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  • Busy, Busy Friday....STEP GOAL MET!!!

    6/24/2016 6:08:35 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Hello friends, Yes, it's Friday. Yes, I said yesterday that I probably wouldn't make step goal today. Guess what!! I DID!! I did SO much walking around today, just in the office building! I just made 10,000 a minute ago. Now, we're going to the Mid Year dinner and more walking around.... Read more


    6/24/2016 3:49:14 PM, by SIMPLY_JUDY

    Be thankful.. I know when I get down it is difficult to remember all the blessings I do have..and they are there for me and for us. Remember to smile..for no matter how bad it looks it can always be worse..and so enjoy the day and be thankful for the small things... Read more

  • Just Keep Swimming

    6/24/2016 1:11:35 PM, by KBS2344

    I really want to see Finding Dory!!! 334 Maybe we can go tonight when Charlie gets off of work! I also think it is a great motto for this journey we are all on. Everyday is not going to be perfect but.. Anyway.. I've been loving my new Fitbit ChargeHR! It's really motivating me to do my step... Read more

  • Training went GREAT!

    6/24/2016 12:43:38 PM, by DSCROW

    We worked on upper body and a few lower body things as I had just run 3 miles we focused more on upper. It went great. Saw the chiropractor with the hubby who also was seen. He is getting his massage now and I am next then we are free to do what we want the rest of the day :) Feeling better ... Read more

  • Thanks for Praying for Us...Can We Pray for You?

    6/24/2016 12:26:22 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    As always Benjamin (my unborn baby) and I are willing to pray for you. It doesn't matter if you let us know your exact request or if you just say unspoken, because God knows. So please let me know if you or your family/friends need prayer either below or on a private message! Thank you all for conti... Read more

  • When I need a good talking to

    6/24/2016 12:13:55 PM, by MLIEN913

    I find myself reading other bloggers and thinking,"gee that sounds like me" or giving a pep talk in reply. What I've come to realize is that I am talking to myself as much as I am talking to them. That's the beauty of Spark People. We learn to care about ourselves the same way we care about others.... Read more

  • rerun- be very careful the heat can hurt

    6/24/2016 11:32:30 AM, by FRANWILL1

    ... Read more

  • Functional Friday Recap

    6/24/2016 10:35:47 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Happy Friday! I'm quite glad that it is Friday AND that we get to stay home this weekend! I've so many things I want to do that I don't even know where to start, lol. Two things I want to do is (1) Finish sorting my clothes that are too big for me and the ones that fit. (2) Plant flowers and hav... Read more

  • Day 4

    6/24/2016 9:57:58 AM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    Staying on track. Switched to black coffee vs. the added milk. Yesterday was tough, evening times I really have to fight the urge to eat after dinner. Found my old step counting band and used it - it's helpful to keep me up and moving more often especially when I'm on the phone. ... Read more

  • Happy Friday to all

    6/24/2016 8:04:55 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Well despite my 2 blisters on my left foot, I still did my 3 miles this morn. Trying hard to stay strong and positive.... Read more

  • Just Too Much

    6/24/2016 6:39:56 AM, by MRSPATM1

    Insurance companies are something else. They think they are smarter than a 5th grader. Lol. They will pull out all the stops to keep from paying a claim. Sorry but you got the wrong one to try to play games with. Anyway, update I'm still in a lot of pain, pain from other parts of my body is surfac... Read more

  • Blessed Wherever You Go - Joel and Victoria

    6/24/2016 5:54:41 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today's Scripture: "If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all His will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country." (Deuteronomy 28:1-3, NIV) Do you want to experience more of God's blessing in your life? Living in obedience and integrity is the key tha... Read more


    6/24/2016 12:42:20 AM, by GRANDMAFRANNY


  • So, I did it.

    6/24/2016 12:40:39 AM, by CNJT4JMJ

    Today was a hard day. I have to get up at 3:30 am in order to get to work on time. It month end and that means we really aim to have all the billing done. It is a hard stressful day!!! I did walk on my first break. So, I can mark it, I EXERCISED 10 minutes!!!!! I ate really healthy f... Read more

  • A great day

    6/23/2016 11:41:55 PM, by MSLZZY

    Not quite as triumphant as I wanted but still a great day. There really wasn't a dull moment. I had a chance to take Molly to the body shop to check out all the dents from the hail Friday night. Glad I have insurance because a bill of over $2600.00 would strain the budget. Working thro... Read more

  • Crazy day!

