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  • Days of My Healing-Break

    3/26/2015 6:56:46 PM, by ONEGREATCAT

    Hi Sparkers, There's really nothing new to report. Everything still going well, so I'm "going on break" for a few days, and letting you go "on break" as well!!! I'll probably post something after my radiation appt. on Tues., the 31st. Again....I'm so very thankful for your support. ... Read more

  • Slowly Feeling A Bit Better

    3/26/2015 5:24:07 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I woke up this morning and was really feeling rough. My hair was crisp from the disinfectant the doctor cleaned the back of my head with before my ablation. As I expected, the back of my head was bruised and swollen. I guess I could say I was a lump head today! LOL. The nausea was pretty fierce ... Read more

  • Day 2: Spent

    3/26/2015 5:22:52 PM, by HAPPIHIPPIE

    So far today I've done nothing except try to be alone. That's not easy when u have a 3 year old screaming for u every other minute. What makes it worse is she never sleeps. She'll clearly be tired but instead of taking a nap she chooses to keep herself up via various ways. I'm so spent. I'm so over ... Read more

  • I'm Excited!!!!!

    3/26/2015 5:14:33 PM, by QUEENMARIE2

    Today I am leaving to go and visit my oldest daughter and her children. We will leave out tomorrow going to the beach in Pensacola. My daughter has not told the children that granny is coming, they will be soooo surprised to see me. My grandchildren are my life. I enjoy every moment with them. My gr... Read more

  • "Feel More Focused"

    3/26/2015 5:05:29 PM, by PASTORSHA

    I feel more focused today and also feel alot better about myself. I know that I could never turn back the hands of time and be that young spring chicken again, but I am on a new journey in life. And God is writing a new book to add to my life library. So, even though I cannot go backwards, it wil... Read more

  • Sore Back

    3/26/2015 5:00:23 PM, by SPARKLELIN

    I am having a lot of pain in my hip and lower back. I have had issues with the same spot in the past but I am so desperate to really be doing things and things I am supposed to be doing. It is all that much more obvious that I need to get in shape? The questions is how when I keep having issue... Read more

  • Thursday

    3/26/2015 4:21:27 PM, by PICKIE98

    I had an epiphany this morning at work. I had severe aching and pain in my right hip after an hour at work. My left hip area ached also, now it is my knee too..but not so severely. I had the same thing yesterday, but I attributed it to the task I was doing at the time. I am coming to the real... Read more

  • Time for a new one

    3/26/2015 3:58:02 PM, by FOLAMIX

    Well I went walking today. My pedometer fell off again and I checked it because of the low stats before. Sure enough, they were low but I figured maybe I was overestimating my accomplishment thusfar. It fell off again and my stats were less than they had been. Time for a new pedometer. Luckily ... Read more

  • It Pays To Be The Squeaky Wheel........

    3/26/2015 3:50:20 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Late yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the Orthopedic Surgeon who I had the appointment with on March 9th. He read the results from the MRI that I had done on March 12th and conferred with other Orthopedic doctors on staff who are more familiar with spinal issues. He mentioned that I def... Read more

  • TGIT & TGIF (almost)

    3/26/2015 2:34:30 PM, by PROPMAN1

    Yes, another l-o-n-g week is almost over so TGIT!!!!! Thankfully tomorrow we can say TGIF!!!! I'm ready. Spring seems so long away. 46 ... Read more

  • Byjureon

    3/26/2015 2:11:10 PM, by MRSBOJANGLES

    Hello I am a new member, I found this blog and would like to communicate and share experiences with Bydureon. So anyone who uses this medication please get in touch.... Read more

  • Green Mac n' cheese

    3/26/2015 2:00:38 PM, by CTUPTON

    The recipe is on the following web page:
    heese/ Spinach makes it green. Sorry I am just getting around to St. Patrick's day!... Read more

  • Party

    3/26/2015 1:49:49 PM, by REXTINE1

    ... Read more

  • 3/26/15

    3/26/2015 1:45:29 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well alas, the sun is out, the roads are dry, and I got some sleep last night! 7 hours! Whoohoo! I feel good, almost wish I wasn't going to work, but had the leisure to just go out and play. I have had a hankering to play some tennis, and I don't know why. I haven't played in over 20 years, but... Read more

  • Meditation--I don't do this regularly but I have done it from time to time.

