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  • Questioning myself

    1/19/2018 1:03:19 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Well first off Facebook is loaded with a fight with free WW and smart many people do not like free me included. So many new members sign up for the 200 free points and if you are eating corn peas eggs and all the other stuff and think wow this is great.i am not loosing but I am ... Read more

  • 2nd 5k for the year done... 1.19.2018

    1/19/2018 12:35:03 PM, by LTRINH9

    Today I did my 2nd 5k for the year and actually it was pretty nice outside.I was feeling good cause I was able to get outside. It seems that the more I get out the better I feel and less aniexty so that is a huge plus for me. I was able to complete it in 1 hour 9min.I was able to shave 40 minutes ... Read more

  • Discouraging day

    1/19/2018 11:55:30 AM, by BERCRYS

    I woke up with a headache that doesn't want to leave,and things have gone downhill since. I've been good food wise, but it's hard to get my steps in with this headache. I kinda just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix, but I'm pushing myself not to do that today. If I manage to keep up with m... Read more

  • Ready Steady Go

    1/19/2018 11:35:27 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    My furniture will be moved into the apartment tomorrow! Woo Hoo! I will be able to sleep there tomorrow night! Yes, I will have Helena and Sherry withdrawals. Helena is 3 1/2 now. I have lived with them since she was 9 months. I am so grateful for this chance. It's difficult to be in t... Read more

  • it's friday

    1/19/2018 10:32:00 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm feeling a bit sore today in my left leg. i took the day off work today to recover. if i do not feel better later, i will go and see my doctor, to make sure my leg is okay. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone and a great weekend! it looks like the j... Read more

  • Rambling and waiting!

    1/19/2018 4:44:22 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I am absolutely a-flutter inside with worry/hope for my weigh in today. I was down two pounds yesterday surely I won't have gained two pounds in one day. Says the lady who just snuck a banana to eat. This is why I'm nervous. (sigh) So tomorrow morning (aka a few hours from now) is probably goin... Read more

  • One little experience

    1/19/2018 1:04:14 AM, by BEESHELL8

    ...can almost ruin your day. But it didn't. I woke up tired. Like I had been really active during sleep, and I kind of felt like there had been a journey or trip of sorts while dreaming. But couldn't remember it. I decided to cancel PT and take it easy. But then KT said he was going to the... Read more


    1/18/2018 8:04:09 PM, by SMIDGON

    Last week we saw the Pulmonary Specialist. Yesterday we saw the Cardologist. His dr for 25yrs His heart is weakening. The battery has 6mos on it. Then it will need to be changed. This will be his 3rd Pacemaker. At his age of 81yrs he is no candidate for open heart surgery. They ar... Read more

  • Good evening

    1/18/2018 6:19:29 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Two days out walking .yesterday indoors at a huge library today outdoors windchill,snow so cold but did it with a smile I belong to two Facebook WW groups one the new 'free" and the smartpoints Didn't realize until yesterday how many members hate the new free I don't hate it but I am not loosi... Read more

  • Still got out and walked... 1.18.2018

    1/18/2018 1:38:31 PM, by LTRINH9

    Well needress to say last night was horrible for sleep for me I was up quite a bit due to panic attacks in my sleep. I was not feeling the best today,but I still got outside and walked 1.33 miles today because tommorw I want to complete my 2nd 5k for the year because there is only a certain amoun... Read more

  • Yay!

    1/18/2018 11:56:59 AM, by JWILHELMS

    Down 3 lbs ! The scale finally moved!!!... Read more

  • Mall walk!

    1/18/2018 11:45:52 AM, by BERCRYS

    It's a bit chilly for walking outside, so I'm walking with my sister in the mall. Two floors of walking space! I've been walking a little all day long, for over a week, now let's see how much stamina I have.... Read more

  • Good Morning!

