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  • 50+ down - 40-ish to go

    9/16/2017 8:35:47 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    Hi everyone, This is really going to be a stream of consciousness type blog more than anything. I feel the need to connect. I'm really proud of myself you guys. It's like I'm finally listening to myself after years of ignoring what I knew to be true. Last year when I turned 39, I made... Read more

  • Q&A

    8/29/2017 10:22:50 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I wrote this up for the 5% challenge team I'm on, so I thought I would share it here as well so you can get to know me a bit if you like. 1. What is your name or nick name? I don't use my real name on SparkPeople. Call me Aggie. :) 2. What do you like to do for fun? Read, explore, museu... Read more