    3/26/2015 1:43:01 PM, by CTUPTON
    tml?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000030 Some of the studies indicated that meditating even 20 minutes per day for a few weeks was already enough to start experiencing the benefits.
    its-o... Read more

  • Relentless day 85, MI40 Routine, Week 4 Day 7, Rest Day

    3/26/2015 12:54:38 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    This ends the 4th week of MI40 Routine. How quick little things add up when you relentlessly take small steps. Ben Pakulski's routine gives you 40 different exercises over six weeks; his method balances out the workouts so that your recovery between sessions is optimal for muscle growth. His p... Read more

  • New Me

    3/26/2015 12:52:03 PM, by MOMMYBEAR36

    Ok been off the wagon but back on for good. I want to eat healthy and drink more water and exercise more especcially for my daughter... Read more

  • I got lost and finding my way back

    3/26/2015 12:24:46 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I had a bad bout of depression lately and I think I am finally coming out from under my cloud. I couldn't quite put my finger on " why was I feeling so lousy", then it hit me! I lost my sister in March 3 years ago and my husband 2 years ago. I guess I had to still work through my grief. It is funny ... Read more


    3/26/2015 11:28:33 AM, by SINGINGLADY47

    I am using the Loyola Press 3 Minute Retreat today. Whether you are Roman Catholic or not the Eucharist or Communion or Lord's Supper is such a special time of worship for all Christians. During the Last Supper, our Lord explained so beautifully that he gave his body and blood for us. Let us alway... Read more

  • Blessings, March 26, 2015

    3/26/2015 11:24:13 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. Parent teacher conferences. 2. Camp paperwork is finished. 3. Parents' committee is providing lunch today. 4. Family, friends, and faith. Feel free to list your own blessin... Read more

  • Eowyn's Challenge THE HOBBIT: Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain (579 miles) Day 78

    3/26/2015 11:00:57 AM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    Yesterdays travels were 5.81 miles The company are working their way down the river all packed in barrels, we are headed into marshy areas and Bilbo the only one not in a barrel is riding on the barrel raft with his ring on so he can be invisible, we have 3.52 miles left to travel on this leg. ... Read more

  • The best laid plans.....

    3/26/2015 10:57:52 AM, by PACEKA1

    437 Spring is in the air, although today you wouldn't know it. We've had 2 days this week with enough snow to cover the entire yard; only to be gone by the end of the day. Poor Daisy is so confused, she can't find her good "spots"! I have been on this journey for a full two months now. ... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/26/2015 10:41:09 AM, by JLAMING263

    General Conference Watch the inspiring messages of general conference.
    conference?lang=eng... Read more


    3/26/2015 10:04:43 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    Isaiah 49:16 (WEB) Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me. Promise #85: I have carved your name in the palms of My hands. Today's promise is part of a much loved Scripture passage from Isaiah 49:15-16 that describes the am... Read more

  • Thought For The Day...

    3/26/2015 9:36:37 AM, by MRSPINCKNEY

    ... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 3/26

    3/26/2015 9:20:02 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • The effects of healthy sleep habits...

    3/26/2015 9:02:36 AM, by BLONDEDOG

    So, I have a tendency to go to bed later than I would like. AND when I do go to bed my husband and I lay there talking till forever. Some of our best conversations happen then. But every now and then I get so tired I just HAVE to go to bed early. And do you know what happens? Nearly every time?... Read more

  • The persistent trainer

    3/26/2015 8:49:07 AM, by ILIKEIRISES

    I have a dog. He is a 63 pound Beagle Boxer that keeps me on my daily walk routine. He is as faithful as the mail delivery , "come rain or shine, snow or sleet nothing will keep me from my daily walk". We did not pick up on the clue when we adopted him from the local dog shelter and they told us h... Read more

  • Weekend is almost here!