    1/18/2018 4:22:41 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I'm nervous about tomorrow, my last dietitian visit for my 4 visits before insurance will cover my surgery. I'm on the line weight-wise and I don't want to miss my mark. Have I done the best I could? No. I could have done better, lost more. But with my sleep being this erratic and all the what-not t... Read more

  • a wonderful day

    1/17/2018 7:14:05 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am still at the 1 week job and i like it. i get along great with all of my co-workers and the bosses are nice,too. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! the job may go past a week. i will take it day to day and enjoy the learning i am doing. i am learning new things every day and ... Read more

  • I'm not used to this kind of cold

    1/17/2018 1:34:05 PM, by BERCRYS

    Trying to keep warm has been a challenge, not to mention finding a way to walk! Today I walked in circles around the living room, because there was no way I was going outside this morning. I can deal with cold to about the 30s, but it's been below 10 degrees the last few days, and I can't handle t... Read more

  • Getting ready for my 2nd 5k this year! 1.17.2018

    1/17/2018 8:00:53 AM, by LTRINH9

    This week should be pretty good. I decided that Friday will be a good day for my 2nd 5k this year. It is suppose to be 43° outside a sort of sunny. I am so happy that I completed the first one. I hope to shave a few minutes off my 5k last time I did it in 1 hour 39 minutes so this time I hope to... Read more

  • local weight loss/maintenance resources

    1/17/2018 7:52:13 AM, by STARDUSTD

    I determined to lose my regained weight in a sustainable fashion -- as sustainable as possible, of course, knowing that circumstances can change in completely unforeseeable ways. One of the ways I plan to do this is by tapping into my At Goal and Maintaining group here. In addition, I am VERY exci... Read more

  • Tracking - LTGL challenge struggle

    1/17/2018 12:42:45 AM, by BEESHELL8

    This one is both necessary and hard for me. I find that I resist doing it; like I don't WANT to know how much I am eating. So I am struggling with this, knowing that not being consistent with what I know will help, will ultimately lead me to regret it later (when warm weather comes, and events/vacat... Read more

  • perspective on weight regain

    1/16/2018 11:54:31 AM, by STARDUSTD

    I've been transparent in expressing that my weight regain has resulted in feelings of shame, regret, anger with myself, and generally like a huge FAILURE. On Sunday, I had the most extraordinary experience that gave me perspective on the regain. I read over my blogs from the point after reachi... Read more

  • Health journey to 40th birthday

    1/16/2018 11:03:07 AM, by MRHUTCH

    018 will be the last full year that I will be in my thirties since I will turn 40 in July of 2019. I am currently at the second heaviest weight of my entire life weighing currently at 240 lbs. My BMI is 40 which is considered extremely obese. I am in a size 20-22 pants depending on the brand and 2X ... Read more

  • I had to vent!

    1/16/2018 9:55:15 AM, by JAZZYGF

    Well yesterday was about the worst day ever.7 weeks on WW free lost 4 pounds gained 4 the meetings there are so many new members and everyone has expectations that wow 200 free foods,eat 23 points and magically get thin. Opera is raking in the money and realize she improves and maybe thi... Read more

  • Setting Goals And Keeping Them ... 1.16.18

    1/16/2018 8:23:05 AM, by LTRINH9

    Today should be a good day. Yesterday was my rest day but I still did 30 min of exercise. I am starting to get back into the groove of what I was doing 7 months ago. I have marked on the calender and so far I am sticking to my goals. My main goal was this month to get 15 minutes 5 days out of th... Read more

  • Slow but steady progress

    1/15/2018 8:07:21 PM, by OLDEROWL

    After completing week 2 of my fitness program I checked my progress to see if I could move to week 3. I manage only 13 pushups in the exhaustion test, I needed to do 16 to move on to week 3, but hey, 13 is more than doubled what I could do when I started this "6-week" program. So I made progress. ... Read more

  • Giving up

    1/15/2018 7:19:02 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Terrible day changed cell phone companies so was that a good took 3 hours 46 Next sparktv and Dailyburn not working.gained 4 pounds since WW meeting.struggling wth WW free,cardio daily for 19 days Detox day 234 Snow cold wind Decided treadmill 315... Read more


    1/15/2018 9:53:48 AM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    My weight is not going down. 192 I'm not working out. 231 I'm not avoiding the sugar and empty calories. I need a buddy. or BUDDIES. 220 Someone to send me a message of support when I talk about craving foods or skipping a workout. 223 I want to finish my weight loss by late spring. 126 ... Read more

