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  • I have new CD and mp3 Player!

    8/25/2016 8:54:03 AM, by EOWYN2424

    Yeah! I have a new radio! It can play CDs as well as mp3s! That is : it has a USB slot! My old player was malfuntioning! Only thing is, I can't play cassettes anymore but you can find almost anything on youtube! So, I'm not too bummed! Another thing is, it can't read the NTFS system in my... Read more

  • On giving up and working through

    8/24/2016 11:44:20 AM, by BEAUTIFLYHEALTH

    Today I woke up and I felt slightly different. Different mentally, I mean. Yesterday was the first day in forever that I actually paid attention to my calorie limit and also went for an hour walk around my neighborhood. Last night I dreamt that I looked in the mirror and saw a much skinnier me and w... Read more

  • Oh, Hey, EVERYBODY'S Welcome! (was: JOIN MY SPARKTEAM!!)

    8/24/2016 9:20:05 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    I just learned that everyone's welcome to join the "SP Class of..." SparkTeams, whether they're for the week you joined, or not! So I don't have to wait a whole week to fling open the doors and see who's automatically assigned to my Team (did I mention I'm leading one of the SP Class Teams? Ye... Read more

  • Wednesday morning check-in

    8/24/2016 7:34:56 AM, by ALICIA363

    As usual, running short on time. Gym bag packed - I can bike in my run shoes - haven't decided which to do today. But the "stuff" is ready for either choice. Food bag yet to be packed and I'm at negative one minute for leave the house time. Yikes! Part of the reason I pack too much is becau... Read more

  • Went for a walk today

    8/23/2016 7:21:25 PM, by BEAUTIFLYHEALTH

    Today I went out to spread my proverbial wings and walked. I wasn't expecting much out of it. 10... 15 minutes, tops. Then I thought to myself and said, "30 minutes is good too" so I stayed out there longer. I left my home at 5:10pm. I finally arrived home from the walk at 6:45pm. The best part is ... Read more

  • It's Tuesday

    8/23/2016 7:27:18 AM, by ALICIA363

    Sometimes I have to remind myself of the day of the week. Sometimes multiple times. The little things: I need to get the beef into the refrigerator. I need to get the trash out. I need to finish this blog, get dressed, pack my lunch, and get out the door in seven minutes. 40 The big t... Read more

  • Happy Now??

    8/23/2016 12:48:43 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Stupid inner critic. I did the freakin' exercise. 20 minutes on the stupid bike. 6.5 miles. SP, I think you're throwin' me a bone when it comes to calorie burn, but I'll take it. I should feel happier about this. I should at least feel sanctimonious in my virtue. I would, too, if I could just must... Read more

  • No Shortcuts, No Miracles, and No Wasting Time

    8/22/2016 4:24:50 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    I was teasing my friend, last night, about the power washer.
    sp?blog_id=6222119 But you know, there's no arguing with some people: while there's no scientific or medical evidence to back up the effectiveness of various "detox"... Read more

  • Drink Like a Fish?

    8/22/2016 3:40:03 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    We're always advised to drink plenty of water - 8 x 8 ozs a day is the figure most often recommended. But just how much do we really need, and how much is TOO much? It's almost impossible to say. According to an article in Scientific American, "Strange but True: Drinking Too Much Water Ca... Read more

  • Quit smoking: My 48th Birthday

    8/22/2016 9:45:19 AM, by YUKIJANE

    I will be 48 years old in two hours. I am going to quit smoking as of tomorrow. I have not smoked my last smoke yet, but all the ashtrays and lighters were thrown already except one, which I will discard after I smoke my last cigarette. I have smoked for more than 30 years since I was 16. ... Read more

  • Average is Not a Dirty Word

    8/22/2016 9:35:52 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    "Average" and "ordinary" were words I loathed as a kid. I did not want to be average or ordinary. I didn't necessarily set out to cure cancer or bring about lasting world peace, but I preferred "quirky" or "unusual" or "outstanding" or even "weird." The word "normal" was synonymous, in my mind, with... Read more

  • Good morning!

    8/22/2016 7:37:41 AM, by ALICIA363

    Running late out the door ... roast in the crock pot for evening and beyond. After work chore - dog medicines. Too much food in the bag - no sugar, at least. Gotta work on the lunch bag food. TTYL! Have a great day!... Read more

  • Technical Difficulties & Depression?

