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  • Home health visit

    9/21/2017 7:29:46 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Had a visit from an RN working for my health insurance company today. He was impressed with how well I am doing. It was nice to get that validation.... Read more

  • Weight Loss God's Way: Day 11

    9/21/2017 4:20:25 PM, by AEGISHOT

    WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Scripture Reflection “They continued to follow their own gods according to the religious customs of the nations from which they came.” ~ 2 Kings 17:33 NLT “Growth demands a temporary surrender of security. It may mean giving up familiar but limiting patterns, safe... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 21 and September 22

    9/21/2017 3:32:42 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  Spend less time on the dreams of life and more time on the joys of living. Lord, help me to view my troubles as smaller than they are until together we make them disappear. Daily Scripture & Reflection: Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7 A ... Read more

  • Small Goals Challenge September 21, 2017

    9/21/2017 11:34:46 AM, by GET2BEFIT

    Last night I made breakfast casserole, this morning I had it for breakfast. Library has the software that is compatible to submit applications for the second job and my laptop doesn't. I'm applying for a second job to help make ends meet, rent an apartment, and finish paying for my fitness trainer c... Read more

  • Happy Sparkversary to Me

    9/21/2017 10:59:05 AM, by HARROWJET

    Member Since: 9/20/2004 Happy 804plus505 = 13 years. [There is no emoticon for 13 years. Perhaps 13 is considered unlucky. 24] Do I remember that night 13 years ago when I 'discovered' SparkPeople? Not really except that I was checking sites for help with losing weight. I still do th... Read more

  • A sparkly day

    9/21/2017 10:44:33 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    There is no secret that I haven't been feeling my brightest lately. Having to leave a job because of a toxic worker will do that. Today I decided to change things in a more positive direction and you can also. I had forgotten about my morning routine, I had some extra money so I left early to ge... Read more

  • Thinner Or Not/ Self Esteem/ Exercise

    9/21/2017 10:44:12 AM, by MISSPEACHES3

    A few nights back I was in my "I really wish I were thinner" mode. So I ask my self if I wanted it (thinner) more than I wanted the unhealthy foods I regularly consumed. Yes was NOT my answer. I said out loud "I don't know." Then I said, "I am not sure." Like a lot of people, I have self estee... Read more

  • it's thursday

    9/21/2017 10:10:13 AM, by MOMMY445

    i have a follow up appointment with my doctor this afternoon to find out the results of the heart test i did a while ago. i still have some other tests to do. i will get them done as soon as i can. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • 2017-09-21 Sharing from my email inbox

    9/21/2017 9:05:28 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    How may I be of service... Good question.. ... Read more

  • From me to you...

    9/21/2017 8:54:20 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Everyday CAN be a good one... it's a choice, after-all. 104 224... Read more

  • Happy Thursday to all

    9/21/2017 8:24:37 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Woke up with headache today. No morning walk, was very foggy. Will do it later.... Read more

  • Thought for the day....

    9/21/2017 7:20:01 AM, by SHAWFAN

    It's time to get up and reach for a better life, a higher life indeed! Making changes daily is now my creed. Every day I learn about my life in healthy ways These small changes that I make are what really pays. I know that I'm not perfect, but better I will be I'm losing th... Read more

  • Girl up and going forward

    9/21/2017 6:27:09 AM, by DSCROW

    So my pity party is over. Yes I ate peanut butter crackers after the news yesterday but didn't go food crazy or fall off the wagon per se. I know my little rant yesterday helped relieve some of the stress of the day. I also got several walking opportunities. My therapy dog was with me and she ge... Read more

  • Give Him Your Cares - Joel and Victoria

    9/21/2017 5:46:24 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." (1 Peter 5:7, NLT) God desires to take care of whatever may be concerning you today. He invites you to give your worries and cares to Him simply because He loves you! How do you give Him your cares? First o... Read more

  • Still Having Trouble With Bi

    9/21/2017 1:26:04 AM, by FRAN0426

    I was waiting to blog about how my Bi-pap machine is working, but will get those of you interested up to date. I was to see the Pulmonary Specialist this Tuesday but the appointment has gotten changed to October 11th. Went back to see one of the pulmonary helpers for adjustment last Wednesday as I... Read more

  • Working It Wednesday!