  • WW meeting 1 pound

    1/15/2018 9:15:29 AM, by JAZZYGF

    Now since wed gained 3. It's just not working and just so tired of being a yo detox a little .did cardio and weights for 75 min yesterday.ate carrots and vegies and fruit Snow drifts depression yes I think that's covers it I am 17 days in a row daily burn and now sparktv... Read more

  • Weigh in day... 1.15.2018

    1/15/2018 6:56:08 AM, by LTRINH9

    Today is my second weigh in day of the year and today I was down 208.4 so I am down -2.4. I really think that 5k this week really helped. This week is to make sure that I logged everything I eat and do 15 minutes a day for 5 days. Tommorw I have my doctors appt. At 4 and I am hoping that I see a... Read more

  • Reasons to lose weight

    1/14/2018 9:29:47 PM, by STARDUSTD

    It's time for an updated list. A number of these were taken from the list I originally penned in 2010. A host from the full list are omitted this time around, as my 0foray into mainten0ance0 taught me that weight loss wasn't, in fact, going to solve as many problems as I thought. I wan... Read more

  • When the blog disappears..

    1/14/2018 6:54:09 PM, by BEESHELL8

    I started a blog on Friday and was about halfway through and it magically disappeared. I've heard that happen to others and I wasn't motivated to try again! Oh well. So updates from the last few days: I went to a track workout Thursday night. Part of the "annual pass" I bought from Total Body F... Read more

  • I got a Fitbit for my birthday

    1/14/2018 1:23:09 PM, by BERCRYS

    I've been wearing my Fitbit for a week, and it's helping me get up and move. I'm not sure why my energy has been so low for so long, but it has been and I'm slowly trying to do more. I moved in with my parents in late November of 2017, to help my sister take care of them. Both my parents are hav... Read more

  • Rest Day... 1.14.18

    1/14/2018 10:51:57 AM, by LTRINH9

    Today is a rest day for me, time to relax!🤗 I am super proud of myself this week I stuck with my goal of getting 15 minutes in daily and I did✔ and I also got my first 5k for the year accomplished. I have one more this month,but I am just glad that I am able set goals and stuck with them. I ha... Read more

  • my current motivational picture

    1/13/2018 12:31:06 PM, by STARDUSTD

    This is me the day I hit my goal weight (June 2011). I may have gained weight, but I lost it before and I can lose it again. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. ... Read more

  • First 2 goals achieved

    1/13/2018 11:56:51 AM, by STARDUSTD

    Starting Weight: 205 lb First 2 Short-Term Goals: 5 lb: 200 -> Met 1/13/18 (199.8 lb) Under 200 lb: 199.9 -> Met 1/13/18 (199.8 lb) Goal Weight: 145... Read more

  • Why do I live in Ohio?

    1/12/2018 4:05:30 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I just spent 30 minutes, 50 lb of ice melt, and 16 lb of Epsom salts on the Great Lake outside of my apartment; I managed to make a path of salt from my stairs to my car (and did a few of my neighbors’ pathways as well). My hair is frozen. I’m done. No going outside til Monday. Hopefully there won’t... Read more

  • Nothing holding me back 1.12.2018

    1/12/2018 1:39:31 PM, by LTRINH9

    Today so far so good. I am 4 out 5 this week so far for getting my 15 minutes of exercise. I am so happy that I am making goals and keeping them. That means that I can accomplish what I put my mind to! 7 months ago or my aniexty was so bad that I could not step outside but here I am today getting... Read more


    1/12/2018 12:59:04 PM, by SMIDGON

    At 6:15 am this a.m. it was freezing rain /sleet. In Indy. Now, at12:51 p.m., here is our backyard with freezing rain /sleet. We live 94 miles from our daughter. What's it like at your place? BE CAREFUL... Read more

  • Blegh

    1/12/2018 4:10:08 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    The oral diabetes medication I was prescribed — glipizide — has caused uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea (which metformin did too). So I had to stop taking it. And my blood sugar is still way too high. And I’m still eating well, using the elliptical every day, and it’s still not going down 😣 ... Read more

  • One Week Till Dietitian Visit!!

