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  • Small wonders - 8-19-17

    8/19/2017 2:33:25 AM, by KOFFEENUT

    Mike Kennedy slowed down enough to notice the small wonder of a butterfly: They usually float by on a mission to get to the next flower and we often don't give them a second glance: But sometimes it's good to stop, breathe, and appreciate what a glorious creation a butterfly is... Read more

  • Need help with making a routine exercise workout sheet

    8/19/2017 12:24:50 AM, by TOOTYFRUITY64

    I'm needing to know how I could make out a exercise worksheet. I need a worksheet for beginners and after 3 months need harder exercises and so on. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this on sparkpeople. Thanks... Read more

  • Fab Friday

    8/19/2017 12:14:46 AM, by BLESSOME

    Day 5 success! Exceeded step goal, Tracked all. On point!... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 8/18/17

    8/18/2017 11:57:16 PM, by PDSLIM

    Cats Play With Fan Ribbons
    jIUAM Gotta try this one, but need a bigger fan. Ya. My boys love boxes. Have a large basket full of toys they ignore. Like to play with me if I getthe feathers on a string out. Or play chase with each other. ... Read more

  • This Is On My Bulletin Board

    8/18/2017 10:59:49 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    May your choices reflect your HOPES NOT your FEARS. I try very hard daily to live this way. 220... Read more

  • Friday night update

    8/18/2017 9:09:26 PM, by JCOLEMAN15

    Did 3 miles today. Working back towards my normal 5 miles a day or more. I feel ok. Just a bit tired. Dinner was a few noodles with hamburger patty with some spag sauce on top. Wasnt mega hungry tonight. Tomorrow I am going to make a new grocery list. I have now managed to cut most carbs from... Read more

  • The Ugly Truth of Working Out

    8/18/2017 7:19:59 PM, by EMM1119

    *giggle*... Read more

  • Good Day!

    8/18/2017 5:37:16 PM, by JUSTA123

    Had a good day today, got to talk with my cousin, who lives on east coast, looks like we're all going to get together, the day before our cruise, What a joy, my sister, me and him are the only oldsters left, it will be good to have some laughs and remember the past. Doing some laundry, then I'm... Read more

  • new recipe

    8/18/2017 4:28:16 PM, by CARYLH

    Yesterday I made hamburger stew from a new site I heard about. It was delicious! https://simple-nourished-liv
    ger-stew-recipe/ ... Read more

  • Sleepy Rainy Movie Day

    8/18/2017 4:08:04 PM, by ORTATK

    I still have my company. We tried to go out today but decided to stay home and watch a movie on Fire. The cat is sleeping next to my sister and I as we watch tv. What a scene. I must say I have not weighed myself since my sister came. We have eaten out a great deal. I have tried to stay within... Read more

  • My life has been flipped upside down

    8/18/2017 12:46:12 PM, by CADILLACLADY

    August 18, 2017, May 2013 I met the love of my life, despite our "culture" differences, we have a common bond--LOVE.... We bought a house together, then he got a job in Texas where his family lives, so he Moved January 2016 with his boys. The goal was in 6 months I would join him, but t... Read more

  • Milky Way over Steamboat Lake - 8-18-17

    8/18/2017 12:35:17 PM, by KOFFEENUT

    Rod Hanna is a phenomenal photographer; he has published books of his stunning photographs and his work has been featured in our local art museum. Not sure exactly when Rod took this photo of the Milky Way over an inlet of Steamboat Lake, with Sand Mountain in the background. I just know it highli... Read more

  • Need to do some adjusting to what I am doing

    8/18/2017 11:30:18 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I am plateauing at 205 pounds. I have been doing a lot of walking and eating somewhat good but the scale isn't moving off of 205 pounds. Hopefully my weight can be lower soon. I thought that it would be after that long walk that I had yesterday but it never moved. I am hoping to get some more in soo... Read more

  • Friday morning sunshine

    8/18/2017 10:45:05 AM, by DWROBERGE

    It is another great start to the day on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast. The trash men just went by. I hope the lawn service shows up today. We are getting ready to go over to Pensacola later today. I am currently backing up the other laptop on IDRIVE which was on a special for 90 % off for the... Read more

  • Spoiler...Spiritual Light

    8/18/2017 10:18:21 AM, by JLAMING263

    Neill F. Marriott We also have a spiritual light within us, like temples. This spiritual light is a reflection of the Savior’s light. Others will be attracted to this brightness.... Read more

  • Riches

    8/18/2017 10:14:04 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    36 36 36 36 36 36 Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of HARD work! Napoleon Hill 36 36 36 36 36 36... Read more

  • Friday..