    9/20/2017 9:29:42 PM, by CINDY247

    My new Normal!... Read more

  • September 20: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- Feels Like Autumn

    9/20/2017 8:22:13 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hello SparkFriends Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 220 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 145 of 164 (88%) blogging for this challenge (details below and this counts weekly emails if I don't blog that day) Happy Woohoo Wednesday! Is it starting to fee like aut... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 20 and September 21

    9/20/2017 7:44:37 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  You make a difference every time you smile, speak kindly or give of yourself. Lord, You ask for nothing but goodness of me. What peace it brings to my soul. Daily Scripture & Reflection: Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7 A Time to Think: ... Read more

  • soooo my car is totalled and I am not happy

    9/20/2017 4:27:04 PM, by DSCROW

    Last week through no fault of my own someone from oncoming traffic was rear-ended pushed into my lane and took out my mirror and side swiped me. It could have been SOOO worse but was not, thank you Jesus. My car needs repaired. I wanted it repaired. It's a 2006 Nissan Quest with 350,000+ miles o... Read more

  • 2017-09-20 Sharing from my email inbox

    9/20/2017 4:05:51 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Shortly after the new president of the USA was elected several Americans have been seen sneaking into Canada. Canada's Prime Minister has made the decision to build a wall. more tomorrow, if I remember !! ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    9/20/2017 3:11:06 PM, by DRBARNETT

    Good afternoon sparkers. I am trying to get back on track. Hot and humid here in south Texas. I hope everyone has a blessed and healthy day. Now drink a glass of water and lets keep working.... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    9/20/2017 12:23:45 PM, by MOMMY445

    another very warm and humid day here today. i am keeping cool and well hydrated and so is my daughter. her teacher is nice. this year, the way it works out, she has 6 different teachers, including one for home room. last year, she just had one teacher. the teacher had nothing but praise for my daugh... Read more

  • I'm hoping I can do all this...

    9/20/2017 11:36:21 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Somethings worthy of quitting... 224... Read more

  • Let's get physical

    9/20/2017 11:05:22 AM, by LUNADRAGON

    So, I have had several sessions of physical therapy, and I noticed last night my dizziness seems gone. I still am having mid back and low back issues waking me up. I have had just under 6 hours sleep each night for the last three nights, and I feel exhausted. After going out for an appointment, I... Read more

  • Happy Wednesday to all

    9/20/2017 9:56:41 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Had a good day yesterday and hoping to be strong today.... Read more

  • Obstacles Do Not Win Over Me!

    9/20/2017 7:13:41 AM, by 2BDYNAMIC

    I remember when I worked, how the same people, so predictable, would call in sick. You could bank on them calling on Monday or Friday. Same lame excuses: "I have a migraine." ..... 'I got food poisoning over the weekend." ....Never anything new. And it didn't seem to bother them that the rest... Read more

  • A Hope So Precious - Ransomed Heart

    9/20/2017 5:59:35 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    If we will listen with kindness and compassion to our own souls, we will hear the echoes of a hope so precious we can barely put words to it, a wild hope we can hardly bear to embrace. God put it there. He also breathed the corresponding promise into the earth; it is the whisper that keeps coming to... Read more

  • Weight Loss God's Way

    9/20/2017 5:01:29 AM, by AEGISHOT

    I have been going through a weight loss meditation and plan for the past 10 days and it is a YouVersion Bible App Plan. I love having to do devotional plans on this app and when I got this Weight Loss God's Way, I thought it right to give it a trial, but the past ten days had been of little of no ef... Read more

  • Words to live by

    9/20/2017 12:43:20 AM, by RORYLYONS

    Words to live by.... blog from JAVAGAL47 Someone wrote these beautiful words. Layman's Ten Commandments The piece is a must read. Try to understand the deep meaning of it. They are like the Ten Commandments, to follow in life all of the time! 1. Prayer is not a "spare whee... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 19 and September 20

    9/19/2017 11:10:07 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration   Are you too busy wishing away your day to get what you really want? Lord, help me set goals and find the means to achieve what is important to me. Daily Scripture & Reflection: And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body.... Read more

  • 9/19/17

    9/19/2017 10:29:56 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy this was a horrible day. My good leg decided to do me wrong today. I don't know what happened. I woke up this morning with severe pains in my good knee. I made it through work barely. I am going to get my shots tomorrow, and I think I am going to insist that some new xrays are taken. I hop... Read more

  • Small goals challenges September 19th, 2017

    9/19/2017 6:37:10 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Long crazy day! An hour grocery shopping, 13 minutes on elliptical trainer, 23 minutes intervals walking and jogging, an hour cooking....that's my workout! I went to the nurse at urgent care, she said I have a skin disorder called dermatitis, which I've never heard of! She said I'm notcontagious, w... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday to all

    9/19/2017 12:02:31 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Got my walk done on this beautiful morning. Making good food choices today.... Read more

  • Is that really me?

