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  • Let's think about something more enriching!

    11/13/2017 11:13:41 PM, by WEARINGTHIN

    I don't know about you, but I follow national politics and national news stories pretty closely. Lately, I am just devastated by the amount of corruption and harassment that is coming out. Some of my old Hollywood heroes are under the gun. I do believe most of hem are guilty. It is hard for me to fa... Read more

  • How Wealthy People Become Wealthier, and Considerations for Weight Loss

    10/29/2017 12:01:25 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    "Buy what you need, instead of what you want." From Suzie Orman. In a blurb I just saw, she said that if you buy only what you need, you will become wealthier, but you will find that eventually, all you really want is what you need. Some may question Suzie's legitimateness, but I think there's a lo... Read more

  • Trying to stay focused

    10/21/2017 7:17:35 PM, by SKIMBRO

    Trying to take care of a lot of things and it is very distracting, But I am determined to get this weight back down and under control... 521... Read more