    8/18/2017 8:54:01 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Going to a movie or something. Can't sit here and wonder, waiting for whatever comes. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    8/18/2017 7:31:49 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    104 213 Sparkers... Read more

  • Fast forward to fall

    8/18/2017 7:19:56 AM, by JCOLEMAN15

    465 465 465 465 465 Fast forward 2 weeks. School starts. Routines get back on track. Thinking I want to start out with 2---2 mile walks a day. Then build from there. I was walking 8-10 a day. Now only 1-2. I would really like to get moving yet again. I'd also like to start retra... Read more

  • Once again, back at it....

    8/18/2017 7:15:35 AM, by BARBARADELFA

    I have been back on SparkPeople for a little over 2 weeks now. Feels good to be here, as it always does. I know (as I have always known) that this is a lifestyle change. I know that it works and that I can do it. I've experienced the success that following this program brings. I also know how e... Read more

  • Friday thoughts

    8/18/2017 7:11:50 AM, by JCOLEMAN15

    2 weeks left before school starts. Lots to do, school shopping as wel to do. I will be glad as I am sure most of you mom's are out there when they go back to school you can get back on routine. I was losing weight really well when she was in school in the spring and then the summer has sucked. B... Read more

  • Stronger Today!

    8/18/2017 7:05:37 AM, by MSLOUIE3

    ... Read more

  • Hello weekend

    8/18/2017 5:52:27 AM, by PLANANAN

    Okay Nan you've been good all week. Please don't spoil it at the weekend. Exercise as and when. Food already planned and in range. MAKE IT HAPPEN.... Read more

  • Friday morning, 5 bells

    8/18/2017 5:31:52 AM, by PICKIE98

    I am finishing packing the car. I should be on the Mackinac Bridge at 10:30. I leave here at 7, drop DD off at the store, stop at three places on my way to Paradise.... Read more

  • My Summer Bootcamp

    8/18/2017 5:22:47 AM, by JSTETSER

    In June, I created a plan to get in better shape, and lower my blood sugar #s. I have Type II Diabetes, and control it mainly with food and exercise. In June, I had to add Metformin to my healthy plan. I did not like it, but I also realized that it was time to create a new plan for success and... Read more

  • 7 lbs down...just a 'few' more to go!

    8/18/2017 2:25:13 AM, by MARJIJANE

    What're 100 lbs among friends?... one pound at a time is totally doable... I am back on track..521... Read more

  • trying to smile

    8/18/2017 1:19:18 AM, by LOVELY*LADY

    :)... Read more

  • Cats & Dogs ;-) 8/17/17

    8/18/2017 12:28:04 AM, by PDSLIM

    Real life Great Dane & Cat not too different from the toon.
    j7x21rU A Great Dane is truly a great dog breed — large and noble, commonly referred to as a gentle giant. Though he looks terribly imposing, in reality he’s one of the best-natured dogs around. Fo... Read more

  • Day 4 - PASS!

    8/17/2017 11:51:38 PM, by BLESSOME

    Didn't miss a beat today. 100% on plan, step goal exceeded. Decided to bring a weeks worth of lunches to work along with a food scale, measuring cups and spoons. (Like I give a hoot who sees me using any of them). As long as none of it grows feet and walks away, I'm set. No need to rush to ... Read more

  • There is no clever way to Make Wednesday into thirds day, LOL but...

