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  • Chicken Cabbage Stir Fry

    5/28/2015 7:25:34 PM, by CTUPTON

    CHICKEN CABBAGE STIR FRY Ingredients ~ 3 chicken breast halves ~1 teaspoon vegetable oil ~3 cups green cabbage, shredded... ~ 1 tablespoon cornstarch ~1⁄2 teaspoon ground ginger ~1⁄4 teaspoon garlic powder ~1⁄2 cup water ~1 tablespoon soy sauce Directions ... Read more

  • Update

    5/28/2015 7:14:29 PM, by LCERTUCHE

    Update on my ankle: I am still in a cast “dang it!”. They just took of the cast, removed the stitches, X-rayed it, and then recast it. Well now instead of the dirty white it is a lovely dark purple that hopefully will resist coffee stains, foot prints from getting stepped on and scuffs from craw... Read more

  • Where was I yesterday? I didn't check in...

    5/28/2015 7:04:46 PM, by DSCROW

    It's Thursday and I didn't blog yesterday I guess?? We are having a rainy evening in Alabama and I am home. Glad to be just sitting down. I got a walk in at lunch. I felt my eyes wanting to droop and close on the ride home. Blood sugar...I don't know could be I had not eaten since lunch. ... Read more

  • Thursday Morning At The Doctor

    5/28/2015 6:57:29 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Both hubby and I are now on antibiotics. I am also on a steroid pack due to severe inflammation. Hubby was coughing so badly over this past weekend that he irritated his interior chest wall. I was coughing so badly last night that I got a splitting headache. I used my nebulizer and went into suc... Read more

  • Day 33 - Yep...I Ate the Cake

    5/28/2015 6:20:08 PM, by SONGBIRD2015

    Today's Weight: 162lbs Today.....I ate cake. I didn't mean to eat cake. No, that's a lie. You don't exactly eat cake ACCIDENTALLY. I mean, it's not as though my mouth just happened to run into the cake and - oops...I ate the cake!! What I should say is, I didn't PLAN to eat cake. Yesterda... Read more

  • 5-28-15 Doctor appointment

    5/28/2015 5:25:50 PM, by MAMABEAR372

    I am not going to beat around the bush and drag anyone along and hold out.... I earned, yes earned a second 6 month check! Yes, my A1c went up and my weight did too and my fasting number was horrible. BUT! I stayed low enough to be considered still on the right track. He (the doctor) want... Read more

  • One day at a time

    5/28/2015 4:42:07 PM, by LAGIRL0547

    I am starting again added a twist to my exercising I ordered the Slim 6 dvd's to give me more of a variety so far and I making better choices all around my goal is 50 by end of this year. I remember the scripture the race is not given to the swift but the ones who endure until the end. I keep push... Read more


    5/28/2015 4:35:05 PM, by SILVARBELLE

    According to my doctor, anyway! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    HAAAAAAA!!! My sugar and cholesterol levels are PERFECT, apparently! I'm down to 288! I! Am! So! HAPPY! #fattyonthego... Read more

  • If you fall down fifty times and stand up fifty-one, you are successful.

    5/28/2015 4:35:02 PM, by CANDOTERI

    Wow, I can't believe...well, I can't even say that any more. I believe it. I'm not even too emotional about it. What I'm mulling over is how many times I have said, This is it! I will be healthy! And when the euphoria wore off- sometimes very quickly - I went back to my poor health habits. I w... Read more

  • Hero or Zero. I need to stop.

    5/28/2015 4:31:13 PM, by BITTERBLONDE

    I need to stop. Stop thinking that I have to do everything or its no good. If I want to go for a walk, I feel that if I can't start off at 3 miles, than there is no sense going at all. I need to stop the mentality that if I only lose 1 pound a week than the diet is no good and I should quit. I need ... Read more

  • Yesterday was a very good day

    5/28/2015 3:15:04 PM, by MARY1964

    I'm so proud of myself for my workout and food day yesterday. I took my first hike in a long time - years. Just to give some perspective. In December I couldn't walk even a quarter mile without resting my back because of an injury. When a person is as heavy and awkward as I am, walking into the woo... Read more

  • Sorry

    5/28/2015 1:29:53 PM, by LEEBROWNLEE

    Sorry for upsetting you, And realize my mistake. I'm sorry and saddened, By the action I had taken. You are the last person I would hurt. From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, Please give me a hug. ©2015 by Lee Christine Brownlee. ... Read more

