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  • February Fools!

    2/2/2016 2:32:38 PM, by DDHEART

    February 2nd in Northern Wisconsin is more like April 1st. When I first logged on to the computer this morning I saw a headline touting that all the groundhogs predicted an early spring. Pause here while I laugh. Ok, rodents can't predict the weather. It's all fun and games and the basis... Read more

  • We're all different.....but.....

    2/1/2016 1:06:51 PM, by DDHEART

    .........I hope we're all still learning! I've learned a lot in the years I've been a Spark member. The most important thing I've learned, is that I NEED to track, I need to focus, and I need to be motivated over and over again. You may be different, but a lot of my sparkfriends hav... Read more

  • Here's a great goal!

    1/30/2016 10:26:07 AM, by DDHEART

    Last night Fitbit sent me a notification of my stats for the year 2015. They told me I had logged 3,910,078 steps. Who knew? I shared this number with my niece who has a different brand of tracker & who had the same family stresses and distractions. Her total for the year was slightly le... Read more

  • Wow! 7 years...Really?

    1/29/2016 12:07:36 PM, by DDHEART

    I don't post blogs nearly as often now as I did when I first joined Sparkpeople. Back then, I used my blog posts as a way to work through some of the emotional ups and downs of trying to change a lifetime of eating and "lack of" exercise habits. I highly recommend using this great tool by th... Read more