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  • My Whys

    1/22/2016 6:59:51 AM, by STARSHINE123

    I guess with any huge commitment, understanding why you are doing something is important. Biggest reason: my self esteem. To be happy in my own body. To not be afraid to run into ppl I know. To be able to like a picture of myself. To not feel like I'm not fitting in with friends because I'm bi... Read more

  • The big step

    1/22/2016 12:40:46 AM, by STARSHINE123

    So yesterday I met with a bariatric surgeon and have set off in that direction. I have tons of appointments scheduled to check the boxes for prep. But am I ready for this. How committed am i? I've got to admit, it's hard to trust myself when it comes to weight loss anymore. I'm going to take it a da... Read more

  • Bad Tracker

    1/19/2016 6:43:28 AM, by SUSTAINABLEMOM

    I am a bad tracker. I forget to log in to either the web site or my phone app. I am going to make an effort to try and do better. I am happily making headway and praying that I can keep it up with the hectic schedule that starts next week when I go back to school. We shall see.... Read more

  • Day 61

    1/14/2016 12:45:12 PM, by SHELBERS17

    Down 11lbs. Down at least 2inches around the waist and hips. I can fit into an old pair of jeans. I'm feeling pretty darn good.... Read more