  • 5 years

    5/28/2015 1:13:44 PM, by DSBRIDE

    In 2010, I hit rock bottom and was determined to do something about it. I found a diet site called iChange and with the support of the people I met there, I started my journey. I was doing great, I had lost 77lbs and was the biggest loser on the site. I enjoyed this status until a younger girl ca... Read more

  • Finally figured it out

    5/28/2015 12:08:14 PM, by KAREN_MOORE

    I have been struggling for years with my weight. On Mar 31st I went to the doctor and weighed in at 240 lbs. I'm only 5 ft 4 in, so that's a lot of flab to carry around (for me anyway), so I started with Spark. I lost 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks then I quit losing. Part of the problem is that I LOVE... Read more

  • Caught jumping out of the dumpster - 5-28-15

    5/28/2015 11:48:38 AM, by KOFFEENUT

    Oops! John F. Russell caught this young bear jumping out of the dumpster at the senior apartments! We have a problem with bears who find it easier to rummage through trash than to find berries in the woods. Once they start, it's very difficult to convince them to stop. We're making pro... Read more

  • Day One: Return of a Jedi

    5/28/2015 11:12:39 AM, by ATHARIA1

    Here I am once again. I've been in this boat before. I have in the past had this whole yo-yo diet mentality, although, not on purpose. I don't plan to do a whole start and stop cycle....repeatedly, but that's where I usually end up. I am not sure if it has been out of boredom, or something else, but... Read more

  • Beating the Tireds

    5/28/2015 10:58:08 AM, by STORYAQUARIAN27

    Being around positive uplifting people helps me stay on track.I realize even though we try not to pay folks any attention some of their crappie seeps through. My goal is to remind energize with my positive family members.... Read more


    5/28/2015 10:19:02 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    1 Corinthians 2:9 (WEB) But as it is written, “Things which an eye didn’t see, and an ear didn’t hear, which didn’t enter into the heart of man, these God has prepared for those who love him.” Promise #148: I have prepared amazing things for those who love Me. W... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    5/28/2015 10:11:40 AM, by JLAMING263

    May you and I receive the revelation to know how to best approach those in our lives who are lost.
    L1-B_&lang=eng#watch=video... Read more

  • Gaining...

    5/28/2015 9:49:36 AM, by BLONDEDOG

    So, something that MANY of us are familiar with here....gaining weight when you first get started. poor husband has gained two pounds and is getting might frustrated. Last time he lost weight all he had to do was cut out regular soda....well he isn't finding it as easy this time. I hat... Read more

  • Practicing

    5/28/2015 9:24:11 AM, by L3ON3TOO

    The featured blog this morning got me thinking about transforming my life from one way of eating to another way of eating. In a sermon a priest once said "even if you don't believe, if you act like you do in all the little things and live your life like you believe, it will become true." That says t... Read more

  • Power!

    5/28/2015 9:17:59 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving. W. Clement Stone ... Read more

  • Great family day

    5/28/2015 9:17:27 AM, by DWROBERGE

    Exercises are going well. Calories remain below 1300. Weight is steady. Trivia is still at 98%. Getting ready to celebrate our grandson's moving up to sixth grade later today. Hope all have a great day and weekend. It should be a great family day.... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 5/28

    5/28/2015 9:15:07 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • You Want To Quit? Go Ahead!

    5/28/2015 8:45:06 AM, by MRSPINCKNEY

    Quit giving up on yourself before you get started. You are already victorious! Quit counting yourself out. You are stronger than you think! Quit selling yourself short. You are more than a conqueror! Quit trying to take shortcuts. You are so worth the effort! Quit feeling s... Read more

  • Blessings, May 28, 2015

    5/28/2015 8:14:26 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list three blessings everyday. Here are today's blessings: 1. Did a lot of my end of the year check out last night. 2. Good friends who help shuttle my kids places. 3. Beautiful weather. 4. Family, friends, and faith. Feel free to list your own bless... Read more

  • Diet versus Diet

    5/28/2015 7:45:35 AM, by 1DAY-ATA-TIME

    I read a blog on SparkPeople that got me to thinking. Thinking an activity I try to avoid as much as possible because I want to live a simple life. Nevertheless, there I was in thought. Before I go any further I must say, CARBMONSTERII's you wrote a wonderful blog that I enjoyed reading. Additio... Read more

