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  • VaVaVacation

    7/25/2017 12:48:12 AM, by SASSISPRING

    I'm on vacation for a month, started today and back to work on August 28th. I met up with my bff Shelly for lunch and it quickly went from the two of us, to 8 of us - her 3 (adult) children, her mother and 2 grandchildren. Service was crap, food was okay, prices were outrageous, company was excell... Read more

  • U is for Update

    7/10/2017 3:02:36 AM, by SASSISPRING

    It's a crazy time in the Cariboo and north-central region with the fires. We have over 220 wildfires burning at this time, with 95% started by dry lightening.
    fire-fighting-efforts/ From the ... Read more

  • F is for Fire

    7/8/2017 4:39:41 PM, by SASSISPRING
    196204 If anyone is interested, that is the latest updates on the fires in my province of BC. We have a spark member who lives in the affected area, so I really hope that she evacuated safely with her family and is okay. I'm nor... Read more

  • C is for children

    7/5/2017 11:57:42 PM, by SASSISPRING

    I always wanted children. I wanted children when I was a child. I was a kid who played with Barbies, rocked my dollies and kissed their boo'boos. I was also a rough and tumble tomboy, but even while climbing trees, I was looking out for my little brother and my friends. I think I was born with a... Read more