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  • December 20, 2014 (Saturday)

    12/20/2014 8:00:23 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your comments. You are all so thoughtful, and I appreciate that you stop by for a visit. I did a little of the 'running around' today. I will do a little more tomorrow, and a little more on Tuesday, and then that's it! Actually, our family Christmas party... Read more

  • It is almost done. Was I lucky to get him here.

    12/19/2014 11:30:22 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today the garage wall was back in place. There was no structural damage since they did not put many nails in the corners. Only on the side NONE on the back so it was easy to fall off. If those other nails had been in the sides that would have really messed up the corners. ... Read more

  • December 19, 2014 (Friday)

    12/19/2014 6:52:13 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    TGIF! Not that the weekend is much different from any other days of the week, but still I look forward to each weekend. Nothing will go on around here, but I only have one class on each Saturday and Sunday. I will be starting a second class on Sunday in January. I do not have any Fitness Flo... Read more

  • Garage is going fine---Computer is not,

    12/18/2014 11:02:31 PM, by NORASPAT

    The builder has already been able to get it back. They worked all day on it. It went well because the original builder used very few nails. Skimpy work and he went way over his estimate. We thought it was a quality job but alas it was not. However if all those nails were in there the damage was not ... Read more

  • December 18, 2014 (Thursday)

    12/18/2014 8:01:10 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have canceled my Tues/Thurs evening class until January 5, so I am here earlier than usual. Attendance was very low, and since it was a commission class, it really wasn't worth my time. Hopefully, attendance will pick up at the first of the New Y... Read more

  • Accomplishment

    12/18/2014 7:40:53 PM, by SPEDED2

    "If you reach for the stars, you just might land on a decently sized hill." ~ Stuart Hill ... Read more

  • Wishing all Christmas Blessings...

    12/18/2014 8:03:30 AM, by WENDYSPARKS

    Hi spark friends, wishing all a Blessed Christmas....see you here Sparking! love, Wendy ... Read more

  • December 17, 2014 (Wednesday)

    12/18/2014 2:34:38 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Almost time to have everything logged in, so I am writing very quickly. Nothing new going on, and everything is going OK. I will try to write more tomorrow if I have time. I have been working a lot of hours on the Fitness Floor, and trying to do a little Christmas shopping for the boys. I am wor... Read more

  • Today we lost the back of the garage to DH truck. Only hurt the back wall.

    12/16/2014 10:49:59 PM, by NORASPAT

    D.H. was upset but he is not hurt-just his pride. Hi all Yesterday was meatless. Some gazelle and plenty of stretches. Today I had a Dr's appointment for my Right hand palm and he injected my LEFT thumb with Cortisone so hopefully I can get my things done for Christmas. I will have... Read more

  • It has been a full two days.

    12/15/2014 9:33:19 PM, by NORASPAT

    I am trying hard to make a nice Christmas this year. Alas our other family over the mountains are unable to come. It felt good when DH started to help me assemble the artificial tree. It was not an easy task. I did not realize how very heavy it was and how many wires all over the place. We... Read more

  • Another very quick blog-The NUTCRACKER was amazing.GD is much better.

    12/14/2014 11:45:15 PM, by NORASPAT

    We went to Waterville Maine to the opera house. I had not been for over a year and they have completely refurbished it. The Opera house is beautiful. It is in the same building as City Hall and the opera house is on the third floor. You rarely get a poor seat because there are 2 balconies and the in... Read more

  • Aspirations

    12/14/2014 8:12:10 PM, by SPEDED2

    "Life's aspirations come in the guise of children." ~ Rabindranath Tagore ... Read more

  • Grandma time

    12/14/2014 6:44:34 PM, by SCHECK5

    Went shopping with one of my dauther-in-laws and we just had to stop and see the new grandbaby...what a awesome day!!! Plus I think i'm DONE with my Christmas shopping!!! What a good feeling. Hope everyone had a wonderful and sa... Read more

  • Adventure

    12/13/2014 11:23:50 PM, by SPEDED2

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. ~ Helen Keller ... Read more

  • Early blog today.

    12/13/2014 10:12:45 AM, by NORASPAT

    I have plans to go to see the NUTCRACKER in Waterville it is one of our favorite things to do. Emily has been every year since she was tiny and the first time I went to Las Vegas we and her mom and other Grandmoth... Read more

  • December 13, 2014 (Friday)

    12/13/2014 2:50:21 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, This has been a very busy week for me. I have worked several shifts at the YMCA, had a huge ugly 'weed tree' cut down, plus other smaller trees and hedges, had my house pressure washed, and had a few other small jobs done. The same guy who has worked on my truck several times did... Read more

  • I am determined to change my outlook.

