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  • Tuesday, July 22

    7/22/2014 6:06:30 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, I had planned to leave work before 5 PM because I got there about 7:20 AM EST. Well, that didn't pan out. I stayed past 5. Oh well, it was a very busy day. A good mixture of billable and non-billable hours. Roger didn't eat much yesterday. I wonder if he misses hubby. Well,... Read more

  • Monday, July 21

    7/21/2014 5:35:57 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, we played tennis until 12:30 PM. I sat out for about 15 minutes. I was a bit tired. After tennis we went to lunch at Pho Tay Ho. I only played two sets. Hubby and I lost to David and Denny 7-5. Eric and I lost to Denny and Andrew 7-6 (4). We should have won that set but I made too ... Read more

  • Sunday, July 20

    7/20/2014 6:16:56 AM, by TENNISJIM

    On Saturday, we played tennis from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Four hours. We were so hungry afterwards. We went to XO Taste for lunch and ordered 10 dishes for nine people. We ate up everything. We must have been hungry. We did a quick stop at Costco to get a few items. Today, we are playing... Read more

  • Saturday, July 19

    7/19/2014 6:02:51 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, the love seats arrived around 3:45 and everything went according to plan. Woo hoo. The new love seats look very nice in our family room. It was a slow work day. I was happy that I worked at home. Hubby came home around 5 PM and we took my painting to National Airport for next week's o... Read more

  • Friday, July 18

    7/18/2014 6:07:19 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, I was very busy at work. It was a good billable day. Well, the VP of the delivery company called and apologized. I should have asked him to defer the fees to take away our old love seats. I didn't. The delivery is scheduled for today between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM EST. I hope they come... Read more

  • Thursday, July 17

    7/17/2014 6:08:52 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, the delivery men showed up around 4:45 PM EST (the delivery time was 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM EST). They showed up with one love seat. I asked where is the other one. They replied I don't know. It may be in the warehouse. We didn't load the truck. So, I told them to come back when they have bo... Read more

  • Wednesday, July 16

    7/16/2014 6:44:14 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Another busy day at work yesterday. Again, non-billable work. Today, I work at home and thank goodness. I needed to get out of the office environment at least once a week. It's a toxic office environment. Today, we are expecting the delivery of our new love seats. Woo hoo.... Read more

  • Tuesday, July 15

    7/15/2014 6:07:21 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday was so busy at work and again it was mostly non-billable work. I finally left at 5:45 PM. One of the task assigned to me from my manager was a complete mess (created by my manager). Another tech tried to show me how to do the task and told me the file prepared by my manager is all wrong... Read more

  • Monday, July 14

    7/14/2014 5:52:25 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Sunday was so hot even at 9 AM EST. We played rotation doubles because we have 5 people on one court. Denny, Thomas, Graham, and JJ played doubles on the other court. We played until 11:40 AM EST and headed to Bangkok Golden for lunch. The buffet was very good. We took our time eating lunch... Read more

  • Sunday, July 13

    7/13/2014 6:50:12 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Our cat Roger is named after Roger Federer. He is a great cat -- most of the time. He wants to be with you most of the time. We played tennis until 12:45 PM EST yesterday. Although, it was very very hot and humid. Today, we are playing tennis at 9 AM EST so we can avoid the heat and h... Read more

  • Saturday, July 12

    7/12/2014 6:54:30 AM, by TENNISJIM

    A very busy day at work and again mostly non-billable work. I left 10 minutes early than usual. I knew I had to spend some time this morning doing some testing because we are replacing our existing firewalls. My part of the tests was all good. Today, we are playing tennis at 9:30 AM EST. Th... Read more

  • Friday, July 11

    7/11/2014 6:20:25 AM, by TENNISJIM

    A busy day at the work and, again, most non-billable work. I came home and made baked tilapia and a salad for dinner. I watched 24 episodes 4, 5, and 6. Doing the catch up. Well, I better get ready for work and the drive to Tysons Corner.... Read more

