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  • Update And Santa Baby Chapter 13

    7/29/2015 1:20:18 PM, by AANGEL3

    So...the diet thing isn't going so well. I've couching and hacking for weeks. Finally went to the Dr. and I have bronchitis. I just took my last antibiotic and hope to get back in the gym on Monday. So eating has been a mess. I always eat more when I'm sick. Weight went up but I'm trying to re... Read more

  • Back from Vacation!

    7/29/2015 12:51:09 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    Howdy do! I am BACK from vacation! And I got the most amazing picture: Yes, that is Stonehenge! Anyway, while I was on vacation, I was definitely off program and not really watching that closely how I ate. BUT I also did a lot more walking, ate food that was better proportioned and h... Read more

  • Scared of change

    7/29/2015 11:58:14 AM, by ALICECHESS

    My gym owner and trainer, class instructor ect sold the gym. AAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I do not do well with change. Can you tell? I get extremely bonded to my instructors. However, the good news? I love my new instructor. She kicks my butt. I was afraid the new instructor would look at us like ... Read more

  • Starting today...

    7/29/2015 8:09:51 AM, by SLMUELLER83

    I have noticed when I get stressed I don't have a healthy routine. I'm going to try to remind myself that I need to do more, like take a walk when I get home. Even if it is only 30 minutes. Clean instead of putting it off. Ear healthier even though your body tells you to go for a Oreo or ice cream, ... Read more

  • Day 58

    7/29/2015 1:32:31 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Well, I have been off the Prednisone for one week. Hopefully I will be looseing weight soon. I have noticed today though that I haven't been walking the 5 miles a day that I started doing. I have been averaging 1 or 2 miles a day. Tomorrow morning I plan to start walking five miles a day again. ... Read more

  • All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)

    7/28/2015 11:40:07 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Here is a song I have been thinking about today. It is an R.E.M. song about someone who thinks they can be famous if they go to Reno, Nevada. The video is actually shot in Brooklyn, New York, though! Kids from several high schools helped with the camera work. I... Read more

  • 100%

    7/28/2015 11:38:50 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    Yup. I do give 100% during my workouts. Tho on any given day that may be a bit more or less depending on what I have in the tank.... Read more

  • Day 57

    7/27/2015 10:59:12 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    I got a great idea for helping to loose weight today while reading my facebook. I don't think it is legal to post the picture here so I will tell you. It is a picture of Alice in Wonderland about to take a big bite of cake. The caption below it says Keep the why on your fridge or in your pocket ... Read more

  • Over did it!

    7/27/2015 6:29:48 PM, by ALICECHESS

    I am the governor of the county Democrat party and have worked at the fair for years. Last week I over did it! Worked all day, drove 45 minutes to the fair and worked 6:00pm to close and went to gym in the a.m. prior to work. Dumb! "ran" in the Saturday morning parade. Someone please remind me ... Read more

  • Day 56

    7/27/2015 2:40:36 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    After church today I made potatoes in our Power Pressure cooker XL 311 I walked about a mile today. We have 3 tomato plants. 370 There are a lot of tomatoes on the cherry tomato plant and they are turning red. The other 2 plants with regular size tomatoes have a lot of green tomatoes that f... Read more

  • Sunday Gratitude Blog

    7/27/2015 1:58:31 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    This week, I did a lot of reading and a lot of napping. I am feeling all rested up, and have some books finished! I read one I would like to share with you. I was thinking I could turn it into a short story, or re-tell it in installments. It is a very good story! And of course, I will give credit wh... Read more

  • Lazy day

    7/26/2015 11:10:46 PM, by ALICECHESS

    I did nothing today.....ugh!... Read more

  • Fair/free day

    7/26/2015 7:54:33 PM, by PAGE2015

    I went to the fair today and had a great time. Sunday is my free day to eat what I want but I still post it just to see how I do. I just posted everything and the only thing I went over on was sodium. I did not go over the daily goal but over my goal of 1,000. So all in all not a bad day at all plus... Read more

  • Vacation Success!