    12/12/2014 10:29:49 PM, by NORASPAT

    I went to the hospital for blood work. I dropped our Granddaughter off at her bus stop along with three other cars who had to drive to the bus and I realized I had no breakfast so I went over to the hospital instead of back to the house. Our hospital has Valet service so I hopped out of the car... Read more

  • Just thinking what my priorities are.

    12/11/2014 11:53:22 PM, by NORASPAT

    At first my priorities were my tracker now I almost do not need it. I can almost fill it out in minutes because our eating habits are just what we want. Everything is in my tracker. Tracker is just there. It takes little time once you know it better. Not much time to fill it in. Then my exerc... Read more

  • Feeling Good :)

    12/11/2014 11:06:30 AM, by RESTART

    I weighed in today and I am down 4.8 pounds over 2 weeks which is great news. I have been continuing with my healthy eating lifestyle but allowing my self treats once in a while. I'm so grateful for a program like Sparks because I am able to track my food and stay in control of my eating. Before ... Read more

  • Today we picked up DH eyeglasses

    12/10/2014 11:23:06 PM, by NORASPAT

    I called this morning and they were open and had the lens ready so we drove up to Waterville in pouring rain. The road was so wet there was a lot of hydroplaning. I do not like the feel of that it is just like you are on ice. The road was wet and the car wheels were all throwing wat... Read more

  • ICE is not nice-

    12/9/2014 10:56:23 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today our Granddaughter has been thinking Maine has one icy drawback. Falling on my BUTT three times. This has been a really bad day. We had snow, then freezing rain. The temp dropped and it poured rain. Water over ice and now the wind is just awful. The dogs went out and slipped all over the p... Read more

  • Day 40 of not eating after 9PM (Goal = 100 days in a row)

    12/9/2014 10:03:40 PM, by ABBY_G

    Hello. I'm thrilled to report that I now have 40 days in a row of not eating anything after 9PM! What's working: At night I lock up all the food that I have problems with. I put the keys in a timer container and set it to stay locked until the next morning. I hope that you are doing... Read more

  • Today was a sweet potato day!.

    12/8/2014 11:43:22 PM, by NORASPAT

    I went to the store and they had a huge amount of bags of sweet potatoes. I love them so does DH, great Vitamin A, orange vegetable- perfect for us. I cooked up 10 pounds total started with 2 pounds in a pan with water and 2 pounds in microwave with minimal water. I wanted to see for mys... Read more

  • December 7, 2014 (Sunday)

    12/7/2014 11:34:31 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. It was OK here. The Fitness Floor job on Friday was OK. Not much action since there is never a whole lot of action in most gyms on Friday evening. I was afraid that I would not get many hours in December because I was late getting to the s... Read more

  • I had a white workout today.

    12/7/2014 10:33:13 PM, by NORASPAT

    Yesterday we had temps in the 30 range it was freezing rain and snow we missed a concert I wanted to go to so yesterday was just a lost cause. Today it is in the 20's . The driveway was white about an inch of snow. DH went out to find it is white crystallized ice. The snow blower would not get... Read more

  • Getting back in to Strength Training.

    12/6/2014 11:11:17 PM, by NORASPAT

    I had a hand surgery and because it was in the palm of my right hand it was a little more difficult. I could not bend the incision area enough to hold my resistance bands or my dumbbells. Last week I was able to pick up more walking but S.T. was lacking. I have dine three easy workouts in a... Read more

  • Today was our coldest day, I just wanted to hibernate.

    12/5/2014 11:48:29 PM, by NORASPAT

    Alas I could not I had to go to a follow up to my Dr. I had wanted to go to another museum but there was so much going on I decided to call and explained my 10 am appointment will spoil their day. They do prefer to leave early and get back before dark and before the commuters are on the roads. Afte... Read more

  • December 5, 2014 (Friday)

    12/5/2014 4:29:55 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Checking in early because I have the Fitness Floor job for the evening, and I may not have time to get back on here before the cut off time. Have a GREAT WEEKEND, ALL! HUGS Pam... Read more

  • Long Day at the art museum.

