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  • Dr. Mark Hyman (health guru)-"GPS for the soul"

    12/4/2016 10:30:49 AM, by CTUPTON

    "Don’t beat yourself up. If you do happen to slip up, leave guilt behind. Guilt is a toxic emotion that creates more damage. When things get out of control (which they do), simply make a gentle U-turn. Think of this as a GPS for the soul. Your GPS doesn’t yell at you, call you stupid or judge ... Read more

  • Almost another year gone and piling up some good things

    12/4/2016 7:38:20 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    It's December 4 already, for cryin' out loud! What happened to 2016? For those of you who are in my age group, remember reading "1984" in the '60's and thinking OMG, that's so far into the future, Big Brother and all that and what will it be like? That book was titled for 32 YEARS ago! 40 ... Read more

  • Weekend - pt. 2

    12/4/2016 7:03:32 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    *Did* get that solo time I was hoping for ........ 224 Another quiet day shaping up, with one activity on the horizon........... Enjoy your Sunday, Sparkies!... Read more

  • Papa Elf

    12/3/2016 8:24:00 PM, by TRESSWANN

    Well, I was at a holiday vendor show. DH helps me. Once he gets going, he is gracious. Plus, he loves to shop the shows. Captured this today. Tee hee!... Read more

  • A mother I met had a great idea. Before Christmas tell this to the kids..

    12/3/2016 2:19:21 PM, by CTUPTON

    Have them gather up toys, etc. they have outgrown. Give these to local charities. Tell the kids they will be getting new things from Santa so they won't be missing what they give away and it teaches them about the good habit of giving. This mother makes it a yearly way to keep clutter under con... Read more

  • On the way *up*......

    12/3/2016 9:49:50 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I still, sadly, have some undesirable off time coming up, but only one day at a time - and I can make plans to mitigate as much financial damage as I can.......... Caught up on banking, and 2/3 of my planned extended workout - but I *reeeeeeeeally* need to do some shopping, so *that's* the orde... Read more

  • A great book about sea creaturesof a reef in the Bahamas

    12/3/2016 6:55:33 AM, by CTUPTON

    Alas the book has no photos but the descriptions are amazing! The Reef at Abaco 5000 hours and 50 years of underwater study, photography, and experiences around the reef at Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas by Dr. John f. Storr, Ph.D I will try to add a photo of the author.....shucks, no lu... Read more

  • Hubby's upper respiratory congestion-I don't know how to cure it!

    12/2/2016 7:45:18 AM, by CTUPTON

    He had a chest xray. No bacterial infection. Doc says upper respiratory virus. We have been using a mask nebulizer, Mucinex 12 hr., Sudafed 12 hr. It has been 2 weeks. It gets better but does not go away. chris... Read more

  • Still scratching my head over cardiology visit. Empathy and absolution.

    12/2/2016 7:39:24 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    For multiple reasons I've seen the same cardiologist every 6-12 months since I was 30. Obviously it's all stuff I can live with and live well. For the past 16 years I've heard the same thing. Keep your weight in control; loose a few pounds; do me a favor and loose 20 pounds in 6 months; you know,... Read more

  • So proud of our good friend, author , artist, and nature lover

    12/2/2016 7:25:21 AM, by CTUPTON Read more

  • Dust if you must...

    12/2/2016 7:23:53 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Weekend plans.....

    12/2/2016 6:16:57 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    ......thankfully do not include food (significantly, anyhow), but *do*, sadly, involve *shopping*, which I absolutely HATE TO DO (groceries *or* other retail)..........but now that I've climbed over that hump of financial compromise I can start on those dreaded things, so I'd better not procrastinat... Read more

  • I tried....