    8/22/2016 5:38:12 AM, by SUPER_CIARA

    Since getting a new router, I've been unable to get my Aria scale to sync properly with it, and it's not reading my weight and sending it to the computer the way it's supposed to, so it keeps telling the computer the wrong thing and so the computer keeps getting messages that I've lost 4 pounds eve... Read more

  • A new week

    8/22/2016 12:28:18 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    The good thing with the passed weekend is that I went swimming. The bad thing is that I grazed some and did not do the things I had planned. Today is monday and I need to get out of the passiveness that has dominated during the weekend - it might be that I really only can make one thing at... Read more

  • Planning things out

    8/21/2016 10:36:59 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    From now until the new year Im going to plan out my week every Sunday night. Mainly just house and yard work and school work stuff I wanna do with my little cousin. This will help me focus on what needs to get done. Come the new year, yes its early to talk about this, but I want to have a jou... Read more

  • God, Don't Strike Me Dead...

    8/21/2016 7:16:10 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    A dear friend just announced she was starting another "cleanse." I offered to loan her my power-washer. It'd be faster. I don't mess around with these things; you gotta cleanse, you gotta cleanse. She's worried about injuries. I told her it has a low-power setting. Offer stands. ... Read more

  • Morning Run, Late Day Blog, Good Eating

    8/21/2016 5:34:30 PM, by ALICIA363

    What? It's after 4 o'clock (p.m.) and I haven't blogged yet?!? As ONEKIDSMOM always says, real life takes precedence over the online life. I think that's what happened to me today. I enjoyed the quiet early morning, snagged a couple more hours of sleep than usual, thought about blogging - bu... Read more

  • Week 4 Wrapup & Next Week's Possible Efforts

    8/21/2016 9:10:09 AM, by SUPER_CIARA

    Week 4 was good and bad. It was really good in that I really enjoyed the time with Fritzy and didn't bother about my weight or about fitness minutes. I just spent time with him. So you can guess it was bad as far as getting in miles and fitness minutes and my weight loss efforts. But as I said in m... Read more

  • One Good Habit Leads to Another

    8/21/2016 1:49:36 AM, by BROOKELORREN

    An update on my feet. I woke up this morning and my feet were hurting again. I figured that running was out of the picture for today... again. I was tired in the afternoon and slept for a little bit. When I woke up, my feet felt a little better. I figured that I could go for a walk, so I went a... Read more

  • Handling oedema

    8/21/2016 1:30:20 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    When I went to the doctor two years ago I got medication for the oedema I had in feet and ancles. It disappeared and has not shown until this spring. I was out of medicins for two weeks or so but then had the recipe renewed and started taking the pills again. But when summer came with bare legs (no... Read more

  • New Plan

    8/20/2016 5:50:08 PM, by RUNAMOKQT

    I've posted a log on my closet door of my 5 main goals; exercise: body weight exercise and walking, log meals (which is the only thing that really keeps me on track), 6 hour work days/5 days a week (I'm self employed), write three hours, and journal. I've suffered with Depression and Anxiety s... Read more

  • Busy as a Bee

    8/20/2016 1:56:19 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    Right now my aunt is doing grocery shopping while Im doing the dishes and laundry. After lunch the TV is going to music for my grandma while we head to the back room. There is so much that I want to get done today so that tomorrow we can just relax and plan out the rest of the week and weekends. ... Read more

  • Jogging in flip flops

    8/20/2016 9:31:38 AM, by ALICIA363

    Great title - can't guarantee any great writing to follow, though. 30 The title refers to this morning's unplanned activity - Benji took me on a walk. He didn't get any exercise yesterday, so he needed the movement badly, and I'm still feeling awful about DD's lengthy absence that sent him in... Read more

  • My little milestone

    8/20/2016 12:41:50 AM, by JRZYGRL75

    I've been working on getting healthier since the end of January and it's been slow going but there have been successes. So far I have lost about 16 pounds, which is great! But I've also been doing other things improve my health; Like eating more natural, non-processed and organic foods, getting my d... Read more

