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  • Happy Thursday to all

    6/29/2017 9:15:00 AM, by TSHAWGER

    I got up early on this beautiful morning and got my 1 hour walk done. Makes me feel great to do this for me.... Read more

  • Garage sales...

    6/29/2017 8:42:50 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Isn't this one so inviting? 224 Got some good books and this hand made quilt... They had washed it and displayed it on their clothes line. Smells awesome. Plus, I found this lovely little vase... why would she sell it? 104 ... Read more

  • Constantly Speak - Joel and Victoria

    6/29/2017 8:16:23 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth." (Psalm 34:1, ESV) When you wake up in the morning, do you expect the goodness of God in your life? Do you set the tone of the day for success, favor and blessing with your words? Scripture te... Read more

  • This is me

    6/28/2017 11:52:35 PM, by 71PAMMY

    ... Read more

  • 6/28/17

    6/28/2017 11:04:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    It is 10:00 oclock and I still have a lot to do before going to bed. Just not enough hours in a day. Will have time tomorrow to put my thoughts to paper! Trying to hold up this week, as my heart is not into most anything I am doing. HOpe your day went well!... Read more

  • jokes and this week in review

    6/28/2017 10:05:29 PM, by CANDOK1260

    this week in review good things 1 I I ate healthier 2 almost complete my book 3 got some me time 4 did a you tube video 5 I on my 20th day of a exercise with a friend 6 got to see my family alot bad things 1 got burn at work not bad but it hurt 2 work was hard 3 didn't get as ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    6/28/2017 9:52:51 PM, by DRBARNETT

    Good evening sparkers. It's been s nice day here in south Texas. I have had a pretty good day. Finished project for my wife. Walk my dog, and cleaned my work bench plan on gym tomorrow. I hope everyone had a blessed,and healthy day. Now drink,a glass is water and,have a,pleasant evening. Good night... Read more

  • June 28: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- SparkButton -- Challenge SparkTeam

    6/28/2017 8:54:34 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Tuesday Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 136 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 80 in a row blogging for this challenge (details below) Hope you are having a great day! As I mentioned yesterday, I took my boys to the inaugural American Flag Football ... Read more

  • Getting a little older.....

    6/28/2017 7:55:24 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Some of us are...all of us will eventually. Have a great evening.... Read more

  • Tomorrow is 6 months !

    6/28/2017 5:53:07 PM, by CINDY247

    Hey ! Tomorrow will make 6 months since I joined Spark People! It's hard for me to believe it's been that long even though I've undergone so many changes! These changes include weight loss, improved health, stamina along with a more positive outlook on my life and a change in the way I look at &... Read more

  • My Inspiration Post

    6/28/2017 4:57:45 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I figured, after 9 months on this journey, I should post up a blog of things that keep me going, excite me, and inspire me to go further. Basically, my WHY in different terms. 1. Because dancing and moving is fun. 2. So I can go a little further next time. 3. To get a little closer to my go... Read more

  • Life Interrupted

    6/28/2017 3:43:08 PM, by HEAVENLYFLOWER1

    Last year I started 21 Day fix, was eating healthy and exercising an hour everyday. I got myself down to 170 pounds from 195. I felt great. Then my husband fell 25 feet from a tree and almost died. He was laid up for 6 months but not able to work he was going to have to have more surgery. T... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/28/2017 2:53:44 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just made it on time for my in person interview earlier this afternoon. i checked in and asked to see a specific person. i was then asked for photo id, so i showed security my photo id. they then gave me a visitors badge and asked me to sit and wait for the person to come and get me. i patiently w... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/28/2017 2:53:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just made it on time for my in person interview earlier this afternoon. i checked in and asked to see a specific person. i was then asked for photo id, so i showed security my photo id. they then gave me a visitors badge and asked me to sit and wait for the person to come and get me. i patiently w... Read more

  • Happy Wednesday to all

    6/28/2017 12:51:37 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Got up early today and went to planet fitness with my SIL did 75 min workout. Got nice sweat going!!... Read more

  • Because of SparkCoach...