    6/23/2016 10:38:08 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Only an hour and a half or two hours without work, it was so fast and busy! This afternoon was chair Tai Chi and this Leslie workout tonight so I'm perky! Name this workout and miles, then get off your behinds and get moving! Share your workouts for support!... Read more

  • Thursday's entry

    6/23/2016 9:55:48 PM, by SHAWFAN

    What a bummer. Had a good day, really, but didn't manage to get to work early enough to get any walking done. Had some straightening of the office to do, since we were going to have "visitors" coming in. Don't need for them to see a messy office. Tomorrow will be about the same, except that I'l... Read more

  • 6/23/16

    6/23/2016 9:40:35 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Wow! I have found out once again what hot is. For the second day in a row we hit 100 degrees. After losing the weight, I didn't think that I was every able to be hot and sweaty like I used to. I had three showers today. I got up early to work outside for a while but we only got down to 84 last ... Read more

  • 6/23/16

    6/23/2016 9:40:34 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Wow! I have found out once again what hot is. For the second day in a row we hit 100 degrees. After losing the weight, I didn't think that I was every able to be hot and sweaty like I used to. I had three showers today. I got up early to work outside for a while but we only got down to 84 last ... Read more

  • Has it been THAT long?

    6/23/2016 9:31:48 PM, by SPARKKAT

    WOW! I've been away for a while but I'm back now! :-) Still maintaining a 25 pound weight loss -- and I still have 25+ more pounds to get rid of... ~H... Read more

  • be careful the heat will get you

    6/23/2016 9:21:58 PM, by FRANWILL1

    ... Read more

  • Believe

    6/23/2016 8:28:40 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your life- so that if it were over tomorrow , you'd be content with yourself ." Jane Seymour. This morning was cool and beautiful I got to see some great nature on my morning stroll, I saw a hug... Read more

  • Different kind of Thursday :)

    6/23/2016 7:00:35 PM, by DSCROW

    I worked this morning but in a completely different county than usual. Then a noon I turned and went to a dentist. Afterward with a numb mouth visited the grocery, the bank, the post office and a nail repair. I am home now and off for the weekend. Tomorrow is the first actually training day ... Read more

  • Diet splurge

    6/23/2016 6:50:51 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Had lunch at Subway. How can that food be healthy when it has so many calories? I wasn't prepared. So I really tried not to snack til dinner. I didn't starve myself; I had a regular dinner, but with smaller servings.... Read more

  • This one is for the Dog...

    6/23/2016 5:31:01 PM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    PDSLIM had a cute blog with adorable photos of dogs - I can't top that!! Maybe a photo of my little stinker if I can find it here (I'm not on the phone right now where most of my photos are.). But she shared a website that had quite a few recipes for dog treats, and I wanted to save it before I go o... Read more


    6/23/2016 4:57:47 PM, by SIMPLY_JUDY

    Some days we can be so hard on ourselves. We want to hurry and get our goals met....we must remember .Life is a process and it unfolds in its own time.May you take the time enjoy the moments in life and celebrate you and all you are and all you will become.... Read more

  • Doctor's Appointment...

    6/23/2016 3:35:51 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    Well we had Benny's doctor's appointment at 10:30 am and we didn't get to see the doctor until 12...during that whole time we had to wear a mask because I was exposed to mumps at church and just found out about it. I've been immunized but the child who caught it had also been immunized so out of saf... Read more

  • Walking....anyone can do it.

    6/23/2016 3:29:18 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Spark People promotes finding something you like and will do for your go to fitness. I really like the pool but I know There are lots of days when I don't feel like getting up, dressing driving to town and working out at the pool. So what else do I like to do. Being obese with various medical issues... Read more

  • Equipment arrived

    6/23/2016 12:55:36 PM, by MLIEN913

    I am a very happy camper now. 224 . Last night both the new bike and the pilates chair arrived. I brought both upstairs, 2 levels, on my own. Each package weighed 45 pounds. 104 Today I put each together on my own. It took 2hours but well worth the effort. 521 There needs to be list... Read more

  • Happy Thursday to all

    6/23/2016 12:39:43 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Not sure if I should walk today, have 2 nasty blisters on left foot. So sore! I might have to stay inside and do a workout dvd.... Read more

