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  • Why Tell?

    3/26/2017 4:47:01 PM, by MISSCHEEVEEUS

    Why am I taking the time to tell my story? To write a blog? I've somewhat figured it out. I want to self express and discover. I also hope that my story helps someone else learn and enhances their journey of whatever it is. My story is not for everyone but hopefully you can take something from it an... Read more

  • Aint Nobody Got Time For ANYTHING!

    3/25/2017 1:19:14 AM, by MISSCHEEVEEUS

    I'm typing this blog, standing in the middle of my kitchen, while i boil water for my oatmeal... at 10'o'clock at night. Its the only "free time" I have. Still sick, been sick for like alomost two weeks now. They put me on a nebulizer, which helps tremendously with the breathing part. But because I ... Read more

  • Sometimes A Super Hero Needs Saving

    3/15/2017 6:23:56 PM, by MISSCHEEVEEUS

    I was suppose to be a SUPER HERO today! I had so much fun in the med-surg unit yesterday. It is a county hospital and I ran into quite a few interesting characters with some interesting stories. I loved every minute of it. Even digging through some guys bloody pants to find his keys for him cause SO... Read more

  • A Plot And A Plan

    3/13/2017 9:56:24 PM, by MISSCHEEVEEUS

    Block one on my vision board is in full swing! I'm doing ok in school, which is alot better than I can say how things were going last year. My grades are... decent. Could be better, but C's get degrees so I'm not complaining. Now on to the other two blocks... I want to lose weight and become m... Read more

  • White water ahead

    3/10/2017 7:35:27 PM, by VTRICIA

    My husband's birthday is tomorrow. We've been on a healthy lifestyle challenge since the first and this will be his first "cheat day". I'm trying to figure out how not to have it be a cheat day for me. Thinking of some of my old strategies for eating out and celebrating. -stick to one plate ... Read more

  • 261

    3/4/2017 3:40:08 AM, by MISSCHEEVEEUS

    Two... Sixty... one. I am officially 261 pounds.That is my HEAVIEST weight that i have ever been. Im not feeling too good at the moment. Im doing ok with school but I feel like if I start eating and doing exercise I would be doing alot better. I did however make some spinach and turkey sausage for d... Read more

  • Blobbing through life

    3/2/2017 1:22:33 AM, by MISSCHEEVEEUS

    I've had sciatica, shingles, and now gout... And I'm only 28. I can hardly breath when I come to a power walk and my scrubs are busting at the seams. I'm really not happy where I am in the rest of my life. But school is going GREAT! Now if only I could get the rest of my life together... I'm stil... Read more