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    7/13/2017 11:10:01 PM, by MRICKARD776

    This blog is about pee. So you know, be prepared for it. I have been needing to up my water intake. I currently have 8 a day (as recommended) but my per is still yellow and that's not what I want. I want clear freaking pee, or clearer. I am a big girl now and I exercise a bunch so I need that nice v... Read more

  • Tired.

    7/11/2017 10:44:39 PM, by MRICKARD776

    Usually when I get tired I eat a bunch or sleep a bunch. On special days, I eat a bunch AND sleep a bunch. I chose yesterday to sleep and slept for 11 freaking hours. Life has me best right now I guess. Anyway, nothing interesting to say about today. Time to snooze. Goodnight all.... Read more

  • All alone? No one can see you binge! HAHAHAH ((sobs))

    7/10/2017 10:36:45 PM, by MRICKARD776

    Throwback to childhood where my father couldn't afford real food and so would only buy me fried chicken, fish sticks, and chips to feed me over the weekend. Mom on the other hand would constantly be dieting, so for the rest of the week my food was restricted to limited options there as well. I devel... Read more

  • Roller derby, bumps, bruises, tears, and victory!

    7/9/2017 7:41:22 PM, by MRICKARD776

    Last night I played in a roller derby bout against our rivals/sister league that are also from my home town. The game was intense to say the least. Three players from my team were kicked off, one possibly perminatly banned from playing roller derby. The opposing players had a lot of referees on thei... Read more

  • Stress and stuff (mostly stuff)

    7/6/2017 11:21:50 PM, by MRICKARD776

    I can't wait for life to settle down a bit. All I really need is a good nap and a solid weekend with no responsibilities and I will be set back to normal. However, until then. I just have to keep swimming. While no one has said anything yet about my weight loss efforts, I looked down at my gut a... Read more

  • Ups, downs, and turn arounds (thick thighs or nah?)

    7/4/2017 11:44:23 PM, by MRICKARD776

    I went over to my boyfriends house tonight to do some 4th of July celebrations. I sat in a chair and he made a comment about me not fitting into it. I said "excuse me?!" and then he tapped on my thighs lovingly. Needless to say I was very upset. I have been in chairs that don't fit me before, and th... Read more

  • Roller derby blues

    7/3/2017 5:25:20 PM, by MRICKARD776

    There has been a lot of strife lately in my derby league and it has been making my time skating less enjoyable than normal. Add to that our preperation for the big hometown game in 5 days and you have a big ol' stress fest. I wish I could just tell everyone to chill out so we can enjoy the game agai... Read more

  • Love people use things

    7/2/2017 7:23:35 PM, by VTRICIA

    As I was waking up this morning I had the thought that weight is a thing, your self is a person. Healthy weight can be a gift you give to yourself and your loved ones (with the assumption it will help you live longer).... Read more

  • Moving, so I can't stop MOVING

    7/2/2017 5:12:42 PM, by MRICKARD776

    My legs are killing me! But god once all of this is over boy am I gonna feel good, and sleep good. I ran 5 miles this morning so that is definitely a factor in my legs aching,but I'm still capable of doing more. #cantstopwontstop... Read more

  • July Goals

    7/1/2017 2:08:05 PM, by MRICKARD776

    Beat 5k pr of 37:42 Weight lift 3xs Be within calorie range 70% of the time. (22 days) Weigh self once and only once Have one person notice my efforts without overtly telling them about it... Read more

  • Getting back into it: This Time for Me

    6/29/2017 10:15:26 PM, by MRICKARD776

    It's always a kick in the gut when you are reminded that your weight is unhealthy. I like to think of myself as body positive, and I really do love my body and who I am. That still remains true as I decide that maybe it's time to lose weight not because I'll look hot in a bikini, but because I don't... Read more