  • Day 2

    6/23/2016 11:11:55 AM, by MRSPATM1

    I woke up about 3:30 am in some serious pain. I missed taking my pills in the middle of night and baby let me tell you that will never happen again. I set 3 alarms now, got spoiled in the hospital. I'm worried I'm going to gain my weight back because one I can't make my healthy meals and two I ca... Read more

  • Day three

    6/23/2016 10:28:23 AM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    I've never been a diary type person and still not entirely sure why I'm "blogging" and sharing my thoughts with the world. I really need/want to succeed at this so it's about trying different things and seeing what works. So far it seems to help keep me focused. Yesterday went Read more

  • Starting a Streak

    6/23/2016 6:07:53 AM, by LOPEYP

    I am slowly reeling myself in from mindless, unnecessary eating. I was very proud of myself yesterday in the office. If you recall, across the aisle from me is a drawer full of candy. Well, I was bored or stressed or both and was thinking about partaking in some candy but stopped myself. Took a brea... Read more

  • Let Your Love Grow - Joel and Victoria

    6/23/2016 5:58:01 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today's Scripture: "We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing."(2 Thessalonians 1:3, NIV) God's desire is to see you grow and increase in every area of your life, e... Read more

  • How do you do it?

    6/22/2016 11:54:05 PM, by CNJT4JMJ

    There is a part of me that wants to be all upbeat and basically act like something I am not tonight. It is month end at work, we have some people coming in to fix some stuff in the house. The house is just not as clean as I would like. Carpet needs to be cleaned.... blah blah blah. It just... Read more

  • Too busy to whistle

    6/22/2016 11:34:36 PM, by MSLZZY

    Although SIL arrived about 10:45, I found I hadn't accomplished as much as I wanted. But I made up lost time this afternoon and should be able to coast through the rest of the claims paperwork and get it all scanned into the main program. I still have my list of have-tos and have a postcar... Read more

  • 6/22/16

    6/22/2016 11:11:06 PM, by RHOOK20047

    A quiet day today. Got up early and worked outside for a couple of hours before it got too hot. By 10:00 it was 92 degrees and I knocked off shortly after that. We hit 100 with a heat index of 107 today. Two hours outside was enough for me. I was getting sick to my stomach so I stayed indoors t... Read more

  • Wednesday's entry...

    6/22/2016 10:10:26 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Hello friends, Quick post tonight. 11,255 steps today. The streak lives on! 244 Plus 25 push ups Plus 30 squats Plus 10 lunges. Have a good night, all. Sleep well. 247... Read more


    6/22/2016 10:08:42 PM, by FRANCES-AGAPE

    40 I've been staying up so late for so long, now I can't get to sleep before 1 or 2 am. About 2am, I was finishing a crossword puzzle, relaxed, sleepy and about ready for bed. Then out of the corner of my eye, there was a movement. I turned my head. “That looks like a snake on ... Read more

  • Weird!

    6/22/2016 9:16:24 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today was rather boring, only an hour and a half of work. The rest of the day was chair aerobics (not my ideal workout, but it's better than nothing!) and job training DVDS. Currently I'm watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC. Her dancing partner, boyfriend and roommate joined her parents a... Read more

  • funny little workout

    6/22/2016 9:10:57 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    As I have mentioned, I am working hard to try to get up every hour, and aim for 250 steps, but sometimes I fall short of it, and can't take that long to walk around, or go back out during the hour. I have taken to making my circuit, taking a bathroom break, and while in the rest room, jogging ... Read more

  • Recovery Road Begins

    6/22/2016 9:04:58 PM, by MRSPATM1

    I was finally discharged today from hospital. I'm still in a lot of pain but the medication helps to make me comfortable for at least 4 hours. My entire body is sore, having severe muscle spasms and this cough is killing me. One of my battle wounds.... Read more

  • WHOLE FOODS - lots of CHEWING dang lol

    6/22/2016 8:26:19 PM, by SUNSHINE5268

    what I learned about WHOLE FOODS... lots of CHEWING dang lol girl I got home from work, took out my filled plastic food containers for dinner.. tuna fish 2.6 ounces, low fat mayo, shredded ice berg lettuce, carrots, shredded mixed cole slaw, catalina dressing, 2 hard boiled eggs.... Read more

  • I'm never old just older

    6/22/2016 8:17:57 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Every man desires to live long, but no man would be old, " Jonathan Swift Just wondering what you do to keep from getting older.? I play silly games all day on facebook. Trying to keep the mind sharp or at least that is what I tell myself. I eat a lot of blueberries and other fruits ... Read more

