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  • Planned Meals

    1/23/2016 1:27:31 PM, by LEIGHSANDERS23

    I've never been a big fan of prepared, frozen meals. I totally get the value of them. You've got simplicity - throw it in the oven/pan/crock pot and go. You've got the option of preparing it yourself when you have time so you have a healthy meal without all the preservatives. There are benefits,... Read more

  • Craving Substitutes

    1/16/2016 11:12:39 PM, by LEIGHSANDERS23

    Since I haven't been snacking or even eating much at all recently, I haven't had snacks of any kind on hand. So for today I took a look at what I have stashed at the ready, just to see what would be there if I randomly reached for a tidbit. I found energy fast melts, Altoids, and a small bag of ra... Read more

  • Working Overtime

    1/15/2016 6:44:29 PM, by LEIGHSANDERS23

    There are a few days in my job where I have to work extended hours - sometimes as many as 12 hours in one day. This can be very difficult and right around the 9 hour-mark I start to drag tail. I've chosen to make sure that I will have healthy, healthful snacks on hand for when those dragon h... Read more

  • Having Health at Hand

    1/14/2016 11:55:31 AM, by LEIGHSANDERS23

    As part of a challenge I'm doing, I'm being more mindful of my snacking habits. One thing that I've noticed is how once I go to my room with the intention of going to bed, I'm really reticent to leave the room again until it's time to get up in the morning. I've also noticed that my bedroom closet... Read more