    1/12/2018 12:08:36 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Today, Friday is one week exactly till my dietitian visit for my gastric bypass surgery! I have to be under a certain weight to be okay for the surgery. So this week I have to stay on plan every day, no excuses!! I know I've talked a lot about my bypass surgery, but it really is the main thing ... Read more

  • Recovery day. 1.11.18

    1/11/2018 8:47:59 AM, by LTRINH9

    Yesterday was a great day I was able to reach my goal of a 5k but today is a rest day. I will do moderate stuff but nothing to hard so I do not stress the muscles. It is fun to know I can do it but it was like going from 0 to 100 so today I need to slow it done a bit. 3 things that I am greatful... Read more

  • To the gym, to the gym

    1/10/2018 7:29:36 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Okay, I wasn't going to let a morning appointment and rain deter me today. Two days without exercise -- enough. So I made a point of getting to the gym and doing elliptical for 35 minutes, then doing some weights. Since I'm not doing chair exercises much these days and back to my more regular workou... Read more

  • FEELS GOOD MAN *wheeze*

    1/10/2018 6:15:58 PM, by VELVETALCHEMIST

    So, I've been sick since Thanksgiving; I work retail, I am on the front lines of Creeping Crud. All I have to do is hear a small child give one wet, hacking, barking cough and I'm done. When it comes to lung-based illnesses I am a supermagnet. I caught cold, which morphed into bronchitis, which I... Read more

  • 1st 5k complete for the year! 🏅1.10.18

    1/10/2018 3:20:37 PM, by LTRINH9

    I am super proud of myself . I completed my first 5k walk for the year in 1 hour 39 minutes. I hope to improve that by the end of the year but i have to be proud for someone that has not done that long of a walk in 7 months due to aniexty I am super proud of myself that I stuck with it and di... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/10/2018 3:13:57 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel good today. my daughter says hi. i am all set to start my job on friday. it has been a really long time since i worked. i am actually looking forward to it. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • The rain arrives in CA

    1/10/2018 12:47:25 AM, by BEESHELL8

    ..which meant that I didn't do much for two days. That usually isn't an excuse, but I also had things scheduled and with the way things go for me since being retired, I didn't factor exercise in. We had a good day Sunday, I took Ken out to a nearby trail so he could get some hiking in and I co... Read more

  • January 2018: Sticker Books, Meditation & Self Care

    1/10/2018 12:21:38 AM, by SAMZA83

    Hello Sparkpeople, Last year as a fun way to keep myself visually motivated I turned my callender into a stickerbook...I loved them when I was a child and it turned out to be a fun method all of 2017. The callender is available for 2018 from Beagle Freedom Project, an organizat... Read more

  • HI ALL!

    1/9/2018 7:33:08 PM, by SMIDGON

    Wow, I was hoping the new year would be a slower pace. But, so far, not the case. We have been busy with Dr and specialists. It's hard to keep up. The last couple of days I have been on down -time as much as possible. It seems I get to a certain place and I just collapse. It's like... Read more

  • Tommorows 1st 5k of the year! 1.9.18

    1/9/2018 3:29:45 PM, by LTRINH9

    I have been taking my walks slowly and tommorw I am going to do my first 5k of the year. I do not care if it takes me an hour to do so I am still going to do it and not let it get me down. I will not be running it this year but I look at it as something is better then nothing. I have planned it f... Read more

  • Remember to Remember -

    1/9/2018 2:01:35 PM, by PJH2028

    Yes! A "streak"! I'm feeling the spark-y spark... getting a little momentum. REMEMBERING -- What worked originallY? Just report/track without judgment. Simply record. Use the information as a compass to help you find your way No "good" "bad" So.... Day... what? I'm still here... Read more

  • Supplements, Sun Basket

    1/9/2018 12:25:41 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I got the results of my A1C :/ it was 10.3. It should be below 7, ideally below 6. I’m going to work on it, with the help of the new meds. I picked up a few different supplements to help, too: 1. Vitamin D (blood work shows mine is way too low) 2. Turmeric - anti-inflammatory, I can’t take NSAI... Read more

  • If I'm FREESTYLING,it's gonna be for free!!!