    8/17/2017 11:39:37 PM, by BLESSOME

    It was a great day! Easier than the day before and that's the way it should be. Didn't quite make my step goal, but came pretty darn close and while we were raised with "close only counts in horse shoes" since the wielder of that phrase was the reason I didn't sleep the night before and ... Read more

  • Day 21

    8/17/2017 11:35:32 PM, by CHRYS00

    Attempt 20something or other in trying to post to my blog. Been trying for five days ugh. So tired of retyping this. So quick version. Yay blood sugar less then 150 for eight days. Fasting under 100 for 2 days... probably change tomorrow as my sugar levels tonight actually sucked, 146. Almost broke... Read more

  • First blog take 2

    8/17/2017 11:13:40 PM, by WENDYM29

    I returned to Spark People June 3rd after being away for 4 years. I was doing well on Spark People the first time and then my partner and I got new jobs with different hours. We went to the gym together to swim. I wasn't comfortable going with out him because of how self conscious I am. We started s... Read more

  • A Bit Of Lightness.............Esp
    ecially If You Are A Golfer

    8/17/2017 10:17:21 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    SUNDAY.................. Father Norton woke up Sunday morning and realizing it was an exceptionally beautiful and sunny early spring day, decided he just had to play golf. So..........he told the Associate Pastor that he was feeling sick and persuaded him to say Mass for him that day. As ... Read more

  • Well....hello there! - 8-17-17

    8/17/2017 6:53:19 PM, by KOFFEENUT

    Um.......where's MOM?!? I'm figuring Jeff Hall got this from a safe distance before mom showed up, since I didn't see any reports of this photo being taken off a trampled camera......... Read more

  • Day 32 LCHF

    8/17/2017 5:15:30 PM, by THELIGHTWENTON

    Still feeling good. Worrying if I maybe eating a little to much fat. my weight hasn't moved this week. I have been real active, so maybe I developed a little muscle? I do feel like I have lost a few inches and I am feeling real good physically so I will not freak out that the scale hasn't moved. Yes... Read more

  • Cut my time down on my long walk

    8/17/2017 4:54:00 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Took my long walk this afternoon and cut my time down by 3 minutes. Same route and speed but took me less time than it did on Monday. On Monday it took me 65 minutes to do my walk. Today it took me 62 minutes. Plus it was a lot warmer and I am wearing denim capris. I had a liter bottle of water with... Read more

  • Just laughed out loud

    8/17/2017 3:41:37 PM, by EMM1119

    Gotta have those people who keep you in line with their snarky reminders lol... Read more

  • 17/8/17

    8/17/2017 3:39:26 PM, by PLANANAN

    1387 cals today, oops. Lunch out. Mental note to avoid the garlic mushrooms in future. Tummy objecting a bit to,the garlic. Jobs to do all done. Bit less walking than usual. Sad to watch elderly friend failing in hospital. Looks like he'd love to go home if only st Pete would pick his number.... Read more

  • Who shrunk my car???

    8/17/2017 2:35:17 PM, by PICKIE98

    I started packing things in my car this morning. I have three styrofoam (Airtight dry-ice types), my cooler(empty until tomorrow morning), camp chair with footrest, binoculars, camera bag, in my car. The huge trash bag filled with Christmas gifts, my pool floatie raft are on the trunk door. Tomorro... Read more

  • More about online world puzzle....

    8/17/2017 2:28:09 PM, by CTUPTON
    le-redux/ I did better when I enlarged the screen. It also helped me learn the shapes of some tiny countries. You did redux, didn't you? 38 Play again and again. 334 Hit redux at the top then when it says you can't go to that page, well, just go bac... Read more

  • Thursday!

    8/17/2017 12:55:40 PM, by JUSTA123

    Almost have my mile is, , laundry is getting done, and managed to get to Kohls , found some really good deals on clearance. Getting ready to peel shrimp for scampi tonight , and then clean up kitchen, humidity is yuck, but that's Florida in the summer. Hope everyone is enjoying their day!... Read more

  • Self-discipline

    8/17/2017 10:38:39 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    36 36 36 36 36 36 36 Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward. Napoleon Hill 36 36 36 36 36 36 36... Read more

  • Whew...

