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  • Oprah Called One Day

    6/15/2016 4:36:48 PM, by TOFUDEE

    Actually it wasn't Oprah it was one of her producers. When I first moved to rural Mississippi I was about to go crazy making the transition between city and country. So I spent much of my spare time reading when I wasn't remodeling this house. And because I live out in the boonies most of the wor... Read more

  • Can Reading Help You Lose Weight?

    6/14/2016 11:37:30 AM, by TOFUDEE

    I have so many weight loss books sitting on my shelves - The Ultimate Diet, Why French Women Don't Get Fat, Eat This Not That, The Atkins Diet, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, The Paleo Diet, Why Diets Don't Work, Fit or Fat, and the list goes on and on. I practically have the entire health section ... Read more

  • Horses and diets

    6/4/2016 5:16:27 PM, by TOFUDEE

    So I have some mini horses and they are really fun. I have five girls, one stud and four ponies. The weather has not been cooperating much lately so all of them needed grooming and Sunday was beautiful and sunny so I gathered all of my grooming tools and went out to comb their manes and tails. R... Read more