    12/2/2016 5:43:01 AM, by CTUPTON

    Yesterday I tried 4 sticking to my eating plan but frustrated by what was available for dinner. 24 198 We now live in an independent senior apartment complex. Rent includes breakfast and another meal. It seems most economical to pick breakfast and dinner. In the morning I entered ... Read more

  • My Haul

    12/1/2016 6:17:45 PM, by TRESSWANN

    Well, since I have been home and without work for a year, I have lost 3 -5 pounds. However, since I have been home I go to the gym pretty religiously. Things have shifted around. So, two years ago I bought some nice new pants, primarily at Talbots; some at Saks Off Fifth and dress pants at Calvin... Read more

  • I'm still around!

    12/1/2016 9:32:08 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I got pregnant finally right after I wrote my last blog, now 13 weeks along. I am trying harder this time not to eat out. Last time I gave into every craving possible. trying not to do that this time. Logging has been okay not steller. I got rid of my gympact account it was stressing me out but it a... Read more

  • Almost Friday!

    12/1/2016 6:30:21 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    *Incredible* team points today! Other than that, the same ol', same ol' - and still trying to get a handle on things in general, especially with another frustrating "season" upon me........sigh....... Enjoy your Thursday!... Read more

  • Bonus blog on my December goal.

    11/30/2016 6:03:42 PM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    Short and sweet. I am here and so are all of you. A year ago my DD1 was struggling to keep the bun in the oven. DH was struggling to stay on the planet. I was struggling to keep it all together. This month I celebrate my granddaughter who will grow up strong and healthy. I will celebr... Read more

  • Every morning I feel on the verge of breakthrough. Then I break.

    11/30/2016 7:45:57 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    Yesterday I drank my morning cup and pondered how wonderful my day would be. Thought profound thoughts. I'd be in control. You can't control the things around you, only your response to them! I had an epic fail late in the day. I ventured out in my robe and fuzzy slippers to assess the dama... Read more

  • Guess what day it is? :)

    11/30/2016 6:21:40 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .....'nuff said - enjoy your Wednesday!... Read more

  • Deep thoughts and brushing off flies

    11/29/2016 7:38:30 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    As a kid I could sit for hours on this bridge and think all day, occasionally brushing off the biting flies. In my adult years this would be a place to think when things weren't going well and I was caring for my parents. Take my coffee, watch the sunrise and brush off the flies. Cue Ottis... Read more

  • Thanks, but........

    11/29/2016 6:11:54 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......I could have done *with * a *full week's PAY* rather than the sweet treats I got for my belated b-day (and this is coming from a long-time chocoholic)............sigh...
    ......SMH........ Guess I'd better get to work on *sharing* them........... 101... Read more

  • Afraid for our friend Lorna--still in a coma--here is a TBI website FYI

    11/28/2016 9:50:06 AM, by CTUPTON
    /03/er-icu_pageall.html... Read more

  • Sure glad to restart things.......

    11/28/2016 6:11:37 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    As "chill" as I got over the past few days, the financial stress is just too much - only too glad to be back to the saltmines, thank you very much! What I wouldn't do to have *this* situation turn around..........sigh........SM
    H........... Read more

  • Videos of easy self massage

    11/26/2016 10:54:43 PM, by CTUPTON I need to do these massages and stretches often. Maybe by putting it in a blog, it will remind me. chris... Read more

  • More tips--draining mucus

    11/26/2016 10:37:05 PM, by CTUPTON

    By repeatedly pressing against the notch (round part) of your collarbone with a firm finger, you'll be able to stimulate the flow of your stuffed-up mucus. After doing this, you'll feel your ears unpop and open completely! A second way to use a mini-massage to your benefit is to cross your hand... Read more

  • I just re-read this to make sinuses drain--and was taught it by a chiropractor, too.

    11/26/2016 10:30:26 PM, by CTUPTON

    Technique A: Apply Pressure On Your Eyebrows If annoying sinus pressure is getting you down, this easy technique should provide instant relief. Simply apply equal pressure incrementally across your eyebrows. Do this by first placing your fingers at the "beginning" of each brow, tilt your face fo... Read more

  • So soon--asking for prayers again for a different person.