    8/17/2017 10:34:12 AM, by BABSAWRITER

    I decided to do a different bike ride this morning. I started at the point where I normally turn around on the rail trail and started the next stretch. Whew--it's all uphill--getting to the crest of the mountain. I managed 1.5 miles and then had to turn around but I did those 1.5 miles without stopp... Read more

  • Feeling Disappointed

    8/17/2017 10:07:24 AM, by MISSCANBEWRONG

    So yesterday I was at 430.8 when I weighed myself and this morning I wake up and it was 431.2. I am feeling very frustrated and disappointed. Yesterday I had two salads and had one in the evening late because I was getting a sweets craving and I had to do something and didn't know what to do. Today ... Read more

  • Believe you can :)

    8/17/2017 10:01:27 AM, by KYTHRA

    ... Read more

  • Too Competitive??

    8/17/2017 9:49:46 AM, by RHONDAA128

    I am in a Biggest Loser competition at work. I have done one before (at a gym) and when we weighed (on Saturday mornings) the results were posted by that afternoon. The weigh in for the competition I am in now is on Monday's at 4:30 PM. No one likes the late afternoon weigh in but you would think t... Read more

  • Gotta Keep Moving

    8/17/2017 9:41:24 AM, by KYTHRA

    So working for a company (12 years Oct) where I sit on my butt for eight hours a day, on top of driving about 40 minutes to and from work, leads to a lot of sitting. I usually wear my fitbit and because of it, I have it set to harass me to move every hour. For the past couple of days, I have been... Read more

  • Spoiler...Atonement

    8/17/2017 9:36:12 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Understanding the Savior’s freely given atoning love can free us from self-imposed, incorrect, and unrealistic expectations of what perfection is. Such understanding allows us to let go of fears that we are imperfect—fears that we make mistakes, fears that we are not good enough, fears that we are ... Read more

  • Hello Thursday!!

    8/17/2017 9:20:14 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Weekends almost here. I'm so ready for it!!... Read more

  • Triple D - NOT Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    8/17/2017 9:07:59 AM, by ANGLING4MORE

    I love watching all cooking shows, including Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Today's Triple D is not about the show, however. It's Doctor Day Dread. My six-month check-up. The lab has already posted my test results and everything looks great....except, for some reason they haven't posted my hemoglo... Read more

  • Sparkcoach

    8/17/2017 8:42:22 AM, by MISSA526

    I know I've had a good workout when I feel a little tired but giddy! How do you know when you've had a good workout?... Read more

  • Confessions of an Over Eater with a Cat

    8/17/2017 8:39:13 AM, by ORTATK

    Well, cat seems to be better. Hard to say with an old cat who likes to sleep all day. LoL I have had a great time with my sister, we have gone out to eat daily but I am trying to stary on my food plan. I do notice that the percents of carb, fat, and protein are not as I would like it. Today we... Read more

  • Comfort Eating

    8/17/2017 8:13:21 AM, by JENNAR45

    I know I am not alone on this topic and it definitely is part of my journey, I had a rought start in life, and by the age of nine I learned loss, my father died of a massive heart attack leaving my mom raising 7 children. I was the 6th child born into a home that lacked the financial resources to a... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    8/17/2017 7:17:01 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    224 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Fact Check

    8/17/2017 5:37:39 AM, by JSTETSER

    We hear so many different voices, it's easy to believe a false one. Every day we need to be reading and learning in order to recognize the false statements. That's what happened to me recently when my brother David send me an article stating that "A; Gore's utility bill for his mansion was over $... Read more

  • Soothing Water - 8-16-17

    8/17/2017 1:31:23 AM, by KOFFEENUT

    Is there anything more soothing than the sound of gently rushing water? Jeff Hall got these shots of Gold Creek: and the Gilpin Lake trail: G. Fredric Reynolds captured the area below the dam at Stagecoach Reservoir: And Harrison Philips kept the location of this g... Read more

  • last summer day before returning to teaching world

    8/17/2017 12:44:22 AM, by LOVELY*LADY

    I hope this is relaxing and memorable in a good way... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 8/16/17

    8/16/2017 11:48:59 PM, by PDSLIM

    Dog Plays The Piano And Sings!
    +The+Rescue+Dog+Plays+The+Piano+And+Sings%21 ... Read more

  • I never experienced...

