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  • Back "home" at Sparkpeople

    2/6/2016 8:27:46 AM, by KAHLADANIELLE

    I strayed and tried using another site for a couple of years but it lacked the intimacy that SP gives. So... Here's what I've been up to. I'm still taking care of my dad. Since my last post here, I got engaged, got married, and my husband lives with me now. I feel bad saying this but he has made me... Read more

  • Day 2

    2/2/2016 9:43:44 AM, by MAJORK29

    I didn't quite make my 5000 step goal yesterday. But today is a new day.... Read more

  • 30 days to a new me

    2/1/2016 8:51:01 AM, by MAJORK29

    Today is day 1 of my own 30 challenge to a better me. This month I am going to drink my Matcha daily, make by bed and use make up on a daily basis. I also am going to make sure I hit my step goal every day.... Read more

  • 30 days

    1/30/2016 8:56:32 PM, by CRISROCKWELL

    I may not have succeeded at all my goals set for this month but I have learned a lot on this journey of mine so far. One: I will not die if I don't give in to my cravings. Two: Water is not all that bad. Three: I'm worth it. Four: I can do this.... Read more

  • Cize

    1/26/2016 8:39:39 PM, by BECKAROOS1

    Anyone tried this new beach body work out? I have turbo fire and love it, want to know if it is worth the 60$investment.... Read more

  • Not in the right mind set

    1/23/2016 9:34:51 PM, by CRISROCKWELL

    Quitting smoking was easier then losing weight. At least when I quit I was able to remove cigarettes from my life and be done with it. Food I have to eat the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats. Not eat too much or too little. Eat the right combinations, exercise and even after all that I foun... Read more

  • Trend

    1/21/2016 9:29:23 PM, by CRISROCKWELL

    Starting to visually see a trend in my eating habits. I.e. skipping meals. How do you avoid when you get so busy during the day?... Read more

  • Day 18

    1/18/2016 7:18:29 PM, by CRISROCKWELL

    Haven't touch a single drop of soda. Happy dance.... Read more