    7/26/2015 1:16:58 PM, by SANDY-RENO

    This past Monday we went on vacation with my parents to Sunriver, a great resort-esque vacation spot in Central Oregon. My parents rented a beautiful house for a few days and invited us to join them. We got there early afternoon Monday and left early morning Friday. Vacation has always been h... Read more

  • how to make this journey more fun and exciting

    7/26/2015 12:58:56 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    changes in habits and outlooks - try a new exercise each week - like a new SP video, a new class, a new hiking route. - go plein air painting and carry my french easel up hill! Oy! I'll enjoy this incredible weather and beauty this summer, increase HR, and let my wonderful old dog keep up with... Read more

  • New Landscaping!

    7/25/2015 3:36:12 PM, by ALIHIKES

    I am very happy with the landscape redesign; I hired a local landscape designer. I had a couple of problems I wanted solved: A large ponderosa pine crashed down during the big winter wind storm and left a gaping pile of sawdust; and my view of my yard from the deck was dominated by large overgrown w... Read more

  • Turning Over A Leaf for Real

    7/25/2015 3:08:00 PM, by AEONWARRIOR

    I have been my own worst enemy all these years and I just didn't realize it. I fought who I am constantly because I thought it wasn't good enough, not exciting enough, not pretty enough, and not desirable enough. But by being someone that I am not or at least striving to be someone else I find th... Read more

  • Day 55

    7/25/2015 11:00:39 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    OOPS! 39 I missed blogging yesterday. Well not a whole lot happened. I think my pedometer is on the frits. I walked a mile and it showed about 3/4 of a mile. 30 My husband took me to a quilt shop yesterday that is going out of business. I got some fabric for my next quilt and it o;y cost... Read more

  • One Good Day

    7/25/2015 12:42:41 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Okay, so, today I did good. I did my laps and stretching. I actually tracked my food today and stayed within range. Time to slip into chill-out mode with some frozen mango and a book. Gonna do it even better tomorrow. 521... Read more

  • Yellow

    7/24/2015 9:55:53 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I am thrilled right now, because I had a pee, and it was all yellow! No blood at all! I just wanted you guys to know that I am feeling better. Things are improving! Here is Coldplay, with Yellow: Yellow Look at the stars Look how they shine for you ... Read more

  • July Jubilee 5K done in Hot weather

    7/24/2015 2:52:04 PM, by ALICECHESS

    I inspired two runners to do a 5K for the first time! We were not last. It was very hot, but beautiful run!... Read more

  • Happy Friday

    7/24/2015 2:06:39 PM, by PAGE2015

    This Friday has started out as a good one. I did my devotions, did a 15 min walking video, got my daughter and took her to help with vacation bible school, came home and made three cards, Now taking a break to track my food and exercise on here and to have my fiber one lemon bar snack. mmm mmm This... Read more

  • Want to find something cardio outside besides hiking

    7/24/2015 10:44:47 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I want to do something outdoors to increase intensity without increasing impact. It is so beautiful outdoors and I don't want to go inside to the hamster machines until is is pouring down rain. I do feel my body needs a change - feel it in my hips. Maybe rowing if I could find a row boat on the lake... Read more

  • Day 53

    7/23/2015 11:51:33 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    This morning we met friends for breakfast. They are such fun people to spend time with and we were in the restaurant for 2 hours. Still feeling good after my infusion for RA yesterday 41 . No side affects. I didn't expect any. I was at the infusion center from 8:30 to 3:15. The speed of the i... Read more

  • Summer Memories

    7/23/2015 5:59:15 PM, by CJWORDPLAY

    Summer takes me back to the time when I was a child playing my way through school vacation time. Things like wearing flip flops (we called them Zori’s) and writing in the sand. Do you remember your first hula hoop? I did a lot of silly things to play with it before I was big enough to... Read more

  • Reminder what success looks like for me.

