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  • Slow But Sure In Spite Of

    5/24/2017 9:07:11 PM, by AGEE1944

    On the mend and working to get back to full activity. Sometimes comparing current activity to past activity can be depressing. Sounds like cutting grass I did yesterday. Went over several times because of the growth. Recovering from heart issues and wanted to do it myself, since the company I pa... Read more

  • We can do this!!!

    5/16/2017 9:36:26 AM, by RAGNAR359

    I saw this yesterday in a documentary, it said tell yourself everyday, before all the negative thoughts or mean people out there try to wear you down: I'm perfectly happy with who I am right now at this moment!! Now this doesn't mean that your not working on yourself but I believe it can stren... Read more

  • Surgery did me in

    5/13/2017 9:05:28 PM, by ALPHADARK

    I've gained about 20 pounds since I had an appendectomy. Unfortunately the recovery was longer than expected which put me out of commission for a few months. Time to get back in the game!... Read more

  • That chaotic feeling

    5/11/2017 1:29:47 AM, by BGARNER-M

    39 Having been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder for more than 20 years and recently with ADHD and now with borderline PTSD has really sent me spinning. I have been on my medication for over a year now and it seems I am building up a tolerance to it, I no longer have a psychiatrist in almost a yea... Read more

  • Feeling great!!

    4/27/2017 9:37:37 AM, by RAGNAR359

    Good morning spark sisters and brothers, so for the last 3 days I have been trying to go to the gym near my house with my son, and for 3 days things have come up to stop me weird things, unexpected things!! So yesterday I took time and meditated on this issue. The conclusion I came up with is that... Read more