    8/16/2017 11:39:04 PM, by DCWILLIAMS831

    My husband and I went to a birthday party (on the roof of the Music Hall in Detroit). The entire time I was there, my thoughts constantly centered around the things that I have never done. Whether that sad or I really have regrets, I don't know. When I realized what I was thinking about, I tried ... Read more

  • We Rescued A Dog Today............

    8/16/2017 10:57:21 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    We have a neighbor who we have suspected of animal cruelty. We have called the Police and also the Humane Society to investigate. From what we understand, they NEVER "just showed up" to see what was going on. They called first, and then, of course, a big act was put on and food and water magicall... Read more

  • I salute our teachers.

    8/16/2017 10:48:04 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    This blog is for you....the teachers. I know some of you have already gone back to class and others will be starting next wee. My niece is a teacher and at one time I was studying to be a teacher but life changes changed that. I always loved teaching. I know teachers are a special breed of people. T... Read more

  • 8/16/17

    8/16/2017 10:32:23 PM, by RHOOK20047

    I just lost my whole blog. 15 minutes of typing. So you get the short version. Retreat is tomorrow, leave at 7 a.m. and will return Sunday around 2 p.m. I have packed tonight and think I have everything I need. Will be a busy weekend, and probably a painful one. I will trust in the Lord to be ... Read more

  • 2 months journey

    8/16/2017 10:11:51 PM, by SYLBA61

    2 months into my healthier me journey: brown tank top (size 5X) taken 6/17 @ 235 lbs - white tank top (size 3X) taken 8/16 @ 213 lbs. On my way.... Read more

  • No time to lose now

    8/16/2017 10:09:21 PM, by RATHBUN250

    I have no choice but going on a diet I can't afford new clothes that will fit me. So now I have to lose weight and get healthy for my daughter and maybe my foster or adopted child in the near future 🤔😡... Read more

  • lucky this time , I guess

    8/16/2017 9:11:50 PM, by CHRIS3874

    Went to donate plasma last night and one of their machines (the one I was hooked up to of course) acted up and "allowed" some of my red cells into the plasma bag. (Last time that happened I ended up being deferred for 56 days -eight donations) somehow this time they didn't spaz out (my term) and I m... Read more

  • Spoiler...Because of Him

    8/16/2017 7:52:41 PM, by JLAMING263

    Because of Him Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior. Because of Him, death is conquered, our lives have meaning, and we can live with God again.
    ecause-of-him?lang=eng... Read more

  • Sticky hot..

    8/16/2017 7:30:09 PM, by JUSTA123

    Oye, I finally got my mile it is very hot and humid here the last few days, but I got it in. Kids adjusting to school life and everyone is still happy, we'll see how long that lasts. Hope everyone had a positive day, mine was it even included a nice lunch with the DD, going to go jump in show... Read more

  • Blessings, August 16, 2017

    8/16/2017 6:58:21 PM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings each day. Here are today's blessings: 1. My son is coming home today. 2. My daughter started school today. 3. I'm making changes in my classroom. 4. Family, friends, and faith. Feel free to list your own blessings.... Read more

  • Beautiful music at the nursing home...

    8/16/2017 6:56:38 PM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    I played the piano when I visited my hubby in memory care unit. I see him at least three times a week and his 82nd birthday is coming up on the last day of August. It is hard to see him slipping further into dementia but he still knows me and says he is happy I come to see him. I am sure he likes... Read more

  • Fuzzy's euthanization

    8/16/2017 4:22:02 PM, by MARCEY88

    Fuzzy is a little cat who came to our house four years ago. I'm surprised that the coyotes didn't get her. We took her to the vet and found out she was pregnant (she was about four months old). We had to take her to the emergency vet hospital for a c-section in the middle of the night. She never... Read more

  • Wednesday afternoon

    8/16/2017 4:16:26 PM, by PICKIE98

    It is a nice sunny day here, albeit very humid. I did my last minute errands, so tomorrow is just packing for the trip and checking my lists again. If I was going to a big metro area or even a small town, I would not be so strict about my things, but when I say this place is small, I mean there i... Read more

  • Tuesday, Twos Day!