    7/23/2015 4:22:06 PM, by FLUTTER-BY)L(

    I started another blog on blogspot. But decided to post it here too. Lots of things are changing in my life. I am the mom of 6 kids, only 3 still live at home. I was a stay at home mom. I have been back to work for a couple of years. I may work more full time this fall. I am not sure yet... Read more

  • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    7/23/2015 4:26:58 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    What I thought at first was the problem was not it at all. I never had taken too much iron for myself. I need a lot, because of how severely anemic I am. Plus, the kind I am taking is a safe kind, the kind that they add to food, and it is very hard to overdose on that kind. One of the reasons is tha... Read more

  • Welcome back!! (to myself at least)

    7/23/2015 12:46:21 AM, by EMMASMOM9

    Hello! I'm back after one blog post, and 7 years absence. When I signed up for this account, I had full intention of using this site to it's full potential. However, life happens, and what matters most is that I am back. I am recently a new stay at home mom with my 12 year old daughter who ... Read more

  • Day 52

    7/22/2015 11:19:07 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Today I had my infusion for my RA. It too most of my day from 8:30 to 3:15. I go back in two weeks for my next one and then after that just twice a year. I had no side affects 30 I did some 311 walking this evening while i was watching the one tv show I hate to miss, Heartland. I walked duri... Read more

  • 3 good things

    7/22/2015 10:44:16 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    1. I so enjoyed the weather. Best summer ever. Hiking, walking, flowers, air smells so good. Life feels abundant and wonderful. 2. Received several compliments that I was looking good. That felt wonderful. 3. Called the gas company about brother's death and they wrote off the bill. Nice. ... Read more

  • Day 51

    7/22/2015 12:39:37 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Today I went miniature golfing with my quilting group. We always go out to lunch after mini golf and I always get a pancake. I get them when I go out to eat because mine aren't very good. I didn't exercise today other than the mini golf but I ware my pedometer every day so I do count my steps... Read more

  • New Blog

    7/21/2015 11:15:47 PM, by FLUTTER-BY)L(

    I needed a change. Started Blogging off Spark people. Come visit if you like. Read more

  • European weight loss program.

    7/21/2015 9:22:54 PM, by STEELHEAD01

    We just got home from a trip to Europe with my wife, and two grand daughters (14, and 18). Started in Rome in mid-June. Temperatures in the 90's mostly. Walked between 2 and 4 miles a day (most days, except when moving between locations). Paris had similar temperatures. (90's). Normandy was coo... Read more

  • And again....

    7/21/2015 7:32:22 PM, by MRSBENNETT2

    What with one thing or the other....for the past four months or so I could have cared less about myself. Travelling and a major depressive episode knocked all eating with moderation rules out the window. I've gained weight (don't wanna know how much) and now it's time to get myself back in hand. ... Read more

  • Early morning walk around the yard

    7/21/2015 2:02:57 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    The morning was so fresh, nice breeze.... sun just peeking through the trees. Happy to see the water lilies we separated and relocated to the new pond seem to be thriving!!! And, as always, the koi are eager for bites! The pictures of the peppers, eggplants, tomatoe... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/21/2015 10:58:36 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I'm good at weight training and I enjoy it. But it's getting harder to get my heart rate up doing my hikes, and I hate cardio machines, especially when we are having such nice weather outside. I could use some help figuring out how to enjoy hikes and walks while having them be cardio workouts.... Read more

  • A Shocking Discovery About Iron Supplements!