  • The Importance of Rest

    8/19/2016 6:04:29 PM, by BROOKELORREN

    I was planning on sprinting today, but instead, I am taking a rest day. I may walk to the park and play a little Pokémon Go, but that would be about it. So why am I taking an unplanned rest day? Lack of sleep. Yesterday was a planned rest day. I had to get up early to help out with regi... Read more

  • Weight Loss Odds

    8/19/2016 4:25:22 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    It's Fritzy's last two weeks of summer vacation and my focus is on spending time with him and really enjoying it rather than on getting fitness minutes and losing weight. As a result, I haven't been having a great week as far as my weight loss journey goes, but I will have plenty of time to get my ... Read more

  • Weight Trackers are Funny

    8/19/2016 11:56:24 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    So, my Fitbit thinks I've died. S Health knows better, but is discretely keeping mum around the Fitbit, lest the Fitbit feel neglected and throw a fit. I love how all these fitness sites (SparkPeople, MyFitnessPal, etc.) all sing out your praises when you lose a few pounds, but don't tatt... Read more

  • Murder Mystery & Me Update

    8/19/2016 10:16:14 AM, by TKRYSTINA

    I have been working on my murder mystery a lot this summer. I did Camp NaNoWriMo & got 7474 words out of my 10,000 word goal. I am still working on my mystery & I now have over 10,500 words. I am now working on seeing how many more words total I can get between today 08/19/16 & 12/31/16. The 500+ wo... Read more

  • The disappearing "I" and too tired to run

    8/19/2016 7:07:03 AM, by ALICIA363

    I have noticed, and mentioned before, that when I'm having trouble with life, my "I" disappears. Yes, I'm team-oriented, wholistic-minded, etc - and I'd love to think that's why it disappears. Humility? Nope. Loss of perspective? Out of balance? More likely. This morning I noted myself om... Read more

  • The Good and The Bad!

    8/19/2016 2:03:14 AM, by EOWYN2424

    First, the good news! I have successfully lost half a kg! As confirmed by my doctor! The bad news : I have to keep it that way by not drinking too much water! You see, I'm on dialysis and fluid control is the biggest thing for me! sigh! Not more than 2.5kg weight gain on weeke... Read more

  • Mindfulness in Eating

    8/18/2016 1:42:11 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Some might call it obsessive, this careful food tracking I do on SparkPeople. I mean, it gives me pause, too, when I catch myself logging 7g of butter, or getting irked with another member that they didn't enter a shared food in grams (it's more granular, and how do I know what you consider "1 servi... Read more

  • Something I Thought I'd Never Do...

    8/18/2016 11:28:27 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    This week, I joined a book club. Maybe it sounds odd for an author and avid reader to say, "I never imagined I'd join a BOOK CLUB," but I've always thought book clubs sounded too much like being back in school and having to give a book report. Nothing can kill the joy of reading faster than tha... Read more

  • A Little More Patience

    8/18/2016 10:50:23 AM, by TAMIP62

    Got my stitches out yesterday. A little bummed that the one area that i mentioned the other day is still opened too much to go swimming (technically, lol), but I'll just do what I did the other day. On the plus side, this doctor wrapped my hand up much better than the emergency room one did, and sho... Read more

  • Can't stand this heat!

    8/18/2016 8:51:47 AM, by EOWYN2424

    The heatwave is back with a vengence! After almost constant rain a couple of months back, it is now very hot and dry! To make matters even worse, I am having a flu and have almost lost my voice! The flu is also making me crave more water, cold water! I m on dialysis and therefore have to limit ... Read more

  • Time to rush off

    8/18/2016 7:19:48 AM, by ALICIA363

    Time flies when you're having fun on Sparkpeople. Ten minutes just got whisked away spinning the wheel and flags, updating my status, and reading a little of my friend feed. Yikes! I'm supposed to be here to keep my promise to myself to blog daily. I overate yesterday, weight's up today. No... Read more

  • 900 Soda-Free Days!

    8/18/2016 4:12:19 AM, by BROOKELORREN

    Hello, I'm Brooke, and I'm a Coke addict. That is, I'm a recovering Coke addict. This week, I reached my 900th day without a soda. 104 The last soda that I had was before noon on February 25th, 2014. That morning, I didn't know that I was drinking my very last soda (for at least a very... Read more

  • Could not resist...