  • moving on towards maintence

    5/28/2015 7:20:03 AM, by ILIKEIRISES

    The past few days I have really struggled emotionally and mentally trying to process the information I read in Nichole Nichol's article, "8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight". I could have tossed it aside and said, "I don't agree, I will continue to do what I am doing". But the information hit hom... Read more

  • to the gym

    5/28/2015 7:08:59 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Going to the gym today with my beloved!... Read more

  • Getting Healthy

    5/28/2015 6:54:10 AM, by LI11IAN

    I have heard a lot of people say that that "it's not about losing weight -- it is about getting healthy." But I, honestly think that they are one and the same. I will get healthier IF I lose weight. If I lose weight I am likely to get healthier. Of course there are other factors ---- limiting ... Read more

  • Thursday

    5/28/2015 6:35:14 AM, by PICKIE98

    Back to work, , another scorcher ... I slept better last night inmy own bed, but still feel tired.... Read more

  • Thoughts for Thursday 05/28/15

    5/28/2015 6:28:01 AM, by TINY67

    ... Read more

  • The 25 cent stroller

    5/28/2015 5:32:13 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes unexpected blessings come in special ways. One of Nora's friends found this stroller for Lina at a yard sale. Now my grandchild is a very happy little girl, taking her baby for a walk! When Lina is happy, I am very happy! ... Read more

  • Just waiting for my reference to be in touch for the Donkey

    5/27/2015 11:56:31 PM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    It looks pretty good on the donkey, they are having a hard time getting a hold of one of the people I used for a reference, he is on his way to Alaska and his phone is not working, so they emailed him. I may ask my neighbor if I can use his name instead, he has horses also. I was hoping to go get ... Read more

  • Forgetting to breathe

    5/27/2015 11:50:32 PM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    One of the things I notice when I exercise is that often I end up holding my breath at various times and forgetting to breathe. Thankfully when I'm watching a dvd or online program and trying to follow on many of the instructors are aware that people tend to do this and give reminders which help. I ... Read more

  • Another long day but it is all behind me. GETTING IT DONE!!!

    5/27/2015 11:39:20 PM, by NORASPAT

    Before I went to DH eye Dr. Appointment I went out to my locker garden and I added another 2 Tomato plants. I usually get EARLY GIRL and BETTER BOY. Our garden time is very short and for us that variety is good for our short summers. I had to put in a soaker hose and then the Potting soil and j... Read more

  • 5/27/15

    5/27/2015 11:04:56 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this has been a great day. I got off work last night and my son was up and we watched the television (Hell's Kitchen) last 3 shows until 3:00 a.m. I thought I would sleep late until 10 or 11 since he did the lawn work I was going to do. But the phone rang first at 8:15 and I was unable to go... Read more

  • A great day on the Gulf Coast

    5/27/2015 9:55:49 PM, by DWROBERGE

    Exercises are going well. Calories remain below 1300. Weight is steady. Trivia is still at 98%. Life is grand. Keeping focused for success. Getting ready for my grandson's moving up to grade six for next year tomorrow.... Read more

  • Rest day

    5/27/2015 9:54:46 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Body tired . 211 Today no workout. Did dig some bleeding hearts at a friends to transplant at my house also a couple of other plants. Ran GN to councilor after school and we took the 1st 2 hr. kinship foster parent class on line this morning. So a pretty laid back day. Tonight I am readin... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/27/2015 9:46:48 PM, by TERRI289

    A good day....Zumba Gold, Zumba, and then Yogalites...Felt energized and healthy after. Made progress with my coat closet...lost of shoes to donate. Did a little yard work, made a good dinner, and did some more housework. Picked up tip to roll towels to store them. Might try that tonight or tom... Read more

  • it's been awhile

    5/27/2015 9:17:26 PM, by CRISTALITE

    It's been a while since my last blog. Here is a 10 month update: Not much progress in the weight department, I'm only down 5 pounds. Still on my daily dose of Cholesterol and blood pressure medicine I'm experiencing what my Physician seems to think is Bursitis/left side and hip. I don't wa... Read more

  • Celery lovers unite!