    7/21/2015 3:35:48 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I learned something today that really upset me, because I have been doing everything wrong. I thought I was doing what was best for me, given my medical history and how badly anemic I have been lately. However, I made a bad mistake! And it happens quite often, is what is so sad. I had a real... Read more

  • Day 50

    7/21/2015 12:16:02 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Yesterday I took my last prednisone and the medication by infusion, that I will be starting on Wed., has a side affect of posible weight loss. I'll go for that. My dr. told me today that Predisone making me gain weight is no wifes tale. The infusion nurse was sick today so I have to do my infusion... Read more

  • Health food

    7/20/2015 2:08:54 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    I'm so thankful to have found SparkPeople. Life is no longer a DIET! I found a better way to being healthy. Especially thankful there are so many healthful alternatives . . . this one is not an option.... ... Read more

  • Really good

    7/20/2015 1:40:37 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    For exercise I'm really good at planning. I could use done help sticking to the plan.... Read more

  • Day 49

    7/20/2015 1:47:42 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    After church my husband and I went to the grocery store and got some healthy food and some ice cream. Today I took my last Prednisone , tomorrow I start a new medicine for my rheumatoid arthritis. It is an infusion and one of the side affects of the new medicine is that it could cause weight loss.... Read more

  • Summer bounty

    7/19/2015 9:42:39 PM, by LINDAM.1

    fresh berries and oatmeal Love fresh organic local food .salad greens fresher.... Read more

  • Sunday Gratitude Blog

    7/19/2015 9:05:14 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Not a lot has been happening in my life. I am still too sick to do much, from over-exercising and exacerbating my iron-deficiency anemia. I was wondering how I could do so much work and have such small muscles and not be losing any weight. That happens when you have anemia. Those were my first sympt... Read more

  • Day 48

    7/18/2015 11:49:11 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    I made a quilt top today. wasn't easy because it was 99 degrees 198 here in Oregon today. Now the day is over and I didn't exercise or walk with the temp. so high. I could have before it got too hot but hubby wanted to take me out to breakfast. 102 I am now doing a sleep challenge on SparkP... Read more

  • Sing

    7/18/2015 3:19:29 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    You gotta sing your own special song even if nobody else sings along. Read more

  • Day 47

    7/18/2015 12:04:33 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    46 So bummed with myself. Haven't lost any weight this month. I told myself today that I have to keep going every day, and work hard almost every day and eat healthy food to get where I want to be weight wise. I have been told by a number of people that it the Prednisone that my Rheumatologist ha... Read more

  • Plans were meant to be cancelled !?!?

    7/17/2015 4:03:04 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    I’ve been on this planet over 55 years. I have learned to do things prayerfully, and maybe with purpose, but schedules and plans are most likely made to be changed. The following is an example of what I mean...... and this is just this weeks adjustments.: ****Update to my MYTH BUSTING ... Read more

  • Santa Baby Chapter 12 - Been Busy Writing And Working

    7/17/2015 4:00:40 PM, by AANGEL3

    I know it's been like forever since I've posted a blog. I've just so busy with life, work, and writing! I'm all the way to chapter 15 now in Santa Baby. And it's getting good! So without further ado...I give you the next chapter. Chapter 12 Dressed in an oversized t-shirt and silk panties... Read more

  • 1st 6 weeks of BLC28

    7/17/2015 1:52:09 PM, by 5KGRANNY

    I feel that this is the first round that I haven't been able to give my full attention to the team. Work has been so busy and then I threw in a vacation in the middle of that as well so I was gone for 10 days. In a way, I'm learning to wean myself from Spark. I have been a Spark participant sinc... Read more

  • Wow! Featured Motivator of the Day award!!! Wow!

    7/17/2015 1:07:28 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Here's what the email says: Congratulations! You are today's Featured Motivator! SparkPeople members selected your SparkPage as being motivational, and therefore you have the "SparkPeople Motivator" icon on your Page. Wow!!!! Thank you. I am humbled and honored. I can't... Read more

  • Day 46

    7/17/2015 1:51:54 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    I started my day by going with my husband to a going out of business sale for a bible book store here in my town. They had no exercise DVD's or books to help with weight loss. When we got home I got caught up in doing a jigsaw puzzle on Facebook's Jigsaw World. Didn't do much today worth writing... Read more