    12/4/2014 11:28:33 PM, by NORASPAT

    My walking buddies and myself went to Colby College Waterville Maine to see a local artist and sculptor exhibition. It was a free public viewing and we had the place to ourselves. Bernard Langlais was born in Old Town Maine. He went to Skowhegan Maine to study art and sculpture. There is a h... Read more

  • December 3, 2014 (Wednesday)

    12/4/2014 2:49:36 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you ALL for reading and responding to my yesterday's blog. Not much time to write before the cut off for today. I really don't have much to say anyway. Nothing of interest happening around here. It was cold, dreary, and somewhat rainy today, but I was inside all of t... Read more

  • Time flies when you are on Spark.

    12/3/2014 11:58:52 PM, by NORASPAT

    I did a walk in a strip Mall we have no big enclosed Malls all of our big stores are standing alone with no corridor to walk in. We walked up and down then in and out of the stores, except the pet store. We avoid it because we would all want a pet. After our walk we went to a church lunch ... Read more

  • I have been surprised just how many people are un-motivated this time of year.

    12/2/2014 11:30:39 PM, by NORASPAT

    I have been on message boards since I started my Spark Journey. I had to make myself post to others. I was feeling like a misfit since I have no computer skills what so ever. After almost 4 years I am finding blogging is really a great outlet for my personal frustrations and I make a point of... Read more

  • December 2, 2014 (Tuesday)

    12/2/2014 3:54:57 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Great hearing from you, and thank you for your comments. Sort of a dreary day outside, but not too bad. No sunshine at all so far, but no rain either, so that's good. The Silver Sneakers class went very well. I was happy that eight ladies showed up for the class. Only... Read more

  • December 1, 2014 (Monday)

    12/2/2014 2:09:13 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you ALL for your comments. It is nice to see that MARYJEANSL and SURVIVOR61 have both stopped by and left a comment. SURVIVOR61 is now a co-leader on the MOTIVATIONAL MEMBERS Team. She is doing a GREAT JOB of getting the team active again. I'll bet that most of you are... Read more

  • The loose 5kg in 6 months challenge

    12/2/2014 1:07:23 AM, by CLARA0

    Day 2 of the challenge,fell of the track a tiny bit yesterday. Hubby came home with suya (grilled beef). Totally unhealthy couldn't resist eating. My weight wasn't too bad this morning. Have to find the will power to resist or just have a little. Back on track today I have 2 one hour classes back to... Read more

  • DECEMBER is my month to make myself more POSITIVE

    12/1/2014 11:52:06 PM, by NORASPAT

    I am hoping to get to the new year a changed person. I hope it happens so I will tell you now the positive side of myself today. I have started a message board to find other people who want to be more positive so when all that NEW YEAR resolution still will be a past history for us. ... Read more

  • My journey

    12/1/2014 3:14:23 PM, by CLARA0

    I decided to come back because there is something special about sparkspeople. My journey I have realized is a life long project if not why does my weight fluctuate? At 45 It seems as if every year it's becoming harder and harder , but what can we do, it must become a lifestyle this our weight l... Read more

  • Having a bonding day with the dogs and Grand-daughter.

    11/30/2014 10:35:01 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today we ran out of the dogs treats. I bake them for the dogs. I asked our granddaughter to help but she had homework to do. I like to make the dogs treats I have done those treats for other dogs at Christmas time so when the dogs arrived there was a problem. We had to buy for large and small ... Read more

  • November 30, 2014 (Sunday)

    11/30/2014 6:46:48 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    I hope everyone had a GREAT WEEKEND! Things were OK here. I had the Fitness Floor job on Saturday afternoon, and it went well. Not too much for me to do there yet since I am not giving orientations. I will do that in the future, but I want to learn more about the equipment before I put someone o... Read more

  • I have decided to really work harder when I exercise.

    11/29/2014 10:53:12 PM, by NORASPAT

    I am thinking I will have to work harder and smarter. I take too much time being interrupted and just stopping and re-starting seems to sap my energy. If I keep going for just a short time and stop and later go back to it at the same energy level I think I will do much better. This week I ... Read more

  • Today is our coldest night so far.