    5/27/2015 9:10:29 PM, by CRUISEGAL55

    Are you crazy for celery? I gave up chips, but when I need the crunch....Celery please. 4 Of course, I will only eat organic. I did some reading & guess what? We can grow our own. Cut it. Put it in water or dirt. 345 378 ... Read more

  • Day 32 - Summer Goals

    5/27/2015 7:43:27 PM, by SONGBIRD2015

    Today's Weight: 162lbs School is out!! We put the kiddos on the buses at the end of the day, sent them on their merry way, and then went and got a drink 211 Actually, I went to Jazzercise, which is just as excellent a celebration for the end of the year. I have to go in for a teacher day tomor... Read more

  • The best cheap sunscreen by Clark Howard.

    5/27/2015 6:43:52 PM, by CTUPTON

    Want the best sunscreen for your money? Check out these options Equate Ultra Protection Sunscreen SPF 50, which is a Walmart storebrand lotion, clinched the Best Buy trophy with a score of 94 out of 100. It costs only 56 cents an ounce, the same price as last year. Active ingredients include Av... Read more

  • I got lots done today! Lots of clothes to donate!

    5/27/2015 6:43:16 PM, by CTUPTON

    I kept working away to get rid of stuff from my closet. I put some in "wardrobe" boxes with a pole for hanging clothes. Lots went into boxes for donations. Some went into boxes for moving day. Two closets look awesome. 334 Not done but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.... Read more

  • Thank you for all the goodies and good wishes!

    5/27/2015 4:21:46 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am spending the evening "packing" for the move. First, take care of my own closet. I did other closets before but I knew I'd be overwhelmed by my own closet. Today a truck picked up 15 boxes/bags of stuff we did not need, including plenty of my own unused clothing. I chose to stay home and ... Read more

  • SPOILER...The Hope of God's Light

    5/27/2015 3:08:04 PM, by JLAMING263
    t=PL4E784EC0770935C0... Read more

  • Not autoimmune

    5/27/2015 3:03:51 PM, by PEPPERMINT131

    Today, seen by Rheumatologis, Dr Yangt. Good news! Not autoimmune. WBC & Ace may be indicative of infection. Ears (?), face (possible rosecia), and sinusitius. Also, yesterday Dr. Ghazi wanted me to have face looked at for possible basal cell. Referral to Dermatologist with appointment set fo... Read more

  • Bleeeaahhhhhggghhh. =P

    5/27/2015 2:47:30 PM, by SILVARBELLE

    I don't wanna. But... I'm gonna. I'm sleepy and crampy and just generally ready for a comfort snooze. Yet, by coming on to SparkPeople for the day and clicking this and ticking that... reading my friend feed and friends' blogs... I'm motivated enough to go and do what I oughtta. ... Read more

  • Relentless day 145, Recovery, Walk, House Maintenance

    5/27/2015 1:00:15 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Today I finished repairing the weathered south façade. Yep, ladder put away, tarp removed, tools cleaned, etc. Now I can relax pending DW's return tomorrow. Enjoy the day Sparkers. 244... Read more

  • Cleaning Today

    5/27/2015 12:46:26 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I decided to do some much needed housecleaning today. I clean a little, rest a little and clean a little. Hubby volunteered to mop the kitchen floor so all I need to do is vacuum. We make a great team!... Read more

  • Rainbow in the storm cloud - 5-27-15

    5/27/2015 12:34:26 PM, by KOFFEENUT

    Hope this shows up, because I've never seen it before - Mary Davies captured a rainbow directly under a storm cloud in the valley. ... Read more

  • Wednesday afternoon

    5/27/2015 12:22:05 PM, by PICKIE98

    Well, I did the sleep study lat night. IT was about 99% easier than I thought it would be. The most annoying thing about it was the wires attached to my legs. I toss and turn all night, as I am a side sleeper. they kept getting stuck around the sheet. THe other wires were not a big deal. The ... Read more


    5/27/2015 12:21:54 PM, by CANDYCANE4049


  • Its Happening Again

    5/27/2015 11:42:46 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Today is May 27, 2015. I have logged into Spark for 10 weeks straight. If I had managed a healthy weight loss each week I could have lost 20lbs, be around 165. Last weigh in I was at about 5 lb loss. Which is basically water weight fluctuation at best. I noticed last week I was losing interest i... Read more

  • Young At Heart

    5/27/2015 11:35:02 AM, by PATRICIAANN46

    YOUNG AT HEART 26 Slightly older in other places............ 40 ... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 5/27