    6/28/2017 12:31:08 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Hello everyone, I'm taking the advice from SparkCoach this morning and blogging about my progress, or lack there of. Not gaining, not losing. Exercise is on and off this past week. Last week was better. Eating is pretty well. Not "cheating" even though there's plenty around to cheat on, ... Read more

  • On a Roll - Finally!

    6/28/2017 12:05:43 PM, by LTURSS

    I'm not sure what finally sparked my decision to really go for it, but I'm FINALLY on a roll! I've been exercising daily...and actually enjoying it...and tracking my eating daily as well. And I'm seeing a difference! In mid-to-late May I was talking to my cousin (who worked really hard on her fi... Read more

  • Missing bread on the Keto or Low Carb Way of Eating

    6/28/2017 9:59:25 AM, by BBLUNDON

    Yep potatoes pasta bread rice it's going well .. i do eat them occasionally in really small doses losing weight .. less hungry .. interesting experiment so far :) b... Read more

  • The Mummy : A review!

    6/28/2017 8:13:48 AM, by EOWYN2424

    No, this is not the Brandon Frasier one but this was released this year staring Tom Cruise! Overall, this movie was a non-stop rip-roaring ride full of action. I love the storyline too! I don't understand why this movie got such bad reviews in the US. I think it's a great movie! Very well ... Read more

  • Day 2...Cardio X is the devil!

    6/28/2017 7:50:41 AM, by JAJONESCPA

    So today was Day 2 of P90X, Cardio X. Wow, what a sweatfest and need for oxygen!! I'd highly recommend that as a good cardio workout for anyone (like me) who can't do Plyometrics (the scheduled workout that day) due to knee issues. That was the good part. The bad part was that chips and sals... Read more

  • Dogs in the know...

    6/28/2017 7:41:29 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Have a great day... 224 213... Read more

  • Light in the Darkness - Joel and Victoria

    6/28/2017 7:07:57 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "When darkness overtakes him, light will come bursting in..." (Psalm 112:4, TLB) Everyone goes through seasons of difficulty or times when things just seem dark. During these challenging times, know that you are not alone. God has a plan to drive out the darkness—He will f... Read more

  • June 27: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- SparkButton -- American Flag Football League

    6/28/2017 12:48:01 AM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Tuesday Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 135 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 79 in a row blogging for this challenge (details below) Another quick late-night check-in! I just returned from taking my boys to see a professional flag football game. ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    6/27/2017 10:29:16 PM, by DRBARNETT

    Been a long day. Good night sparkers... Read more

  • 6/27/17

    6/27/2017 10:25:07 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well had almost a good day. Went to the doctor and I lost 6 lbs this month. Not the 8 lbs the doctor wanted, but not the 8 lbs he wanted. But my b/p was down and he was happy about it. And made it to the dentist and got my new crown so I can chew like I always do. Also got a new knee brace and ... Read more

  • Suspension Trainer

    6/27/2017 9:09:23 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Recently I won a competition. Whooo hoooo! As the prize, they gave me online gift certificate which I could redeem at a number of online outlets. Since I earned the prize for monitoring my health, I thought I would also spend the prize on something for my health. I'd seen TRX suspension... Read more

  • The Last Tuesday in June...

    6/27/2017 8:58:11 PM, by CINDY247

    Wow, has this month flown by or what?? I can't believe that June is almost gone... time flies! Anyways, not much going on today... I did not touch a shovel that's for sure! Lol !!! I saw this somewhere today and it stuck with me: Set Goals Reach Goals Repeat That's what ... Read more

  • Things to do on an elevator.....