    1/9/2018 10:53:55 AM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    I've been seeing these commercials for Weight Watchers Freestyle. I don't get it. You have to PAY for the program You have to PAY for the food You have to PAY to be told you can eat whatever you want????? How's that FREEstyling? Nah...that's ok. I'm not making anyone else richer by usi... Read more

  • Weigh in tomorrow

    1/9/2018 10:18:41 AM, by JAZZYGF

    521 Measurements today Waist 2 in loss Hips 2 in loss So that's great news and gives me ok this may work but just keep going please 386... Read more

  • New medicine

    1/8/2018 8:53:45 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I made an emergency appointment with my doctor today to get some new medicine to hopefully bring down my blood sugar. I hope I won’t need it forever, but for now it should help. I’ll keep up the diet and exercise and see what happens. 🍎 ... Read more

  • Weigh in day 1.8.18

    1/8/2018 6:38:14 PM, by LTRINH9

    Today is a good day I got on the scale and I am down a pound. I am trying really hard to slowly work my way down and out of the 200s. I know that it will be a slow progress but I look at like some progress is better then none. Today was my rest day but I still got my 5000 steps in but tommorw I star... Read more

  • Monday. Again but I have a toilet and washer again

    1/8/2018 12:46:28 PM, by JAZZYGF

    After 9 days of living in a deep freeze we have some necessary facilities. I did make it through yesterday's blahs. Feeling sorry for myself and although it was good to vent So no weigh in and not sure I will until Ww meeting I did manage a size 12 jeans on buttoned but not zipped. That's a majo... Read more

  • Do you know why you want to be healthy & fit?

    1/8/2018 8:09:59 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Hmmm, let's see... 1. To Save My Life. The doctor plainly told me that if I didn't lose weight, and do so quickly, I would not be around more than 5 to 10 years. There's a motivator for you! 2. I Want To Keep My Diabetes (type 2) In Check. I've seen high's and I've seen lows and I don't wa... Read more

  • Pushing forward

    1/8/2018 6:45:42 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    I woke up at 6 am, used the elliptical, and made myself breakfast: scrambled eggs, a laughing cow wedge, and a piece of gluten free toast. Lunch is lentil curry. Dinner will be roast chicken with wine sauce and broccoli and carrots 🥕 🥦 I’m not going to just lie down and die. I’m going to fight... Read more

  • My blood sugar....

    1/7/2018 4:04:36 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    ... today it is 395 :/ I haven’t checked it in a while because I was traveling and then catching up at work This is a problem. Good thing I have an endocrinologist appointment next Monday ... I will probably be put on insulin. I’m just sitting here seeing my life flash before my eyes. I c... Read more

  • Valentine 7 Week Challenge

    1/7/2018 1:26:22 PM, by BLVING_IN_ME

    524 524 524 524 524 524 524 524 Valentine Challenge Short-term Goals and Measurements 247247 Valentine 7 Week Challenge 247247 189 My Start Weight: 334.8 189 My Short-Term Goal End Weight: 314 by 2/24/18 189 Four other Things I will be Measuring during this challenge & stats too! ... Read more

  • Oh. Bother!

    1/7/2018 12:52:41 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    We went in to sign the lease on the apartment Saturday morning. When we went to do the walk-through, the place was a disaster. There were nail polish stains on the counter in one bathroom. The shower curtain pole was broke in the other. There were paint stains on all the floors where someone had... Read more

  • Strange mood

    1/7/2018 10:11:33 AM, by JAZZYGF

    After giving myself a pep talk for weeks I am finally out of ideas..I am in a a 386 rut I struggle daily .i guess I want to take a pill that makes me wake up ready to conquer the world.i would be a thinner me,rich or have money,do wonderful trips with hubby enjoy my kids,. Ok I'm back to the real... Read more