    5/27/2015 11:08:20 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Chia Seeds Trending Now

    5/27/2015 11:04:01 AM, by LCERTUCHE

    I think it is clear that chia seeds can be beneficial but not the only source for the many benefits they offer. In addition, people with mustard allergy may find themselves to be allergic to chia seeds. Chia seeds are rather costly too, maybe not compared to flax seed but certainly compared to beans... Read more


    5/27/2015 10:54:13 AM, by JLAMING263

    The Savior provides His gospel as a light to guide those who choose to believe in and follow Him.
    to-believe?lang=eng#watch=video... Read more

  • SPOILER...Sacrifice

    5/27/2015 10:51:43 AM, by JLAMING263

    To sacrifice is to give up something valuable or precious, often with the intent of accomplishing a greater purpose or goal. Sacrifice has always been a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a reminder of the great atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all who have lived or will live on earth. B... Read more

  • Blessings, May 27, 2015

    5/27/2015 9:50:06 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list three blessings everyday. Here are today's blessings: 1. Steadily getting things done for the end of the year. 2. Quick and easy dinners. 3. Outside recess. 4. Family, friends, and faith. Feel free to list your own blessings. Have ... Read more

  • Hangin...

    5/27/2015 8:44:52 AM, by BLONDEDOG

    We are hangin in there. Things are crazy right now with my hubby being in a play he's gone a lot....I cannot wait until it is over. BUT him being on bored with working out is helping me stay motivated. Yay! The only problem is that he keeps gaining weight and so he's getting frustrated. I am ho... Read more

  • Knowledge

    5/27/2015 8:18:05 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual. Your personal achievement starts in your mind. The first step is to know exactly what your problem, goal or desire is. W. Clement Stone ... Read more

  • Knowledge

    5/27/2015 8:18:02 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual. Your personal achievement starts in your mind. The first step is to know exactly what your problem, goal or desire is. W. Clement Stone ... Read more

  • Opportunity

    5/27/2015 7:55:43 AM, by 1DAY-ATA-TIME

    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison... Read more

  • Baby Funnies for Wednesday 05/27/15

    5/27/2015 7:07:26 AM, by TINY67

    ... Read more

  • Thunderstorm!

    5/27/2015 6:29:43 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Such a lovely storm last evening, lot of lightning and thunder, over half an inch of rain in an hour. Just delightful! My beloved had just cut the grass so the whole place got a good watering! I absolutely love living in upstate South Carolina!... Read more

  • Beauty from Weeds

    5/27/2015 5:25:34 AM, by JSTETSER

    Making something beautiful from nothing much Spring time is a great time to take kids outside and help them to discover the plants around them. So often we miss some of the most beautiful and simple things because we are not looking. Today the Kindergarten kids outside to make a wreath out of... Read more

  • tired

    5/26/2015 11:55:19 PM, by MODIASE-U

    Working night shifts and then going straight to the gym after work is not easy. I was not able to sleep b/c of noise from kids. I was so tired the whole day.... Read more

  • 5/26/15

    5/26/2015 11:39:58 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this has been a great day. My son cut the grass, trimmed the grass and bushes for me. Must be feeling sorry for the old man today. Got my gym time in before work. Actually worked out for 1 1/2 hours. I was on a roll and didn't want to stop. But I am feeling it now for sure. I really didn... Read more

  • First Day at the Gym

    5/26/2015 11:29:50 PM, by CALIGRL1999

    I had not been to the gym since last summer. Decided to take a bootcamp class today. I felt like I was going to die. I am so out of shape. I hope that tomorrow's class does not kill me. Trying to lose weight and reduce my BP but I could not resist Popeye's chicken when I drove by. I don'... Read more

  • My MRI is cancelled, so still waiting.