    6/27/2017 7:57:32 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Enjoy your evening.... Read more

  • Thirty six years ago today

    6/27/2017 7:25:58 PM, by 2BFREE2LIVE

    My Husband and I were married. Lots of ups and downs Lots of fun times Lots of traveling Best of all lots of LOVE ... Read more

  • Another Short Entry and an Important Conversation

    6/27/2017 4:15:09 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Last week was a rough week me for me, for whatever reason. I really think it would have helped to have seen my trainer. That said, seems that I'm on a good start for this week. I hit the gym for the first time in a while. Purposely tore my legs up (i.e. pushed them hard). Lately, seems that I've bee... Read more

  • A Meteor Hits My Life

    6/27/2017 1:33:43 PM, by SYNCHRODAD

    My lovely bride of 48 years severed a big tendon in her foot when a big, sharp knife slipped off of the kitchen counter. Instantly, her mode is wheelchair, foot elevated, pain meds, no meal prep, disabled assist devices, and her new “residence” is only our downstairs for a while. Shove the li... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/27/2017 11:37:47 AM, by MOMMY445

    i have an in-person job interview tomorrow, through an employment agency i am registered with. i am researching the company this morning and i will run some errands this afternoon. this position will go for approximately six months and may even be extended further. it is a lot closer for me to get t... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday to all

    6/27/2017 9:56:20 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Had a very good 4.11 mile walk with neighbor this morning , did it in 14 min pace. A nice cool morning for a walk.... Read more

  • Twice the benefits.

    6/27/2017 9:28:27 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    It takes as much effort to be kind... with twice the benefits. 224 Still raining here... trees, lakes and birds are happy, so are my lawns. 250 Went to a couple book stores yesterday and exchanged a few good reads. Then off to donate lots of items to our "Red Door" drop off box. 5... Read more

  • More On The "Marshmallow Theory"

    6/27/2017 9:22:08 AM, by MISSPEACHES3

    So I looked up the "Marshmallow Theory" and have copied and pasted the following interesting information: "The Stanford marshmallow experiment[1] was a series of studies on delayed gratification in the late 1960s and early 1970s led by psychologist Walter Mischel, then a professor at Stanfor... Read more

  • Back from vacation

    6/27/2017 9:15:19 AM, by MSLZZY

    Babysitting the GC was a fun break from the normal routine. Almost a shame to come home but it was time to get back to work. I went straight to the office and worked until 12:40. DH and I had lunch together at the Beer Garden and it was good. I didn't get home from the office until after 5 a... Read more

  • Treadmill - Thank You SP

    6/27/2017 8:34:48 AM, by SPARKLE-IT

    I'm blogging here and also going to paste this on my SP page as I want everyone to see. However, I have to add a very special thank you to the very first people I met on SP. I was trying to go to your individual pages and thank you, but knowing myself I will miss somebody so to be sure I don't... Read more

  • Enough inaction! It's high time for action!!!

    6/27/2017 8:30:43 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I will lose the weight this time, and I won't look back. This healthy lifestyle is for life! I will only allow myself a small portion of a treat only once a month at most, so I won't feel deprived, a small portion only like a half cup! I will measure using my Mom's baking cups. On a daily ... Read more

  • Prosper in All You Do - Joel and Victoria

    6/27/2017 6:18:29 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers." (Psalm 1:3, NASB) Large trees represent power, majesty and stability. Have you ever noticed the difference b... Read more

  • Day 1...The Beginning of X

    6/27/2017 5:07:33 AM, by JAJONESCPA

    So after some really discouraging information from my last physical (blood sugar, ugh), it's time to really start taking lifestyle seriously. I've decided to start P90X, just because I've done X3 many years ago and I know that it's going to be extremely difficult, but it's going to push me to new l... Read more

  • June 26: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- SparkButton -- Great lunch meeting

    6/27/2017 12:51:42 AM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Monday Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 134 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 78 in a row blogging for this challenge (details below) Hi all -- just a quick check-in to see if you had a good day Monday or start to your Tuesday! Great day here. I ha... Read more