    8/16/2017 3:39:37 PM, by BLESSOME

    I'm kind of proud of myself for how Tuesday played out. It was NOT a good day, but I didn't let that get in the way of anything except sleeping, LOL. I used the frustration, bewilderment and (almost) anger productively instead of doing something mindless. The fire fueled some instant gratific... Read more

  • Starting Over--yet again

    8/16/2017 3:14:50 PM, by BABSAWRITER

    Just so everyone knows, this is a lot of stuff, but it's not complaining. I just need to get all of this out somewhere! So today I went to the doctor for a follow up from being put on some anti-anxiety medicine (which I've found is horrible for me as it knocks me out for a whole day). I've had ... Read more

  • Today, one colleague told me I look like I had lost weight.

    8/16/2017 2:25:23 PM, by HAVEN18

    Just the motivation I have been looking for!! 521... Read more

  • Fixing a Mistake

    8/16/2017 2:11:39 PM, by KNITTINGKITTY

    Today's coaching assignment is to blog about a mistake and how it makes me feel, and what I did to fix it. And I actually am making a mistake today! So - perfect timing. Last weekend, I made a batch of vegetarian chili. I put all the ingredients in the recipe calculator, and determined th... Read more

  • 16/8/17

    8/16/2017 1:03:59 PM, by PLANANAN

    1212 cals Getting better. Walk, housework and garage clean up as planned. Pleased that I'm staying in bottom end of my intake range if not quite making the cals, fat, protein balance. One thing at a time I think Wonder how Thursday will go... Read more


    8/16/2017 1:00:48 PM, by ALFBUNDY

    I was grocery shopping today & wanted to BUY something that was NOT ON THE SHELF! However, there was a CART with boxes stacked on it, with SEVERAL SEALED BOXES of what I wanted. NO employee was in the aisle for me to ASK to OPEN A BOX, so.....I did it MYSELF! LOL I took 2 packs out of it, put the... Read more

  • I'm glad I listened to the little voice in my head

    8/16/2017 11:38:52 AM, by EMM1119

    In an effort to get healthy not only by losing weight for knee replacement, and hopefully getting off blood pressure meds I felt it equally important to check out some spots on my face that I have recently noticed since being active outdoors more this summer.The "little voice in my head" said someth... Read more

  • Restarting again.

    8/16/2017 10:25:25 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Going to the main site today and restarting. I think I need to reset everything and then maybe it will be easier to restart. I really want to look nice for our 25th wedding anniversary which is next year. Have approximately 7 months to make this happen. Here I go...... Read more

  • Spoiler...Revelation

    8/16/2017 10:19:38 AM, by JLAMING263

    "We can seek wisdom for our own lives through personal revelation. Most often it comes in quiet promptings and impressions. If we will meditate over a situation that worries us, fervently pray to God for help, and strive to keep His commandments, revelation will flow into our minds and we will be a ... Read more

  • Change is Good, right?

    8/16/2017 10:09:27 AM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    Life is seldom what we expect, but it can still be good. It is all a matter of perspective. Life is always going to be about change, right?! Might as well accept it, move forward, and be grateful for another day around the sun!! So. I've been battling some issues with staph infections for sever... Read more

  • Starting Fresh

    8/16/2017 10:02:35 AM, by MISHALUB

    249 Looking forward to new challenges and whats in store... Very excited!!! This journey has been one I've tried several times... Hoping that with some help and accountability - this time i will be able to succeed. Its not about a diet but about making healthy life choices. Let's get this party... Read more

  • Lost 3 pounds

    8/16/2017 9:39:58 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I've lost 3 pounds since Monday. I've lost 4 of the 12 pounds that I gained since Saturday. So I've lost a pound a day since then pretty much. Right? I could of had my long walk yesterday since the rain never came but it was too hot yesterday to go for one. It got close to 90 degrees yesterday... Read more

  • Mind Control

    8/16/2017 9:37:10 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    36 36 36 36 36 36 36 Control your own mind, and you may never be controlled by the mind of another. Napoleon Hill 36 36 36 36 36 36 36... Read more

  • Confessions of and Over Eater with a Cat

    8/16/2017 8:26:00 AM, by ORTATK

    Off to a summer stock show with my sister I am looking forward it. Hope all have a great day.... Read more

  • First week!