    11/28/2014 11:39:56 PM, by NORASPAT

    The poor dogs went to go to do their bathroom trip. I can call it that because we had a lot of snow so much they could not get up on to the snow. They did try but they found themselves almost under the snow for the Beagle but little Chihuahua just disappeared and was she shivering. I was busy ... Read more

  • November 28, 2014 (Friday)

    11/28/2014 7:36:03 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your responses on my blog of yesterday. I am glad that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We are all blessed with so many people and things in our life for which to be thankful. I am certainly thankful for all of my Spark Friends and for their support, encouragem... Read more

  • November 27, 2014 (Thanksgiving Day)

    11/28/2014 1:15:13 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    I hope everyone had a GREAT DAY! My two sons, one son's girlfriend, and I went to my sister Kay's house. Shelby and her husband were also there. It was a nice day. Back to exercising tomorrow to work some of it OFF! HUGS Pam... Read more

  • Shovelling snow on Thanks giving day.

    11/27/2014 11:20:36 PM, by NORASPAT

    In retrospect I am happy we did our Thanksgiving yesterday. We woke up to a very wet snowstorm. When that happens the pine trees are just drooping towards the ground and very often they drag down the power lines. Two very big communities have lost power and some with no back up heat etc. have to go ... Read more

  • Our Thanksgiving meal was a really happy time.I am Thankful for that.

    11/27/2014 12:01:59 AM, by NORASPAT

    Today was our Thanksgiving meal. Our son has to work and so we brought our meal forward. The meal was very good. I had planned it around what each one would like. I had to go to the garage to have an indicator working, They put in a bulb and on my way. To pick up Prescriptions and last minute detail... Read more

  • November 26, 2014 (Wednesday)

    11/26/2014 10:11:47 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for faithfully reading and commenting on my "blah, blah" blogs. I wish every one of you a HAPPY and BLESSED THANKSGIVING! HUGS Pam ... Read more


    11/25/2014 6:35:07 AM, by WENDYSPARKS

    Hi Sparkfriends, I am thankful for all my Sparkfriends here and for Sparkpeople....I hope you have a nice and blessed Thanksgiving.... love and hugs! Wendy ... Read more

  • I have had a better day I think DIL has since her friend came by with her boys.

    11/24/2014 11:37:00 PM, by NORASPAT

    This young lady and DIL have become good friends, The boys and our GD go bowling every Saturday and it is a really good friendship for the whole family. That has been a great help to us at this time. I have had no inclination to do anything. I asked about Thanksgiving dinner today and there is ... Read more


    11/23/2014 11:43:49 PM, by NORASPAT

    It has been a hectic day for the family. Trying to decide to go but when. There is such a lot happening here but there is much more happening in Nevada. DH and I are just staying at home, it has been difficult to go anywhere. Thanks It is late but I did read all of your comments and I tre... Read more

  • November 23, 2014 (Sunday)

    11/23/2014 8:58:38 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Thank you ALL. You are ALL the GREATEST! I hope everyone has a wonderful week with nice weather. Today wasn't cold, but it has been raining most of the day. I don't know if it is still raining because I heard on the weather that the rain was supposed to move out of here this evening. I hope it ... Read more

  • Thanks for the messages for our DIL's father's loss.

    11/22/2014 11:53:59 PM, by NORASPAT

    This time of year flights are hard to find. Her Dad was alone and had been recently evicted from his home. Her brother was stealing money that was for their food. He is arrested, Her Dad slept in his car and had Oxygen he was not using. He was ill with Pneumonia and took himself to the hospital. ... Read more

  • November 22, 2014 (Saturday)

    11/22/2014 4:55:49 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your supportive responses on my last blog. Today has been great with sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. I cannot complain at all about that! Things have taken a turnaround with my hours on the Fitness Floor. I have already worked there 14 hours during... Read more


    11/22/2014 3:41:01 AM, by GIVEUP30

    HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY WITH YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS I know this is early but I'm not doing much right now and wanted to get say to you all ... Read more

  • Yet another quick blog.

    11/21/2014 11:41:25 PM, by NORASPAT

    We had a really nice time in Freeport. I got some good buys and we had a nice tea. I dropped them all off (I am the Driver) and headed home with my stash. As I got there our DIL who is living here called for a ride. I went and picked her up and went home. As she went downstairs her phone ra... Read more

  • Thanks for the thoughts and advice.

    11/20/2014 10:19:38 PM, by NORASPAT

    I am doing better but my legs are still cramping. They stop aching when I walk but as soon as I sit they cramp. Our Dr just about dismissed it and so the beat goes on. I am trying to cut back on Spark I am not reading articles, I am just reaching out to my Spark friends. I am feeling tim... Read more