  • Love of my life

    6/26/2017 10:41:10 PM, by 71PAMMY

    This man is the love of my life. My husband Rick is trying to lose weight with me. I'm so thankful for him... Read more

  • Day 14

    6/26/2017 10:10:52 PM, by _TAKE2_

    Boring day, but that's OK -- stormed all morning and half the afternoon so I didn't get back out to the garden yet - the weeds will still be there, LOL. Got my steps in by walking 'with' a 20-min Youtube (Jessica Smith) video and other walking around while I puttered. Totally forgot to ... Read more

  • 6/26/17

    6/26/2017 9:55:42 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Not much to report today. Was a quiet day. Worked from home, and my knee is still hurting if I stand too long. I can get on the bike and gazelle and as long as I am moving it is fine, but when I walk or stand still for any period of time, it hurts, so I didn't bother trying to hobble outside to... Read more

  • Monday Fun

    6/26/2017 9:54:31 PM, by CINDY247

    Still landscaping our back yard 1 ton of dirt is now distributed throughout our entire yard ! When I'm done I'll post pics ! I'm breaking my own records !! WOOHOO! ! ! ! Keep On Sparking! !... Read more

  • Listless no more

    6/26/2017 8:53:50 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    I have been listless for a long time, Yes , It's time to admit that yes I am a naked shopper, I love the spontaneity of going commando . I love the rush of excitement of just buying something on the spur of the moment just because I feel like it. I guess I just got tired of wasting money , I've b... Read more

  • Monday

    6/26/2017 8:15:15 PM, by DRBARNETT

    Good evening sparkers. It's been a pleasant day here in south Texas a little humid but that's okay we need the rain. I am,working on a project with my wife for our granddaughter due in a couple of months. I have time but trying to hurry and getting frustrated when it doesn't go right kinda like my w... Read more

  • Food for health

    6/26/2017 7:02:29 PM, by RORYLYONS

    Eat the Foods That Help You Recover You are what you eat—but never more so than when you’re sick or injured. You may crave comfort foods, such as toast and jam or macaroni and cheese, when you aren’t feeling well. But some of these foods actually can work against you and prolong your... Read more

  • "The Marshmallow Theory" ???

    6/26/2017 2:43:17 PM, by MISSPEACHES3

    Recently, I had put on 5 I did not log it on here. When I got on the scale and saw the 5# weight gain, I started to cry. How could this happen??? How??? I actually know how, but it was hard to believe and hard to accept. I prayed a lot and tried to do something about it, but I was not ... Read more

  • Excited to go to Alaska!

    6/26/2017 1:58:30 PM, by DSCROW

    Well it's here this week! We will be off and I will be on social media sabbatical until 7/10 when I get home. I may have some internet but not sure. The 5 k went well and my time respectable. I was pleased. Keep Sparking everyone I will be back... Read more

  • Happy Monday to all

    6/26/2017 10:17:09 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Got up early and got my walk done. My neighbor joined me this morning. We talk and time goes by so quickly. Now doing some cleaning, getting ready for our annual July 4th party... Read more

  • "Just add some cream for me... thank you."

    6/26/2017 8:55:17 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    "Just add some cream for me... thank you." 106 250 Not into those other foamy, caramel, calorie loaded Latte's. Are you? 20... Read more

  • Make Your Move - Joel and Victoria

    6/26/2017 7:25:37 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture:"And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’..."(2 Corinthians 12:9, NKJV) We all go through seasons of difficulty and face storms in life. But during those times, we have to remember that Almighty God is greater than any... Read more


    6/26/2017 1:00:20 AM, by JOANN25

    Started the day off with a wonderful church service. Came home and pulled a couple of my frozen meals out of the freezer and warmed up for lunch. I didn't realize how easy this would make eating for one so much easier. I cook at night as my son usually eats with me. Between last night and... Read more