    5/26/2015 11:29:40 PM, by NORASPAT

    They scheduled with out the Dr. being there for the results so he could inject . It was his plan not mine. The MRI was scheduled after the Dr. was finished for the day. They said I should have another appointment. I told them the Dr, set it up that way. I could stay in our city and drive down l... Read more

  • Crashing

    5/26/2015 11:11:18 PM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    Yesterday I cooked dinner for my parents, grilled chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, and blond brownies for desert. When I got home I went out and got the cows in from the temp pasture, I don't like leaving them in a temp pasture over night. Calliope followed me as she has taken to lately, a... Read more

  • A day to myself

    5/26/2015 11:10:32 PM, by TERRI289

    It was first time in my life, since I was 14, that I didn't have to go to work or to school. Weird sensation.. But it was a great day..did yoga(Thor knows not to sit on me anymore on the mat), then had breakfast, read for a bit after walking dogs, rode the bike, ran errands, puttered a bit and ... Read more

  • Gardening and dare to lose

    5/26/2015 10:07:08 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Continued to work on the garden Transplanted tomatoes and marigolds. Weeded. Pulled spring garlic and cooked it for lunch with eggs Went to Dare to lose and we did lots of ST and some cardio. Went to the pool after that and walked in the water for 30 min. Now home and ready to get ready f... Read more

  • Relentless day 144, 2x4 Routine, Workout 22, Block Pull & Landmine

    5/26/2015 9:35:42 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    345 day; primary was 3-1/2 inch Block Pull Deadlift. I busted through the 300 Lb. mark with 1x1x315 Lbs. 244 But it drained me of Glycogen & it took me 5-minutes to recover from that one set before I pushed the envelope with lighter weights. Final was 8 Sets, 49 Reps, 9,190 Lbs. C... Read more

  • Itching for a change of zip code.

    5/26/2015 9:04:03 PM, by CRUISEGAL55

    This time, a road trip to paradise. Only 175mi on the overseas hwy. 298 Soon.... Very soon! ... Read more

  • Staying on track

    5/26/2015 8:47:20 PM, by REDLADYBUG4

    So, its been about a week since I haven't been to the gym!! I don't like when that happens because it throws me off of my eating habits also! However, I am getting back on track starting tomorrow morning! No excuses!!... Read more

  • Response to "8 reasons you are not losing weight"

    5/26/2015 7:47:38 PM, by ILIKEIRISES

    After my most recent blog I read the SP Article , "8 Reasons you are not losing weight" by Nichole Nichols in today's email of the Weekly Spark. After reading it, I felt corrected in my thinking that I shared in my recent post. Here are the points I was hit with: Most people under estimate ... Read more

  • Next session water classes

    5/26/2015 7:36:29 PM, by MARY1964

    I am really stepping up my game starting next week. I'm kind of excited about it! All the classes are an hour. Monday night - Deep Water Aerobics Tuesday morning - Aquasize Tuesday night - Aqua Zumba Wednesday morning - Aqua Zumba Wednesday night - Deep Water Aerobics Thursday morning - Aquasi... Read more

  • Yaaaaaaay!!!!!

    5/26/2015 6:36:33 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    We're not sure that Miki is completely out of the woods yet, but............he ate his first meal in seven days this morning and even wagged his tail!!!!! Thank You so much to those of you who were so supportive. I appreciate it more than you could know. 26 338... Read more

  • Day 31 - One Month SPARKing!!!!

    5/26/2015 6:25:30 PM, by SONGBIRD2015

    Today's Weight: 162lbs Today is my one month SPARKiversery!!! (Can that be a word??) Committing to Spark People was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself, and every morning I am floored to discover that I'm still making progress and haven't yet given up. Each day I notice new diff... Read more

  • walking

    5/26/2015 6:13:11 PM, by KITTEN122KITTEN

    still trying to walk 20 mins a day chronic back pain limit what i can do still not sodas and staying on my diet thanks for everyone support... Read more

  • Well they always say third times a charm

    5/26/2015 5:48:29 PM, by LEI-LEI1

    A lot has happened in the last couple years. I've been sick and lost weight and sick again and gained weight. I finally got diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. Before I got diagnosedI was losing weight and exercising I had lost about 25 pounds and was feeling pretty good then I got really sick and en... Read more

  • why do i feel like this

    5/26/2015 5:15:06 PM, by BETHLYNN9

    Ok here we go again we're going to give this one more try course I've said that a hundred times already but I'm wondering this time where my willpower is I can't find it alright I'm going to put it out there I weigh 327 pounds I am I have two grandchildren and I want to be a part of their life my gr... Read more

  • TRE

    5/26/2015 4:54:47 PM, by ECONLADY

    I had heard about Tension Relieving Exercises by someone I trust. I bought and read the kindle book. At first when I tried the exercises I though they were relaxing, but not great. When I did exercise 6 the trembling started. It was interesting. I repeatedly thought this is okay, let it happen.... Read more

  • Back On The Wagon

    5/26/2015 3:57:27 PM, by SHORTCAKE48

    Well, I fell off the wagon last week. Tumbled off and rolled down the hill a little bit before picking myself up and running to jump back on. Thanks to all the great, encouraging comments. That has helped me tremendously to get myself back on track. The last time I lost weight about 10 years... Read more

  • Reality check of how my body looks currently.