    3/26/2015 8:36:47 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    What's good Sparkpeeps! Today is my "Friday" in the office so I'm ready for a nice 3-day weekend. Don't have much planned. Saturday is my turn to host the group run in my running group (Southern Maryland chapter of Black Girls Run). It will be my first post-marathon run. Looking forward to nice... Read more

  • Sick DH wish I were more rested.

    3/26/2015 8:28:52 AM, by DSCROW

    So I am tired this morning as my poor DH has I hope just allergies and a cough. The Nyquil he took wore off about 3 am and he didn't want to take more as he wouldn't be able to get up. Love this man and feel bad he's not well but honey I needed more sleep! I also have allergies (no cough) and I am... Read more

  • And extra chair at the table

    3/26/2015 8:09:02 AM, by ILIKEIRISES

    We have four chairs sitting at our dining room table. Every day we use three of them, the same chairs every day. That leaves one extra space that sits empty and unfortunately becomes the collecting place for the day's mail or papers that need filed away somewhere, extra toys that get carried to th... Read more

  • Love

    3/26/2015 7:59:46 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    “Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love.” ― Leo Buscaglia ... Read more

  • ashamed

    3/26/2015 7:16:20 AM, by AUNTIELES53

    This blog is probably one of the hardest ones to right I remember when I was flirting with 300 lbs I told myself if you hit 300 you are going to be so miserable and your whole body was going to kill you. Then I hit 300 and just lost all will to care and desire to even lost weight. Last night was th... Read more

  • Pushing Through Today

    3/26/2015 6:40:09 AM, by JAIYUNNA

    Today, I had a very hard time during the work out. I think that 1 pound lost is effecting me. Even though I do see some improvement. That's why I hate it when I weigh myself. It just brings the momentum down. I have to work through it mentally. I know one thing I am not giving up. I will have to go ... Read more

  • Sewing for Easter

    3/26/2015 5:31:03 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every season brings a new reason for me to sew. I found an easy way to make a nice little play dress from a tee shirt. Here's Lina's new dress! I have to hunt for the photo, but should post it soon.... Read more

  • crashed !

    3/26/2015 4:35:57 AM, by CURRAHEE68

    Met a newcomer Tue evening meeting. Promised I would meet him Wed at the NA meeting. Luckiloy he is Pinoy as the meeting was conducted in Visayan. Was a good meeting for me anyway. When I got home my foot was very bloody where I scraped some of my thinning skin right off. Did the epsom salt thing. ... Read more

  • Stuck in a Medifast rut!

    3/26/2015 1:26:13 AM, by KAYEGURL08

    I don't know if it's menopause or depression but I'm really tired of myself feeling so anti social and worn out. I just can't be counted on anymore. Last October's end I started Medifast with a great coach and by Christmas Day was down 32 pounds and really not struggling with it but then I ... Read more

  • The bingeing of the bull

    3/26/2015 1:03:59 AM, by BEMUSED2

    When I was on PSMF, I used my doctors as a shield: “My doctor says I can’t eat that.” It protected me from my Mom trying to stuff me over the holidays, from co-workers and their indulgent celebrations, and from myself and the hoard of treats that I keep handy for my family. It’s bee... Read more

  • 3/25/15

    3/26/2015 12:56:55 AM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this was a great day for ducks! I only got soaked about 5 times today, and drove in rain all day long. But I had my Christian music to give me my Sonshine! Despite the fact that I had 3 hours sleep, and ran from 9 this morning until I left for work, I feel pretty good. I am trying to set a ... Read more

  • Another day and another walk, tomorrow I will be walking in the rain.

