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  • My newest grandson 2 months old

    10/13/2016 6:08:09 AM, by STALEYK

    ... Read more

  • Tracking

    10/4/2016 12:14:48 AM, by HOPERY

    My main goal for this month is to track and stay within my calorie range. The first 2 days of the month, I didn't do so hot. Today was better. I really struggle around certain times of the month, if you get my drift. So, this wasn't the best time to start, but then again I can't keep allowing fo... Read more

  • Hubby exploring Ash Cave

    10/1/2016 5:49:58 AM, by STALEYK

    Checking out stops for the car color tour we're heading up soon... Read more

  • Happy Wednesday to all

    9/28/2016 6:00:40 AM, by STALEYK

    My newest grandson loves to smile... Read more

  • I Feel So Encouraged-And Some Thoughts

    9/27/2016 10:35:56 AM, by HOPERY

    This is just a quicky blog to thank everyone who responded to my last blog. THANK YOU ALL!!! I feel so encouraged that so many people came to welcome me back! That's why this site is the best. Today, I plan to start tracking my calories really well. I have a preferred eating style of p... Read more

  • Starting over, and being brutally honest

    9/25/2016 4:12:44 PM, by HOPERY

    So, I'm back here on Sparkpeople. Why? Because going it alone didn't workout for me. Because I weigh more than I ever have as an adult, and I'm sick of it! Because Sparkpeople worked for me in the past. I have spent a lot of time pondering over why it worked, and I think I have some pretty g... Read more