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  • My Weight Chart - the Final Descent

    3/13/2018 10:58:15 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    This is my weight chart, beginning from when I started on Sparkpeople in January of 2009. It's not 100% accurate of course as I didn't use SP for long stretches of time. My highest point is April of 2012 - 213 lbs. My lowest (before this past year) was September of 2009 - 169 lbs. Today I am 14... Read more

  • On Plateaus

    3/5/2018 11:26:56 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I feel as though a lot of changes are happening to my body all at once, even though this has been a 10-month process so far (this time around). Since last April, I have: *Lost 37.4 lbs (around 30 still to go!); *Lost 6" from my waist, 5" from my bust, and 4" from my hips; *Greatly improved ... Read more

  • Setting a different goal

    2/22/2018 3:56:28 PM, by DDHEART

    In the years that I have been a member here, I have set a lot of goals. Weight loss, eating the rainbow, running & within the running goal many specific distance & pace goals. I set many mini goals like water consumption, drinking less empty calories and even drinking less diet soda. ... Read more