  • Thursday, July 10

    7/10/2014 6:23:34 AM, by TENNISJIM

    It took the two Comcast Tech between 20-25 minutes to resolve the OnDemand and DVR issues on the Anyroom DVR (hub). Then, we checked the two terminals on the second and third floors. The terminal on the third floor had an issue where I couldn't watch the recorded test show. It also had the record... Read more

  • Wednesday, July 9

    7/9/2014 6:36:00 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I am working from home today and I hope the Comcast issue gets resolved today. Here to a good day. Work was very busy yesterday. Lots of non-billable work. Troubleshooting faxing issues and preparing Deltek software orders.... Read more

  • Tuesday, July 8

    7/8/2014 6:10:22 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, it's unbelievable. The Comcast Tech went to the wrong house. He called around 8:18 AM on my cell. I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize the phone number. So, I called back and discovered he was at the house. So, hubby texted me a few times so I can be kept up-to-date. The Tech repl... Read more

  • Monday, July 7

    7/7/2014 6:10:55 AM, by TENNISJIM

    well, we were so disappointed that Roger lost. He tried and fought. Came up short. We thought this was his best chance. We played tennis until 4:30 PM and then went to Pho Tay Ho for lunch/dinner. Today, a Comcast Tech is coming to replace the new (two week old) Anyroom DVR and make sure th... Read more

  • Lowest Weight

    7/6/2014 3:15:31 PM, by MINISAPPHYRE

    Lowest weight I've seen in a LONG time! Y'all are gonna hear me when I hit 239! I can't believe it! Oh wait yes I can I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ! Sucked that racing was rained out and my guy got wrecked... Read more

  • Sunday, July 6

    7/6/2014 7:44:59 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, Saturday's tennis was a John, Graham, David J., Andrew, hubby and me. David and I barely beat Graham and hubby. 7-5. Then, Andrew and I lost to Eric and John 6-1. We went to Bangkok Golden for lunch. After lunch, we went grocery shopping. When we finally got home, we watched some of t... Read more

  • Big Reunion Weekend!

    7/5/2014 3:40:32 PM, by BAREFITNESS

    It was my 20yr Highschool Reunion along with my honey's punk band Reunion/ Benefit show.....scheduled for the same night!! My best friend and his fiance were flying across the country~and couldn't bare the thought of not getting to see him. Luckily my boss needed me to do a decoratin... Read more

  • Saturday, July 5

    7/5/2014 7:06:09 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Hubby stayed home to watch the Wimbledon matches. Thank goodness because the DVR showed it was recording the program. I couldn't find them on our recorded programs list. So, I did a test and recorded a show and got an error message -- There's a problem with DVR Service. We're working to restore ... Read more

  • Friday, July 4

    7/4/2014 6:04:23 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Happy 4th. Hope all my SP friends have a wonderful day. Today, we (hubby may not play) are playing tennis at 9:30 AM EST. Although, the Wimbledon matches are being broadcasted live. I am rooting for Roger Federer.... Read more

  • Thursday, July 3

    7/3/2014 6:21:14 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Time to go back to the office. today. Work was so slow yesterday. I was able to watch all the tennis matches. I was so thrilled that Roger won. Although it was tougher than I anticipated. Stan was playing very well. Today's matches are Halep v. Bouchard and Kvitkova v. Safarova.... Read more

  • Wednesday, July 2

    7/2/2014 6:10:56 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I got to work early yesterday and left early so I can make our haircut appointments. Also, I swapped the Anyroom DVR with the one of the hubs to determine if the issue is with the box or with the wiring. It's the box. So, I will spend more time with the Comcast Tech sometime in the near future. ... Read more

  • You are beautiful, "ugly duckling" and the "mom body"

    7/1/2014 1:33:33 PM, by BAREFITNESS

    ject_turns_one_year_old Article: 10 Things I Have Learned About Calling Everyone Beautiful & The Body Positive Movement In One Year Posted by Jade Beall on July 01, 2014 Today is my 35th birthday, but more important, to... Read more