    5/26/2015 3:50:43 PM, by MAMABEAR372

    5/24/15 I am working to lower my numbers and insulin when it comes to my diabetes. I am working to get rid of this belly mostly. I am working to be able to easily use public restroom stalls, have my arms lay next to my body more closely. I am 5'2", becoming thinner will give a taller illu... Read more

  • Forget Me Not

    5/26/2015 2:59:09 PM, by LEEBROWNLEE

    Baskets filled with blue Forget Me Not's Fragrance filling the air around us. Surrounded by days more memorable, When you forgot me not. Today I go through the motions of life, With far less enthusiasm. Every day is less joyful, Awaken each day less thrilled. Still surround... Read more

  • My country, the USA, is in great need of prayers and God's help.

    5/26/2015 2:10:56 PM, by CTUPTON

    Praying that our leaders act wisely to make our country an instrument of peace. Memorial Day 2015 chris... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 5/26

    5/26/2015 1:20:33 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/26/2015 12:59:19 PM, by PICKIE98

    It is still very muggy: 100% humidity!! high 80's again... I was very happy to get out of work a few minutes early today.. I really raced to get my job done and get out. DD and I went right to Kroger to fill up her gas tank and our many gas cans.. It was the east I have paid for gas in over a decad... Read more

  • Spring Cleaning in Progress

    5/26/2015 12:03:13 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I see being a minimalist as streamlining my life. I unpacked the last of my china (packed 4 years ago before we put the house up for sale). Hmm... DH just asked if I unpacked the martini glasses - nope. I guess another box is lurking in the games room. Spring cleaning - dining room done, and c... Read more

  • SPOILER...Adversity

    5/26/2015 11:54:14 AM, by JLAMING263

    As part of Heavenly Father's plan of redemption, all people experience adversity during their lifetime. Trials, disappointments, sadness, sickness, and heartache are a difficult part of life, but with the help of the Lord they can lead to spiritual growth, refinement, and progress.... Read more

  • Memorial Weekend

    5/26/2015 11:52:45 AM, by PANDABEAR42

    Memorial weekend was a beautiful weekend weather wise. No rain or humidity, sun was shining and there was a light breeze all weekend...what more could someone ask for. Sunday evening hubby and i went to the local cemetery, where his family is buried and we planted flowers at the grave head sto... Read more

  • I Can Wear Pants!

    5/26/2015 11:47:40 AM, by SILVARBELLE

    Specifically: capris! Many moons ago (okay, it was Nov. 2010), I went on a cruise as my graduation gift from ITT. I'd spent four years earning honor and such-like, so my mother rewarded me with some new clothes and a cruise. I had ordered a couple pairs of capris from Just My Size... only... Read more

  • Still Resting

    5/26/2015 11:31:11 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I am still sticking to my restricted activity schedule. I am trying to put my foot down for limited periods every day. My hubby has started referring to the bedroom as the infirmary LOL! He has been sick for about ten days now and I woke up all congested over the weekend. Thanks for sharing your... Read more

  • Eventful weekend

    5/26/2015 11:25:24 AM, by MARY1964

    First of all my surprise trip to Chicago didn't happen. I have a friend there who has been having a rough go of it lately so I was planning to head up there Thursday night to surprise her, fix her a week's worth of portable lunches and dinners and just try to make her life a bit easier for a minute.... Read more

  • Memorial Day Rainbow - 5-26-15

    5/26/2015 11:24:09 AM, by KOFFEENUT

    How fitting. We hold Memorial Day remembrance services for veterans at the Steamboat Springs Cemetery. Jeff Hall found this brilliant rainbow framing a flag and headstones on Memorial Day. ... Read more

  • Long Weekend and Recovery

    5/26/2015 11:16:17 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Good morning Spark Friends, I hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Weekend. There was some crazy weather across the United States so I hope you all are safe and sound 220 Our weather at the lake this weekend was fabulously unheard of this year! It was absolutely gorgeous, clear skies, sun... Read more