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  • Happy Friday! Let's Catch Up!

    5/22/2015 5:01:53 PM, by PILLOWFOOL

    It's been a long time since I posted, huh? Don't despair, I haven't totally fallen off the wagon. I've still been tracking my calories (for the most part) and walking (almost) every day. I've just had a lot going on and haven't had a whole lot of time and energy left over for blogging. L... Read more

  • Day 15- Getting it together

    5/14/2015 3:14:41 PM, by ANDILEIGH421

    So I'm on day 15 of this journey and I finally feel like I'm starting to get it together. My diet hasn't been perfect, but it has definitely been better. I've gotten up each day to do yoga, which is something I've loved when I've lost weight in the past, and although the workouts haven't been as eas... Read more

  • Day 12- Rough Start

    5/11/2015 8:45:50 PM, by ANDILEIGH421

    12 days in to my new beginning, and I have honestly been quite unsuccessful. That being said, I still would like to count these first 12 days as a part of my journey. In the past, if I had such a rough beginning, I would be likely to give up, but this time I think i need to recognize the mistakes I'... Read more

  • Day 1

    4/30/2015 2:33:09 PM, by ANDILEIGH421

    I've had so many "Day 1"s in the past, but that doesn't mean I can't try again. My life is different than it has been on all my other "Day 1"s of the past. I know what my future looks like and I need to be healthy to make that future a reality. I'm moving in with my boyfriend of a year at the e... Read more

  • Not trusting my eyes - trusting the scale

    4/29/2015 4:48:27 PM, by PILLOWFOOL

    The food scale, that is. I FINALLY stopped eyeballing my food and I feel like it is making such a big difference! I'm also using my handy measuring cups and spoons. Because, honestly? I have NO idea what 1/3 of a cup of cheese looks like. But that's OK! because I have a way to find out. I... Read more

  • Birthday calories don't count, right?

    4/27/2015 3:58:22 PM, by PILLOWFOOL

    Friday was my birthday - I'm 32 years old now. Yikes! How did that happen? I had delicious tacos, and margaritas, and beers, and flan, and chocolate cake, and it was glorious. And it was roughly a 3,000 day. Oops. Yesterday I went to a party for another friend of mine that happened to be at a... Read more

  • Keep on Keepin' on

    4/27/2015 10:54:03 AM, by SWEETSNOMO

    Still going after a short break for Easter, a wedding, spring break. Back on track and keepin' on...... Read more