    3/26/2015 12:02:16 AM, by NORASPAT

    Today I walked with my friend but tomorrow I will do it alone. The snow was a hindrance and I have fallen too many times but if there is no ice I am planning to do another walk. Today was great with company and my numbers are motivating me. I like the SAT I do not understand the process but ... Read more

  • Tablet!

    3/25/2015 11:50:31 PM, by CAROLEDDE

    Today I bought a new Tablet! Thought it would be good to have something on the go. I think it will make my time of decision at a restaurant a little easier. It takes getting use to though. Good night to all my friends. 190... Read more

  • Day 8: Workout and Girly Stuff

    3/25/2015 11:38:01 PM, by CT_CHICKZILLA

    Today's workout: 15 minute total body warm-up Workout - -- Three Circuits L-Raises with DBs Bent Rows Chest Flies with cable Bicep curls with cable Tricep extensions Bench squats Wall Sits Those wall sits really kill me. I can feel them working, I also visited a... Read more

  • Dare to lose night

    3/25/2015 10:39:55 PM, by MCFITZ2

    We had a good work out and a good 20 min of stretching at the end. The time went really fast. Next week is the last week of Dare to Lose. Had to really watch as there is a lot of wildlife out and about now. Hard to see them at night.... Read more

  • Day 6

    3/25/2015 10:22:56 PM, by JATCHLEY45

    Did not get much rest last night and it really made my day go by slow, also made me lazy this evening. I sat in a messed up chair at work and now my back hurts. I did get a cool surprise when my daughter showed up from Katy though!!! I showed her the site and she is very impressed! To my surp... Read more

  • Some more pix from the Awesome 80s party!

    3/25/2015 10:08:18 PM, by TERRI289

    Mouth open and singing.. We are dance fanatics! On stage doing Zumba High with Ty and Amy Today was a good day..classes went well and the chiropractor and massage therapist helped my back. It is still sore but guess I will remember not to do dead lifts again! Tomorrow is Advis... Read more

  • bday round-up

    3/25/2015 10:00:55 PM, by HAPPIHIPPIE

    The day had some highs and lows and I'm fine with that. Tomorrow will be better. I'm thankful for the gifts, calls and texts msgs I received from my loved ones. I didn't exercise nor follow my meal plan today-- (GREAT START, RIGHT?) but realistically I prob won't get to the grocery store til t... Read more

  • Day 4: Wednesday~

    3/25/2015 9:49:21 PM, by PTRIPP78

    Today did not prove to be very successful at hitting any goals in exercise. I did very little. A whopping 10 minutes this morning. However, I did track my food today for the 2nd day in a row. I think I'm on the right track. I am trying to be accountable. I guess maybe I did kind of hit a goal th... Read more

  • Zoom zoom (weeks 52-55)

    3/25/2015 9:48:18 PM, by RED456838

    The past month has been a blurr. It's been a year since I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. In that time, I have changed the way I eat, became more active and dropped and kept off 20lbs. My BP is normal, managed with (mild diuretic) meds, exercise and less sodium/caffeine. I am ... Read more

  • Days of My Healing-27

    3/25/2015 9:36:29 PM, by ONEGREATCAT

    Good evening Sparkers, Second pill was taken last night....and I felt good this a.m. also. So far, so good! Why are people so "shocked" to see me out and about? They were shocked to see me at church last Sunday, they were shocked to see me at the funeral home for a friend, and they were... Read more

  • Relentless day 84, MI40 Routine, Week 4 Day 6, Chest & Biceps

    3/25/2015 9:27:27 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    This was a heavy workout day. My weights have increased to the point that morning and afternoon sessions were conducted. Chest workout: Morning Session. Started 11:25 AM & Finished 12:46 PM. Bench Press; 7 Sets, 79 Reps, 4,013 Lbs Dumbbell Incline Press; 5 Sets, 26 Reps, 820... Read more

  • Successful Procedure, But Painful

    3/25/2015 9:17:37 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My procedure looks like it was successful. I am in a lot of pain this time and with the pain comes the nausea. Ice and medication are really helping. When we first got home, I slept for about four hours. I think the dogs were worried because they head butted the bedroom door and got into the roo... Read more

  • Another stressful day but another good walk to calm me down!!!