    8/16/2017 7:47:53 AM, by BIGGULL

    Well, my first week of being back on spark is in the books. I feel better! Lost 14.8pounds. ! I know that is not to be expected, most is fluids but still a great week! I focused. I walked. I sparked and most of all I prayed! Have a great week everyone!!!... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    8/16/2017 7:34:51 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    244 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Revolutionary Time Travel

    8/16/2017 5:13:07 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have some exciting weekend plans. Traveling through time to 1920 has shown me how much has changed, and how much has stayed the same. The Old Governor Benjamin Pierce and his wife, Anna Kendrick Pierce were a hard working couple that faced many challenges. Benjamin's first wife Elizabeth die... Read more

  • Auto Stress

    8/16/2017 1:17:25 AM, by LOVELY*LADY

    I am trying not to stress out about more auto repairs. Seems like after spending so much money that I should have just gotten a new car. I hope this latest repair will make me think otherwise.... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 8/15/17

    8/16/2017 12:02:37 AM, by PDSLIM

    Cat Job - Nursing Home Aide
    +Into+a+Nursing+Home+One+Day+and+Asked+for+a+Job ... Read more

  • Crescent Beach & Early to Bed

    8/15/2017 11:57:52 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I am keeping an unbusy schedule for the next week. It's with some regret that we decided to not have another puppy, so Royce is getting spay tomorrow. We had thought it would be great if she had a litter and we kept one puppy and we had homes lined up for the rest. But we are usually more than busy ... Read more

  • I did lots of walking and yard work.

    8/15/2017 11:25:34 PM, by NORASPAT

    Today I walked the Rail trail and I walked all the 4 miles. Then I went in to the yard and did some clipping and cutting and digging. My frustration is how does one put in to the tracker there is no place to put it. It was not as difficult now. It is easy in the gym, you know how ma... Read more

  • Tired again

    8/15/2017 10:39:44 PM, by MNABOY

    The heat and humidity really pull me down. I do enjoy the heat of summer but I hope I will enjoy the cool of fall soon.... Read more

  • 8/15/17

    8/15/2017 9:58:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had an okay day. My knee is driving me nuts. I am really considering dropping out of the retreat due to the fact I am not sure how I will navigate there. The only thing stopping me from dropping out is that I would only be probably doing more walking cause I would be working and such. So I will ... Read more

  • So far, so good

    8/15/2017 9:29:34 PM, by GOLDOTAK1

    I have been here 6 days now, so far, so good. Using the tracker every single day to understand my eating habits and learn how the food affects me. Also doing exercises, everyday little workouts. Searching for recipes to try and ways to plan meals, which is still confusing to me, I have no ide... Read more

  • Surgery

    8/15/2017 9:06:08 PM, by MARCIALS51

    Monday my doctor appointment was a seminar and appointment with a Bariatric surgery. I am considering vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. I am to keep a journal of everything I eat. I will meet with a dietician this week then a therapist. I will have to work on my food and exercise for 6 months b... Read more

  • I Saw This On A Sign Today and Loved It....................

    8/15/2017 8:48:12 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    I AM A WOMAN..................... What's YOUR Superpower? 224... Read more

  • Tuesday evening

    8/15/2017 7:20:43 PM, by PICKIE98

    I did a lot of work today! I did four loads of laundry, which is not much for me, but up and down those stairs, hauling baskets, sorting through my closet to purge..I got THAT idea from my dear spark friend Trentdreamer. I tossed shirts, tried on about a dozen or so and organized them. I also fo... Read more

  • Stressful Day...trying to relax!

    8/15/2017 6:00:02 PM, by SKIMBRO

    Well, I had to step in to enroll my son in his new school today. At every turn, you are told misinformation. It seemed as though they were trying to find reasons to not allow me to enroll him, than looking at the paperwork in front of them that clearly met the requirements. I pray this does no... Read more

  • Hey it's exercise... right? LOL

    8/15/2017 4:52:09 PM, by EMM1119

    Changing sheets. The gauntlet warm Read more