  • 2017 Summer 5% Challenge - 2nd blog

    6/25/2017 10:45:29 PM, by SPARKLE-IT

    The first blog I was making for 2017 Summer 5% Challenge was responding to questions asked on the team page. I got up to No. 7, but think there were a few more which I didn't get to and probably won't. Then came the challenge itself where I learned I'm on the Rowdy Rebel Team. 244 I'm so e... Read more

  • Day 13

    6/25/2017 10:23:29 PM, by _TAKE2_

    Strange weather today. We decided to go out to a nature reserve this morning - the sky was blue, no clouds, a lovely day. In the half hour it took to get the kitchen tidied and find my walking shoes dark clouds rolled in, seemingly out of nowhere and we had a thunderstorm. We settled back in f... Read more

  • Sweet Sunday

    6/25/2017 9:12:42 PM, by CINDY247

    Today was my rest day ! Very peaceful relaxing day in our new pool !... Read more

  • 6/25/17

    6/25/2017 7:59:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    The good Lord took my SIL home this morning. She has battled this degenerative brain disease for the last 5 years. I spent the afternoon helping my brother call relatives and that. Although, I could see the pain of losing his life partner, I could also see some relief. He has really had it roug... Read more

  • June 25: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- SparkButton -- Kayaking Elkhorn Slough Photos

    6/25/2017 7:05:44 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Sunday Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 133 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 77 in a row blogging for this challenge (details below) Yesterday I mentioned going kayaking with my 2 boys yesterday. I'm rested up from that adventure and back to share more... Read more

  • Humor for a hot afternoon.

    6/25/2017 5:51:40 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    It is hot again today, not miserable but hot. Thought some humor might help. Enjoy!!... Read more

  • 6-25-17: Tracking Monthly Weight Loss

    6/25/2017 3:20:36 PM, by SPARKLE-IT

    1 Jun - 30 Jun Total lost 1 May - 31 May Total lost 7.4 lbs 19 Apr - 30 Apr Total lost 2.2 lbs Sparkle-It beginning weight on SP (216 lbs on 19Apr17) Note: 4/19/17 - Sparkle-It began SP at 216 lbs 4/9/17 - Sparkle-It ... Read more

  • it's sunday

    6/25/2017 2:11:08 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new day has started. here is to it being a wonderful day! my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Treadmill & Get Moving!

    6/25/2017 1:01:05 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Today when I logged in SparkPeople had picked a few items to highlight and draw my attention to....first up: an article on making the treadmill fun again. Living in Texas, where it is HOT, HOTTER, and REALLY HOT, I only use the treadmill in the middle of the summer heat--so it is time to dust it o... Read more

  • kids and fire bombs

    6/25/2017 12:42:11 PM, by GETDONE

    Ok, I know kids will be kids. I know it is near the 4th of July. But I did not expect neighborhood kids to put the loudest one under my bedroom window It was so powerful that it shook my home!! I jumped up, stumbled, knocked over the stack of tile, struggled to keep from falling missed t... Read more

  • Sand

    6/25/2017 10:41:17 AM, by REEDSKI

    I took this photo and it made me think of a Hawk Nelson song Drops in the Ocean. And then I got to thinking about ways I've used or seen sand used. If you wanna know How far my love can go Just how deep, just how wide If you wanna see How much you mean to me Look at my hands... Read more

  • Happy Sunday to all

    6/25/2017 9:26:13 AM, by TSHAWGER

    I'm trying to avoid the scale, only weigh in once a week. It had been frustrating me. Everyone has a blessed Sunday.... Read more

  • Oooops... it happened again....