    9/19/2017 10:57:08 AM, by LUNADRAGON

    Think about it. As you run across this article. Think about your weight loss journey, wherever you are. Is that really me? Is that really you? Yes! Emphatically, it is. You and I are making this thing happen. You, and I are losing weight, getting stronger, getting leaner, getting more flexible, a... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    9/19/2017 10:19:34 AM, by MOMMY445

    it's meet the teacher day at my daughter's school. i always go to meet the teacher she has each school year. then i can put a face to the name i hear so much about from my daughter. it is another hot and humid day here again today. both me and my daughter are staying cool and well hydrated. all of t... Read more

  • Too Tempting...

    9/19/2017 8:08:07 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    I'm allergic to bake-goods... 40 They always make me breakout in FAT. 224 15 246 ... Read more

  • He Will Multiply Your Resources - Joel and Victoria

    9/19/2017 5:31:52 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness." (2 Corinthians 9:10, NASB) We serve a faithful God—He is the God of more than enough! Not only does He promise to meet yo... Read more


    9/19/2017 12:37:30 AM, by JOANN25

    Although I can't exercise due to my surgery last week, I am still eating healthy and doing other things that I can do during this time. Everything is going well. Still a little pain that makes me uncomfortable. Of course they had to cut my hair in the area of the skin cancer and that looks h... Read more

  • 2017-09-18

    9/18/2017 10:39:25 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Puns for those with a higher IQ... found this evening in my email inbox.. hope you enjoy !! Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine. A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking. Dijon vu - the same mustard as before. Practice safe eating - always ... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 18 and September 19

    9/18/2017 10:33:08 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  Great power comes from being able to appreciate your own goodness and anticipate goodness in others. Lord, help me to focus on that which will bring me peace and lift my spirit. Daily Scripture & Reflection: This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask ... Read more

  • 9/18/17

    9/18/2017 10:25:01 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well the sale became legal today! We are now bought out by TDAmeritrade. This sale will eventually put 1000 people out of work. We were told today that the group I work for will be here until the conversion is done in Feb. 2018. By that time I will be ready to retire. The people they are keepi... Read more

  • Another Journey

    9/18/2017 10:02:31 PM, by NOLAHORSERIDER

    I have been researching the Ketogenics Diet for the past week or so. I talked with my neighbor who lost 70 pounds since November last year on this diet. From the reasearch I've done I have learned a great deal. I have a list of the foods I must eat every day, which ones I must avoid and which one... Read more

  • September 18: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- Elevating Anissa's Lesson

    9/18/2017 8:46:16 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hello SparkFriends Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 218 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 144 of 162 (89%) blogging for this challenge (details below and this counts weekly emails if I don't blog that day) Thanks for sharing all of the great comments yesterday abou... Read more

  • Stop bullying.....

    9/18/2017 7:54:24 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    We have to stand up for ourselves. ... Read more

  • it's monday

    9/18/2017 4:43:15 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great weekend and so did my daughter! i heard from two different places today regarding job opportunities. i know that i will find the right one. i am not giving up. i found a place in the city i live that has a free, in person university course in the liberal arts area. i am going to give i... Read more

  • Happy Monday to all

    9/18/2017 3:07:30 PM, by TSHAWGER

    I am going to be positive and strong this week. I've come to far to undo all my hard work. Making time for myself, because I am important.... Read more

  • New Vision

    9/18/2017 2:45:18 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Lately, I've been struggling to find a goal to stick with. To be more precise, I have multiple goals and I'm not sure which to follow. I want to lose weight, increase muscle, increase flexibility, finish my degree, go up in my company, leave my position to prove I can do more, move out, get a new ... Read more

  • nsv and a question.

