours in the car driving back and forth to the Rich... Read more

  • Heartsick

    11/16/2017 11:42:15 PM, by COURTENAYE

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  • week 5 of therapy

    11/16/2017 2:06:31 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    therapy overview... Read more

  • Good things come in 3w

    11/16/2017 12:16:59 PM, by EARTHRUNNER

    1. Kick the sugar 3 wk challenge. I've done this so many times. Probably more than 10. And I've never finished. I think the longest I've lasted is 2 weeks. I'm aiming for three. So far today: Brought Halloween leftovers to office, drinking my way through a full bottle of water, and I just had a sal... Read more

  • Making Art (Or, How NaNoWriMo Is Going So Far)

    11/15/2017 6:18:17 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m deep in the midst of National Novel Writing Month, working hard to crank out 50,000 words between November 1 and November 30. I’m well on my way—and I noticed that my protagonist (a writer like me) had something kind of interesting to say (which, I realized, was j... Read more

  • Post Binge Eating Disorder: Early Reflections

    11/14/2017 6:50:07 PM, by CIARAMBLECKA

    I'm at the point where I no longer binge eat. It's (sort of) a distant memory. I'm able to eat when I'm hungry, what I'm hungry for, and stop when I'm full. I no longer have all these horrible food cravings anymore either. My eating is pretty normal now: I watch my macronutrients and eat a lot of hi... Read more

  • Okay

    11/14/2017 1:48:12 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Down

    11/13/2017 2:10:10 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Mixed feelings

    11/12/2017 12:57:15 PM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Friday morning I said goodbye to my Primary care physician.

    11/12/2017 11:41:06 AM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    As the blog title states I said goodbye to my Primary care physician. We hugged goodbye. I gave her a goodbye card and told her what she meant to me. I am going to Green Bay to see a new primary care physician named Julie Magnin. I will see her on this Friday at 7:30 a.m.... Read more

  • Awake

    11/11/2017 11:56:43 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Much better!

    11/10/2017 7:39:25 PM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Appointment, Weight Gain, Class, and Social Security

    11/9/2017 1:51:31 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    I go to see the gastro specialist today about my IBS problems. Still am losing food and keep gaining weight every week. Hopefully he can give me something to fix it. I am in a new math class that uses Excel and I am having problems since Chrome's Excel online is a pile of crud and does not alwa... Read more

  • Grateful to be home

    11/9/2017 2:41:28 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Xhausted

    11/8/2017 10:37:40 PM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Back issue

    11/8/2017 9:22:33 AM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    In my last blog I had posted that I was planning to go to the gym on the first as a birthday gift to myself. Well it never happened. We were up late Halloween night and we slept in, till 10 I think. We were tired all day. Im thinking it was because it was so cold Tuesday night that our bodies ju... Read more

  • Week 4 of my therapy

    11/7/2017 9:52:19 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Christine and I got started in the book today. I have officially called my eating disorder Ed/Bessy. I have dealt with it too many years now to not notice how it has caused me to be overweight or morbidly obese. I want freedom from Ed/Bessy after years of imprisonment. I am in a prison of my. own ma... Read more

  • Calling in palliative care

    11/7/2017 2:57:01 PM, by COURTENAYE

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  • Small Steps, Obtainable Goals

    11/7/2017 1:50:27 PM, by SALLYLEE84

    So it’s been a while, I’m at my highest weight ever, again. But you know what? That’s not gonna get me down, I am going to make this my year. Even if I’m starting at the beginning of the holiday season, the hardest time for someone to change their eating habits. But I have come up with small obta... Read more

  • You've got to track it all

    11/7/2017 10:59:56 AM, by LUNADRAGON

    In order to be successful, you really, really, really need to track it all. It all works together, if you let one element slip, they all slip, and go tumbling to the ground. That is at least how it seems to work in my book. I have gotten busy in life. Real busy. So busy, I have not been tra... Read more

  • Feeling Like a Writer, or: My Journey to Little House on the Prairie

    11/7/2017 6:42:46 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    It’s Election Day and while everybody else is ranting about politics and violence and the terrible state of affairs here in America, I thought I’d take a step back and talk about something completely different, something innocent and simple: the first time I felt like a writer. I was in elemen... Read more

  • You can do this regardless of your 'faults'!

    11/5/2017 11:15:29 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Always say to yourself "My Body and Mind are sound enough that I can accomplish my goals and also inspire others to do their best." You may be struggling with your body size or physical handicaps, some of which may have been of your making; but, by affirming that you are healthy and able to reason, ... Read more

  • Hospital again

    11/5/2017 10:07:51 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • My “Spark-iversary”

    11/4/2017 6:24:03 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    I realized the other day that I’ve been on SparkPeople for five and a half years, as of mid-October, so I just passed a “Spark-iversary,” of sorts. Although I actually signed up for the site in January 2012, it wasn’t until a few months later, in April, that I actually started to use it. I had ... Read more

  • Happy day

    11/3/2017 1:15:43 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • National Men Make Dinner Day

    11/2/2017 9:38:17 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I was all set to make dinner today according to the rules for "National Men Make Dinner Day" which I just learned about from the morning news. I was about to go shopping when my wife returned from a visit to our next door neighbor. She had just sold her house and for some reason she wanted her she... Read more

  • Week 3 of my therapy

    11/2/2017 8:25:53 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Today I started discussing my goals with my therapist. We are going to start working on my eating disorder and we are going to start helping me recover from it. I am to read two books on eating disorders that she has recommended for me. One is called life without Ed. The other is called goodbye E... Read more