    11/26/2016 9:28:34 PM, by CTUPTON

    A new friend had a terrible car accident on black ice. She is fighting for her life and has not responded in almost 7 days. She has a 13 year old son who depends on her. Her body is badly banged up. She is also one of my husband's aides. 458 chris... Read more

  • Thanks for your prayers. Mark is home.

    11/26/2016 9:24:10 PM, by CTUPTON

    He fighting cancer. It goes in to remission and tests are good often. But pneumonia has been a problem a few times. He is, thankfully, home again. chris... Read more

  • Secrets of those peope whose house is always clean.

    11/26/2016 9:19:18 PM, by CTUPTON
    ways-clean_b_9141656.html?... Read more

  • Poohism

    11/26/2016 8:56:07 PM, by CTUPTON

    ”What day is it?” “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh. A.A. Milne... Read more

  • The Elves Workshop 2016

    11/26/2016 9:58:46 AM, by TRESSWANN

    8 hours (11;30 - 7:30, not including prep time) 7 pounds of butter and 3 pounds of chocolate and the Elves Workshop, aka Elfday, aka Suze's Sweatshop for children is a wrap. We did 17 different cookies and candies and one centerpiece each. This is our 8th year. We started with my two nieces and a... Read more

  • On my way to exercise class--just downstairs.

    11/26/2016 9:44:09 AM, by CTUPTON

    I have no excuse! I have 20 min. before the class starts and it is just a walk down a hall, go downstairs, and walk down one more hallway. Easy peasy!. 334 Living in this new place is way easier than running a whole condo by myself. I am still stressed 24 (like yesterday getting hubby to th... Read more

  • Did *not* do well........

    11/26/2016 7:40:10 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Mood was good - made sure I kept myself chill...........however, I didn't do so well with food.........time for another "pick up/dust off"........SMH........... Read more

  • Thankfulness, family and friends.

    11/26/2016 7:37:01 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I am thankful. I have few pictures but many memories. One of them is sitting in my glider, holding a very snuggly and babbling Caroline, while her mom sang songs for Ben who was dancing in his Paw Patrol undies. Another is listening to DH talk to Lucas about the checkers game they were playing... Read more

  • Still working on the coping strategy........

    11/25/2016 6:00:42 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Today I "hunker down" and begin the process (once again) of making some much-needed changes (the fact that this is a "milestone" day for me is admittedly part of the reason - but by all means *not* the only one)............ Yesterday went as well as could be expected, I guess - dinner was smoot... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Adventures

    11/24/2016 8:22:28 PM, by TRESSWANN

    As I've said before, I have mixed feelings and experience with Thanksgiving. My mother was West Indian and always said it wasn't her holiday. She tried. And I felt at an early age,it was very hypocritical. I was denounced as a Communist for my views in 7th grade. I do believe in being thankful... Read more

  • Seasonal struggling (again)......

    11/24/2016 7:55:33 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I know I'll probably be taken to task for this blog - and that's OK as I have my "big girl" pants on and can deal (I've become numb to this at this point, at least to some extent)....... Yet another major holiday season is upon us ............and yet another major struggle.........I've been try... Read more

  • I am so grateful for all of you that I am bursting!

    11/24/2016 6:58:43 AM, by CTUPTON

    chris 213... Read more

  • Plus size workout clothes

    11/23/2016 10:29:48 AM, by CTUPTON
    ver-up-your-curves... Read more

  • Yoga moves for inflexible people!

    11/23/2016 9:05:14 AM, by CTUPTON
    flexible-people... Read more

  • Musings on kitchen victories.

    11/23/2016 6:47:42 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    My cranberry/jalapeno/orange relish is cooling and it's 6am. It has less sugar than last year, a bit more fresh-squeezed orange juice and the addition of cloves. I end up eating it because most of my family doesn't like cranberries. Might as well make it diet friendly. 4 One kitchen victory (a... Read more

  • :(

    11/23/2016 5:15:34 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......says it all........... Read more

  • Are you always cold? Here is the solution.

