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  • American Ninja Warrior showcases an EDS Zebra Warrior

    6/3/2015 2:34:25 AM, by 1STATEOFDENIAL

    The ANW episode from 6/1 showcased a man who is married to a woman who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It's amazing to have such an ignored and potentially dangerous condition be featured on a show that highlights the power and perseverance of people who train to perform seemingly incredible feats. ... Read more

  • Let's talk...

    6/1/2015 12:33:30 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    weightlossproblems ! This morning while getting ready for work I ran into yet another problems....but it's a good problem to have! My Capri's that I tried on, that were the only dress Capri's left in my closet...they were way too big and made me look like they were wearing me, not me wearing them!... Read more

  • Crafty...

    5/24/2015 2:45:16 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    I have become super crafty lately...and I must gives thanks to Pinterest for helping keeps my ideas fresh ;) I wanted a fun, pretty way to keep up with my pounds to lose and lost and well, yay I found a cute one on Pinterest and so today I finally had a minute to put it all together and this is... Read more

  • Slacker....

    5/23/2015 10:26:04 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    well Blog Slacker that is :) It's been a little while since I have sit to actually type one out! Since my last post I have teamed up with another Sparky and we have formed a buddy-ship that has helped both of us! We have so much in common and we push each other to overcome whatever hurdle com... Read more