  • Me and My Muscles

    7/17/2015 12:38:20 AM, by SLINKYREDDRESS

    I discovered recently, while I was putting my hair up in a ponytail, that I have biceps. I was so impressed with them, since I don't believe I've ever had any before, that I stood there flexing them for a minute, then poked at them a little (those puppies are HARD!). I couldn't wait for my husband... Read more

  • Day 45

    7/16/2015 1:17:36 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Today I had lunch with a friend I used to work with. She works on the second floor of the building so I went to meet her a little early and walked up and down the stairs in that building. Twelve steps up and down 5 times. I was out of breath. 311 After lunch I walked up and down those same step... Read more

  • Pictures of Oregon in Summer

    7/15/2015 4:55:32 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    When I think of summer in Oregon certain pictures come to mind. First, are the roses. They signal summer, coming into bloom in June and blooming bountifully all summer. The picture above was taken at the Portland International Rose Test Garden. It is a joy to walk among them. The n... Read more

  • Day 44

    7/15/2015 12:37:10 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    30 Today I spent the day with my quilting group. We are making quilts Of Valor of all the men and women of our church that have been in the military. We worked all day quilting and then I went to a softball game with my hubby tonight 300 . No time to exercise today. On my way home from quilting... Read more

  • Where has the time gone?

    7/14/2015 4:47:27 PM, by TERRIE.LEE

    I can't believe it's been over seven years since my last blog post! A little update... Life got real crazy for a while shortly after this post. I lost a family member (who will be forever missed), but then gained some new ones. God is gracious! For a while I didn't really try to lose the weight anym... Read more

  • Day 43

    7/14/2015 12:11:04 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    I am so disappointed. i weighed myself today as I have started doing on Mondays, and i haven't lost any weight. I just have to work harder. 39... Read more

  • moderation

    7/13/2015 1:06:35 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I think that reading may need moderation. I spend all morning reading and tracking. I think I could do with a little more action and a little less research. ;) My next goal is to become consistent with strength training. I was going to say 3 times a week, but given the moderation theme of the d... Read more

  • Monday Gratitude Blog

    7/13/2015 8:12:09 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    This week I am doing my gratitude blog on Monday, instead of Sunday. like I usually do it. I felt blah yesterday, so I did not want to write anything. Well, I still feel that way, because I could not sleep at all. So I ended up just getting up out of bed. I will take a nap later when I get more slee... Read more

  • Day 42

    7/13/2015 3:21:53 AM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Sunday. Oops, almost forgot to do my blog. After church and lunch started cleaning my desk to get it ready to start scrap booking again. I put it aside now for almost 2 years when I started quilting. Tomorrow I will work some on my quilt. I can't finish it until I can get more fabric on Tuesday.... Read more

  • HAPPY 4 th

    7/12/2015 9:47:58 PM, by LINDAM.1

    hope you had a happy 4 th berries and salad life is good watched fire works from our tent trailer. the power went out but I had talked my husband in to buying a solar power cell. so when the power went out we were fine .... Read more

  • Hiking the Ochoco Mountains & Painted Hills

    7/12/2015 6:46:19 PM, by ALIHIKES

    I’m very excited and pleased after my vacation with friends to the Ochoco Mountains (located in Central Oregon)! My biggest thrill was being able to wear my hiking boots again (after May 1 foot surgery), and being able to do some short hikes!!! Plus I had a great time with my friends. The 5 o... Read more

  • Day three...

    7/12/2015 12:15:20 PM, by SOULESSGINGER

    Today is day three of my exercise plan, though I don't actually have an official one set up yet, I have been walking daily. I plan to add other exercising to my routine too, but for now baby-steps. I am going on vacation in about three days, so my official exercise plan will have to wait until ... Read more

  • Day 41

    7/11/2015 9:40:24 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Easy Peasy day for me. Didn't do much. I did eat healthy all day except for 2 handfuls of lays potatoe chips. Shame on me. I walked a mile and a half. I do want to say thank you to all who are leaving coments and encouragemen for me. I appreciate it every much. 304... Read more

  • The struggle to keep the baby weight off and build muscle!

