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  • Long day

    2/22/2017 5:58:53 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Up at 5 and off and running, have a great day everyone!... Read more

  • Long day

    2/21/2017 9:02:00 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    So tired.... typing this and hitting the sheets.... Read more

  • Busy week

    2/20/2017 5:59:25 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Trying to keep on path, wish me luck!... Read more

  • Check the date

    2/19/2017 3:51:19 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Because it seems way to warm to be February still! Enjoy the warmth!... Read more

  • Busy!

    2/18/2017 3:39:07 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Cleaning, doing laundry, so much to get done! Love the Spring like day and hope it will bring cheer to those that need it. Enjoy today all!... Read more

  • Getting a lot accomplished today...

    2/17/2017 9:47:19 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Are you? Have a great weekend!... Read more

  • Long weekend

    2/16/2017 8:21:54 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    So it's a four day weekend for me and I have it planned fully. Enjoy your weekend everyone!... Read more

  • Rest in peace Mr I!

    2/15/2017 6:16:55 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    What a great man! Nice job MSU! They going to finally man up and suspend Dan D. That dude needs to keep his mouth shut about non-basketball things.... Read more

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    2/14/2017 2:52:54 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Enjoy your day today!... Read more

  • Whew

    2/13/2017 6:14:47 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day today. Lots of miles in, but it was a good day! Hope yours was good too!... Read more

  • Pressure

    2/12/2017 7:15:56 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Pressure from the rain is making my head ache..... ugh... Read more

  • Challenges

    2/11/2017 5:45:05 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Baby shower and weekend eating.... ugh. Made good choices on the food and got my walk in so I am managing ok!... Read more

  • Rest in peace

    2/10/2017 7:08:17 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Rest in peace Mike I. Thanks for giving us lots of great years of ownership of the Wings and Tigers! You were a great owner, businessman and philanthropist!... Read more

  • Brrrrr

    2/9/2017 6:06:14 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    So darn cold!... Read more

  • Whew

    2/8/2017 6:12:06 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day!... Read more

  • Whew

    2/7/2017 8:07:34 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day. Rainy roads, fog, haircut .... leftover chili for dinner and now I am ready for bed!... Read more

  • Achieving my goals

    2/7/2017 11:10:33 AM, by FOCUSONME57

    Today I can mark "done" another of my reasons to reach a healthy weight (listed on my profile) I am now under the weight limit for our ladder WOO HOO!!!!! And, I updated the info on another Ziplining I am now under the weight limit for it and we bought our tickets to go zipping a... Read more

  • So ready for Spring!

    2/6/2017 1:51:24 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    With the sun out today it reminds me of Spring... so ready for it!... Read more

  • Yawn

    2/5/2017 3:01:34 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Late hockey game yesterday. Today I will need a nap to stay up for the football game!... Read more

  • Brrrr

    2/4/2017 9:08:08 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Cold one out there!... Read more

  • Brrrrr

    2/3/2017 4:28:04 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    It is chilly out and even though the sun is shining, it is freezing out! Stay warm!... Read more

  • Spark Reports - My favorites

    2/3/2017 9:18:51 AM, by FOCUSONME57

    The My Trackers section of Sparkpeople contains MANY different reports that can be run to help us track our progress and give us motivation to continue on (or get back on) our journey to a healthier lifestyle. The two I like the most are.... Weight Over Time It tells a different... Read more

  • Friends With the Scale Day 3

    2/3/2017 8:16:52 AM, by FOCUSONME57

    Chapter 3 - No More Drama 150 In your notebook, list 2 or 3 things that you learned from this chapter. 1. Don't let the scale be the only way to determine if you have lost weight. 2. You scale doesn't care about your weight loss efforts. 58 What are some ways you can relate... Read more

  • Awwww dangit!

    2/2/2017 7:57:24 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    That darn groundhog! Boooo and more brrrrr in my future!... Read more

  • Friends With The Scale Day 1 and 2

    2/2/2017 11:31:28 AM, by FOCUSONME57

    Yesterday our 100 Day's of Weight Loss team began it's journey through another of Linda Spangle's Books "Friends With the Scale". The first time I went through the book in 2014, as a new widow. I am sure that this time through will bring new enlightenment on many topics. FWTS Day 1 What's wro... Read more

  • Sunshine!

    2/1/2017 7:37:21 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    It was back... for a little while anyway.... Read more

  • Brutus Left Paw-Prints on My Heart

    1/31/2017 7:15:25 PM, by NANA-JEAN

    Just pictures in remembrance of Brutus - the friendliest Rottweiler anyone ever knew... and today Forever in my heart... I love & miss you, Brutus! 26 26 Thanks for stopping by Jean... Read more

  • Getting things done

    1/31/2017 7:12:52 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Busy cleaning ..... type at you later!... Read more

  • My beautiful boy goes to doggy-heaven tomorrow

    1/30/2017 8:23:34 PM, by NANA-JEAN

    Our beautiful boy, Brutus ends his fight tomorrow with bone cancer, as we send him off to doggy-heaven. He fought a good fight taking his meds, ect, but he is suffering way to much now and can hardly walk. He has developed tumors on both front sides of his legs (shoulders), he has a few ... Read more

  • Whew

    1/30/2017 5:24:09 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Rough day, may tomorrow be better!... Read more

  • Sunday Morning musings

    1/29/2017 9:25:56 AM, by FOCUSONME57

    There is a fresh coat of snow on the lawn, car and driveway. It appears to be less than an inch. This is the first measurable snow we have had in the last 6-7 weeks and it is clean and white without any bird tracks, cat or dog tracks, rabbit, skunk, raccoon or opossum tracks or exhaust fumes to ch... Read more

  • Off and running this morning, I have a lot to get done!

    1/29/2017 7:20:02 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Have a great day everyone!... Read more

  • Busy day

    1/28/2017 4:38:50 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Cleaning.... whew!... Read more

  • What a good day!

    1/27/2017 4:38:01 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Got my errands done, went grocery shopping and visited with people used to work with. So nice to catch up.... Read more

  • I will fall down & continue to get up...

    1/26/2017 10:17:34 PM, by NANA-JEAN

    I know there is a Japanese proverb that says fall down 7 times, get up 8, but God's word does not put a number on how many times we will fall down and rise up. Proverbs 24:16 ...the righteous fall seven times, they rise again... Sometimes in my life I get at the top of the mountain and ... Read more

  • Ahhhhh

    1/26/2017 6:54:13 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    So glad this week is winding down!... Read more

  • Basketball

    1/25/2017 6:56:41 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Went to my nephew's basketball game today, he is such an athlete!... Read more

  • Whew

    1/24/2017 7:45:31 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day and I am tired, means I will sleep good tonight!... Read more

  • Today is National "Just Do It" Day

    1/24/2017 8:05:21 AM, by NANA-JEAN

    I need this motivation today - starting the New Year being sick & dealing with my pup's illness, working, making other life changes... I need to "JUST DO IT" and get on my bike consistently no matter how horrible I feel - it is the only area in my lifestyle that I need to continue to work on. ... Read more