    9/18/2017 1:16:42 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    While I didn't lose over the last week, I didn't gain either. That is a NSV as I did something right with eating and moving. I am working on getting my miles up on walking and exercising at home so that is helping. I didn't have enough money to get something to eat at school so I went to the ... Read more

  • Daysong

    9/18/2017 12:27:54 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Be like a bird! Sing your day! Sing it outward, sing it in your heart! Sing it in your inner spirit, your creativity. Embrace it because this is what you have. Today! Make the best of it, Enjoy it and let its joys uplift your heart. Look at the bright side, and let the shadows fall and fade away. ... Read more

  • Great tracker!

    9/18/2017 10:18:22 AM, by -ANGIE

    This app works great. Got it on Google play. Has gps to track your routes. Easy to use too!... Read more

  • Food logged for the day

    9/18/2017 9:53:51 AM, by DSCROW

    So I am back to using my food diary. I am looking to basically adjust from the keto to just counting calories. I am keeping in mind the right or healthy calories, not breads which are not good for me, and feeling at peace. I think I was eating too much cheese on the keto plan and I stayed in lo... Read more

  • Spilled Milk...

    9/18/2017 9:13:55 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    "Happy Monday Everyone"... have a good one, 'anyway'. 213... Read more

  • Monday Moves

    9/18/2017 7:00:27 AM, by CINDY247

    Good morning! Since I'm still sidelined with a sprained foot AND I haven't been very active due to re-injury... yes I have had a set back.. I've decided that I need to find some kind of exercise that I CAN do! Since, I'm afraid of a weight gain I must do something So today is the day to get mo... Read more

  • Dwell in Safety and Trust - Joel and Victoria

    9/18/2017 6:02:21 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust."(Psalm 4:8, AMPC) All throughout Scripture, God has promised to be your Protector, Defender, your Strength, your Shelter and so much more. Even when the storms of lif... Read more

  • exercise and meditation at the same time

    9/17/2017 8:02:34 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    While I was out walking today, I meditated as I needed it and enjoyed it. Also the 2 sternwheelers that was in town (well on the river), left while I was out on the trail and it was neat to see them going down river and the actual wheel turning. I don't know if it was needed, but they was turning ... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 17 and September 18

    9/17/2017 6:58:52 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  When something threatens your peace, do not give it an importance it doesn't have by allowing it to fester in your mind. Lord, there is no situation beyond Your ability to correct. Daily Scripture & Reflection: All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flower... Read more

  • I Need to Get Focused

    9/17/2017 5:19:28 PM, by REEDSKI

    I need to do what I know will help me lose. Track food while eating healthy and normal portion sizes while also tracking my daily exercise. Yesterday I counted walking at the geography conference as my exercise. Today I haven't exercised yet. I will need to do something! 🤹‍♀️... Read more

  • September 17: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- Passing of Anissa/Miss-Willow

    9/17/2017 4:11:56 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hello SparkFriends Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 217 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 143 of 161 (89%) blogging for this challenge (details below and this counts weekly emails if I don't blog that day) Today I bring sad news that some of you already know. Back... Read more

  • 9/17/2017

    9/17/2017 2:40:45 PM, by LKBRIDGE

    Weighed today and lost .2 oz--better than a gain but not what I wanted. I had a feeling it would be a small loss cause last week I lost 2 pounds. On my fb wall I asked if there were any sparkers and there is NOT 1! I have given many friends spark's link and no one signed up, I am sooo disappointe... Read more

  • Happy Sunday to all

    9/17/2017 9:07:34 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Enjoy this beautiful morning, just did my walk.... Read more

  • Best Dieting Aides Here...

