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  • Chipotle

    8/18/2017 1:18:38 AM, by REEDSKI

    So, we eat at Chipotle tonight. I haven't eaten there since I started tracking my food...again...last Jan. I had wanted to go to Subway. Say what you will but since I'm not much of a meat eater I like their veggie sub (I choose the veggies I want and I have them double them: spinach, tomatoes,... Read more

  • I did lots of walking and yard work.

    8/15/2017 11:25:34 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today I walked the Rail trail and I walked all the 4 miles. Then I went in to the yard and did some clipping and cutting and digging. My frustration is how does one put in to the tracker there is no place to put it. It was not as difficult now. It is easy in the gym, you know how ma... Read more

  • I wrote too much and I lost the long blog.

    8/13/2017 5:22:27 PM, by NORASPAT

    Condensed ! We were scheduled to be at the Boston Airport and our train was scheduled for 7:15pm or 8:15pm Our bus came in at 12:15am still in Boston with three others. We were first ready for the bus. We had been sitting an hour half the 11:15pm was full and we thought there was another bus... Read more

  • I Fit in Clothes I Wore 5 Years Ago!

    8/13/2017 12:03:10 AM, by REEDSKI

    224 I was planning to go to Goodwill today. It was 50% off day. Every other Saturday it is 50% off day. I thought I'd pick up a different top or two to wear as I'm transitioning to a lower size. Instead I started to try on clothes from 2 closets. It was exhausting work. I figure I b... Read more

  • We are home now and the days were too gruelling for both of us.

    8/12/2017 11:53:45 PM, by NORASPAT

    Short blog we are both still too weary. We were very tired after the long, train and bus. We boarded the train and the train was slowing to allow the long, long FREIGHT trains. We had never thought about that. It took us easier going than getting back home to Maine. ere There was a y... Read more

  • Tonight our son surprised and took us to KOHLER for dinner.

    8/9/2017 11:49:12 PM, by NORASPAT

    HOW SPECIAL, I am surprised but he just took the car back to the rental garage. DH and I were in our sons car and he was driving through unknown places for us and we eventually we went to Dinner. I had BEEF, dh does not care for beef so I rarely just in Ground round beef if we do. That was real ... Read more

  • This is our last full day in Sheboygan. It is a lovely place for our son.

    8/8/2017 11:11:16 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today he had to be back to work. We were getting lost because I left the Garmin in my car in Maine so we have had a nice visit. I am not sure to be going on the train it takes us two days to get back home. I know we will be back we had a good time and I know there are Spark friends in the ... Read more

  • Today was a beautiful day. YESTERDAY was a FLOOD all over but it goes away fast.

    8/7/2017 11:08:06 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today is my best day. We waited for a Spark friend from outside Chicago, I forgot just where. My Spark friend drove three hours from Illinois to Sheboygan. We met in a restaurant and stayed over an hour till we realized we had to order. OOPS! Then we went to see our Sons new home. He has a very ... Read more

  • New Christmas Goal with Three Options!!!! 😂

    8/7/2017 4:13:46 PM, by REEDSKI

    Ok, so, I sat down today and made a chart with 3 possible outcomes. If I lose 1/2 pound per week I can get down to 171. This is my REASONABLE GOAL because I am prone to plateaus. My second option is losing 1 pound per week. This is my POSSIBLE GOAL. I have to be really diligent to get down... Read more

  • AUGUST 6th .Our Anniversary, happily married for 54 years, today.

    8/6/2017 6:09:50 PM, by NORASPAT

    We will celebrate with food. There are just three of us and I am happy we are here. Our son has not been at our house since number anniversary 50 years. He flew to our home and we had the anniversary and then he went to Sheboygan to be interviewed and they had been looking for just the p... Read more

  • My Marble Jars

    8/6/2017 2:01:22 PM, by REEDSKI

    It was a tough July. I had to fight back from a 3.5 weight gain while on vacation. That came off relatively easy. Then felt like I was stuck at the weight I got down to first in June Finally lost, half pound by half pound, 2.5 pounds. The jar with more marbles shows the weight ... Read more

  • The Mind: The Most Important Part of Weightloss

    8/5/2017 11:11:58 PM, by REEDSKI

    I got to thinking about what helped me get back in the ZONE. That's what I call the mental state I must be in to even start a lifestyle change. (When I'm not in the ZONE I graze from the moment I get off work until bedtime and exercise is far from my mind--it's off in oblivion somewhere. By grazing... Read more

  • August 5, 2017 (Saturday)

    8/5/2017 5:01:06 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for responding to my last blog. I guess I am doing a little better because I wrote last Saturday, too. Since I do not have the race track job, I do have a little more time on Saturday to be online. However, my computer is acting really weird. Three days this past w... Read more

  • We rented a car but we forgot my Garmin.

