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  • Consistency

    9/3/2015 9:59:17 PM, by TERMITEMOM

    ... Read more

  • Glenn's thought for the day.

    9/2/2015 7:03:22 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    "It does not matter how long you are spending on earth, how much money you have gathered, or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters." Amit Ray... Read more

  • Was reading other people's blogs tonight.

    9/2/2015 5:23:05 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    It was a very humbling experience. There are some great people on Spark. I just had to take some time to get into their world to know it. Glenn Based on someone's recommendation, ordered the Beck Diet book tonight. It should be here on Friday. I will gladly share my experiences with it. Gle... Read more

  • To walk a dog

    9/1/2015 2:02:21 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    I had back surgery in February, and now have a foot drop problem and back pain that make walking any distance not possible. But I have a goal in mind. I would like to have a dog. I heard Gretchen Rubin talk today about the decision to get a dog, which would apply to any major decision like that. T... Read more

  • Some problems, and some remedies.

    9/1/2015 1:11:37 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    When I came home from the nursing home in April (from back surgery), I weighed 267 lbs. Now, I'm up to 280. What happened? Well, I've been doing things differently. I've added my share of sweets to my diet: ice cream, cupcakes, honey, lindor dark choc. truffles. If I stick to 70% dark chocolate an... Read more

  • No Excuses... Ever

    8/31/2015 10:22:55 PM, by TERMITEMOM

    I find it easy to find excuses. How about you? Let's try to make September a "no excuse" month and let's get moving no matter what!... Read more

  • Doubt

    8/30/2015 9:36:24 PM, by TERMITEMOM

    Be positive and believe you CAN do it! ... Read more

  • Success

    8/29/2015 9:46:45 PM, by TERMITEMOM

    I gained back 3 pounds this week. But I refuse to give up! ... Read more

  • Fall is in the Air (and smoke!)

    8/28/2015 12:04:03 PM, by 56ROSE

    We have been under a hazardous air quality warning for almost 2 weeks now due to the smoke from multiple statewide (Idaho) fires. UGH! Luckily, I do not have to go outside too often. The air is improving, though, and my hubby and I have resumed our morning walks. We decided to buy a bigger air purif... Read more

  • Happiness

    8/28/2015 9:45:35 AM, by TERMITEMOM

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  • Strength

    8/26/2015 7:15:28 PM, by TERMITEMOM

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  • A Quote for Today

    8/25/2015 10:26:14 PM, by TERMITEMOM

    You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.... Read more

  • I'd like to take back...

    8/24/2015 5:40:57 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    what I said about a certain political candidate who remained nameless the other day. I started really thinking about the terrorism threat to our country, and how with a loose cannon in the White House we are much more likely to generate terrorist support from outside of the country. I think we nee... Read more

  • I didn't think I'd ever be saying this...

    8/22/2015 4:58:07 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    but there is a certain politician who is taking everybody on. He says what he wants to say, and almost nothing is sacred from his attacks. He brags in ways we just most of us who aren't professional wrestlers don' t brag. He is a true and pure narcissist. He violates all of the rules of human beha... Read more

  • Sense of Humor

    8/17/2015 4:39:49 PM, by THE_LITTLE_LADY

    Today, I weighed myself. I do not do this often. The scale has always been my enemy. Well, God is not my enemy and has helped me see His wonderful sense, of humor... In April, I weighed 171 pounds! Well, to this day, I see no difference since then...Neither has any other person who kn... Read more

  • All Along!

    8/15/2015 11:00:03 PM, by THE_LITTLE_LADY

    1. God has always provided. Since a kid, I followed the Mediterranean diet. We were poor and ate homemade pasta and salads, from out, of the garden. 2. Well, today I stopped, at a yard sale and bought The Sonoma Diet, which is based, on the Mediterranean diet! I was thinking, "Wow"! I h... Read more

  • Do Or Die - Stop 'Escaping' Into Obsessions (Written Thursday August 13, 2015)

    8/14/2015 11:19:47 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~... Read more

  • Translation of 'Psychopath Speech'... Funny if it weren't so true.

    8/13/2015 7:52:16 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    WHEN A PSYCHOPATH SAYS, "I CAN SEE SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IN YOU". Translation: "...that I can totally exploit for my needs." WHEN A PSYCHOPATH SAYS, "YOU ARE THE ONE I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE". Translation: "I'm lining you up as my next victim." WHEN A PSYCHOPATH SAYS, "... Read more

  • Well, as Reagan said, "There you go again."

    8/10/2015 12:38:41 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    In this case it's me sounding off again. This time it's Coke. The Coca Cola company has been funding research from leading scientists with millions of dollars that disputes the idea of less calories for weight loss. Coke is saying that it is exercise that leads to more permanent weight loss, and t... Read more