    3/25/2015 8:23:01 PM, by KDEE1111

    Today was crazy busy at work today and the time seemed to drag on and on forever!!! I was soooo glad when 5:30 came!!! The girls and I had another great walk after work!!! We didn't get in as much as I wanted to because we started later and it was a little chilly but it was another good walk with my... Read more

  • Final prep day

    3/25/2015 8:09:17 PM, by DWROBERGE

    I am scheduled for my pacemaker makeover after eight years tomorrow morning early at Baptist Hospital. Exercises are going well. Calories remain below 1300. Weight is steady. Trivia is at 99%. The roofer came over to measure our roof and get us an estimate on replacing the aging roof this month ... Read more

  • What a Roller coaster!

    3/25/2015 7:40:18 PM, by PASTORSHA

    I am returning again for the umpteenth time. But I have decided to not focus on losing weight but on feeling better and looking great in my own skin. If I lose weight that will be the by-product from my work of taking better care of myself. On that decision I jumped up grabbed my dog(5 months) and... Read more

  • Eowyn's Challenge THE HOBBIT: Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain (579 miles) Day 77

    3/25/2015 7:30:34 PM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    Yesterdays hike was 6.23 miles, we finally reach the huts of the Raft Elves, the Dwarves are still in barrels and poor Bilbo is huddling nearby wearing his ring and trying to steal a little food, he is wet and miserable. The next day brings Bilbo's 50th Birthday, the wood elves tie the barrels into... Read more

  • Doctor's Visit

    3/25/2015 6:47:13 PM, by JAIYUNNA

    Well, my blood pressure was o.k. it was 140/84. Doctor said she was going to see how I am doing in 3 months. She wanted my goal to get off all medication. The doctors scale says I lost 1 pound. But I went home to measure myself I lost a total 3.5 inches. I knew my clothes felt looser. I am happy for... Read more

  • Recipe for zucchini patties

    3/25/2015 6:09:30 PM, by PTM3RD

    I love to eat these zucchini patties each morning for breakfast. I grow the zucchini in my garden each summer, then grate and freeze them in quart sized bags so that I will have a plentiful supply during the colder months. I often make batches ahead of time, refrigerate them and then just microwa... Read more

  • Good Day

    3/25/2015 4:52:26 PM, by CARRIE310

    Blessed to wake up this morning. I went to my water aerobic class this morning. Then I went line dancing and had a ball. I danced for almost 1.5 hours. I have not done that in a while. My eating was not all that good, but tomorrow is another day. I feel so good today. 198... Read more

  • Becoming Like Christ In Patience and Compassion

    3/25/2015 4:14:38 PM, by QUEENMARIE2

    Becoming Like Christ In Patience and Compassion (Once a Day Bible Promises Devotional) We urge you, brothers and sisters warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 1 Thess 5:14 Jesus acted with great compassion toward many p... Read more

  • My fault!

    3/25/2015 3:37:29 PM, by PICKIE98

    It is my fault on the rainy weather: I washed my car!! IT went from rain to sleet, then back to rain again.. Finally stopped at noon..... Read more

  • Did good today

    3/25/2015 1:33:02 PM, by JESSIEBRUNS

    Got back on my workout routine today. I actually sweated a little, which is something that I never do. Now even though I did have a rough week last week I did keep going. So here are my positives: 224 Got to know a spark buddy more 207 went down .5 inches on my waist and neck ... Read more

  • Spring is in the Air

    3/25/2015 1:10:48 PM, by QUEENMARIE2

    I am so excited that Spring is here. I am enjoying going out for walks more so than going to the gym. I love hearing the sound of the birds chirpping and the beautiful buds that are starting to bloom on the trees. Summer is my favorite time of the year, but spring brings about a joy that cannot be e... Read more

  • Have Any Of You Had This Happen To You?