  • A Little of What's On My Mind

    1/7/2018 7:00:49 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I am swinging in that direction, I think. Where the sleep is little, the energy is high and creativity is on overdrive and everything must be done right now. I think I'm swinging toward manic. It's not as bad a thing as it used to be, I've learned to use those energies towards my favorite acti... Read more

  • Some rain, a hike

    1/7/2018 1:06:31 AM, by BEESHELL8

    Yesterday we had a good drenching, much needed. It came after I got a swim in - 31 minutes or so, don't recall the laps. Need to synch the garmin. Today I was supposed to do a duathlon, run 2, cycle 6.5, run 2. I switched to a 5k as I'm not comfortable on the bike outside yet. A group of us did... Read more

  • He was only 39

    1/7/2018 12:58:02 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    Today I learned that a guy I used to date died from a heart attack. He was only 39. :( It’s really sad. He was just married last year... I really feel more motivated than ever to get my health and weight under control. I don’t want to end up like this, so young, so sad.... ... Read more

  • Weight Goals

    1/6/2018 3:39:40 PM, by STARDUSTD

    Starting Weight: 205 lb Short-Term Goals: 5 lb: 200 -> at 200.2 as of 1/6/18 Under 200 lb: 199.9 "overweight" BMI: 196.9 5%: 194.8 15 lb: 190 10%: 184.5 25 lb: 180 15%: 174.3 35 lb: 170 20%/"normal" BMI: 164 45 lb: 160 lb **50 lb**: 155 ***150 lb*** Goal Weight: ... Read more

  • Sat tempts going up to 12

    1/6/2018 11:36:32 AM, by JAZZYGF

    Horrible night and get so mad just get up and down for chocolate I take so many sleep aids that don't work at all I lay there tossing turning until past 3 am tonight going to stay out of bed until I fall asleep in chair Dailyburn problems but got it to work Ab work today did the pilotless 10... Read more

  • Random What Is On My Mind Middle of the night

    1/6/2018 9:57:15 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Hehehe, I love that pic! I'm a housewife and I want to be a good one, but darn it, I hate cleaning! I can never seem to stick to a routine and my depression and constant lack of sleep seem to keep me from doing so. And wouldn't you know it, Amazon seems to know about this? Scary. I got an... Read more

  • The scale

    1/5/2018 7:09:38 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Well jumped on scale in hope of at least a pound but no movement I wanted to just eat a donut,candy,cookie but instead grabbed computer for a 49 min dailyburn No more scale for awhile... Read more

  • it's friday

    1/5/2018 12:54:48 PM, by MOMMY445

    i heard today about the one week contract job, it starts next friday and goes for at least a week. that news made my day even better! my daughter's so happy for me. she knows how much and how long i have been looking for a job. it is a really,really cold day here today. my daughter and i are keeping... Read more

  • A Lot Going On

    1/5/2018 10:16:32 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    We found an apartment and will start moving in tomorrow. Time to get busy and get my stuff together. It's hard knowing what I have where; a self-storage here and one in Michigan have to be gone through. What to keep and what to toss? I believe I will feel better when I can get it done. It w... Read more

  • The trip from he-double hockey sticks that wasn't

    1/5/2018 12:04:52 AM, by BEESHELL8

    Last night I got home at about 10:30 p.m. after driving over 3 hours in the first rain of the season in a car that wasn’t mine that had just gotten fixed at a body shop. Not ideal conditions for such a trip. 27 I’m tired today, but this trip was really okay. Fun, even. Because I got to spend ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    1/4/2018 7:23:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    i'm just taking it easy. it is going to be really cold here the next few days. my daughter and i are prepared for it. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Jan4

    1/4/2018 6:40:01 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Weather is crazy everywhere east to west to south and north My computer crawling impossible at times to post Today good day for not snacking 50 min daily burn really trying just hope the results are good... Read more

  • Proud of myself!!!😏 1.4.18

    1/4/2018 7:50:08 AM, by LTRINH9

    I am super proud of myself I have been sticking with my walking indoors for 15 minutes a day and I am also making my 5,000 steps. This is good for me because my aniexty has been high and I have worked through that. Yesterday I got all my house work that I wanted to get done done. My Christmas tr... Read more