    11/22/2016 6:36:24 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Status.......

    11/22/2016 5:07:51 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Had a small, "non-ideal" snack at night, but I handled the workday well, which was *huge* since most of my bad habits originated there (as in so many jobs before this one, sad to say)......... Dodged a bullet that I will have to face next week, though - the dreaded "b-day cake ritual" Read more

  • Yes, Sonny and Cher, "The Beat Goes On"

    11/21/2016 5:34:46 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    I KNOW the truth of the meme above (Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The trick is to sit at the feet of your own life and let yourself be taught by it). The other *truth* is that I've been on a downward spiral and with a couple of wake up calls recently, last night I decided to ... Read more

  • Staring down into the face of the abyss.......

    11/21/2016 6:18:52 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Weighed in (yikes!), reset my weight tracker, and slightly updated my SparkPage - now the challenge begins...........have healthy stuff at the desk - just need to make sure I avoid the "bad habit" traps that I fell into..........there's gonna be an issue later on in the week (maybe that will just - ... Read more

  • The holidays are starting

    11/21/2016 4:14:27 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Taking DH on a plane. Whoa, boy!

    11/20/2016 11:07:01 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I reached for some normality in my abnormal world. me- We are going on vacation. I need my sunshine and a cousin visit. him- Ok me- We fly to Orlando then I'll drive to the coast. 70 miles. Can you handle the day? him- I think so. me- We have an ocean view, pool, hot tub, beach and ... Read more


    11/20/2016 9:43:13 AM, by CTUPTON
    e%5BForms+of+Government+Quiz%5D# ... Read more

  • "Democracy is the worst form of government....."

    11/20/2016 9:38:24 AM, by CTUPTON

    Winston Churchill once described democracy as the worst form of government, except for all the others.... Read more

  • LOW day, with an even LOWER week ahead :(

    11/20/2016 6:48:24 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Let's just say that - going forward - I will NOT go out with the ENTIRE $#!@# FAMILY! 234 And NOW - a short payweek - $#!@#^%!# Gawd - I SOOOOOOO HATE this $#!@# MONTH! Thank goodness I don't care about petty c**p like my own birthday - it's not even on the radar screen due to the ... Read more

  • Holidays ahead. Expectations. Danger. Danger. Danger. My annual theme.

    11/19/2016 10:03:43 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Pictures of the vultures; for the inquisitive.

    11/19/2016 6:22:30 PM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I counted about 80 tonight and listened to the branches cracking on the trees. It is simply awesome. It's dark when they roost so it's hard to get a good photo. They took over 3 tall pine trees as well as the oak tree, something I didn't think they'd take over. I think the air must be go... Read more

  • Who is best at his job. Priest, Rabbi, and Minister joke.

    11/18/2016 8:13:00 PM, by CTUPTON

    A (female) minister told me this joke. Joke of the Week A Priest, a Rabbi and a Minister A priest, a rabbi and a minister decide to see who's best at his job. The test is to go into the woods, find a bear and try to convert it. After they are done the priest says, "I read to the... Read more

  • Friday!

    11/18/2016 5:46:52 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Make sure you enjoy yours! 244... Read more

  • Requesting prayers for Mark in Florida.

    11/18/2016 2:56:31 AM, by CTUPTON

    He has been fighting cancer and now has a lung infection. He is wanting to give up. He is a young guy with a big, loving family. Thanks, everyone. chris... Read more

  • Circling buzzards! Nature observation heralding season change.

    11/17/2016 7:44:24 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    Nothing wrong here it's the usual winter travel of the local vultures (turkey buzzards). Recently I saw a flock of about 40 at a deer carcass. They appeared to be lined up in a loose group, waiting their turn at the buffet while 3 or 4 feasted. These flying beasts glide overhead - about 10 feet u... Read more

  • Need to work on this plan......