    8/5/2017 12:12:45 AM, by NORASPAT

    We are having a good time going to places just around here. Our son has to work this week but we can some nice places in Sheboygan. We went to Kohler the beginning of the Kohler bathroom fixtures. There are so many it was amazing. Our son has 5 or 6 bathrooms and all of them a Kohler. DH and... Read more

  • 33 Ways to End Your Day

    8/4/2017 6:27:59 PM, by REEDSKI

    I found this blog and I liked it.
    FlDMJ I like the list. Here is one I want to do often. "17. Get Rid Of An Useless Object There must be something that is not necessary anymore in your house. Throw it away just befo... Read more

  • Rainbow Photo

    8/4/2017 9:09:04 AM, by REEDSKI

    I posted this photo last night on the community thread. All spring and summer I had been ruminating about how I hadn't seen a rainbow in ages. I mean years. Then yesterday evening I get out of my car and thankfully looked at the sky cuz it was very ominous as I left work. There had been an emerg... Read more

  • A little lost

    8/4/2017 2:16:57 AM, by YOBOELI

    It's been so long since I've been on SP and it used to help me so much and it amazes how much many things can effect every aspect of our lives. So much has changed in the last five years I've been a member on here. I'm really going to get back to me and my health for myself and my family. I now hav... Read more

  • Can't move a marble with a .5 pound loss 😁

    8/3/2017 9:56:11 AM, by REEDSKI

    I think the half pound loss is set in stone now. After a Tuesday lunch with staff at a Mexican joint, with sodium and probably fat up the kazoo, I forgot (or unconsciously avoided) the scale Wed. Sodium does a number on me and I'm supposed to avoid it. I'm sure I would've been up Wed. with the ... Read more

  • I am really messed up with the clock. I am losing my points because the computer is om East time.

    8/3/2017 1:18:39 AM, by NORASPAT

    I have to get everything till 11pm but we are out late. I changed the time my computer showed the previous time. Now we are the 3rd they are messed up to. I am frustrated I have lost so many streaks. I am hoping some one will tell me what I am doing wrong. I am doing it every night. I... Read more

  • Brussel Sprouts

    8/1/2017 9:42:16 PM, by REEDSKI

    Someone posted a photo of roasted brussel sprouts on the community feed. I stopped and bought some after work today. I'm going to roast them. I roasted kale yesterday and posted it on the community feed. Brussel sprouts have more vitamin C than oranges. They are low in calories.... Read more

  • SP Leaderboards

    7/31/2017 4:54:29 PM, by REEDSKI

    Have you ever checked your ranking on the Leaderboards? It's under My Trackers. For the month of July I came in at 619. My July Points: 3,997 My July Rank: 619 I won't be able to get as many points once I go back to work. It's like a fulltime job earning SP. It can be exhaustin... Read more

  • An Alien Plant

    7/31/2017 1:47:56 AM, by REEDSKI

    Oh, good. I was able to rotate photo before selecting "done". Does anyone know what that tall "plant" is? Not the cattails. I bought it at Sprouts about a year ago, I think. Maybe more like last October. It has done nothing. I never water it. I put it in and put it out. I did a... Read more

  • Snack before bed is helping to stop night time bingeing

    7/30/2017 7:56:51 AM, by ABBY_G

    Hello. Problem: Go to bed at 10:00 PM. Wake up at 11:30 or so completely ravenous (possibly leading to a binge unless I exert supreme self-control, which is hard when I'm so tired and so ravenous). Possible solution: For the past 2 weeks I have been eating a snack between 8-9PM a... Read more

  • July 29, 2017 (Saturday)

    7/29/2017 9:04:26 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Seems like now I am down to about one blog a month. Actually, there really isn't much going on in my life that is worth sharing. I still work 7 days and 2 nights each week, and sometimes more (like the past couple of weeks). Actually, I have missed all week checking into Spar... Read more

  • Unsettling and Surprising News From the Doctor

    7/28/2017 6:01:45 PM, by REEDSKI

    I won't go into specifics cuz this is more about my reaction. First I didn't understand. I texted my son, the RN Then, I cried. I'm a fretter. Next, I talked (are you listening, God?) After that I said, "Enough. Get up and do something." I kept busy. That's best. I can deal with it. ... Read more

  • WooHoo, we are between Chicago and Cyracuse and the train has stopped.