    3/25/2015 12:57:12 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    I have had pain in my lower back and in my left hip since July of 2014. My Primary doctor thought that it was bursitis and recommended PT and a topical anti-inflammatory. This helped some but by the end of October, it had intensified. I had x-rays taken of both my hip and spine. Further PT was r... Read more

  • sNo Wi-Fi

    3/25/2015 12:20:00 PM, by REXTINE1

    ... Read more

  • SPOILER...

    3/25/2015 11:58:08 AM, by JLAMING263

    "The gospel of Jesus Christ opens the path to what we may become." —D. Todd Christofferson... Read more


    3/25/2015 11:44:13 AM, by LEEBROWNLEE

    Afraid to give my heart away, How many bumps and bruises can it take? It’s wearing thin for love again, But will it recognize the heart to win? He must be smart, with a big heart, Loving and caring from the start. I don't care if he has hair or is bald, That doesn't really matt... Read more

  • why isnt it working????

    3/25/2015 11:27:05 AM, by FINALLYFREE1

    ok I know that I have been walking and tracking my food intake but the weight is not coming off. What am I doing wrong???? Am i sneaking in things that i should not be eating???? I dont think I eat that much but I must be because the weight is not coming off. I walk 30 minutes every morning... Read more

  • Hope - 3-25-15

    3/25/2015 11:08:19 AM, by KOFFEENUT

    It's snowing (AGAIN!) today, but Garrett Prechtl reminded me there IS hope for spring around the corner! ... Read more

  • Positively Oriented ~ Going for the Goals.

    3/25/2015 10:29:20 AM, by LOVESQUEEN2012

    I am perfectly alright with me because God is. The way the goals in which I aim for are set up are so as I don't have to feel down depressingly according to my weight in a superficial manner. And I don't, rather I want to be in better health wholly. To be Healthy for my son, loves, and to have bodil... Read more

  • Ready for some sunshine....

    3/25/2015 10:19:16 AM, by BLONDEDOG

    Today is supposed to be so much warmer than yesterday, unfortunately I think it's also supposed to rain. I do believe there may be a speck of sunshine out there if I can time being outside perfectly. Not much going on here at the moment. I have a cold and I slept terribly last night. I had... Read more


    3/25/2015 10:17:36 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    1 Peter 5:6 (WEB) Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time; Promise #84: Humble yourself before Me and in time I will exalt you. Today's promise simply encourages us to walk in humility. God loves it when we embrace humili... Read more

  • #1

    3/25/2015 9:53:30 AM, by HAPPIHIPPIE

    Well, here I am. 35! It crept up on me. One minute you're 28, the next you're 35! But you know what? I feel good about this year hence the birth of this blog. I could stand to lose a few pounds and why not begin on my birthday? I'm over focusing on problems and issues and other people's problems and... Read more

  • Just get moving, that goes for me too!!

    3/25/2015 9:10:49 AM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    Yep, thinking too much, so off for my walk I go. Hope you all get going too. Have a great day. 247 Jackie... Read more

  • Funnies for Wednesday 03/25/15

    3/25/2015 9:04:00 AM, by TINY67

    ... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 3/25

    3/25/2015 8:43:33 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Time to get HIIT!

    3/25/2015 8:42:25 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Morning Sparkpeeps! Happy Humpday! Going back to my weekly HIIT class after taking 3 months off during my marathon training. It's going to be brutal getting back into it. Wish me luck! What's on your fitness agenda for today?... Read more

  • The World is but a Stage!