  • Motivated

    7/1/2014 10:36:00 AM, by SCROOKS26

    I have spent many years of my life attempting to get healthy. It has always been a struggle to figure out the balance between a healthy life and unhealthy dieting. I have learned to control my eating and make better choice for my body. This last break from the plan was due to illness. It took someti... Read more

  • Tuesday, July 1

    7/1/2014 6:00:03 AM, by TENNISJIM

    It was a busy day at work yesterday and again it was mostly non-billable work. I left a few minutes early and went to the bank to get cash. We have our haircut appointments this afternoon. Well, I called Comcast and...., you guessed it. OnDemand still do not play any shows/movies. I think I... Read more

  • Weight Is Going Down!

    6/30/2014 3:38:41 PM, by MINISAPPHYRE

    Really, it's unintentional. We're flat broke and have hardly anything to eat in the house. I've been living on baked chicken quarters. No veggies, no bread, just chicken. We get paid Thursday and the government has reinstated... Read more

  • Monday, June 30

    6/30/2014 6:05:53 AM, by TENNISJIM

    We played tennis until 1 PM today. I played four sets (one was with Thomas and I was hitting a new forehand). Afterwards, we went to Hong Kong Pearl for lunch. We had dim sum. $20 per person. For dinner, we had crab cake, salad, and a piece baguette. Well, I can't decide what to do with Co... Read more

  • Sunday, June 29

    6/29/2014 5:51:42 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, we played tennis from 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM. Graham and JJ played doubles. I thought they wanted to play singles. JJ and I lost to Graham and hubby 7-6 (7). We were up 5-2. We should have won. Then, Graham and I defeated JJ and Graham 6-4. Hubby and I came back from 1-5 down to beat Graha... Read more

  • Saturday, June 28

    6/28/2014 6:17:54 AM, by TENNISJIM

    It was a very busy day at work yesterday. Again, mostly non-billable time. We did get lots of issues resolved. After I came home from work, hubby and I went to Home Depot and got topsoil and mulch. I am planning to plant annuals in our front yard. It was looking very sad. Not sure which annual... Read more

  • Friday, June 27

    6/27/2014 6:26:44 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, the Comcast Tech arrived around 11 AM EST. It took him almost one hour to replace the existing cable (DVR) boxes. The Anyroom DVR was getting a ppor signal. Somehow Comcast fixed it. However, I discovered after the Tech left that OnDemand does not work on that box. I rebooted the box this... Read more

  • Thursday, June 26

    6/26/2014 8:20:30 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I had a good day working from home yesterday. I was busy -- again -- mostly non-billable work. At 11:55 AM EST, my manager sent me a email asking me to complete several tasks for a 2:00 PM EST meeting. Luckily, it took a little bit over an hour so I was done around 1 PM EST. Today, I am wor... Read more

  • Wednesday, June 25

    6/25/2014 6:28:35 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, it turned out that I misread the Leave Policy. Although, this is what is written: Maximum Carry Over/Pay Out = 240 hours and 10 years or more service = 280. So, where did I misread it? There is no use or lose unless you leave the company. So, I removed a couple of days from my list. I sho... Read more

  • Tuesday, June 24

    6/24/2014 6:19:51 AM, by TENNISJIM

    A fairly busy day at work yesterday. At least in the morning. It slowed down in the afternoon. I was looking at accrued leave because I was worried that I was going to lose it. I have close to 80 hours to use by the end of the year or I will lose it. So, hubby and I talked about the days I shou... Read more

  • Monday, June 23

    6/23/2014 6:06:15 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, we played tennis at 9:30 AM. The courts were mostly dry. Had a few puddles here and there where we swept it away. We played until 1 PM. Afterwards, we went to a new place for lunch. Lighthouse Tofu. It was good. A little pricey. $24 per person. When we came back home, I cleaned t... Read more