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  • Lessons Learned...

    7/2/2015 1:05:08 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Every day holds a new step on your journey. This past week I have found to be the hardest yet. A week full of hitting "points of weakness." Thankfully the scale hasn't reflected the weakness, but my body does. Today I woke up feeling so tired, blah and even a little bloated. Last night in a s... Read more

  • Let's get real...

    6/25/2015 1:32:38 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Throughout my journey I've had many ups and many downs. It's a journey where you truly get to know yourself, your limits, addictions, habits, etc. And throughout my journey I have found myself giving others advice and cheering them on to either start their own journey or to finish strong. If I can c... Read more

  • Making Time...

    6/17/2015 4:49:53 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    In a very busy chaotic world it's hard to find time to work everything in you want to accomplish for the day. Case in point exercise...I want to do it, but on top of the other bazillion things I need to accomplish I rarely find time...then today I had an epiphany....Why not work out at work?! I... Read more