  • park lands and jokes

    6/22/2016 7:41:54 PM, by CANDOK1260

    jokes Difference between Do you know the difference between genius and stupid? Genius has its limits. At a popular port all the crew applied for leave except one. Whats the matter, asked an officer. Are you the only one who doesnt have a wife in this port?No, was the reply, Im the only one... Read more

  • Food containers trying something NEW today to keep things fresh and motivated lol

    6/22/2016 2:11:06 PM, by SUNSHINE5268

    This entry today is really for myself... just wanted to share it here with you all .. Thought I would try something DIFFERENT today. I like exploring and trying different things or techniques to always keep my journey fresh and Interesting as I have a tendency to get bored s... Read more

  • Starting the 29th Week!

    6/22/2016 1:36:26 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    Benjamin has been on earth but not out of momma yet for 29 weeks! He's getting big and stretching a lot, these last 3 days I thought he was going to rip me open though lol. On Sunday he dropped a bit as well. We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow so we'll see how big he is now! At his last a... Read more

  • SUMMER Coffee Challenge.....

    6/22/2016 1:16:21 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    106 coffee....ahhhhhh. As I am sure many of are, I am a coffee lover. As such its one thing I've said that I won't "give up". Which is cool as long as coffee is positively contributing to my journey. But this morning as my heart was racing I was thinking that caffeine may be causing me more tro... Read more

  • OH Tracker.....where are you.

    6/22/2016 12:09:46 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    I am a little frustrated this morning. When I got ready for bed last night I discovered my tracker was not on my shoe. So I checked my tracker on SP shows it stopped tracking about 4 PM yesterday. I have looked around the house and in the yard. No tracker. I will keep looking but I may have to get a... Read more

  • Hot and bored today

    6/22/2016 12:05:12 PM, by MLIEN913

    It is hot and humid again which makes it challenging to exercise. The summer is a pain, literally, because of the humidity making my joints ache. I refuse to let that stop me but it is challenging. I'm feeling bored today too which isn't good. Exercise bores me. Eating bores me. It's a good day a... Read more

  • Day two

    6/22/2016 11:25:32 AM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    Made it thru the first day...kept to my Nutrition goals and logged everything. Started today off right with an early walk with my wife and dog. They were both way more enthusiastic than I was but I'm glad I did it. Onward and forward. ... Read more

  • Health Means

    6/22/2016 10:39:05 AM, by VIERLYN

    To me Health means being happy in mind, fit in body, and taking care of your spirit.... Read more

  • Life in recovery, Family gatherings.

    6/22/2016 10:22:13 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    Life in recovery; family gatherings. Last week, I avoided a social gathering because I couldn’t be around food choices and alcohol and be sane. This week, I have to attend a family gathering where there will be food choices and alcohol and lots of options for emotional eating. My anxiety will b... Read more

  • There is always a plan B

    6/22/2016 8:53:51 AM, by SIMPLY_JUDY

    What I have doing has not been working. It is time for a total reboot of my plan.I need to make better food choices.. I need to find ways to move more. and also I need to have a more positive mind so that my life will be more positive. I think I have been living life in my head too much..time ... Read more

  • Happy Wednesday. Aka hump day

    6/22/2016 8:11:29 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Enjoyed my 3 mile walk since it's cooler this morning. Hope everyone has a great day!... Read more

  • Renew Your Mind Daily - Joel & Victoria

    6/22/2016 6:08:47 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today's Scripture: "We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5, NIV) So many people today are not really enjoying their lives because of the condition of thei... Read more

  • OMG...7 hidden CARBS! NOOOOoooooo!

    6/22/2016 6:07:52 AM, by DSCROW

    My husband started counting carbs and working the WLS low carb food plan yesterday. It seems I motivated him. Yep, I feel happy, mostly because this means he is not bringing things into the house that tempt me too. He is very considerate and tried to EAT off program things away from home or after ... Read more

  • Sugar cravings day 2 journal

    6/22/2016 1:14:00 AM, by LYNXMYNX

    I like to have my Dr. Pepper or some soda when I Am out and about. I carry a water bottle because it is so friggin' hot right now! But unless I am not near a convenience store or vending machine or am out of change, I want my daily large gulp! Lol Today we got a few sweets at the food pantry. Just a... Read more

  • I did it!