    3/25/2015 8:35:54 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    “If you don't like the scene you're in, if you're unhappy, if you're lonely, if you don't feel that things are happening, change your scene. Paint a new backdrop.” ― Leo Buscaglia ... Read more

  • Ready to go

    3/25/2015 7:59:57 AM, by DSCROW

    Up dressed and ready! Gotta go today. Not a bad day but full despite it being spring break here. It's left to be seen who forgot as they are at the beach instead of here or somewhere other than where they usually are. Making them unable to keep the appointments. We shall see. Walking shoes in ... Read more

  • Blessings, March 25, 2015

    3/25/2015 7:58:12 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. Report cards are finished. 2. Feeling better. 3. Beginning of a crazy two weeks; and I am ready. 4. Family, friends, and faith. Feel free to list your own blessings. Have a... Read more

  • Blessings, March 25, 2015

    3/25/2015 7:58:12 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. Report cards are finished. 2. Feeling better. 3. Beginning of a crazy two weeks; and I am ready. 4. Family, friends, and faith. Feel free to list your own blessings. Have a... Read more

  • Rainy Wednesday thoughts

    3/25/2015 7:55:58 AM, by ILIKEIRISES

    So today is day 34 of my Spark Journey and my first official blog entry. Oh, I started and typed a few before but chickened out not wanting to make myself vulnerable for other people I do not know and reveal my thoughts to them. Or I thought to myself, "What do I have to share that someone would ... Read more

  • Grandson said grandma you are FAT 3 times in 3 days

    3/25/2015 7:30:15 AM, by CHICAM

    Today this is my second blog. I am hurt because my grandson of 4 years of age told me straight out: On Saturday he is attending swimming lessons and my son takes him swimming. I love to swim but because of my size and embarrassed about my huge arms I do not go. My grandson said "grandma if y... Read more

  • First day at Gym since December

    3/25/2015 7:06:12 AM, by CHICAM

    My job has granted employees 3 hours per week to use the base Gym on work time. How could I give this up when I truly needed to get back on my road to happiness. So I decided to use Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays for my fitness hour from 4-5 pm. Yesterday was the first time since December tim... Read more

  • Whose heart are you holding?

    3/25/2015 5:24:17 AM, by JSTETSER

    Last week, my son Matty, a third year medical student, called to tell me about an amazing experience he had. While on his surgery rotation, he was part of a team of doctors who did an esophageal surgery on a man. This man had cancer of the esophagus, and the team needed to take part of the intesti... Read more

  • Looking like a raccoon..

    3/25/2015 1:33:16 AM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    Third try at this EERRRRRRgggh. Sunday early am I wasn't feeling well. While sitting in the bathroom I knew I was going to pass out. Did so and bumped my head on the tub. Cleaned my pukey self up and went back to bed. Two hours later repeated the process. Now I have 2 bumps, one over each eyebr... Read more

  • 3/24/15

    3/25/2015 12:58:01 AM, by RHOOK20047

    Well busy day at work, rained driving to and from work, made Bob a not so happy person. But listening to the Christian rock station keeps me from getting ignorant when drivers cut me off or do dumb things. Didn't sleep well last night, and I have to get up early next two days for dr. appointments,... Read more

  • Like a drunken sailor

    3/25/2015 12:02:15 AM, by BEMUSED2

    Yesterday my nutritionist gave me the go-ahead to start re-feeding by slowly adding carbs to my very restrictive diet. The plan is to slowly ramp up every two weeks until I reach a healthy maintenance diet with an appropriate carb component. So this week and next, my daily carb allotment is 50... Read more

  • Day Seven: A walk at the beach

    3/24/2015 11:52:18 PM, by CT_CHICKZILLA

    Today was a pretty good day! I walked at the beach as briskly as I'm capable of and it felt great. People are coming out of hibernation and beginning to walk and run there. Another month and it will be crowded there. I saw some geese over in the grove while I was there. Hope... Read more

  • I'm back. Cute video.

    3/24/2015 11:10:01 PM, by PDSLIM

    Hi all. Just back tonight from Malta. 19hr trip home. 24 including to/from airports. Here's a cute video of lion cubs meeting dad. More tomorrow.
    -out-dad-first-time Good night.... Read more

  • Today was the first time I could walk this year in our neighborhood.

