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  • 3.5 pounds less of me!

    1/25/2015 8:53:46 AM, by KYME2014

    I weighed in at weight watchers yesterday and have lost 3.5 more this week for a total of 23 pounds! That's almost SIX (4 lb) bags of sugar! That's more than TWO (10lb) bags of potatoes! I am so happy to be doing so well. I pray that I can keep my same willpower to lose the rest!... Read more

  • Can't wait

    1/25/2015 1:48:17 AM, by NYCALIGIRL

    So I'm starting off the new year to a great start being sicker than here I am sick as a dog about 3 weeks now. First the flu which was the worst ever and then when i thought I was better a bacterial infection in my chest which caused the dr. to put me on bed rest for another 6 days. Afte... Read more

  • Finally!

    1/22/2015 11:33:14 AM, by KYME2014

    Today is the first day someone (who didn't already know I've been dieting) complimented me by saying, "Are you losing weight?" In fact... TWO people have noticed today! That makes me feel good. Apparently, you can tell more in my face and through my shoulders than anywhere. 19.5 is 19.5... I don'... Read more

  • Nutrition Tracker/ confusion

    1/17/2015 6:32:42 PM, by HEALTHYBYTES42

    Great tool, I think. It's just I am confused why I always go under my goals, and I am always honest with my nutrition tracker. As a matter of fact I keep a written log of what I eat and update on spark people as well. But, why I always go under my goals, don't know.... Read more

  • Still a Loser!

    1/17/2015 10:57:16 AM, by KYME2014

    Week 2... Weighed in at Weight Watchers this morning I lost 3.5 more pounds! That makes 19.5 total. That makes me happy!!!!! ... Read more

  • Water is a MUST!

    1/13/2015 12:08:14 AM, by KYME2014

    Last week, I was involved in a water challenge to drink 100 ounces 3 days in a row. I did it. I also read where we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water. I've heard eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. I've also heard that other drinks (coffee, tea, diet soda) can count as po... Read more

  • More than I had hoped for...

    1/10/2015 11:55:02 AM, by KYME2014

    Wow! My first official weigh in at Weight Watchers was this morning. In one week, I dropped 16 pounds!!!!!! Our leader couldn't believe it. She had me get off the scale and step back on it again. Yep, sure enough - 16 pounds! We were both shocked... as well as the other people in line waiting ... Read more

  • Facebook - Water Junkies Group

    1/8/2015 7:14:48 PM, by KYME2014

    For anyone interested, I started a "water junkies" group on Facebook. It's just a fun way to post pictures of what and how much water we're drinking throughout the day. Nobody is on there trying to out-do the other. Just a fun way to get into a new "GOOD" habit.... Read more

  • Exercising #1 in my book

    1/8/2015 5:22:17 PM, by HEALTHYBYTES42

    I feel great and motivated after I get done exercising. Yesterday's exercise plan consisted of 11 minutes treadmill and 12 minutes on the bike. And working on the strengthening machines. Today, I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bike. What a workout for me Still drin... Read more

  • Feeling Like a Broken Record

    1/7/2015 2:23:32 PM, by KYME2014

    I sorta feel like a broken record in saying... Here I go again. I keep failing.. But I keep starting over. That's the good part, right? That's what Yogi Bear says anyway. I really, really, really want this weight off. I really, really, really want to be proud of myself for doing it. and ... Read more

  • Planning ahead

    1/4/2015 10:55:51 AM, by TCARMN

    Feels good to have my workout done for the day! Lots to do today. But most important is to do some plan ahead meals for the week. Just to keep it simple I am going to do all the same foods for breakfast lunch and snacks and then get my variety in the evening. I have chosen not to eat after supper wh... Read more

  • New Year new me

    1/1/2015 10:56:58 PM, by NYCALIGIRL

    2015 will mark the start of a renewed me. I have a vision and hope for the best year ever. Despite all my ups and downs and craziness in my head about who I am and could have been, I decided to leave that all behind in 2014. I want it to be just a moment in time and just focus on a renewed me. I... Read more