    6/22/2016 12:05:17 AM, by REMEMBERWHOUR

    I followed the military diet day one. Many people have trashed on this diet, but you know what? I tracked the first day and it met my needs on carbs, fat and protein. It was a teeny but low on calories. I'm just happy to have completed one whole day. I usually talk myself out of changing my ea... Read more

  • What's next?

    6/21/2016 11:31:03 PM, by CNJT4JMJ

    A Big Red pouring it into a glass full of ice goes two full times and just a little less than a forth of a glass. I am done to one glass and a half on another. Monday it will go down to one glass and the following week will be one half of a cup and that will be all. What's next? I am t... Read more

  • It pays to be versatile

    6/21/2016 11:14:20 PM, by MSLZZY

    and knowledgeable. Today I was alone and I covered all the bases-life, health, crop insurance, home, farm and cars. I even dabbles in annuities. Of course, I was just doing the service work but when someone calls and needs information, the least I can do is make a few calls and inform the ... Read more

  • Friends

    6/21/2016 10:42:34 PM, by JAMER123

    I think this is what my problem is!! I don't want to lose my good friends so I have to hang on to who they are!! I want to say thanks for stopping by and enjoying, my dear friends. Hugs to all!... Read more

  • 6/21/16

    6/21/2016 10:15:20 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well the meeting this morning with the recruiter was another waste of time. When she called yesterday she claimed that she had a list of jobs to go over with me, but at the meeting this morning, she said she will keep an eye out if any jobs match my abilities. At least I got an overpriced glass of... Read more

  • You're the boss!

    6/21/2016 10:00:31 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    At breakfast I ate 290 calories to save some calories for eating out. At Taco Bell I asked if they still have their fresco menu. They said they would fix it fresco if I requested so I requested! Fresco is half the calories and half the price of regular! So I ordered some to take for work tomorrow... Read more

  • Tuesday's entry

    6/21/2016 9:50:19 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Quick entry...10,256 steps today. And that was with really pushing it. Didn't get a chance to walk this morning really so elliptical this evening. Plus 25 push ups. Done for the day. Have a good night all. Sweet dreams. 247... Read more

  • weather and jokes

    6/21/2016 9:41:16 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week for the Aspire & Inspire team we are to write a blog about warmer weather. How do you cope when the weather gets warmer? 1. air conditioner 2 drink more cold water 3 wear capri and shorts 4 stay in door jokes Top Ten Signs You are Addicted to the Internet You kiss... Read more

  • i did this

    6/21/2016 9:10:48 PM, by FRANWILL1

    I burned more calories than I ate today and i'm not hungry .WOW. hope everyone has a good night and a great tomorrow . 244 I did good today. everyone have a good night and a great day tomorrow.... Read more

  • Summer Heat Eczema

    6/21/2016 8:45:56 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    i am keeping a positive attitude, despite the fact that my hands are itchy itchy itchy and I am breaking out in eczema. it used to be just around my fingers, and the side of my foot, but this year it is all over the top of my hands, and partly on my arms. Ugh. Benadryl helps. I also cannot use... Read more

  • Glorious Morning

    6/21/2016 8:30:35 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains.! " John Muir I had another glorious early morning walk today, As I was enjoying the blue skies , singing birds and beautiful flowers I saw something I need to share. I saw the landscapers at a neighbors house. From down the street I saw my... Read more


    6/21/2016 8:20:40 PM, by SIMPLY_JUDY

    ... Read more

  • My Dad is sooooo cruel!

    6/21/2016 7:29:55 PM, by EOWYN2424

    I really wanted to go for Bible Study yesterday but my parents refused to let me go because they said I wasn't well and looked pale. I actually went and looked in the mirror and thought I looked fine! Then my Dad threatened me with no allowance for 3 weeks and no air conditioning for a month ju... Read more

  • Then And Now...

    6/21/2016 6:16:03 PM, by SHELEEN1

    My eldest daughter wanted to show a friend of hers how I looked, so my youngest daughter took a photograph to send... This was me about a year ago after I had already lost some weight (with my middle daughter)... Me with my ex-husband, eldest daughter and my son (I'm the blonde lol) And,... Read more

  • Just puppies.