    11/17/2016 6:12:37 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......and *not* overthink things *OR* insist on perfection.........that's gonna kill things before they start (and yet, sadly, I've been doing the same $#!@# things the last few times) - you'd think I'd *learn*.........sigh...... SMH...... 198... Read more

  • Thank a care giver.

    11/16/2016 9:13:42 PM, by CTUPTON
    m-caregiver... Read more

  • A funny set of computer keys

    11/16/2016 7:37:20 AM, by CTUPTON

    and 2 more ANY OOPS I have these 8 key covers. They make me laugh. chris 211 ... Read more

  • Another try........

    11/16/2016 6:12:38 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    ......but right now I feel like the "dead battery" that just * cannot* restart.........sooooooo $#!@# frustrating.......... Hope you have a better day than I'm dealing with so far.......... Read more

  • A bit downhearted and frustrated.......

    11/15/2016 6:04:16 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    One of those frustrating work days - sigh.........hopefully things will turn around today........ Enjoy your Tuesday!... Read more

  • Starting my Rx for courage. Long

    11/14/2016 9:03:03 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    This blog is from me to myself but you're welcome to come along to the self-therapy. I'm not quite sure how to wrap my arms around my own issues. I considered myself very grounded, a solid performer and a reasonable person. I have caved in to my eating habits of the past and the scale has crept... Read more

  • New week......

    11/14/2016 6:26:38 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Gotta get myself back together - last night's meal was a bit of a bummer (don't ask).. Enjoy your Monday!... Read more

  • What's your story? Warning somewhat off color. Please, don't read if you are easily offended.

    11/14/2016 5:05:39 AM, by CTUPTON

    Yes, I stole the idea from the team of a friend. I could not resist. Mine: June 17th, turquoise shirt.chris... Read more

  • And the answer is......drum roll please.

    11/14/2016 4:31:53 AM, by CTUPTON

    A toothpaste cap! Cost over $13 ! Honest.
    ef=strm_fn_79_nad_43_1 chris... Read more

  • Something I can't live without! OK I will go to do chores now! No more internet playing.

    11/13/2016 11:17:29 AM, by CTUPTON
    ef=strm_fn_nad_79_4 chris 211... Read more

  • guess what this is-- answer in blog to follow

    11/13/2016 10:59:26 AM, by CTUPTON

    It has a practical use.... Read more

  • Weekend part 2.......

    11/13/2016 6:02:01 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I didn't do one of the things on my list yesterday, but I replaced that with another thing which also needed to be done - I think what will probably happen with that other "to-do" item will be that I just do it spontaneously........on the spur of the moment (which has happened before with other thin... Read more

  • Beautiful sky

    11/13/2016 3:48:57 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I thought my neighbor's motion light was stuck on. The light coming around the edge of the curtains and also into the skylight was intense. Nope. A perfectly clear night and a very bright moon casting shadows under the leafless trees. It sounds all poetic except I woke up at 2am and can't s... Read more

  • "I'm not dead yet." from Monty Python and now FB

    11/12/2016 8:10:34 PM, by CTUPTON

    10. Facebook glitch tells living users they are dead Some Facebook users reported Friday the social network had a glitch that converted living people's profile pages into memorial pages as if they were dead. The glitch did not affect all users, but for those with affected accounts, screensho... Read more

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

    11/12/2016 7:09:57 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am glad I read this. What a peculiar book! chris... Read more

  • Weekend starting off well.......

    11/12/2016 8:26:18 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......I have some ideas on what to do around the house, but I need to make sure I *follow through on them*! So far the day is going almost *too* smoothly, so I need to take care so that I don't mess things up...... Enjoy your Saturday!... Read more

  • Moment of awe from the hands of man.

    11/12/2016 7:30:04 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I cannot explain the perfect alignment of yesterday's experience so there must be some karma involved to cheer me up. 40 I woke near my usual time and instead of jumping up to start my day, I snuggled under my covers. Directly over my head is a skylight and I gazed at the predawn stars. 41 ... Read more

  • The 11th day at the 11th hour.