  • Mild chest pain

    11/2/2017 8:50:27 AM, by OLDEROWL

    I’ve been having very slight chest pains off and on for 2 weeks; the cause may have been several possibilities, but I remember that I took a double dose of risperidone, and did a new indoor “walking” 3 mile exercise. Parts of the exercise included flapping my arms in various directions as I did the... Read more

  • Determined

    11/2/2017 2:02:11 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • New month new goals

    11/1/2017 12:08:46 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    This being November I have decided to watch my sodium intake. Cut back my calories on days I don't work out. Start working out again. But also Journal more regularly about how I'm feeling to cut back emotional eating and stress eating. I will also do my morning pages regularly even if it's one page ... Read more

  • My Book Launch

    11/1/2017 8:12:50 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    My novel is being published today, and I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. It’s not my first book. I actually counted all the books I’ve ever written the other day while I was having a bit of an OCD moment and I realized I’ve written 18. I’m pretty sure I know people who have never REA... Read more

  • Don't get tricked

    10/31/2017 1:27:25 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Ahhh - treat day for the young'ns. Be careful as you have temptation in a bowl under your nose. Find something to do rather than pick a treat and eat. Last year we had over a hundred kids and actually ran out of candy. I raided my kids old toys, and my gift box and handed out things like mat... Read more

  • NaNoWriMo, Here I Come!

    10/31/2017 6:44:25 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    I may have mentioned before that I’m doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year. In case you’re one of the few readers/writers left out there who hasn’t heard of it, the goal of NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000-word (or more) novel between November 1 and November 30. I first d... Read more

  • Unbelievably tired

    10/31/2017 1:49:48 AM, by COURTENAYE

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  • November 1st

    10/30/2017 7:15:14 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    Im tired of how I have been treating myself. I dont take care of myself like I should be. Over the past few weeks I would just close my eyes and give myself a good talking to. I could get really tough on myself. But I needed that. I had planned to just focus on portion control for now and... Read more

  • Where Has All the Talent Gone?

    10/28/2017 6:56:21 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    For a much as I read, you’d think the words would—I don’t know—TOUCH me more often than they do. It’s the end of October and my Goodreads Reading Challenge counter tells me I’ve read 100 books so far this year. And in all that reading, how many books have made me laugh out loud (I mean RE... Read more

  • Update on my counselor

    10/26/2017 10:12:41 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    It is going well right now. I am to see her weekly as I already told you. Today we talked about my past and Dad's death and how I kept a secret from my mom about him dying for six months. I told her it feels like everyone chooses me to tell important things to. I don't know why I am always chosen.... Read more

  • three month milestone status

    10/26/2017 5:23:26 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Left is August 3, right is today. I've lost 2 inches in my waist, and two in my hips since August Today was the day I needed to weigh in for group I was part of. I lost 10.3 lbs since the initial weigh in 218 lbs and am down to 207.7 for three months. The last time I lost weight before my... Read more

  • Stop Feeling Crazy Around Food?

    10/25/2017 2:53:48 AM, by CIARAMBLECKA

    For about two years I had been in a downward spiral of binge eating disorder that I didn't think I could ever see a way out of. I felt so crazy around food, as if I couldn't control myself around food, and as if every food was a "trigger" food and the harder I tried to cure my binge eating disorder... Read more

  • Words Words Words

    10/24/2017 3:22:16 PM, by ADDISONLJONES

    My head is spinning. It’s all words, words, words these days. I know that’s probably true for any writer, but I’m an editor, too, so sometimes it’s hard to figure out where MY words stop and somebody else’s begin. And, as if I don’t have enough words in my life already, Blydyn Square Books... Read more

  • Renovations take a toll

    10/22/2017 4:16:56 PM, by HYATTI1

    Just wanted to upload a few before and after photos of the completed new house. I bought this about a year and a half ago with hopes of moving in and retiring from all the chores of the farm life. I will always love the farm and horses, but I am getting to old to do all that hard work. So like a goo... Read more

  • Nice walk

    10/21/2017 11:41:01 PM, by COURTENAYE

    ... Read more

  • I'm grateful

    10/21/2017 11:26:01 PM, by MSBOOTCAMP

    Today I wrote to a friend in another country, someone who has been part of my life for over 40 years. I am grateful for love, loved ones, and our entire world, because life is precious. #LifeIsPrecious #Bootcamp... Read more

  • Freckles

    10/21/2017 10:40:28 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    ...are moments in time that delight you, they make you smile, and make you feel like you are a flaming redhead even if you aren't. When I was younger, I would get freckles in the sun, even though I am a brunette, though it is wintering over nicely into a lighter shade of pale. Just a moment, ... Read more

  • Where Has the Time Gone?

    10/21/2017 7:27:00 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Feels like just yesterday I was buying water - laughing at the contagion of alarm that comes from seeing store shelves emptied out in hours - ahead of Hurricane Harvey. The water's still in my car. We got enough water. Well, most of it was full of gators and sewage, but fortunately my ho... Read more

  • New counselor for the last time

    10/21/2017 6:15:08 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I saw a new counselor on this Thursday. Her name is Christine Nicklaus. I connected with her on this visit and felt very comfortable with her. I believe that I have found someone I will stay with. I am to see her weekly.... Read more

  • Broken streaks are meant to begin again

    10/20/2017 7:52:20 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Phoey! I broke my logging into SP streak. I made it close to 80 days, and then a few days ago, got so wrapped up in work, and not feeling good, I missed it. I was able to log my water so that is an 81 day streak. When you break a streak, just pick yourself up and start again. I am proud I went a... Read more

  • Gearing up...

    10/20/2017 2:51:33 AM, by COURTENAYE

    ... Read more