    3/24/2015 11:07:26 PM, by NORASPAT

    I looked out the windows to blue sky and bright sun. The city had removed the snow to widen the roads and they went back to the sidewalks. We still have to walk in the road but the ice is receding so I asked our son if I could walk his dogs. He decided to take a walk with me. That was a surprise a... Read more

  • Fast Tuesday

    3/24/2015 11:03:08 PM, by TERRI289

    Classes, and errands, and a late dinner. Trying to get the list of songs ready for Saturday! Hope your day was good. Sleep well! 213... Read more

  • a running around day

    3/24/2015 10:43:50 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Grandniece off to school, hubby to hospital for bloodwork, then drop him off at fitness center for cardiac rehab, pay home equity at credit union, my Dr.'s appointment, pick up sister and go to elem. school for teacher conference, run niece who missed the bus into town into town, grocery shopping, ... Read more

  • It's called a broken record

    3/24/2015 10:42:36 PM, by STOPTHECRAVING

    Not the kind of record you want broken. I am back to the beginning. Starting over. Blah blah blah I need a complete turn around. Move more. Eat less. Blah blah blah I need to wash my mind anew. Change things up. Try to do this in a less repetitive, broken record way. ... Read more

  • Eowyn's Challenge THE HOBBIT: Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain (579 miles) Day 77

    3/24/2015 9:32:05 PM, by GOLDENRODFARM

    Yesterdays mileage was 6.36, so we are still working on reaching the huts of the Raft elves, we will have 5.56 miles left on this journey. total----leg---travel information 460---2---Leave trees of Mirkwood. 472---12---Dusk - Reach huts of the Raft-elves. Dwarves still in barrels. Bilb... Read more

  • Days of My Healing-26

    3/24/2015 9:30:30 PM, by ONEGREATCAT

    Hello Dear SparkFriends, So today was the first day of my new journey! Last night I took my first pill with a little trepidation, of course, since the oncologist warned I might become nauseous or dizzy. When I woke up this morning.........I felt great!!! That's not to say that with a... Read more

  • Goodies!

    3/24/2015 9:28:44 PM, by CAROLEDDE

    Today I received my first "Goodie". 100 It's fun and motivational to get a Goodie. Thanks Barceloname! Today has been a good day. Learning more about nutritional values and the things I eat. Need to change a few things in my regular diet plan. It's all exciting to be learning so much. ... Read more

  • Another great walk that was desperately needed due to stress!!!!!

    3/24/2015 8:13:16 PM, by KDEE1111

    Today has been a very stressful day both at work and at home!!! I think my husband is PMSing and my work today could have been a lot better!!! I literally just told my husband he needed to find a chill pill and take it fast because he was seriously getting on my nerves and I have only seen him for a... Read more

  • SPOILER...Agency

    3/24/2015 8:06:03 PM, by JLAMING263

    "We cannot force God’s children to choose the way to happiness. God cannot do that because of the agency He has given us." —Henry B. Eyring... Read more

  • Relentless day 83, MI40 Routine, Week 4, Delts & Triceps

    3/24/2015 8:03:53 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Deltoid Workout: Landmine Shoulder Press; 5 Sets, 48 Reps, 2,075 Lbs per Arm Bent Over Lateral Raises; 4 Sets, 44 Reps, 700 Lbs per Arm Dumbbell Front Raises; 5 Sets, 45 Reps, 284 Lbs per Arm Cable Side Laterals; 2 Sets, 24 Reps, 360 Lbs per Arm Total Deltoid Work... Read more

  • Good Day

    3/24/2015 8:02:25 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Had a good day. Got outside, planted tomatoes, picked up some limbs that had fallen. Went to store and got critter food and did laundry. Sun has been out all day. Got my fitness in and stayed with in nutrition range. Hope you had a good day too.... Read more