    8/18/2016 1:08:17 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Yesterday I forgot to put shoes on while renovating again and at the end of the day I had pain enough not to be able to go to our theatre rehearsal... something also happened to the sole of my right foot and it still aches today. So feeling depressed and very on my pitypot I felt rather hopeles... Read more

  • Over the next couple weeks

    8/17/2016 10:20:26 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    I finally got a chance to head to the gym Monday. It was so nice getting in some good cardio. I woke up Tuesday will a KILLER headache. Slept with a different pillow so I did something to my neck which moved up the right side of my head and hung out just above and behind my eye. Finally startin... Read more

  • The Search for Strength & Willpower

    8/17/2016 5:31:18 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    Strength & willpower have been in short supply so far this week, but when it comes down to it, searching for it I will never find it, but creating it for myself is the surest way to get it. Lately I've just been so wildly off track again and so completely lacking in energy and enthusiasm, which are... Read more

  • Wednesday, August 17, 2016

    8/17/2016 7:32:37 AM, by ALICIA363

    I woke up 40 minutes before the alarm, but stayed in bed to keep the routine for the dog. DD got home late - missed her bus connection, but a gracious young friend drove to get her. Dog had just gotten used to her absence. Although he's happy, he's also unsettled by her presence and appears a... Read more

  • Sometimes You Just Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

    8/16/2016 1:46:41 PM, by TAMIP62

    A week and a half ago I sliced open my hand on a fence and got stitches. I was told I couldn't go in the pool until the stitches came out---yeah, I cried. That poor doctor didn't have a clue, although as I explained how hard I'd been working and what a big part of my routine was swimming, he did tak... Read more

  • Water, water, water

    8/16/2016 7:00:45 AM, by ALICIA363

    Hydration is the nutritional priority today! Physical priority - I'm dithering between run-walking and getting an adjustment. I may compromise with the exercise bike, just to get a good sweat on. Or, I may just run home to see if DD has arrived yet! 334... Read more

  • I Feel Like an Athlete

    8/16/2016 3:38:04 AM, by BROOKELORREN

    It seems strange for me to say, but lately, I've been feeling like I'm an athlete. I certainly don't look like an athlete. I don't perform like an athlete (my run time is slower than the speed that many people walk at). That doesn't change the way that I feel, or even some of my habits. ... Read more

  • Rats! I have the flu!

    8/16/2016 3:09:35 AM, by EOWYN2424

    No fever, no body aches, but a runny nose and sneezing! My Dad was having a bad flu over the weekend and I seem to have caught a mild version of it! Sigh! I really hate this! But thankfully, I still feel well enough to go for dialysis. I've been taking those 1,000mg effervescent vit C tablets i... Read more

  • One month later...

    8/15/2016 10:39:25 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I haven't blogged in a month. The first two weeks I was out of town and had a very challenging, but vert rewarding get away, We watch two of our grandkids compete in junior olympics water polo on two different teams. It was very hot so my ms did not do well. We also helped my mom-in-law celebrat... Read more

  • Counting Calories

    8/15/2016 5:42:13 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Who knew this was so controversial?? Egads. We all know by now that the 3500 extra calories = 1 lb. gained or lost is not EXACTLY true. But "counting calories" here on SparkPeople, at least for me, tends to lead to better choices. Do I want that little chocolate bar for 250, when I could have a... Read more

  • Becoming Honest with Myself

    8/15/2016 4:51:18 PM, by NYINME

    More time has passed, so I'm blogging here again. I've been slowly gaining back weight ever since Christmas. Just not measuring foods or counting calories will do it. I kept up with all my exercising and stepping (over 10,000 steps/day for 150+ days. My current average is actually 16K) -- however, w... Read more

  • Baby Steps and Focus: WHY Do We Overeat?

    8/15/2016 10:32:32 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    AUTIEJ wrote: "...the REAL reason we overeat has little to do with actual hunger and far more to do with things like hormones, cravings, emotions, social cues, traditions, routines, addictions, compulsions, food envy, boredom, habit, and taste." (See
    lic_journal_ind... Read more

  • Eat your vegetables, drink your water, get your sleep

    8/15/2016 7:17:16 AM, by ALICIA363

    Enough said. 550 274 194 102 Have a great day! Spark on! 529... Read more

  • A week has passed

    8/15/2016 3:39:13 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    And it is hard. It is very unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable to be on track without being on track... Either I will be very good and stick to a food plan and do rather well in restricting my food, or I will blank out every thought about weight and binge... or the normal pattern for a year or so ... Read more

  • Golly! I hope not!