    6/25/2017 8:33:22 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Ever notice that happens a lot more as we age... 100 But I refuse to use her favourite swear-word... Pshaw. 20 246 Hope you have a great day today... 104 213... Read more

  • Sunday

    6/25/2017 7:24:49 AM, by DRBARNETT

    Good morning sparkers. Getting ready for gym. Then home for breakfast,worship and help my MIL and wife on some projects. I hope y'all have a blessed and healthy day. Now drink a glass of water and lets keep moving.... Read more

  • Blah humbug

    6/25/2017 1:23:13 AM, by CREE123

    Quilting is going well. I've been sidetracked by taking on a task -- care of a 4 month old. LOL, i sweat daily! A temporary situation to help a family member. Caring for an infant is tough. So so broke and will start back to work by July.... Read more


    6/25/2017 12:18:49 AM, by JOANN25

    Today has been an excellent day as far as exercise and meals. I didn't make my new step goal of 12000 but was still over 10000. The new goal will come soon. I am determined to go over and beyond on the goals. Still freezing things for future meals. This really works good as I don't have to... Read more

  • great Saturday

    6/24/2017 11:59:54 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    Spent a lot of time by the pool...completed 13,000+ steps... Read more

  • Day 12

    6/24/2017 9:55:09 PM, by _TAKE2_

    Spent the morning doing some cleaning and tidying in the house and then spent the afternoon weeding the garden. It was a mess - one section hadn't been weeded since last fall and was totally overgrown. Found a big toad living in a hole under the peony bush. Almost stepped on him, he blended in with... Read more

  • Super Sparking Saturday!

    6/24/2017 9:47:57 PM, by CINDY247

    Almost ready to enjoy our pool - did get in for a Lil bit this eve ! Still have about 1/3 ton of dirt to move Moved 2/3 today ! Just me & my shovel !! Woohoo !!... Read more

  • A quick hello

    6/24/2017 9:33:37 PM, by MSLZZY

    A very pleasant day with the 2 grandsons. The weather is cool and windy so we only took one walk. We kept busy and I went over the list DD left for me. I did laundry and dishes, watered the flowers and the newly planted apple trees. DH had a great day at the market. I will focus on making ... Read more

  • 6/24/17

    6/24/2017 9:25:11 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, I did something different today! I did nothing! My knee is feeling a little better, but decided to keep quiet today. The only thing I did today, was go and get a haircut. I am so tired of sweating so much so got a crew cut! I haven't had one of them since I was a kid and my parents mad... Read more

  • June 24: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- SparkButton -- Kayaking Elkhorn Slough

    6/24/2017 8:21:44 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Saturday Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 132 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 76 in a row blogging for this challenge (details below) Whew, we had a great adventure here today! Recently I mentioned a goal to go kayaking with my boys. But the youngest... Read more

  • Special Times

    6/24/2017 7:31:34 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Lots of folks have special plans for this time of year. I'm really looking forward to a few special days ahead, as well as visits from friends off from work. How are all of you doing?... Read more

  • Garmin 0% with a run in an hour!

    6/24/2017 7:17:26 PM, by DSCROW

    Oh well I can use my fit bit watch but I really rather have the Garmin for a run. It is what it is. I thought I plugged it up to charge but what ever I did drained it instead. I think it was backward and a button depressed draining it instead...ugh. It's on the charge but I will leave within th... Read more

  • Chapter 25, Day 95

    6/24/2017 2:03:03 PM, by VTORIA3

    After a healthy breakfast and all gung ho on healthy, my resolve weakened and I was into the snacks again. Undaunted, I will prevail today and salvage my day by finishing up under total allowable calories. One mishap will NOT determine my day. My goals today: 1. Plan out the rest of my food... Read more

  • Saturday

    6/24/2017 12:45:24 PM, by DRBARNETT

    Good morning sparkers. It's not quite as hot as yesterday 101. A lot more humid but cooler at least. I had to work today so going to gym later and Sunday early. I hope everyone has a blessed and healthy day. Now drink a glass of water and lets get moving.... Read more

  • Perfect day today...