    9/17/2017 8:45:08 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    This will work for sure... but not for finger-foods. 100 246 ... Read more

  • What I learned from a month of food tracking

    9/17/2017 3:36:30 AM, by HAKAPES

    I restarted again to track whatever I eat during the day at the beginning of August. I discovered some old-new conclusions about my own eating habits. 1. My main meals are healthy, and within normal calorie range. I eat a breakfast with granola and milk, a light lunch, and a light dinner. ... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 16 and September 17

    9/16/2017 11:57:49 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  Never lose your laughter even in the face of trouble and your troubles will not be as heavy. Lord, I will remain cheerful and peaceful as proof of my faith in You. Daily Scripture & Reflection: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yo... Read more


    9/16/2017 11:56:49 PM, by JOANN25

    i HAD A SKIN CANCER REMOVED YESTERDAY. The positive side of it was that they did get all the cancer. I feel like God blessed me in this. On the other hand, I am told I can't exercise for at least two weeks. I'll be back on track as soon as I am able to. A special thank you to all my sup... Read more

  • September 16: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- Let's Banish Food Comas

    9/16/2017 10:30:57 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi SparkFriends! Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 216 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 142 of 160 (89%) blogging for this challenge (details below and this counts weekly emails if I don't blog that day) This is my SparkGuy email for this week, but I'm making it in... Read more

  • Almost have this round of homework done......

    9/16/2017 10:30:11 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    For math. 1 more question and it will be done and I can study for a test on Monday. Yes I do study every day, but this is to help with remembering for the test. Almost 5 miles today. Hopefully will get close to 5 tomorrow. Today I'm glad to be at home as it is funny sounding outside this ... Read more

  • Small goals challenges September 16th, 2017

    9/16/2017 8:09:18 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Well, after finishing supper I've consumed 902 calories, cleaned the apartment 65 minutes. I just literally finished supper around 6 pm central time and feel like I didn't eat anything! I'm guessing that it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain I've had plenty to eat, now my stomach is ... Read more

  • 9/16/17

    9/16/2017 2:12:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    I am upset with myself again. I didn't go to K.C. because my knees hurt so bad, and once again I have allowed my body to dictate what I can and can't do. Last night I was doing a little wallowing in my sorrows, but today, I decided that I have the power to change it and I have to do it. I started... Read more

  • These last 15 pounds won’t go away!

    9/16/2017 11:24:17 AM, by SYNCHRODAD

    My weight loss goal line and my real weight loss curve have come together. These last 15 pounds are fighting to stay around (my waist)! They’ve fought me to a standstill the last 3 weeks. How do I vanquish them? My Fitbit: I have been sluffing my steps goal in favor of minimum 30 minute walks. ... Read more

  • Happy Saturday everyone

    9/16/2017 10:22:21 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Enjoying time with grandson.... Read more

  • New mornings

    9/16/2017 9:52:03 AM, by LUNADRAGON

    There is nothing like a better night's sleep after not sleeping well, and after a long exhausting day. It makes the sun shine a little brighter and bird song sound more beautiful. Positivity CAN make you feel better. Even when you have to fake it until you make it, and honestly, we know that sometim... Read more

  • Times ARE a'changing....

    9/16/2017 8:38:31 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    It's not nice to mess with Mother Earth. 432 40 20 Today's weather catastrophes are proof of Climate Change. 27 54... Read more

  • 9/15/17

    9/15/2017 10:20:53 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Reagan came into the world at 6:30 p.m. this evening. The checked in the hospital last night at 9:30 p.m. She is 8 lb. 8 oz. and 20 inches long. Margaret went up to K.C. but my knee was bothering me that I didn't feel like taking the train with my knee hurting so bad. I will go up next weekend... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 15 and September 16

    9/15/2017 8:06:14 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  Every day renew your purpose because without purpose your life will be empty. Lord, grant that I am able to truly see the worth and value of my existence and know that my presence does make a difference. Daily Scripture & Reflection: But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You ar... Read more

  • September 15: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- Home Sweet Home

    9/15/2017 7:17:34 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi SparkFriends! Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 215 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 141 of 159 (89%) blogging for this challenge (details below and this counts weekly emails if I don't blog that day) Woohoo -- just made it home from my trip to visit the SparkPe... Read more

  • Health activities

    9/15/2017 7:01:59 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Monday I have a colonoscopy. Also, picked up diabetic supplies at pharmacy today.... Read more

  • Tired and got something done.

    9/15/2017 5:57:44 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I should be napping a bit so I can do homework but not feeling right to do so. Why? I don't know. I should though. Because I was so tired today, I let today be a rest day from exercise. I will exercise tomorrow and Sunday so its not hard to make up. I will be seeing some pretty views when I wa... Read more

  • "Until they all come home...."