    8/15/2016 12:47:40 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I have been sneezing and having a runny nose all morning during dialysis! I had to put another pack of tissues in my bag! My Dad had a bad flu! I certainly hope I haven't caught it!... Read more

  • It's not that easy

    8/14/2016 8:31:16 PM, by JAG-OH

    I'm not proud of it, but I actually hadn't been to the doctors in almost 4 years. Until, this past week. I went to the doctor, and she actually took the time to talk with me about my weight and what I need to do to get healthy. She actually listened to my concerns, my history, and the challenges tha... Read more

  • The weekend

    8/14/2016 3:42:10 PM, by KITKABOO

    Well, another disastrous weekend of binge eating. Why do I do it? I work so hard on my journey during the week and then on the weekend I blow it all so on Monday I have to lose the weekend weight before I can make progress on the rest of the weight... Read more

  • Priority One: Take Care of Me (so I can take care of the dog)

    8/14/2016 11:51:53 AM, by ALICIA363

    The good news - the only sugar I've consumed was in DD's breakfast granola, to provide a familiar routine to the dog yesterday. DH is wrapping up one huge work project, and working on another one that must be done Friday. His contractor is behind on paying him for the projects (most of what th... Read more

  • And the Score is...

    8/14/2016 10:44:54 AM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    The ticker says I'm down 14 lbs. From my highest weight, that's actually 22 lbs. That's not the accomplishment I'm striving for, but it's certainly nothing to sneer at, either. I only wish I'd done it faster, or sooner, and held my ground. Losing it isn't the problem; keeping it off is. Stayin... Read more

  • My Birthday & Week 3 Reflection

    8/14/2016 9:19:31 AM, by SUPER_CIARA

    Here's a picture of some vegetables from my garden. The garden beans were really delicious with olive oil and salt and pepper and I'm using the tomatoes for sandwiches and I'm going to be making some spaghetti sauce. For my 30th birthday, I went to the chiropractor, and had no internet! Our router ... Read more

  • Random Thoughts, in No Particular Order

    8/13/2016 9:58:12 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    I should probably number this. It could be a long-running series. #1: I've been noticing, lately, that if someone doesn't update their SparkPeople status or write a blog post now and then, it starts to look like they died. Newsflash: I'm not dead. The same thing is true of public Facebook post... Read more

  • Normal?

    8/13/2016 12:18:58 PM, by ALICIA363

    Watching sports on a Saturday morning, just like many households. Only it's on a laptop. And it's Age Group Nationals triathlon. Go, ONEKIDSMOM!!! (And thank you for understanding my need for a deep cave this weekend.) 321 321 247 321 321... Read more

  • tha "Gah!!!!" morning...

    8/13/2016 3:30:39 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY I was planning to write a blog about how interesting it is to conserve vegetablewith lactic acid - from reading Tim Spectors "The diet myth" I believed that pro- and pre-biotics are good for my bowel bacterias (?) And to illustrate it I took a photo of my products so far: ...but my pho... Read more

  • Think I might rest tmrw!

    8/12/2016 8:37:46 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I did a dance workout on Wednesday and today (Friday). I worked my abs and walked about 4km on Thursday. I sprained my hip last weekend, so I took Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. I'm now easing into my exercise routine again. But my back really aches. I think I'll rest tmrw! Besides, I've done more ... Read more

  • Rain Delay, sort of

    8/12/2016 6:45:45 AM, by ALICIA363

    ... and reality check! I am postponing my run because of the rain. I try to blame it on the weather, but it really is my choice. I had planned to run this morning - I must go in late to work - and I have run in rain before. No big deal. BUT, I am tired. It's more than physical tiredness, i... Read more

  • Got my money back!

