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  • Mostly lazy day, mostly good LC day

    10/1/2014 6:41:10 AM, by MRTHING2000

    The ketostix were about the same shade as yesterday, showing moderate ketones. That's pretty good. Now I don't think the previous reading was due to dehydration/overexertion. Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs, ham sliced in, and some cheese. I made 3 slices of bacon and way overcooked them. Co... Read more

  • Flu Shot Monday, good LC day

    9/30/2014 6:23:26 AM, by MRTHING2000

    I got a flu shot today and received a neat football pen as a reward (oh, and I am not a football fan--but it is a neat pen). They gave out some treats as well. I snacked on the trail mix and tossed most of the raisins and carob chips (I did have some). The nuts were decent for a snack. Bre... Read more

  • Epic bike ride completed

    9/29/2014 8:04:49 AM, by MRTHING2000

    The weather was good today so I loaded up the bike and took off into the world. I finally completed that epic ride that plagued me earlier in the week with the blown tire. I am now very saddle sore and the back hurts, but it was a great feeling of accomplishment. I had 3 eggs and ham and chee... Read more

  • im having a hard time, but im not giving up

    9/28/2014 11:23:32 AM, by LIFE-FAITH

    If you deal with a chronic illness you will get what I am saying.... I am having a hard time! Plain and simple.... Having chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects most everything! Sleeping, eating, thinking, and doing! When you just dont feel well, you just dont feel well... there is no push... Read more

  • Mostly LC day, got bike fixed, got a new bike toy

    9/28/2014 8:09:40 AM, by MRTHING2000

    I did OK today but I could have done much better. The bread, milk, honey, and apple juice wrecked the LC plan, but oh well. It's not a huge setback. The keto strip told me I was still in ketosis, a lower reading than usual from the cheat day yesterday, but still showing it. I took the bike t... Read more

  • Hooray for Cheat Day!

    9/27/2014 7:52:59 AM, by MRTHING2000

    I decided Friday would be a cheat day. After this I will burn up some of the LC groceries that don't carryover well into Phase 1. I've been around 40-60g NC for awhile and have stalled. Time to go nuclear. I'll burn up 2-3 days worth of the remaining stuff, fat fast for 5 days, then go Phase 1 u... Read more

  • Examining Phase 1 Atkins, and a blown bike tire

    9/26/2014 7:07:15 AM, by MRTHING2000

    I finally got on the bike today and hauled the kiddo around town. A few pounds lighter, I tackled this long, steep hill near my house. Usually I could only get halfway up it and walk the rest. Today I crawled it up the hill in 1st gear but made it. It was a feeling of accomplishment. I rode... Read more

  • Better day in many ways, still confused about Atkins

    9/25/2014 7:00:29 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Today was the weekly meetup with the parents. They love their granddaughter and soon-to-be grandson. It was a good day for that. I didn't get to sleep until almost 7am. I was corresponding with the maintenance company with the 3 hour time difference. I am getting assurances it will be done ... Read more

  • Well that was a bust

    9/24/2014 7:42:41 AM, by MRTHING2000

    We woke up this morning to a glorious day. The weather never cooperated on our vacation but a quick trip to up the coast to the north showed promise. Then the day went from good to bad. My daughter was fussy so I gave her my phone. Bad idea. As soon as we left the room she promptly droppe... Read more

  • Not the best vacation so far

    9/23/2014 5:27:25 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Not meaning to gripe today, but I had high hopes for a relaxing trip. So far after 2 days, it hasn't been that way. Kiddo isn't happy and I didn't sleep well, and so on. But we did have a good visit to the aquarium in between tantrums, and I hiked with her down sand bluffs to tidepools with kiddo on... Read more

  • Long drive, thank god for Atkins meals

    9/22/2014 4:56:53 AM, by MRTHING2000

    We made it to Newport. Corvallis, where Oregon State University is, waa 89deg. Newport was 62deg, and barely 50 miles west. It is a typical cool, foggy day on the coast. We got in later than I hoped so we'll double up on activities for tomorrow. The kiddo is being a monster. We've never left he... Read more

  • Not a great LC day, but not too bad

    9/21/2014 7:08:09 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Sleep was great for last night. 8+ hours restored me. Tonight won't be as much as we head out early to the beach for a couple of days. I hope this mini-vacation restores the soul as much as it is needed lately. I could have done much better on the LC plan today. Breakfast was 2 eggs a... Read more

  • The least bad option at Taco Bell?

    9/20/2014 7:22:21 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Sleep was sorely interrupted by the loud as heck garbage truck running down the street at 7am. It woke the kiddo up and shook the neighborhood. It wasn't a great start to the day and poisoned her attitude most of the day. But all was not lost. Breakfast was the almost-paleo oatmeal. I had t... Read more

  • Looking forward, kids on LC diets, and genetic variations

    9/19/2014 8:02:01 AM, by MRTHING2000

    It was another lazy day. The week was a little hectic and we're thinking of a trip to the Oregon coast. We'll definitely stop by the Newport Aquarium and tour the usual sights. I'd like to go crabbing and clamming, maybe even head out on a charter boat. That may have to wait for another trip. ... Read more

  • Birthday season is here

    9/18/2014 7:45:34 AM, by MRTHING2000

    Today we celebrated my mom's birthday. She's done well implementing some nutritional changes and dropped nearly 30 pounds, mostly on Nutrisystem before she finally got tired of it. Its a welcome change as she's struggled with high cholesterol and being overweight as long as I've been around. ... Read more

  • I'm not an alcoholic, but my sauerkraut is

    9/17/2014 7:24:28 AM, by MRTHING2000

    A long sleep really helped last night. Fluid retention in the face seemed to go down. I think stress and poor sleep are my real culprits at the moment. Breakfast was 2 eggs in ghee and 2 sausage links and a bit of kombucha. Lunch was half a banana and some almond butter with a drop of honey.... Read more

  • A good Start

    9/9/2014 6:44:37 AM, by WELLPEG44

    Well I started 21 days ago. Down 8 pounds. Last week was awesome... I did a Clean up your Act - Clean Eating Facebook closed group challenge and it was very good to keep me on track. It also kept me from front loading my challenge I begin today. I am doing a DIETBET challenge. It's a really cool web... Read more