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  • Dreams: What's YOUR dream?

    1/29/2015 8:41:56 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I've had a dream for many years. My dream is to be free. Free from the burdens I've carried for so long. I dream for financial freedom. I dream to be a healthy person, inside and out. I've had this "vision" in my head for so long of what I want my life to be like -- also the kind of person I wish to... Read more

  • Still here :)

    1/24/2015 10:48:38 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I'm still here. Just haven't posted in a while. Spent last weekend (the long MLKJ weekend) in Georgia visiting my parents. Have been very busy. Last week was long and hard, even though it was short. I had another therapy session last week, and it went well (they all do). Still doing plant-based meal... Read more

  • Day 11 -- PBM -- Strange Day

    1/15/2015 10:43:37 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I lost one pound this past week, bringing me to a total of 6.4 pounds lost. Woot. I went back to work today. The girl who rides the bus with me was late getting there (although she texted me and told me she would be late). Somehow our route moved quickly and we weren't running l... Read more

  • Day 10 -- PBM -- another sick day

    1/14/2015 9:06:47 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I had to take another sick day today. Last night my back and neck were hurting sooo badly. Husband rubbed my back and neck with some Muscle Rub. It was hard to get comfortable. Every way I moved hurt. I think part of it was from having to lay around so much Sunday and Monday when my stomach was hurt... Read more

  • Day 9 -- PBM -- Sore back and neck! Grr!

    1/13/2015 8:54:32 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I went back to work today. My stomach was still feeling a little funny this morning, but I didn't have any more issues with it, so I was glad about that. I'm so ready for summer break! I know we just had Christmas vacation, but sheesh. This has been a rough year and I'm just ready for it to be over.... Read more

  • Day 8 -- PBM -- Sick Day

    1/12/2015 9:49:27 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    Today my stomach was better than yesterday, but still a bit messed up, so I took a Sick Day. I spent the day just relaxing and sipping on Pepto -- blech! I found some good programs on Netflix to watch. I watched a PBS show about North Korea, and then I watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2." I reall... Read more

  • Day 7 -- Plant-based Meals

    1/11/2015 8:02:25 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I had a pretty wicked upset stomach today, so I didn't do much of anything. I just watched a lot of TV and goofed off online. I don't know why, but earlier today, just a little while ago in fact, I got a sudden SURGE of motivation. I've been doing well, and have made progress, but I just got SUPER d... Read more

  • Day 6 -- Plant-based Meals *PROGRESS*

    1/10/2015 10:54:04 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I went to the gym today. I had planned to workout for my usual 45 minutes, but I had some extra energy and decided to capitalize on it. I worked out an extra 15 minutes, for a total of one hour. I came home, relaxed, ate lunch, took a shower, got dressed, fixed my hair, put on full makeup, and start... Read more

  • Day 5 -- Plant-based Meals (one day late)

    1/10/2015 1:51:56 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    My computer was messing up last night, so I couldn't enter my run-down for Day 5. Also, I forgot my lunch bag at home yesterday...grr. Fortunately, we had to get gas for our school bus, so while we were doing that, I picked up some food for lunch. ----- Day 5 ----- Breakfast: Br... Read more

  • Day 4 -- Plant-based Meals

    1/8/2015 8:54:41 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    We had a two-hour delay here, so I only had about 5 hours with my students today. Not to sound mean, but it was really nice. I love my job, but those kids can drive me crazy. By the end of the week I'm particularly frazzled. One more more more day... Diet wise, things went f... Read more

  • Day 3 -- Plant-based Meals

    1/7/2015 8:35:02 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I brought the recipe for that pinto bean salad in to my co-worker today, along with a little sample of it to try. She loved it. We were talking about it and I was eating it again for lunch today and other people were intrigued. I ended up giving the recipe to two other people. It was kind of neat! ... Read more

  • Repeat after me, "Its not about Perfection"

    1/7/2015 1:47:19 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Ok, so its not about perfection. I'm cool with that. But how about control? Ooooh its so about control ... or lack of it. Dear higher being...can we please have a 28 hr day instead of a 24 hr day? I really had convinced myself that once my children were finished with their theater production ... Read more

  • Day 2 -- Plant-based Meals

    1/6/2015 9:22:55 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I was really tired all day today. It was a good day, though. I had to run a couple of errands after work. I received my specialty license plate a couple days ago, so I returned my temporary license plate to the tag office today. Then I went by the Clinique counter and picked up two orders I'd placed... Read more

  • Day 1 -- Plant-based Meals

    1/5/2015 8:57:57 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    So yesterday was the day I wanted to do all the prep work for my plant-based meals. The whole process was supposed to take 2.5-3 hours. After two hours, I'd finally finished all my chopping and slicing and cooking of pastas, rice, lentils, etc. I hadn't even begun to put any meals together yet. I wa... Read more

  • 2015 - A Year of Positive Choices

    1/5/2015 2:03:01 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    In 2015 "I will make positive choices" not perfect choices. Today everyone was back to school and work and vacation is over. I got reacquainted with Jillian Michaels this morning at 5:30 a.m. I have logged my food so far and I plan to hang one of my favorite pair of jeans - a size down- in ... Read more

  • Bought healthy foods for meal plan.

    1/3/2015 12:02:11 AM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    This morning I watched an obesity documentary with Husband that I'd seen a few days ago. I wanted to watch it again anyway, but wanted him to see it as well. Afterwards, Husband and I went to the library to print off my new plant-based meal plans and shopping list (my stupid printer is out of ink an... Read more

  • Plant-based Meal Plans

    1/2/2015 1:16:45 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    Well, I finally did it. I finally signed up for the plant-based meal plans. She was actually having a killer sale yesterday -- 75% off her regular price for the annual membership of weekly meal plans. It only cost me $3.44 per WEEK, instead of $20. I'm always excited to save money. I will have to mu... Read more