    7/10/2015 11:21:22 PM, by SOULFULBRUNETTE

    As it says in my title, I am struggling with keeping the baby weight off that I was able to lose 8 months after having my baby girl. I also struggle with wanting to build muscle and be a more healthy version of me. I am hoping that I will be able to not only be able to gain valuable friends and insi... Read more

  • Day 40

    7/10/2015 10:53:48 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    17 This morning I put a recent picture of myself on my desktop of my computer. Now every morning when I turn on my computer I will be reminded to exercise before getting involved with anything else. I walked almost 2 miles with a fitness video on Exercise TV. Don't know why it wasn't a whole 2 mi... Read more

  • Pre-Baby Body. :D

    7/10/2015 6:23:11 PM, by SOULESSGINGER

    My husband and I had our first little one just about a year ago. It's hard to remember a time without that precious little boy. I love each new day with this kid, however I do not like the after pregnancy changes. So I decided it's time to get my pre-baby body back. I want to be healthier and... Read more

  • 5K Why do I to it?

    7/10/2015 4:31:21 PM, by ALICECHESS

    I have a 5K this tomorrow. Will need to be up by 5:00am. Isn't it interesting that a few hundred people come to all these events. Running is an enjoyment! Only learned this a couple years ago. Do I look forward to it? Not really. But the way I feel after is beyond amazing! So I do it over and... Read more

  • The Travel Reckoning

    7/10/2015 7:51:04 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Whew! Back home after a short, busy trip. I had a great time, reconnecting with colleagues from around the country, and attending sessions that were fun and informative. Part of the trip included eating and drinking, as it always does with this group. A huge part of this journey is evaluating o... Read more

  • A Termite Scare!

    7/10/2015 2:12:52 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    My mom was happy to get a call from a neighbor of ours, that lives around the corner on the opposite side of our block,whose neighbor across the street had her walnut tree cut down. Her tree was growing into her sewer line, and the water bureau removed it for her. She was going to keep some for a li... Read more

  • Day 39

    7/9/2015 2:56:37 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    Doing my blog early today. I am excited to show the hand weights that I made myself out of water bottles and sand from the beach. The smaller bottles are 1 pound weights and the larger are 2 pound weights. I super glued the lids on so I won't have sand all over my floor sometime. I used them t... Read more

  • Vacation starts tomorrow!

    7/9/2015 2:15:50 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    So tomorrow is my first day of vacation! I'm nervous and excited - traveling to a new place and all! I plan on trying to watch what I eat, but I also want to enjoy the local food too. Anyway, I won't be on much the next two weeks. Wish me luck! And happy healthy journey to everyone in the meant... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/9/2015 12:26:53 PM, by CSBALDWINS

    I have heard people say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So I am going to do 21 days of healthy breakfast's. My weight started to spiral out of control when I discovered McDonalds breakfast's. Today is day 2 of eating at home a healthy breakfast. I really had to fight it this morning.... Read more

  • How The Victorians Kept Their Children's Clothing Simple

    7/9/2015 2:34:42 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    The Victorians are not really known for simplicity, especially in their attire. They wore heavy hoop skirts and corsets. They dressed their little boys in frilly dresses. However, they did have one trick up their sleeves to simplify dressing their children. They gave their child one new outfit to... Read more

  • Progress report on July's goals

    7/9/2015 12:27:48 AM, by SLINKYREDDRESS

    Still working on my several goals for July, with varying degrees of success. Not walking as much as I was because of the heat, but still managing to get at least 4000 steps in most days, and two glow getter awards for 8,000+ in the last 7 days, I'm about a third of the way toward burning the 10,0... Read more

  • Day 38

    7/8/2015 11:16:57 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    311 walked a bunch today. used my resistance band a bit. I can't stretch it much. Maybe I don't have enough muscle. cut and layed out some fabric for another quilt. Quilting is how I relax. I am sure I took in more than I worked off today 15 . I will try and do better tomorrow. Not much t... Read more

  • Time to be a big girl...