    6/24/2017 12:09:35 PM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Today is a day of relaxation. 224 Got my books, coffee, make that two coffees, 149 271 Find me on our covered patio, feet up on my lounger... chillaxing. 104 It's a perfect day, 22c. ( 75ish f.) sunny with a nice breeze off Lake Ontario. Ribs and baked potatoes on t... Read more

  • Happy Saturday to all

    6/24/2017 8:57:40 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Sun is out and going to be a beautiful day here. Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the day. Stay strong, positive and even happy today.... Read more

  • Visited

    6/24/2017 2:31:49 AM, by GETDONE

    Lost another dear cousin. He was an amazing person full of love. He received 2 purple hearts. He was that kind of man. He will be missed by many. The good part is that he knew that he was going to see his mom, sister, brother, friends and many ancestors. Thankful for the moments in time he... Read more

  • June 23: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- SparkButton -- Dog and Caterpillar

    6/23/2017 10:27:09 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Friday Highlights include: * Yesterday was day 131 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak * Today is day 75 in a row blogging for this challenge (details below) Hope you had a great Friday and are ready for the weekend! Today was a pretty calm Friday for me. Just working awa... Read more

  • Rainy Day

    6/23/2017 10:21:14 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    I hate rainy days. Love to be outside and in the sun... Read more

  • Friday Funday!

    6/23/2017 10:08:04 PM, by CINDY247

    This is how busy I was today KEEP ON SPARKING! !... Read more

  • Day 11

    6/23/2017 9:03:52 PM, by _TAKE2_

    Another busy day :) Managed to eat a bit more today and I'm finally finished my antibiotics so hopefully my stomach will feel a bit better soon. Walked over 5000 steps (amazing what having a goal can prompt me to do). 248 And did my little strength workout - I know I need to 'up my game... Read more

  • Shortened exercise today for a reason.

    6/23/2017 6:05:42 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I did get exercise in today, but with the weather being bad I shortened it. That is also why I did my Mindful.... blog yesterday. I worry when the weather is bad. I worry about everyone around me especially down river from me.... Read more

  • Short

    6/23/2017 2:38:03 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Well, I found out why I don't go to be early. I've "taught" those around me that I'm available for messaging at night. I went to bed at 9, but didn't go to sleep until 12:30pm. I think I'll finally use the function of my phone that makes it go silent at a specified time. Tonight, I need to work on... Read more

  • Prayers Needed!

    6/23/2017 12:11:52 PM, by REEDSKI

    I've lost 40-45 pounds since Jan. but in the past two days I think I've gained 10 pounds. (Need to get back to tracking every exercise and food morsel.) Is 10 pounds an exaggeration? I can only hope so. When people ask, "How are you doing it?" I say Sparkpeople and they think it's a ... Read more

  • Happy Friday to all

    6/23/2017 8:38:57 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Well tried to do my walk this morning and it got cut short due to rain. I did get 35 min, 2 miles in. Better than nothing. Hoping to make good food choices now.... Read more

  • People in your Life...?

    6/23/2017 8:25:30 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    For me, I look for up-beat, positive people to share my life with. 104 If you're down, I'll try to lift you up with humour... 100 But I won't wallow in lifes woes; mine or yours. 20 Life is too short to waste it on looking for the negatives. 198 Believe me when I say... I work on t... Read more

  • Contract and prayers please

    6/23/2017 8:01:10 AM, by DSCROW

    The board is going to re look at the contract but I have no idea how it may change or if it will be acceptable. A little scary for reasons I discussed with DH (so thankful to have a supportive husband) but can't put in black in white on media. Soooo I started the day praying. I put it in God's h... Read more

  • He Will Finish - Joel and Victoria

    6/23/2017 7:57:02 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today’s Scripture: "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." (Philippians 1:6, NIV) Are you believing for something that seems like it’s taking longer than you hoped? Maybe you’ve been praying for a loved one.... Read more

  • I Traded My Sandcastle For a Spark Mansion!

    6/23/2017 6:30:48 AM, by 2BDYNAMIC

    Sandcastles are both fun to build and to admire. But who can live in a house, made of sand. A single gust of wind, a careless passer-by or rains are sure to come and sweep away the moment of magic. The Sandcastle's I am referring to are often popular, advertised just like a Brand... Read more