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  • Days 26-27 How to respond to sabotaging thoughts

    5/21/2017 10:01:53 AM, by OLDEROWL

    On day 25 we were asked to identify sabotaging thoughts that tempt us to stray from healthy eating. It has been over a week since I discussed day 25. I had some sabotaging thoughts, first that my efforts to share Dr. Becks 42 lessons on Cognitive Weight loss were not being well received and that I ... Read more

  • $100 A Month Challenge

    5/16/2017 8:44:28 PM, by IAMSUNNYHOWARD

    You can be both a masterpiece and a work in process at the same time! Think about it. As we become healthier and stretch our boundaries, we continually improve ( a work in process). But it doesn't take away from the fact that we are a miracle just as we are. I bought a new ( cheap)... Read more

  • Hexagon Rebounders (mini trampoline)

    5/14/2017 12:06:44 AM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    I just posted this in the Urban Reboinder team, but on the wild chance that there are other Sparkers who rebound, but are not in the Urban Rebounder team (which is not limited to owners of the specific Urban Rebounder brand...), I thought I would re-post here in my blog: Curious if anyone here ... Read more

  • The current big idea.

    5/13/2017 8:04:14 PM, by EMMASMART

    Some strange part of me LIKES watching my 600 pound life and I am learning from it. Apparently if you eat less and move more you lose weight. Well in truth I know that but I didn't know I could actually do it. On the show he makes them lose 30 to 60 pounds on their own before he will approve the ... Read more

  • We Couldn't Count Our 9-inch Plate Points...

    5/10/2017 3:16:51 PM, by CERIUSLY

    ...But what a great day we had! 223 220 Once I finally got there. 433 Heidi, (HICIM705), and I chat daily on SP, not only about 5% Challenge business, but about....well just about anything. When we realized there is less than a 3-hour drive between us we decided to plan to meet for lun... Read more

  • General Info - Tick Season, Lyme Disease etc

    5/7/2017 2:59:01 PM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    Saw an article in the Parade Magazine today on ticks and Lyme Disease, so I wanted to save the links in here (trying to reduce paper clutter!). Bay Area Lyme Foundation And They have quite a few links's to info on how to remove a tick, how to prevent ticks,... Read more

  • May Updates.

    5/5/2017 9:18:24 AM, by IAMSUNNYHOWARD

    I am committed ( or maybe I should be - LOL) to blogging at least once a month. So here it is folks. Weight- I am finally in the 250's- Yea me, that is way better than the 290's, so little by little I am making progress. I couldn't do it without the encouragement and suggestions from my Sparker... Read more

  • Day 20 Getting Back on Track

    5/4/2017 10:00:58 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Adapted from Judith Beck's book 'The Beck Diet Solution' Yesterday, we learned about thoughts that tend to justify giving into cravings and how to deal with them. Today we are going to learn how to respond to an even more damaging thought that encourages you to abandon your diet after you gave... Read more

  • Day 19 Stop fooling yourself

    5/4/2017 8:39:16 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Adapted from Judith Beck's Book The Beck Diet Solution Healthy eating is a choice, but many overweight people might make very rational and reasonable choices when it comes to financial decisions but find it easy to excuse eating something that is not on their diet plan by fooling themselves that ... Read more

  • Need to vent!

    5/3/2017 1:52:26 AM, by IMJETTA8

    Not sure where to start. My hubby and I flew to Pennsylvania to visit his parents. The second day we were there, mom ended up in the hospital, then ICU and regular unit for over 2 weeks, then home unable to care for herself. After t weeks there, I flew home for our fur baby and take care of things a... Read more

  • I Canned It

    5/2/2017 6:28:18 AM, by CERIUSLY

    It's May Day and I still haven't started the January Cure. 24 I hope I can get my "Spring Cleaning In 20 Minutes A Day" accomplished before winter. Today I am doing a window. *ONE* window and have already been at it for an hour. I live in a very old house with the original windows. They are... Read more

  • Random Thoughts about Competition

    4/30/2017 12:16:11 PM, by CERIUSLY

    This blog started as a response to a discussion in the chat room of my 5% Challenge Team. As I was writing I realized it may be good to address the topic in a broader reach. The initial question was, "Does anyone else find the competition elements of these 5% challenges uncomfortable?" "Ou... Read more