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  • Feeling meh

    8/29/2014 4:10:38 AM, by LAURAJANE273

    So yesterday I didn't have time to workout.. It was suck a crazy hectic day and I just didn't stop! It then ended up with us having a Chinese takeaway! We do tend to have one every week. And back when I was doing really well I still had one but I limited what I had. So I need to get back into that... Read more

  • All good so far :)

    8/27/2014 5:29:13 AM, by LAURAJANE273

    So yesterday went well.. I do count calories as it helps me keep track of what I'm eating, although because I ate healthy for so long the last time I don't really need to keep track too much as I know roughly how much to eat to stay within my recommended calories. If you guys could see the junk f... Read more

  • Day 1.. Take 6 or 7.. I've lost count!

    8/26/2014 6:22:29 AM, by LAURAJANE273

    So I'm back to it! Getting into the mindset of not just pigging out all day will take a while. Also I find it hard when I'm focusing so much on a few things (wedding and business mainly) I then struggle to also keep "dieting" in mind.. I need to make my new lifestyle more convenient again. If I can ... Read more

  • Fed up of starting over so often!!

    8/25/2014 10:37:43 AM, by LAURAJANE273

    So I'm back here again! It's starting to become laughable how many times I give up! I was doing so well! I'd almost lost 2 stone! And most of all I was enjoying it! I did however have a goal.. And things to keep me motivated. Once that went I've found it hard to get back! But now I've noticed t... Read more

  • re-evaluate and access

    8/7/2014 10:55:46 AM, by CULLENPIXIE

    It happens to me every time that I get the notion to lose weight, I am all for it for a little bit then Slowly things Return to the way they Were before. Why do I do it ? Because it's what I Know and because it's easier. I have to stop and take a good hard look at myself .. . I eat out of boredom an... Read more