    7/27/2017 9:57:24 PM, by NORASPAT

    I am sitting in a window seat, there is no light and it was a very long Freight train. I am going to try to sleep. I doubt I will but I will have to try Pat in Maine,... Read more

  • My WW Routine Saved Me Even Though I Haven't Rejoined Yet

    7/27/2017 11:24:34 AM, by REEDSKI

    I am a WW member, too, but I went on a summer hiatus because I would be gone to the lake house where I grew up to help with my mom and also my new (and 1st!) grandbaby who lives down the street while my son and his wife worked and studied for Boards. She passed. Praise the Lord! He takes his this ... Read more

  • Wicked Day. Packing and we have hac people around who wan ted to ask about te pool.

    7/26/2017 11:31:07 PM, by NORASPAT

    I just left the neighbors in the pool and DH and I were trying to get along with our packing. There were so many calls I just wondered what was right or wrong. Last night I had a call to say I have an appointment at the podiatrist too. I left for 20 minutes but it ended almost two hours. It ... Read more

  • Carbs Before a Workout, Protein After

    7/26/2017 4:18:46 PM, by REEDSKI
    utrition/best-workout-foods/ Great article with a visual slideshow to see examples of what to eat before and after a workout. You can click "view all" so you don't have to wade through a slideshow. Today I had old fashioned o... Read more

  • I Added Another Daily Goal on SP Other Goals: Do Kegels Once a Day

    7/24/2017 11:53:00 PM, by REEDSKI

    Previously, I had added "tidy up something around the house at least once a day". Later I added "Floss my teeth once a day" and today I added "Do kegels once a day". I hold, count ten seconds, release and count 10 seconds. Then repeat. After doing that 10 times I do 10 really fast. Sounds e... Read more

  • Being Grateful

    7/24/2017 4:57:06 PM, by REEDSKI

    I am the first to admit I am a glass half empty type of person. I have to force myself to think of things I am grateful for. (I think my problem is that I am a worry wart) Fortunately, I come to find there are so many things and people for which to be thankful. In the SP Gameroom I found a t... Read more

  • Too late for a blog tonight.

    7/23/2017 11:19:26 PM, by NORASPAT

    I have over 10,000 steps just making another garden all HOSTAS. They are easy to handle so I am going to get them in the corner of the yard and I have put large bricks to make it look nice. The Hostas were moved and I was surprised I have a nice flowering bed in the corner. It looks pretty so I ... Read more

  • This is My Responsibility

    7/23/2017 6:11:16 PM, by REEDSKI

    Some family members are not supportive at times. I roast chickpeas and eat quinoa. I gave up processed sugar treats. Now I'm giving up chips and crackers. (I hope I remember that when I'm out and about and friends offer me chips. 😁) In other words I avoid food they love to bring to gath... Read more

  • It has been a busy day, we are leaving our house and hope it will still be a good place WooHoo!

    7/21/2017 11:39:02 PM, by NORASPAT

    So tired my eyes are falling asleep on the computer. There were a number of items we need. I am putting the papers we need after we have copied our itinerary. To morrow I must get things that we need. Like DH C-Pap machine. We need a new hose and I will wash it in lemon juice. and put the ... Read more

  • We have our tickets and we go on Thursday. Meet him on Friday in Milwaukee after work.

    7/20/2017 11:27:34 PM, by NORASPAT

    I am very late tonight. It was a hot day and friends wanted to swim. We went to the Travel agent and she has it in hand. We go on a bus to Boston. Train -Boston to Albany. Albany -Chicago. Chicago to Milwaukee. We arrive Friday in Milwaukee and our son will take us to his new home, in S... Read more

  • I should do this more often

    7/20/2017 3:40:59 AM, by OLD-NACL

    I blog sometimes I think to talk to myself and try to work things out in my own mind. This is one of those times. I am a shift worker. We work three months of eight hour day shifts, three months of eve shifts and three months of mid-night shifts. Shifted to mids Saturday night. Pro: I am exceeding... Read more