    6/21/2016 2:53:41 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Puppies, I love them. They cuddle and look up at you with those big eyes and bounce with joy of life. Hope you have hugged your fur babies.... Read more

  • A new day

    6/21/2016 2:43:05 PM, by ANGEL2CA

    I try every day to keep track of things,my food & exercise . Being on here is such a great support. If you're having a tough day reach out to people of here ☺... Read more

  • restarting

    6/21/2016 2:42:03 PM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    Well, just thinking I could/would make changes hasn't worked. I have to work the system so that's what I'm starting NOW. Updated my fitness/weight goals and am going to take it one day at a time.... Read more

  • Update on Dad...

    6/21/2016 2:40:32 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    I wanted to tell you that the outpouring of loving support and prayer has been a wonderful help and just to tell you more about my dad. He is not saved and currently he is 6'4 and down to just 136 pounds. He was born just under 2 pounds and has never really been able to gain weight so that's also a ... Read more

  • Waiting for a call from my Doctor...

    6/21/2016 1:44:29 PM, by LIFENPROGRESS

    I am either passing the peach-pit sized kidney stone... or I've developed diverticulitis again. Neither one is pleasant -- both are quite painful. I feel like my body is betraying me now that I'm back on track and losing weight. :( I just want the pain to go away. ... Read more

  • Side tracked

    6/21/2016 10:51:55 AM, by MLIEN913

    I'm feeling side tracked lately. The weight is holding on for dear life. There have been many days that I want to give in to temptation but then I think of the shame of failure and I force myself to stop. I've bought a pilates chair from QVC that I hooe will shake my workouts up. I'm usuing the work... Read more

  • Bucket List possibilities - Hiking

    6/21/2016 10:49:30 AM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    I just read a SparkPeople article on hiking trails in the 50 states - it's nine pages long. But as I was reading through it, I thought this would be good information if someone wants to create a bucket list item "hike a trail in all 50 states", or something similar. The one for Kansas is in the Elk ... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday to all

    6/21/2016 8:03:21 AM, by TSHAWGER

    Today is a great day, down 2 lbs. I am finally in control of my body and boy does it feel good.... Read more

  • Awake early but feeling good

    6/21/2016 6:56:16 AM, by DSCROW

    I awoke an hour early this morning. I am feeling good. I was dreaming of a friend I have lost touch with. Lots of sadness over this distance between us in the past. Today I prayed for her and might send a thinking of you card. My life, as has hers, have taken different directions. Things also ... Read more

  • Had to rest today....

    6/21/2016 6:27:51 AM, by EOWYN2424

    because I got chilled. Abt to get a flu. I spent the day resting. Getting ready for Bible Study now. I feel much better. Didn't eat much. Drank more. I just needed water more. I won't eat much during fellowship. Not much of an appetite!... Read more

  • One Blessing after Another - Joel and Victoria

    6/21/2016 6:24:39 AM, by JOHNWBROCKSR777

    Today's Scripture: "From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another." (John 1:16, NIV) God wants to pour out His blessing and favor upon you each and every day. It says in the Psalms that He daily loads us with benefits. So many people miss out on all that God ha... Read more

  • Car Accident

    6/21/2016 4:05:18 AM, by MRSPATM1

    Well, I had the worse accident ever . On my way to work literally 5 minutes away from office a 18 wheeler decides he is gonna run a red light. He took out my car and another truck. Unfortunately, my car got stuck underneath it, broken sternum, banged up pretty bad in a lot of other places. But, ... Read more

  • 6/20/16

    6/21/2016 12:26:30 AM, by RHOOK20047

    Well tonight we took Dolly to meet Chopper and the meeting was disastrous! Dolly has never been aggressive or mean, but the first time CHopper playfully jumped on Dolly she turned Cujo on him. This happened twice in a 15 minute time period so we decided not to go with Chopper. I wasn't exactly fe... Read more

  • Strength training again because I know it works

    6/21/2016 12:23:59 AM, by REMEMBERWHOUR

    I've made a major change in my body twice in my life. Once as a teenager I would starve for three days, lose five pounds and then go back to eating normally. I did it six times and lost 30 pounds. Those 30 pounds stayed off for many years. Then babies came along. I had to say goodbye to those si... Read more

  • Thank you, Teddy Bear Team!

