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  • Holy Moley!

    7/26/2015 8:58:16 PM, by EMMASMART

    I feel terrible. Coughing and aching, This is temporary. I just logged my food and I am not over my calories! How is this possible. I'm no tired and sick to nibble. What the heck. I am hoping my strength is back tomorrow. I wanna do me some laundry. apparently there is a Library around here ... Read more

  • Interesting Essay About Valuing Each Moment

    7/24/2015 5:56:48 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    This came in an e-mail this morning from a relative who is about 80 years old, living a full and happy life.
    20pages/dancing.htm... Read more

  • Navigating Through the Mist

    7/18/2015 7:50:56 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    What follows is a reflection of my personal beliefs/awareness at this point. I do not expect people to agree. I trust that you will allow me to simply express them and record them without argument or criticism. At this moment in time, this is my basic understanding of reality-- my starting po... Read more

  • It's never too late to turn things around

    7/13/2015 6:59:30 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    I have made friends with an amazing resident at a nursing home we'll call Jack. He listens to upbeat or spiritual music in a well-lit sitting room with lots of windows. Sometimes he will read novels. He tells me that he learns a lot from them. If there are words that he doesn't know, he looks the... Read more

  • Trying again.

    7/10/2015 12:38:06 AM, by EMMASMART

    I'm reading the book this time. Let's see what I can do while I am home and not working. I've moved in with my brother and sister and I am taking care of them some, they are taking care of me some. There is less stress up here so we will see how I can do. I think I can. All my ducks are lined u... Read more