    8/11/2016 9:21:01 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I recently purchased a 512G OTG storage device. But it didn't function as it was supposed to, so I returned it. I had to spend like RM6.35 to post it back to the supplier. But I got my money back which was about RM73. I even got my RM5 credit back which I used for another purchase, 2 portable vacuum... Read more

  • Fuel for the Day

    8/11/2016 7:11:53 AM, by ALICIA363

    Food-wise, morning fuel: A hard boiled egg, 1/3 cup quick oatmeal, 1 oz. raisins, 1/3 cup milk, black coffee. I am tired. No going back to bed, though - a long work day ahead. I was up on purpose an hour and a half early to take DD to the bus station. Benji's wondering what's going on. ... Read more

  • I will say this only once...

    8/11/2016 1:56:55 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    ...I am sooooo fat!!! I am writing it because I am to let go of focusing on weight and turn my total commitment into trying to overcome binge eating behaviour. Hereafter I will ignore my weight for as long as it takes... many of you have no idea how scary that is! I am making a costume for our... Read more

  • PMS & Me

    8/10/2016 1:59:13 PM, by TEAWITCH

    It's a real thing. I'm incredibly bloated today. 1/2 a bag of tater tots and a line of Oreos were consumed last night. The scale reads a pound less today though.....daily weigh in is for an experiment only. I don't want to obsess over the numbers. It's not good for me.... Read more

  • Thinking ahead

    8/10/2016 7:32:51 AM, by ALICIA363

    Another good night of sleep, thank goodness, even though I woke an hour early. I stayed in bed to maintain the dog's routine. My habit, when awake in bed, is to try to recite an alphabet of gratitude. I noticed today, every letter began a person's name. So I am grateful for other people today. ... Read more

  • New 30 Day Challenge

    8/10/2016 1:07:44 AM, by RUNAMOKQT

    I will do a blog entry ever morning outlining what I expect from myself that day and I will comment on it through out the day with updates. I have been trying to give myself structure but maybe that's just not for me. I'll give the day by day thing a try. I've tried this before but on note pads or ... Read more

  • My new sports shoes!

    8/10/2016 12:32:06 AM, by EOWYN2424

    Cost an arm and a leg but it was already on sale! Very comfy and supportive! I'm using it as my indoor pair for cardio dancing!... Read more

  • Catching Up After Catching My Breath!

    8/9/2016 4:14:59 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    I cannot believe I walked 43 miles during the last week of July. I cannot believe I've gone from the top 3% of all S Health users (NOT just for my age!) down to the top 96%... bleh. I need to start walking around my own neighborhood, not just Barcelona. Not just airports. You can do a lot of w... Read more

  • Week 2 Wrapup & Week 3 So Far!

    8/9/2016 4:01:03 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    So I finally had a chance to sit down and update and I realized I hadn't posted my Week 2 results. So I had done really well during week two and gotten down to a 70-pound loss, and then I had to deal with a bloat situation 15 and my weight has been stuck up a couple of pounds since then! But overa... Read more

  • Looking Forward to the SP Class of August 28- September 3, 2016

    8/9/2016 3:59:02 PM, by HEALTHYWRITER

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, SPARK_COACH_JEN, and for waiting for me to return from vacation and catch my breath. I'm really looking forward to helping the future members succeed in their goals. How exciting! It's also a sneaky way to ensure that I meet my own, since I believe in leading... Read more

  • Weakness

    8/9/2016 1:14:50 PM, by TEAWITCH

    Pizza rolls.....I ate the equivalent of a 40 piece bag last night. They are my weakness. I have to figure out a way to overcome the this.... Read more

  • No sleep plus lots of work... still

    8/9/2016 9:19:37 AM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    So I never got out to do any work Friday. I dont even remember last week. Me not getting enough sleep is killing me. Saturday I finally got a chance to head out to the lake to see my grandparents and to do some birthdays. It was nice getting out and seeing people but at the same time it was ... Read more

  • Trying again...