    9/15/2017 5:39:47 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Today is National POW/MIA Day. It is a day set aside to remember those who were captured by the enemy during a wartime conflict or those designated as missing in action. It is always the 3rd Friday of September. Across America people come together to remember those that were captured or ... Read more

  • Never been any reason

    9/15/2017 2:45:16 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Today is my husbands and my 28th anniversary, Around 30 years ago I went to a bar called the 190 . My friend Mike from work was playing in a band called RTM. It was the end of May. It was the night I was supposed to marry someone else but he broke it off around Christmas time. I had no attention... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/15/2017 11:00:49 AM, by MOMMY445

    another beautiful sunny and warm day here today. my daughter says hi! i am keeping cool today and doing my exercises mostly indoors. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Day 254: Dolly's BLC-35 Wk#02 WEC Plan

    9/15/2017 9:55:05 AM, by DOLLFACEDX

    Thought I'd post my Weekend Challenge (WEC) plan - knowing others are watching always helps to keep me accountable. ROUTINES: 20 ea / 60 max 1. Track All Food: Fri - Sat - Sun - Mon 2. 30min Cardio: Fri - Sat - Sun - Mon 3. 15min ST / Stretching: Fri - Sat - Sun - Mon NEW: ... Read more

  • Happy Friday to all

    9/15/2017 9:03:50 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Let's make today a good one.... Read more

  • "Calvin & Hobbes"

    9/15/2017 8:19:33 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Always a favourite of mine... they say it like it is. 211 213 ... Read more

  • Closer Than You Think - Joel and Victoria

    9/15/2017 5:22:37 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded." (Hebrews 10:35, NIV) Have you been praying and believing for something that seems like it’s taking a lot longer than you thought? Many times, people can miss God’s best simply because they give up before th... Read more

  • 9/14/17

    9/14/2017 9:02:24 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well within 24 hours I will be a grandpa again. They are going to the hospital at 9:30 tonight and will induce the baby. She wasn't dilated yet at the doctor's office so they said to come to the hospital and they will get this show on the road. I will not be able to go, but Margaret will go up to... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth Verse for September 14 and September 15

    9/14/2017 8:54:14 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration:  It is nice to have the things money can buy, but be sure that you don't lose the things money can't buy in the process. Lord, never let me forget who I am and that which truly means the most.  Daily Scripture & Reflection: God created everything through him, and nothing wa... Read more

  • Show it the door

    9/14/2017 8:41:33 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Don't let words of discouragement drag you down. Get up, open the door, and kick it out. Let good things spring from your lips, rejoice in all things. Be an encouragement to others. Be a sparkle of sunshine in others' days. Be a listener, be a friend, and don't ever, ever, ever let disco... Read more

  • I went on a field trip for school today

    9/14/2017 8:22:15 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    and the class was lucky enough to walk to the place today (just a couple blocks from the building the class is in and across the street from the main building). I may live in an illegal state. Yes you heard correctly. An illegal state. In the Constitution, when states split, the original state i... Read more

  • Week 2 Recap: Step Back and Refocus

    9/14/2017 8:12:21 PM, by LOPEYP

    My goals for the week were pretty straightforward: Stay within my calorie range at least 4x a week. No blow out days. Burn 400 calories a day Continue ST 3x a week Drink 64oz of water How did I do? Not that great. I basically failed on all but the water. Not to make e... Read more

  • A secret reward

    9/14/2017 7:34:41 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    I can't say I hate exercise . I can't say I love it either . I do very much love how I feel later, Today was one of those mornings that I just was not feeling it. It's only a half hour I told myself . You can do this ,just start. So i did. I was enjoying my walk and I looked ahead and there was my ... Read more

  • SP Member Quotes with Power

    9/14/2017 1:45:50 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    I read GETTINGSERIOUS's blog about his weight loss and how he has had to deal with his food addictions. The quote below from his blog is one of the best and most meaningful quotes for me I've ever come across on SP. Thanks GETTINGSERIOUS! "If I really, really, urgently want something, I do no... Read more

  • it's thursday

    9/14/2017 1:21:14 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel that i did well at the interview that i had this morning. i will keep looking for work opportunities. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it is a very warm and humid day here today, so my daughter and i are keeping cool and well hydrated. have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Happy Thursday to all

    9/14/2017 11:33:52 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Make the best out of today. I'm going to be strong and positive.... Read more