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  • Ah yes, February. One of my favorite months.

    2/3/2016 8:40:13 AM, by CDCSMITH2013

    Never been a fan of Valentine's Day. I'm one of those people who is all for a second Halloween. I do really love chocolate though and since that is synonymous with Valentine's, I accept it. ;) I'm doing okay with food and fitness even if I don't always remember to track it. I need to do some... Read more

  • Fish Today

    1/29/2016 11:37:59 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-29-2016 Weight: 286.4 The sun finally came out today! Was a nice day all in all. Made a trip to Whole Foods for some olive oil and was hoping to find a big bag of course ground yellow corn meal but no such luck. Apparently they've discontinued the corn meal I had gotten there last time. So... Read more

  • Another day

    1/28/2016 11:36:03 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-28-2016 Weight: 284.8 Getting things back on track. It was a very blah and rainy day, some local areas getting over 2 inches of rain. Not sure what my neighborhood got but wouldn't be surprised if it was around there. Woke up much later than I wanted to so big surprise breakfast has coffee... Read more

  • Over the weekend up to midweek

    1/27/2016 5:59:45 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-27-2016 Weight: 286.6 It's been crazy and frustrating series of days. My weigh in this week was 284.6, that's a 0 lb difference. The following day? 282.4! What the hell! Was I really that weight on Sunday and just weighed myself too early in the morning? Did I lose that in a day? Is my bod... Read more

  • Another interesting thing about the grasshopper

    1/25/2016 8:17:27 PM, by CDCSMITH2013

    I am not entirely sure I even got the quote exactly right. It's an oldie from The Secret Policeman's Balls (a fundraising show way back when). The guy on the park bench rattles off a bunch of annoying trivia to a guy who doesn't want any part of it. That is sort of what this blog will be. Trivia... Read more

  • Fish Friday

    1/22/2016 11:09:21 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-22-2016 Weight: 285.5 Woke up later than I wanted to, had the rest of my steel cut outs with a little pumpkin spice mix I made and a drizzle of maple syrup along with 2 cups of coffee and my homemade gingerbread simply syrup. Lunch had the rest of my caldo verde or portuguese green soup. D... Read more

  • Repetitive Meals

    1/21/2016 11:46:32 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-21-2016 Weight: 285.1 So the last few days have been a bit repetitive over what I've been eating. Pretty much laziness and forgetfulness on my part. Monday night/Tuesday morning I took out my crock pot and made some ham bone stock from the ham bone from xmas. One of the main reasons why I ... Read more

  • Meatless Monday

    1/19/2016 12:22:35 AM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-18-2016 Weight: 285.5 Starting to feel like I am getting my eating better under control today, or was it because it was meatless Monday? I started having meatless day as of Jan 1st 2015 and glad that I have kept it up, honestly I don't see a reason to stop. Who knows maybe in 2017 I'll add... Read more

  • Self-imposed mourning is over

    1/18/2016 5:06:29 PM, by CDCSMITH2013

    Don't get me wrong. Just because my period of mourning is over does not make me any less sad. It's just time to shift focus. I can write about it if need be. I have actually. A little. Editing to add that I'm starting to get a tad pissed off at the number of deaths hitting so far this ye... Read more

  • Need to get back to it

    1/17/2016 10:57:06 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-17-2016 Weight: 284.6 So I am already falling behind with my goals for the year. I'm not quite making those 3 walks a week and I've haven't been keeping up with my minimum of one blog a week. One of the reasons why I wanted to push myself to blog is to also document my eating habits throug... Read more

  • Depressing blog coming. Nothing to see here. Just rambling.

    1/17/2016 2:56:05 PM, by CDCSMITH2013

    Death. I'm a little weird about how I handle death at least compared to everyone I know and those I've read about. I'm okay with that. I'm weird. I do a lot of things different than most people I know. David Bowie's death has hit me harder than it should given that I didn't know the guy. I... Read more

  • Week 1, success and failures

    1/10/2016 10:56:42 AM, by CDCSMITH2013

    One step forward, two steps back. Not really, but that is sometimes how it feels when you backslide. I'm not even sure that is what I did. The week threw some stuff at me that would have made it tough to make all my goals if they were routine. The fact that many of then were not, meant the first... Read more