    7/8/2015 7:21:34 PM, by MADAMS0519

    It has been nearly a month since I wrote my last blog post and needless to say, A LOT has changed in my life. I am officially two weeks into my new life as a single mother which is something I never thought I would say. You always think when you marry someone that it means forever. Well, that's no... Read more

  • Sweet tooth!!! HELP!!!!

    7/8/2015 5:14:13 PM, by SLMUELLER83

    Well, I thought I had this covered and then out of nowhere it hits me. That craving for sweets!! I have been able to keep the temptation out of the house but for the last month they have snuck in the house somehow. Whether it is from buying it for lunches ( not mine but my other half), been gi... Read more

  • I am Back

    7/8/2015 2:20:31 PM, by CSBALDWINS

    One day at a time. And today I am back here. I joined in Feb. and was up to 16lbs off. I am still down 8lbs. I will take it as a positive that I am back here and working out again. I know that when I fell back into my old eating habits I felt terrible. I already feel a little better today.... Read more

  • Runs

    7/8/2015 12:43:22 AM, by ALICECHESS

    Did 5K two weeks ago, 4th of July 4K last weekend, 5K this coming weekend, not bad for 62 year old... Read more

  • Day 37

    7/7/2015 11:35:34 PM, by GRAMMAJANET

    311 weather was cooler here in Oregon this morning then temp.went up again this afternoon. No worries it won't last much longer then I will go walk on the track. I haven't walked outside for about 4 years so it will be good to start walking in the fresh air again. Total score at the thrift shop.... Read more

  • Things I Have Learned About Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    7/7/2015 11:34:12 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I have been doing a lot of reading recently about iron-deficiency anemia, because I have had it all of my life, off and on, and I think that is what is bothering me lately. Some of the things I have read are astounding! 1.) Iron-deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia throughout th... Read more

  • Disrespect

    7/7/2015 4:45:36 PM, by AEONWARRIOR

    Mary's Peak 2012 My right hand is literally shaking as I write this. I can get a lot of gruff from family and friends alike. They think it's okay to shove me around verbally. Maybe it's because I'm overweight so they see me as weaker or because I don't normally fight back. I'm often told... Read more


    7/7/2015 11:36:34 AM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    It's probably been like two weeks since I came back on SparkPeople and started monitoring what I ate on MyFitnessPal. In that two weeks, I hadn't really seen the scale move much at all. In fact, Scale and I had a heart-to-heart awhile back. But today IT MOVED! I was down 4 pounds since I starte... Read more

  • How I feel today....

    7/7/2015 8:16:39 AM, by SLMUELLER83

    Well, I feel enthusiastic!! I'm ready to keep pushing along to my ultimate goal. I have started to get up earlier and do some cleaning. Once I get my body on the right page I will start exercising in the morning as well. Hopefully I will start that next week, I have a bit of catching up ... Read more

  • Turbulence and the Scarf of Terror

    7/7/2015 7:37:12 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Yesterday was a travel day; it was no big deal, except for a couple instances of turbulence throughout the flight. Me being me, the slightest bump convinces me that the plane is about to plummet from the sky! It didn't, of course, and here I am in a hotel room, planning on visiting the National Muse... Read more

  • It's about like that....

