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  • New Year 2015

    12/19/2014 9:29:23 PM, by TOPS2KOPSVILLE

    1. To lose 5 pounds per month until I reach goal 170-180 not sure till I get closer 2. To plan meals with foods available or go shopping 3. To journal food, exercise, ect 4. To start slow with exercise and gradually increase 5. To start a reward program and stick with it Must have cle... Read more

  • Been Gone TOO Long

    12/18/2014 3:47:27 PM, by CHERRI350

    Hi Spark family, I haven't been on here in forever. Most of the information on my page isn't even relevant anymore. I'm feeling horrible these days. Things were going well. I was active, hiking every weekend. I could even run a mile and a half out of 3 miles. Then everything went downhill. My r... Read more

  • Another Year... GONE

    12/16/2014 1:07:05 PM, by THRICEBLESSED

    Well, 2014 is drawing to a close, and I must admit that I am discouraged. I started seriously trying to lose weight in 2009. I lost 15-20 pounds easily, then slowed, but still lost. I've lost up to 70 pounds at one point, but always regained. As of today my net loss for the past 5 years is 18 po... Read more

  • Be nice.

    12/9/2014 8:38:11 AM, by SANDY1969

    Man yesterday I could really tell I was in withdraw. It was a struggle to be nice to people. I am usually called Sunshine at work...yesterday not so much. Drank water, not a lot but no mountain dew either. A small Oatmeal cookie with a banana for breakfast. So the sugar was in control. ... Read more

  • 309#s

    12/8/2014 7:35:03 AM, by SANDY1969

    Yep that's my weight from this morning. Up about 10-15 pounds since October. Really surprised it's not more. Woke with a new determination to get back on track. I had to dig my scale out of a pile of paint boxes and put it in the hallway. Life's been hectic, but whose hasn't? I got made fu... Read more

  • So - another month has gone by...

    11/30/2014 3:23:18 PM, by NEELIXNKES

    and I gained weight again I'm sure. Hopefully the scale will be slightly nice to me tomorrow but I doubt it. I didn't eat well for the past few days. December is already looking to be a bit of a crazy month but hopefully I will still be able to make great strides. I joined a simple challeng... Read more

  • The Robe and Progress for 2015

    11/27/2014 1:56:38 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Well, I always wanted something from Victoria's Secret. I found a robe in size large and it was close to fitting but not quite, very motivating. If I would get off my duff and kick things up a notch, I could wear the pretty robe ... Read more