    11/11/2016 6:59:12 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    It is an honor to be an American and to be protected by our men and women in the armed services. I am old enough to have lost friends in the Vietnam war, listened to war stories at the kitchen table with my WWII veteran relatives and watched my friends' children preserve our freedom today. Today I... Read more

  • TGIF!

    11/11/2016 6:18:07 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Hoping to chill and recover from a very stressful week......... Enjoy your Friday!... Read more

  • Control, or lack of.

    11/10/2016 8:43:50 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    The only thing you can control is yourself. 334 I've used that phrase frequently in reference to relationships but never applied it to my eating habits. Yesterday, in a fit of post election hysteria, I rounded on DH for some of what he has been doing. 40 I've heard him in the kitchen,... Read more

  • OK - all of this is now over.......BUT :(

    11/10/2016 5:31:38 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    People *still* feel they need to vent over almost everything on the news these days (in fact, as I type this I'm hearing someone "start in")........geez, Louise! I NEED TO START MY DAYS WITH QUIET, PEACE AND *C A L M*! STHU, already, and LEAVE ME BE - EVERYONE! 28... Read more

  • Disappointed

    11/9/2016 6:17:56 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I am disappointed. I am also an American who will work with the will of the people to get things done. It doesn't mean I agree. Can someone recommend a book on how to speak Canadian? 211 ... Read more

  • Sure glad *that's* over......

    11/9/2016 6:09:17 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    That $#!@# trainwreck of an election day - and the lowest point of my budget cycle - can only go up from here (my budget anyway, that is)....... Enjoy your "hump day"! 213... Read more

  • And now for something completely different...

    11/7/2016 7:10:10 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    I asked DH what we would have to talk about after the election. This is the first time in 40 years that we have discussed politics in a thoughtful and agreeable manner. After a brief silence we both laughed for several reasons. I'm never at a loss for words. Things are going to get more interest... Read more

  • TGI*M* - AGAIN :(

    11/7/2016 6:09:45 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Don't ask :( - just grateful that I have a place to be on weekdays when a weekend goes south........ 234... Read more

  • What not to eat on a road trip to an Amish farm market.

    11/6/2016 7:33:44 AM, by OVERWORKEDJANET

    Don't sample the bread you bought. Probably shouldn't have bought it. Don't try the cheese. Don't pick at the chips even though they are baked and extremely low cal. Don't eat the snacks you brought for DH while driving. 2 Do have the salad. Don't buy and eat the small Frosty. 2 ... Read more

  • Coping, dealing, and muddling through........

    11/6/2016 6:05:11 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    All I can do for now - at least the weather has been nice this weekend........and the laptop is still behaving nicely (in it's preferred work spot, too)! Enjoy your Sunday, Sparkies! 213... Read more

  • Tips to stress reduction through the upcoming holidays

    11/5/2016 8:10:37 PM, by CTUPTON

    From WEB MD- holiday stress reduction Here are some ideas: Preparing for the holidays • Know your spending limit. 528 Lack of money is one of the biggest causes of stress during the holiday season. This year, set a budget, and don't spend more than you've planned. It's okay to tell you... Read more


    11/5/2016 7:46:58 PM, by CTUPTON

    My holiday motto! chris... Read more

  • What is your strategy for healthy eating during the upcoming holiday season? Food will be everywhere

    11/5/2016 7:40:07 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am in a new home--110 apartments with people over 65. The food here is awesome. Especially desserts! This will be a tough season foodwise for me. chris... Read more

  • Nice Saturday.......

    11/5/2016 9:26:51 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    All workouts done (including yoga afterwards - I think that'll work out better) behaving nicely - just have to deal with some financial discomfort for a while (along with some upcoming activity scheduling issues)..........annoying, but not a crisis, so I'll take that....... Enj... Read more