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  • Today I begin for the last time!!

    9/25/2017 11:46:30 AM, by RAGNAR359

    I have been slacking a lot and I can't have this in my life. It has been making me be like a sloth, don't feel like doing anything, feeling down on myself!! Well today I say no more!! I will get myself in order and make a lifestyle change, I refuse to call it the D word!! I will get back to ... Read more

  • Down 10lbs!

    9/18/2017 7:13:29 PM, by SUNKISSABLE1

    Recently I have found I've passed the 10 lb mark! I can definitely feel a difference, even though it's only 10 lbs, it's still a few steps in the right direction. I plan on taking my measurements again soon, and I'm hoping to see a change there as well. I'm still maintaining my healthy eating hab... Read more

  • Update on Irma....

    9/10/2017 10:58:29 AM, by SUNKISSABLE1

    First, thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I really do believe in the power of prayer and am so thankful for everyone who prayed for those impacted by Hurricane Irma. I was able to make contact with my mom today, and everyone from my family has been accounted for. It is a huge ... Read more

  • Hurricane Irma

    9/9/2017 3:44:15 PM, by SUNKISSABLE1

    My blog today isn't focused so much on fitness. Actually it isn't at all. I'm blogging about Hurricane Irma because it has be incredibly stressed out. My family lives down in Florida, while I live in Michigan. I can't help but worry about them. Currently I have minimal contact with them because... Read more

  • Little Changes Add Up!

    9/7/2017 1:26:09 PM, by SUNKISSABLE1

    To date I've lost 7.5 lbs. I know in the grand scheme that really isn't a whole lot, especially when I want to lose over 100lbs. I've made a lot of little changes over the past month, and I'm really starting to see some changes. My pants are now much looser. Again, I wouldn't think 7.5lbs would... Read more

  • Springing ...

    9/3/2017 12:37:19 AM, by BARCLE

    ... into action this Spring. That's right - Spring. It's Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring here in New Zealand. So far this month (okay it's only day 3 I know but...) I have been for a couple of walks and have been active for over 60 minutes a day! Small steps, but starting well and I re... Read more