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  • Doing it again!!!

    1/31/2015 11:04:35 AM, by CMINDYC

    It has been sooo long since I have done a blog. But it's time to make changes!!! I started again two weeks ago tomorrow. Still not feeling very motivated. I have to make some MAJOR changes. I have to start exercising again and... Read more

  • Back Slidding

    1/31/2015 10:19:18 AM, by KRISSYKRINGLE

    It happens to me every time that I get the notion to lose weight, I am all for it for a little bit then slowly things return to the way they were before. Why do I do it ? Because it's what I Know and because it's easier. I have to stop and take a good hard look at myself .. . I eat out of boredom an... Read more

  • January 29, 2015

    1/29/2015 9:42:45 PM, by DCARMONEY

    It is hard to believe that a month of 2015 has gone by. i am busy getting my private practice up and running. my stress level is sky high right now my mom is in the hospital again and she is not doing good, so my mind and heart is with her but my body is home with my kids. edit: my mom is now... Read more