    7/6/2015 11:13:25 PM, by MRSBENNETT2

    I had to laugh when I saw this. Seems so apt! I can't complain though. Life's snarls and tangles are slowly unravelling. I'm taking better care of myself and the sun is shining a bit more brightly. It's good.... Read more

  • Patience

    7/6/2015 8:41:02 PM, by AEONWARRIOR

    Mary's Peak 2012 This is a word I've been reflecting on lately. I'm often told I'm a very patient person and I do believe that to a certain extent I am. However, I am not patient with myself. I expect perfection from myself and I expect it right away, not only with my actions but also with my ... Read more

  • Falling off the horse

    7/6/2015 1:04:56 PM, by HARRIET113

    I'm starting to feel like a broken record. It's July 6th and I essentially haven't lost any weight in the last month or so. I lose a few, gain a few, end up back where I started. There are a few reasons for this, all of them obvious: 1. I haven't been counting calories as consistently as I... Read more

  • The Results Are In...

    7/6/2015 12:21:19 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    And I think I did pretty darned well! Honestly, this weekend was so hot, all my sister and I wanted to do was lounge in front of the AC. But I did get off my booty and ran on Friday morning, though it was a tough run - so hot! At the game on Friday, I kept hydrated in upper 90's weather - ... Read more

  • Biggest Supporter

    7/6/2015 11:10:30 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    La la. Ever encouraging and affirming. Means a lot to me.... Read more

  • Sunday Gratitude Blog

    7/6/2015 2:41:06 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    It is sort of difficult to write a gratitude blog, between the heat wave that we are dealing with in my area and having some serious health issues. The heat has not been helping me recover! It makes it very difficult to sleep and to get things done. But there are still things to celebrate. 1.)... Read more

  • Day Zero, Third Time

    7/6/2015 1:20:51 AM, by DARFINKLESDREAM

    I've been here before, and I don't like it. Under another user name, I successfully dropped from 235 lbs. to 175 lbs. A friend and I worked out and ate together. We kept each other on track. I felt great! What happened? I got injured during a group workout during which I listened to the instructor i... Read more

  • Cake, beer, and airplanes

    7/5/2015 9:44:34 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    I did it! I made it through the Fourth, managing to indulge a bit, have fun, and stay in my calorie range. It took more planning than I usually do (pre-entering the evening's cake into my tracker in the AM), and I was probably a bit neurotic with my friends ("How many shrimp do you guys think are in... Read more

  • 7.5.15.

    7/5/2015 6:49:27 AM, by CHAOS1996

    Day One!!! Super excited to head on this journey of healthy recovery. I am in intensive outpatient (IOP from here on out), in recovery for severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I figured if I am getting myself healthy emotionally and mentally, I might as well through physically as well! I will ... Read more

  • I got a fitbit!

    7/4/2015 9:57:03 AM, by SHAWNGIGI

    It's cute and doesn't pinch my chubby arms like the armband did. I have big dreams for my fit self still. I haven't given up. I'm frolicking with elementary aged kids this summer, so I think that my fitness levels have greatly increased. I'll be back. I'm back on board. 334 ... Read more

  • Celebrating America’s Birthday

    7/4/2015 4:16:31 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    Grandma always said that Independence Day was America’s birthday and we liked to celebrate it with music (as well as parades, picnics and fireworks). I wanted to give you samples of some of my favorites by American (mostly) composers. I’ve tried to give you links as well. One of ... Read more


    7/4/2015 3:04:24 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    Macy's has severed ties with Donald Trump and no longer will carry his men's wear collection. From now on, men who want to look like Donald Trump will have to hunt and kill their own hair piece. -Conan O'Brien Last night for the first time in 24 years Jupiter and Venus appeared almost on top of... Read more

  • I Bought A String Bikini!

    7/3/2015 3:16:29 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Ha! It felt good. I felt really liberated to be buying this at the store. Red and black, with an elastic string that looked pretty sturdy. Not the tying string on the bottom, that was elastic on both sides. Okay, though, this has been quite a while! Did I trick you? I was actually thirteen that y... Read more

  • Time to start counting calories!

    7/2/2015 3:28:39 PM, by TIGGZ31

    Well, I decided that today I am going to start counting my daily calorie intake and see if by doing this I can start losing more weight. I can't really do more exercising right now - my knees need a day off so the pain and swelling can subside before another day on the treadmill. I know that my hard... Read more