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  • Weigh-In 07/23/2016: For the Last Time.....

    7/23/2016 9:43:26 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **THE GOAL 204.x by 7/23!! #today **THIS WEEK Ate well and got in some great exercise classes. Full hour of Pilates and 45 minutes of Spinning. The hungries came back in droves. When I exercise heavily the hunger never really goes away, no matter how filling the foods are. It... Read more

  • A Tale of Two 203s

    7/19/2016 8:55:13 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **CONTROVERSIAL THINGS I have said some really controversial things. Stuff very counter-culture to this site. They make one think. They frustrate, even vex sometimes. They're views that one doesn't want to hear, but can't help addressing. Things like: - "Go ahead and beat yourself up if it ... Read more

  • Weigh-In 07/16/2016: Good Week This Week, But...

    7/16/2016 9:07:58 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **SHORT TERM GOAL 204.x by 7/23 (or 7/30 if I miss next week) **THIS WEEK Ate really well. Ate 2 cucumbers. Will buy 3 this week. Have been trying to eat out a lot less (especially later in the week). Have been seriously reducing smoothies and trying another set of foods that has wor... Read more

  • Stagnancy: The Silent Killer

    7/13/2016 8:15:48 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    One of my main mantras is this, "Life is not f(x), it's dY/dx" (*). It's not really where one is in life that matters most, rather it's in what direction one's life is going. This is especially the case with weight loss. **SUCCESS: Give me a good solid 1.0+ pound loss any day after a week... Read more

  • Weigh-In 07/09/2016: I **REALLY** Needed This One

    7/9/2016 10:17:19 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    $$THIS WEEK I ate really well. have started stabilizing a lot of foods and food types (salsa or tomato sauce every day, at least 2-4 servings of whole grains, etc.) Worked out 4 times this week. Did have a few days where I regretted not getting up and driving over to the gym, but last night... Read more

  • Trent's First Motivation Blog: THAT food

    7/4/2016 11:17:29 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **THAT FOOD We all have at least one. It's not that food that we love. It's not a food that curls our lips and triggers a gag reflex. Not only isn't it a food that we dislike, it's actually a food that we kind of enjoy...when we get around to eating it. It's a food that we see in a store. ... Read more

  • Update 10 (June 28, 2016)

    6/28/2016 3:59:24 PM, by JEAN111766

    Update 10 (June 28, 2016): Started writing this on my update section of my page and continuing here... Wow! time flies! Hard to believe it has been a year since I have updated my page!!! What a busy year it has been! Holding steady on the weight loss... still down about 40 of the 50 that I had she... Read more