    6/20/2016 11:47:02 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Such an outpouring of love and good wishes for my Day in the Lemonade Stand! Thanks, Teddies. I've been given the food-fuel, the appliances to prepare it and the workout clothes I need to help you rock this 5% Challenge. Let's do it! WooHoo!!!... Read more

  • Managing a Monday

    6/20/2016 11:36:22 PM, by MSLZZY

    It was a full day of entering wind and hail claims. Houses, vehicles and crops-just a little of each but still an all day event. I had to call those who had left messages and then spend time on the computer to enter the facts as I had them. Tomorrow it will an all day event to enter all t... Read more

  • Pedometer

    6/20/2016 11:17:46 PM, by CNJT4JMJ

    Oh, I forgot to tell you!! I got a new Pedometer. Well, it will be here on Wednesday. The time is going to go so slow!!! I am thinking breaks and lunches... whopping up steps here I come!!!! Seeming like things are getting real!!... Read more

  • We better talk about FAT!

    6/20/2016 11:11:04 PM, by CNJT4JMJ

    For so long, carbs have seemed to be the problem. Cut back on carbs and you got it. One thing I really like about sparkpeople is the ability to watch what you are eating and balance it out to make sure your getting the right percentages of food for each area. I am doing okay.... but, I am... Read more

  • My Prayer Need....

    6/20/2016 10:04:31 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    Could you all please pray for my dad? He is in his 60's and he had stage 4 bone cancer that went into remission around 5 years ago. He fell last year and now he has a broken vertebrae in his back. They are testing tomorrow to see if it's from the fall or from his cancer reoccurring...If it is the ca... Read more

  • Monday's entry....

    6/20/2016 9:44:41 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Hello friends, Quick post. 12,501 steps today. Good day for the start of the new week. Will be driving in to work myself tomorrow. Must get up early and get to work early as I do any other day. I'd stay home and exercise with the elliptical, but I risk being late with the bad traffic to... Read more

  • Building up streaks

    6/20/2016 8:41:58 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    Today is day 7 of take 2 of 5000 plus steps per day personal challenge. It also marks two weeks of logging in. I also have planted a mini portable herb garden - chives, parsley, basil, French Tarragon, Rosemary, oregano, lemon balm in two ceramic strawberry pots. ... Read more

  • Change

    6/20/2016 7:58:57 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "No matter who you are , no matter what you did , no matter where you've come from, you can always change , become a better version of yourself." Madonna A great quote for motivational Monday, I have been slowly gaining weight since I have been laid off from my job in April. I haven't given up... Read more

  • Milestones!

    6/20/2016 6:27:32 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today is a great day! I stayed in my Sparkpeople ranges for the second day in a row --- I'm normally under and over. Today marks a special milestone: NO artificial sweeteners in a month! My new jeans getting too big now, that's a great problem to have! Here is my morning Leslie workout: name i... Read more

  • Hello Summer 2016

    6/20/2016 6:19:02 PM, by AUNTIELES53

    Well hello summer it is nice to see you. I saw you all weekend long while I was at birthday bash saturday and Sunday where I say 10 amazing country acts. My favorite was Chris Young of course. Cole Swindell was pretty good also. But I am burnt and tired and just wanna sleep... hopefully these kid... Read more

  • Gratitude and (It's not!) Selfishness

    6/20/2016 4:59:16 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I gotta tell ya something, something that I don't share a whole lot, but maybe I accidently told you, or maybe you just figured it out. I have depression and social anxiety, and I'm seeing a therapist about it. Even without the therapist, I've been doing some work on it. One of the things is meditat... Read more

  • Weigh-In

    6/20/2016 3:33:51 PM, by SHELEEN1

    Two pounds lost... and I feel a bit disappointed actually. Whilst not trying, and eating in a normal way and having treats, I was losing a pound a week - this last week I have really tried hard, and lost just a pound extra. Funnily, I got on the scales on Friday, and it registered a 3lb weight loss ... Read more

  • Too humid to eat

    6/20/2016 2:58:24 PM, by MLIEN913

    That is the one downside to summer; it's too hot/humid to eat. To put it more correctly, it's to hot to eat a lot. Yes, we all want ice water, frozen treats and cucumbers, but I don't feel like taking the time to eat during the day. Once the sun goes down I'm more interested in food but still not to... Read more

  • 20 pounds and a new outlook

    6/20/2016 2:57:02 PM, by DMANNING92

    The more I'm succeeding, the more momentum I have I feel like I'm succeeding, I'm feeling more confident, and I'm seeing some changes in my clothing! My jeans that were so tight they were uncomfortable around me are now loose! I am happy to show off some more skin than I used to, and even got comple... Read more