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  • 10 things...

    10/3/2015 10:56:19 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    My friend FITTOBELISA had posted a Vlog the other day highlighting 10 things she loved about herself. What a great idea! So I decided to take her idea and make my own list. 1. My Faith. No matter how down I get or how chaotic my world gets I lean on my faith and know that no matter what I am n... Read more

  • The learning curve

    9/28/2015 8:31:41 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    During your weight loss journey, you are always learning lessons. The biggest obstacle for me has been a simple one to some. I struggle with making sure I have a balanced meal. Filling my plate the correct way has always stumped me and I think the reason I end up failing and falling off the proverbi... Read more

  • Did that really just happen?

    9/23/2015 8:30:59 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    I wasn't going to write about my nutritionist visit yesterday...but I do not want to hide because of a remark. I haven't really had great luck with nutrionists, and now I think its clear seeing a nutritionist isn't for me. I was excited to see what kind of wealth of knowledge I would re... Read more

  • A huge step...

    9/21/2015 2:57:43 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Late last week I lost focus a bit and got a little off track. I whined a bit and then dusted myself off and got my weight loss binder out and worked on it to regain my focus. Today at work I was thinking about what I could do to challenge myself next. Duh, 5k. I'm not in shape to run one so I ... Read more

  • Why is it...

    9/17/2015 12:38:14 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Why as a society are we so quick to judge and criticize? Is it in our nature, were we brought up that way, or is it just something in our genes? I've been judged and criticized all my life over silly weight, my introvert ways, my shyness, my temper, the way I handle things, ge... Read more

  • Lessons...

    9/16/2015 10:40:55 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    So after my last post, I decided I couldn't leave it on a negative another post it is :) Don't worry it's the last blog for this week ;) So I had my little pity party, gave myself a nice little talking to, and got my focus face back on. And Can I just say my Spark friends are pretty a... Read more

  • The ugly truth

    9/14/2015 4:06:49 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    The past couple of weeks I have noticed that I am becoming more and more motivated to lose this extra baggage I've been carrying around for many years. I guess you can say I've finally gotten to the stage where weight loss is a necessity. I've been on blood pressure medication for a few years, a fam... Read more

  • 21 Day Challenge

    9/13/2015 1:23:17 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    So I had a completely different blog topic picked out but me being me, I changed topics after I found motivation or a challenge if you will! I've talked before about I love challenging myself. And so when this graphic showed up in my news feed this morning...I immediately said to myself, "Challenge ... Read more

  • I'm trying to find...

    9/9/2015 11:50:08 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    my happy medium. My last dr visit my doctor mentioned for me to try a low carb, high protein diet. Which I have been trying to abide by...It's so hard to limit the carbs, I have realized I was a carb junkie...evil, evil, EVIL carbs! So I've been relying on extra proteins, now I'm experiencing irrita... Read more

  • That magical moment...

    9/7/2015 2:17:43 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    I have said time and time again how weight loss isn't just physical, it's mental. You have to get things right in your thoughts before they will really start working. I have learned that not only am I losing the excess weight, but I'm also finding myself along the way....I'm creating the me I was me... Read more