    8/9/2016 8:56:39 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I will commit to Spark People for at least three months, I have browsed around and found many old friends and interesting blogs. And I realised that I haven´t posted since I was at schoolahoop - I am ashamed 2 I made a "travel hoop" but were unable to get it together when we arrived. But... Read more

  • Priority One Today: Take Care of My Body

    8/9/2016 7:25:08 AM, by ALICIA363

    Priority One Today: Take Care of My Body I'm repeating it so I remember it. Today, I would love to linger over the blog and chat. Pour a cup of coffee and breathe (which, incidentally, I'm doing as I write it) for a much longer time. But alas, the busy work day and work week call, and I... Read more

  • The Daily Blog

    8/8/2016 7:25:49 AM, by ALICIA363

    Hmm. I don't feel like sharing today. I don't want to elaborate all the details of the lead-in-the-water, what to do about the pipes problem. Not here, not now. I don't want to talk about my nerves surrounding DD's upcoming solo bus trip. I don't want to talk about DH's hour-long nightly di... Read more

  • I sprained my hip

    8/8/2016 6:43:42 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I must have overexercised last week! My left hip hurts. I guess I will take a break. I rested yesterday, I will rest one more day! Then if my hip is fine, I will do some cardio! Really need to melt that belly fat!!!... Read more

  • Nutrisystem Newbie

    8/7/2016 12:13:03 PM, by CHUB2CURVES

    I'm on day 3 of the nutrisystem diet. So far pretty good although I have found myself very hungry today.... Read more

  • Farmer's Market in Cedar City, UT

    8/7/2016 12:09:29 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    I am now in Utah. I lived here about 28 years ago, and it's rather nice to re-learn this small city. It's grown alot from when I lived here back in the 80's. I was flipping through a local free paper yesterday and saw an ad for the farmer's market that runs every Saturday. Now the best pe... Read more

  • Time to Blog!

    8/7/2016 11:18:16 AM, by ALICIA363

    It feels really weird to have blogging on my list of priorities. I mean, there's so much else to do! After a good dinner, and an OK night's sleep (which was a vast improvement), goal one for today was a four mile run-walk. I got up at 4:30, the usual time, figuring the dog would need to g... Read more

  • My Church's 1st Anniversary Celebrations!

    8/7/2016 2:25:43 AM, by EOWYN2424

    Today, my Church turns 1! It's been a year since we moved to this new location and was made a local conference! I went to the food tables early, took a quick look and decided what I wanted to eat. Then I took a plate of food of my favorite fried wantons and mixed veggies. After that I had 2 sm... Read more

  • August 6, 2016

    8/6/2016 1:43:07 PM, by ALICIA363

    Well, two nights of rotten sleep caused me to postpone the Saturday morning run to Sunday morning. I have better runs when I'm well rested. We took the dog to the vet this morning because of his scratching and chewing on himself. He's been living in a cone. The good news - no fleas or earmit... Read more

  • Thaat's What I get for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

    8/5/2016 12:51:33 PM, by TAMIP62

    Living a healthy lifestyle can be dangerous. Thank heavens for GREAT neighbors (thank you Dave and Sharon Pavey ) for taking me to the hospital and picking me up agsin when it was over. Even worse, and yes, there is worse, no swimming for a week, going to hve to settle for using the recumbent ... Read more

  • I LOVE Yogilates!

    8/5/2016 7:14:42 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I did another short Yogilates routine today! I save them for days I don't feel like exercising! Sooooo relaxing! I think I will take a short walk! But my parents want to go to the mall with me! We'll see how it goes!... Read more

  • Down 70 Pounds Again!

    8/5/2016 6:02:55 AM, by SUPER_CIARA

    It's almost the end of my second week back on track, and in as little as two weeks, I have gotten myself turned around and back on the right track with small efforts repeated every day. Every day isn't perfect, but as long as I don't give up, I keep seeing results, and those results have added up t... Read more

  • Get out the bellows!

    8/5/2016 3:39:34 AM, by ALICIA363

    Turn those embers into flames! You can do it! We can do it! 529 I woke up over an hour ago (1:30 a.m. our time) - middle of the night for me, my regular get-up time is 4:30 ... and I DON"T LIKE IT! BUT ... the good thing is, I get to catch up on blogs here and there. And the theme seems t... Read more

  • a very hot and humid day

    8/4/2016 3:36:18 PM, by JENNY421

    the next two days will be very hot and humid here. my daughter and i are keeping cool. when the weather is like this, exercise is done in a cooler place for me. even my daughter would rather do exercise indoors or in the water when the weather is this hot. a good friend of mine is getting ready to s... Read more

  • getting stronger everyday

    8/4/2016 2:30:49 PM, by BLACKFLAME27

    I feel stronger physical and mental stronger everyday by exercise every morning between 1 am to 4 am. I still get a lot of sleep.... Read more

