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  • Rolling the Stone

    3/22/2017 8:29:06 AM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    "You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes well you might find You get what you need" Back in my college days, I had a bumper sticker on my car that had this quote on it: I have tried to follow that for most of my life. I live in a small simple home, most of my fur... Read more

  • A Season for Everything. A Time To Sow and a Time to Plant and a Time to Reap.

    3/21/2017 6:01:22 PM, by AGEE1944

    This is my season to rest before cultivating season. This is my time for recovery from a season of physical, mental, and emotional distress. One thing is for sure, patience is necessary when you wait for God to do His thing. I have no doubt that He will heal my body, mind, and emotions. So, ... Read more

  • Reflections of Loved Ones

    3/21/2017 8:02:39 AM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    Sometimes you just wake up and those who you have loved and lost are just on your mind. You don't cry, you just remember those sweet memories of them and smile: you smile because those memories are all you have left and you wouldn't trade them for anything in the world! I just heard "He Stopp... Read more

  • 17 on the 17th in 2017

    3/17/2017 1:42:13 PM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    My baby is turning 17 today! My how time does fly. It seems like just yesterday this little bundle of joy was placed in my arms and now he is in his last year of being a "juvenile". ... Read more

  • That feeling you get...

    3/15/2017 11:29:39 PM, by BGARNER-M

    Tonight is one of those days. I was watching Bones this morning and the episode really hit me. It was about a person who changed their careers and ended up dead...but of course we are talking Bones, so someone is always going to be dead. Anyway in this episode Betty White was a guest star and after ... Read more

  • This daylight savings thing...what are we saving??

    3/12/2017 5:46:00 AM, by BGARNER-M

    Why is it every six months or so we change our clocks 412 ..forward in the spring and back in the fall, why? What is the reason for this. Their are states in the US that don't participate, the Amish don't participate..why do we have to be on this time scale? The more I think about it the more... Read more

  • Gotta get out of my own head

    3/11/2017 6:01:54 AM, by BGARNER-M

    I'm sitting here thinking over and over again. Looking at the different pictures and comparing myself to them. I know that I am unique and that I am not built like others. I know that my weight loss journey is not going to be the same as others. I know all this logically but somewhere deep down insi... Read more

  • A child's love

    3/8/2017 12:59:01 AM, by BGARNER-M

    My son, who is not the best at showing his emotions, came to me a hugged me just before work on Monday night. I guess he knew I needed it but he told me how he had watched an episode of Supernatural and it made him think of me. See in this episode Dean and Sam saw their mother for the first time sin... Read more

  • Monday no better....

    3/7/2017 4:13:03 AM, by BGARNER-M

    Well let's see, Monday morning I get up after the long weekend to find dishes had been done...guess the dish fairy came in. Well got my son off to school and had breakfast. I was doing pretty good. I realized that my husband had his follow up with the cardiologist for his stress test. So when I went... Read more

  • Rough weekend

    3/7/2017 3:57:49 AM, by BGARNER-M

    Well as many know I work in a 911 dispatch center and like all centers around the country we are short handed and it requires overtime. Normally, it can be anyone to come in but this past weekend it was me due to needing a supervisor (oh the joys of being management). Well normally I work nights but... Read more

  • Finding My Confidence - Part 2

    3/6/2017 9:33:21 AM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    A while back (about a month or so ago), I wrote a blog about finding my confidence - confidence enough wear a cute pair of Lularoe leggings, which I would have never done before. I wouldn't have stepped out of my house in them. Here is that picture: I decided I loved them so much that ... Read more

  • "Whining" about Wine

    3/4/2017 10:44:14 AM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    The thing I miss the most on my weigh loss journey: WINE. Lordie - I sure do love wine!!! It's not the alcohol, it's not the social aspect of it, I just really enjoy it!! And I miss it!!! I know I can still have it, and I do - on occasion in moderation. But I miss the days of sitting o... Read more

  • True Confessions of an Ex-Facebook Addict

    3/3/2017 10:40:15 AM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    Step 1 - Admit you have a problem. I admit I USED to be a facebook addict!! I mean seriously - the lives of others seem so much more interesting than my somewhat boring little life and oh the DRAMA -the family feuds, the on again, off again relationships, the hell raisers on Saturday night, ... Read more

  • One More Reason

    3/2/2017 3:36:28 PM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    And one more reason for NO EXCUSES!!! ... Read more

  • Pain, Pain Go Away

    2/28/2017 8:05:25 AM, by VIRGINIAGIRL

    So just when you think you're doing great and everything is looking up, it hits, like a brick - THE PAIN It drops in your life just when you don't need it! You've started trying to get a little more movement in, you push yourself a little more, you are on a roll. Then BOOM - you are laid o... Read more