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    9/28/2016 3:50:22 PM, by MDIX91

    When Latin developed into French, diurnus became a noun, jour, meaning simply “day” The medieval French derivative journee meant either “day” or “something done during the day,” such as work or travel. ... In modern English, journey now refers to a trip without regard to the amount of time it takes.... Read more


    9/27/2016 1:16:08 PM, by MDIX91

    Good morning SPARKLY PEOPLE.. We are SPARKLY not just spark :) Read the comments and posts and you see people here yearning to be and stay in control. WE SPARKLE! Of course there are those among us that are having difficulties. WE ALL go through these times. It is our choice to let those times ta... Read more


    9/26/2016 12:20:35 AM, by MDIX91

    I know I was blogging everyplace here..comments everyplace..oh well,,guess got this page lost. Motivational Monday is here. This is the day most popular to begin new plans aka DIETS! My belief is that this is not a "diet" but a way of life. A choice to eat a certain way. Not a gimmick or flash i... Read more

  • is it still Saturday???

    9/24/2016 5:44:04 PM, by MDIX91

    OH BOY. Talk about the longest day.Had to go to the show grounds a lot earlier so ran around to feed 12 horses. Did not have anything to eat until I returned late afternoon. No craves for anything sweet. No new to me. That is pretty much over with.TONS of walking and standing for HOURS then home and... Read more

  • Good morning and good start

    9/24/2016 3:35:47 AM, by MDIX91

    This is one of those broken night sleeps 29 . I might as well be productive and read and learn 58 . Today is a horse show day which does not give me the freedom to ignore myself even though the focus is on everything other than me. Unless you happen to be expecting to see me with the wagon rain aka ... Read more

  • I do not beleive in WILL POWER

    9/23/2016 5:54:00 PM, by MDIX91

    Quite a point of view from a person that dropped from 320 to 130 in a year. That is true.I do not believe in will power. I DO believe with all my heart in : DESIRE: we decide to make a change for many reasons and all I bet are great. Wedding? Prom? Cruise? ILLNESS??? and more. We DESIRE a ch... Read more

  • Every Day is a gift

    9/22/2016 10:30:08 PM, by MDIX91

    Each day is easier to live my woe. I am accustomed to it. I do prefer KISS and Induction foods are fine for me. I know what works and will not be swayed. My NSV are evident and the scale is but a tool not my idol to worship. Each day I am on track is another day I can feel great and in control. I em... Read more

  • IF you want to have a better "chocolate"

    9/22/2016 6:41:51 PM, by MDIX91

    thought I would share this. I have not made it since i can live without chocolate and am too lazy to make it ( right now) For those that crave chocolate. I got this from a friend who got the original recipe off line but tweaked it to suit her Chocolate bark 2 tbsp coconut oil melted 1 tb... Read more

  • Pulling Up My Big Girl Panties

    9/22/2016 1:41:14 PM, by MDIX91

    SO the sun came up and I waited to start my official day. I got on the scale very early ( I NEVER count that weigh in as it has lots of flux there).It was higher than yesterday by a lot! OK.. I always re-weigh and go with that. I amnot sure where good fairy 90 MISS WHOOSHIE was but her eveil sister ... Read more

  • waiting for the sun

    9/22/2016 4:20:26 AM, by MDIX91

    This is progress 29 to wake up one time at 3 AM. Usually lots of middle of the night trips and 2 am up and about..or worse getting to sleep at 4 am! So, I am keeping a better schedule doing something! I would still be asleep if not for foot cramps. AND I am not getting up from hunger and have not ... Read more

  • beyond tired

    9/21/2016 9:26:14 PM, by MDIX91

    Well, I can post to the sleep issue team that I am sure going to sleep well tonight. I INTEND to sleep late. Hope so! Riding is scheduled tomorrow and I WILL push myself to do that. Nerve wracking as it may be, it is exercise to get those joints flexed and control of all the muscles. It will be a ... Read more

  • OY.. If Only

    9/21/2016 1:18:25 PM, by MDIX91

    I read and watch videos on exercises. I watch and read articles and videos on how to reduce pain. I read and watch AND DO my old swinging with the oldies and line dance tapes. As for the stuff..well, if I COULD bend into the YOGA positions to reduce tightness, I would not be tight 334 IF I could ke... Read more

  • opportunities not disabilities

    9/21/2016 11:17:15 AM, by MDIX91

    Every morning I wake up in pain. This will get better. I overcame paralysis so I will deal with this. New arthritic leg and hip pains just give me another source of pain. Not a big deal. We laugh about these and say..'OK. I am not going anywhere, anytime soon. God is having way too much fun with me'... Read more

  • carboholic cravings

    9/21/2016 1:33:21 AM, by MDIX91

    We get craves for the darnedest things. If I have some ice cream it is the gallon. I stay away from that. I tried the low carb ones and that did not work. I substitute good choices to replace bad habits I make ice pops out of flavored water or protein shakes. Usually there are nuts to nibble on. I d... Read more

  • Tummy Yummy Tuesday

    9/20/2016 6:18:20 PM, by MDIX91

    My mushrooms were getting rather.. oooo.. mushy! So I began to Sautee then for my planned Tilapia meal...hmmm... as mushroom tend to do, they released a lot of water. hmmm... I added S&P and a dash of garlic powder, then added HWC. Have a wonderful Cream Of Mushroom soup! IF that is not your thing, ... Read more

  • Motivational Monday

    9/19/2016 12:32:51 PM, by MDIX91

    OK.. so needs the old Monday Blues? 40 NOT ME! Mondays are the start of a brand new week and that means more opportunities to succeed 521 . More opportunities to walk past a mirror and LIKE YOURSELF EVEN MORE. OH, we have to LIKE ourselves to begin with in order to make a change in our life. WE als... Read more


    9/18/2016 12:46:14 PM, by MDIX91

    Enthusiasm is something we need to keep our spirits and goals alive. It can get so hard to do at times so what helps? Getting to a place where others KNOW what you go through 24/7. Oh our friends and families say they "know" but frankly, only someone that I GOING through this really DOES understand.... Read more