  • more progress

    1/3/2018 4:36:47 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I lost 2 of the 6 pounds that I gained over the holidays. I will be back at my optimum weight by March 3, since I have only 4 pounds to lose. My exercise goal is to perform a set of 100 pushups on February 28, 2018, and also 100 unassisted chin-ups and 30 situps. There is a web site that gives ... Read more

  • WW meeting

    1/3/2018 3:37:01 PM, by JAZZYGF

    No loss no gain Support is great there. Dailyburn day 3 in a row.home until sat church Really working on exercise... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/3/2018 3:13:26 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new year is now underway. so far, i have heard from a few different places regarding job opportunities. i am looking into taking a few online courses that start next month in a few different areas, including geography. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,ever... Read more

  • ~*~New Year New Beginnings~*~

    1/3/2018 1:16:49 AM, by CYBERCITYSHELL

    Hello Sparkies, as usual it's been ages. Last year was very mixed for me. A few bouts of depression, anxiety, and a couple of physical issues as well. Lots of verbal abuse at my work, along with other work issues. My weight has been up more than down. Again, or still I am ready to tackle it. Probabl... Read more

  • Day 2 on my journey

    1/2/2018 4:06:38 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Well tempts are still in the minus it's bad. I did try 365 from dailyburn a lot of kick boxing so not impressed Tomorrow WW weigh in number 3 I missed last week out of town So not really thinking I gained a lot but holidays are torture for me Today used 9 points so have points left but might... Read more

  • No Resolutions,Just Continuations.

    1/2/2018 12:16:17 PM, by INEEDMYPHONE

    If I don't make a resolution,then I don't have to worry about breaking it. I started my weight loss journey in April 2017. I lost 19 pounds. I slacked off in October because my kids' schedules kept me too busy to work out. Then I decided to enjoy the holidays. No harm done. I started yesterday slack... Read more

  • Today's featured blogs are good ones~

    1/2/2018 12:12:03 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Check them out! Personally, I'm glad to see some different people featured - it seems that often, the same folks are identified every day and I like to get some variety here. I really liked the Treasure Trove team, they had a great idea of providing support and encouraging new folks as well as ... Read more

  • My New Start To The New Year 1.2.18

    1/2/2018 9:55:10 AM, by LTRINH9

    Today I am starting on my new journey to get out of the 200s for 2018. I weighed myself on Monday and I am starting out at 212lbs. My goal is this year is to get down to 199lbs. I am going to work on this for the year because I am on medication that makes you gain weight and also very tired,so... Read more

  • Buenos Aires! - 2017 recap and 2018 goals

    1/1/2018 9:47:05 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Hello everyone! 2017 ——— 1. Was hospitalized for mental health issues and experimented with new medication until I found something that worked for me 2. Successfully completed a computer programming boot camp 3. Got a new, amazing job as a software engineer 4. Got my first new car! ... Read more

  • Jan 1 2018

    1/1/2018 6:28:49 PM, by JAZZYGF

    Day one of dailyburn one of many days going for a streak Blogging,logging smiling,posting,hello team members... Read more


    1/1/2018 5:46:09 PM, by SMIDGON

    I hope you will bear with me. This is not a venting blog, or, is it? I like to think of it as a observation. You know, as a young person, I wondered if a lot of this was imagination on the part of the observer. But, I think not! I am in my late 70s. My hubby is 81yrs, a hea... Read more

  • happy new year!

    1/1/2018 3:54:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    Hope that everyone has a wonderful year filled with blessings,joy, peace. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • My 2017 Life

    1/1/2018 10:08:05 AM, by ON_A_DIET

    In 2017, I was blessed with a new job as a contributing writer to a well-known website called All Women's Talk. I get to write anything and everything pertaining to women. My project manager is super. I love the new job! I am still with Hubgarden, but as more of a side hustle now. I am a ch... Read more

  • Happy New Year!

    1/1/2018 7:10:41 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    411 Happy New Year!! 107 I've been really working on my goals for 2018; this year is going to be my year! I'm not going to let anything distract me. But I got out my manual for gastric bypass surgery, and my goals didn't match quite. So today, New Year's Day, I quit soda's, alcohol and caff... Read more

  • 2018 here I come!!!