  • Sailing Away

    8/4/2016 7:34:13 AM, by ALICIA363

    Figuratively. I thought about postponing this blog until later - I have to meet the water guys mid-day - but then I reconsidered. Checking in here is kind of like looking at the compass before sailing the ship. This is the direction I intend to go today. It's a form of daily goal setting, or a... Read more

  • Making Healthy Choices

    8/4/2016 4:06:07 AM, by SUPER_CIARA

    So now we have Sparkpeople Premium, which I'm pretty happy about, even if I did get wrangled into paying the monthly price for instead of getting to pay the cheap one-time fee like everyone else--it still saved me $4 a month from what I was paying for Sparkcoach before, so I guess I can't complain ... Read more

  • no gym but plenty of house/yard work

    8/3/2016 8:34:05 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    So I havent been to the gym yet. Sunday we found a very large china cabinet and no place to put it so later that day we had to do some cleaning and moving. That night I hardly got any sleep then had the girls from 7 to 3. I was dead to the world all day and that night we again got to bed late, mi... Read more

  • I kinda put together my own workout!

    8/3/2016 8:45:57 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I downloaded many workout vids from youtube. Today, I did some zumba dancing! It's actually a combo of 2 vids which in themselves are combos of a few songs. It was soooo fun! I truly recommend dancing as exercise! Your moves don't have to be as perfect as the instructor, but the important... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/3/2016 7:16:35 AM, by ALICIA363

    I have to hurry - need to go to the store on my own time, with my own money, to get coffee and maybe filters for work. It's what assistants do. Have you appreciated and thanked your assistant lately? 30 Yesterday I ran-walked 3 miles on the gym treadmill. I'm only partially joking when I say... Read more

  • It's Like Riding a Bike

    8/2/2016 5:12:11 PM, by TAMIP62

    Actually, that's exactly what it was like... riding a bike. I did 2 miles on the stationary bike at the gym today, and got a wild hair (well, in truth, I've been having desires to ride a bike again for a couple weeks now), to try riding a regular road bike. I no longer have a bike, but my son's 26" ... Read more

  • The Daily Dump?

    8/2/2016 7:27:01 AM, by ALICIA363

    Ewwww! I don't feel like I have anything to say, and I only have a few minutes to say it. I experimented with this morning's routine to try to make more time - FAIL! With the addition of a dog, his walk replaced my morning exercise bike ride, so I have to find time elsewhere in the day to exercis... Read more

  • An investment in myself!

    8/2/2016 3:45:38 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I just bought a new pair of sports shoes for indoor aerobics, mostly dancing. I won't tell you the price but just suffice to say that it was on the pricey side. But it was last year's model and was on sale! I fell in love with it at once and decided I had to have it! Yippeeeee! Now I have prop... Read more

  • walking water challenge at work

    8/1/2016 3:09:28 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Today starts the walking and water challenge at work. We have three teams. I think there are at least 49 people participating. I am on team 2, and we have several people that are already counting steps and daily walkers. Work will be awarding gift cards for participating, most steps taken, water dru... Read more

  • Making Time to Blog

    8/1/2016 7:04:30 AM, by ALICIA363

    Here I am again, knowing intuitively for some reason it's important. It doesn't seem fair; I haven't had a chance to read sparkfriends' blogs - last time I caught up, I was 11 days behind, and I didn't catch up completely. How selfish it feels to blog for me first, day after day. Well, it is ... Read more

  • Today is the actual day!

    8/1/2016 5:38:17 AM, by EOWYN2424

    My Dad's birthday, that is, we celebrated early because my brother is off on Wednesdays. But the actual day is today. I chose a teeny weeny chocolate cake for my Dad, it's supposed to be single serve, but the 3 of us, my parents and me will probably share it. We are not really big on cakes. My Mom d... Read more

  • The Detox is Over ...

    7/31/2016 9:55:53 PM, by JAG-OH

    And I feel fantastic. I was actually sad that the cleanse was over. The juices were tasty, and the program was so simple to follow, it was awesome. I felt energetic and even my arthritis felt better. I was even craving vegetables for the first time, maybe ever. So much so, that at 9pm, I went to Who... Read more