    12/31/2017 9:11:01 PM, by LTRINH9

    2017 has been a very ruff year for me but I plan on making 2018 better. I have already taken steps to work on my health mentally and physically. I just started working with a therapist to try and get a better grasp on my aniexty anxiety and find a little peace in all this mess. I have to say that s... Read more

  • Plans? Dreams? Goals? What will 2018 Bring?

    12/31/2017 8:19:57 PM, by BEESHELL8

    I'm not a big NY resolution person. I try to work on things all year long; sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. I don't care too much for New Year's Eve; I think when I was younger, it felt like everyone was having more fun somewhere, except for me. I would watch the Dick Clark show with a... Read more

  • happy new year!

    12/31/2017 8:13:59 PM, by MOMMY445

    happy new year to everyone! may 2018 bring you all joy,good health, happiness. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a fantastic day,everyone!... Read more

  • The end of 2017

    12/31/2017 7:51:28 PM, by JAZZYGF

    It was filled with many funerals too included watching a cousin go through major medical issues which included cancer of breast. Our family had it ups and downs a few happy moments ,a wedding grad party's and a nice get together at Christmas with our daughters. Our son is out of our live... Read more


    12/31/2017 4:17:40 PM, by SMIDGON


  • Last Saturday of 2017

    12/31/2017 12:16:38 AM, by BEESHELL8

    And it was a good one. I went for a long hike (7 miles) at Sly Park with about 8 other folks. I was a little worried because I woke up feeling a bit congested and thought I might be getting sick. But I got up anyway and we headed out - Ken came with me. I've never been to Sly Park, it's about ... Read more

  • So long, 2017; don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

    12/30/2017 11:22:37 PM, by VELVETALCHEMIST

    It's time to put 2017 to bed... thank gawd. Don't get me wrong, it's had its highlights. I got engaged in April, and just now my coworkers have cottoned on. They're all rather annoyed that I didn't make a big deal out of it; I didn't want to deal with all the squealing and commentary and mentio... Read more

  • Fails and Wins Day 2

    12/30/2017 10:35:47 PM, by SILENTSTORM1

    Hi everyone, Today started off really bad, my mom is having to put one her dogs down, a very sweet little dog named Molly. She had recently had puppies but the poor thing had a big infection that my mom and the vet have been fighting but now it is shutting down her liver so my mom thinks it is ... Read more

  • Got Down My Resolutions!!!

    12/30/2017 8:26:15 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I got it - I got it- I got it. My resolutions are now more set. Money will be put away for retirement, Disney World and maybe a health plan. I will find a place to live. I am leaning toward a house, but will settle for an apartment. I will count my blessings more and my complaints less. ... Read more

  • BLAH

    12/30/2017 1:47:21 PM, by SMIDGON

    Just a dismal day! Isn't it just beautiful? Lol! BLESSINGS ... Read more

  • Awesome Bubble/French Fry

    12/30/2017 6:03:43 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I love waking up to a hot cup of chai (tea)! I'm so glad I quit coffee. But, I'm still getting caffeine. So as soon as my samplers of chai run out, I'll be going to herbal tea, which just won't be the same. I use the herbal tea to help me go back to sleep. Maybe I should switch it up and have cold t... Read more

  • Motivation: The old lady on the bike (and stuff)

    12/29/2017 7:53:45 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I LOVE my new fitbit! It reminds me to get up and move and tells me how many steps to aim for each time it reminds me in order to stay on track. Then it tells me when I have reached my goal. I don't always listen to it, but I try to. I'm so looking forward to the New Year and starting my resol... Read more

  • I Needed The Kick In The Butt

    12/29/2017 10:25:15 AM, by ON_A_DIET

    A Sparkfriend, KHUFSTETLER, told me to borrow a book called "Praying For Strangers", by River Jordan, from the library. My dear Sparkfriend has been practicing this and feels so good doing so. I thought to myself that instead of wallowing in my own self-pity think of those who would love to have m... Read more