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  • Day 1: Dr. Fuhrman

    8/30/2016 12:09:00 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    I'm very excited today. I've been cooking for most of the day. Lots of chopping fruits and veggies and making things. I've been rereading my Dr. Fuhrman books and bought lots of greeny leaf veggies for my week. My plan is to eat his style for the month. This is what I've had for the day. ... Read more

  • no equipment

    8/29/2016 12:12:45 PM, by AQUARITY

    I did arms and shoulder 9 min, didn't have hand weights so I used two large cans of stringbeans 1.16 lbs each, lol.... Read more

  • snacks

    8/27/2016 2:15:34 PM, by AQUARITY

    Tried blackberries with lowfat cottage cheese gotta say not a fan of blackberries, yuck! ... Read more

  • POEDAUGHTER7 is sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike.

    8/25/2016 1:07:24 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    POEDAUGHTER7 is sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike. I fixed the flat tires on the broken bike, and took a good ride. I need a new bike the speeds are busted on my mountain bike now. In Europe folding bikes are all the rage. Youtube search folding bikes Europe to see many funny videos. I... Read more

  • Great Apps

    8/9/2016 2:17:43 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    A great app for use with Pokemon Go is Map My Ride. One does not block the other, and the Ride app shows you walk time, miles walked, and calories. Also Macy's is giving away a $300 gift card to log runs on the Map my Ride app challenges right now!... Read more

  • Rewarding Travel

    8/6/2016 12:01:24 AM, by DEWNESS

    Spent the week with my husband in Las Vegas. It was a business trip, but we certainly made it fun! No kids. Fun shows. AMAZING food!!! I didn't track all week. I did walk for 3-6 hours each day & swam in the pool 2 days. My food intake wasn't too bad...I think. Hubby can't do gluten/carbs, so my pro... Read more

  • Dog plus Yoga = Doga

    8/4/2016 8:07:01 AM, by IVORY1825

    Doga means that I do downward dog, and suddenly I have a dog squirming underneath me trying to lick my face. On yoga days, I usually start my yoga early. I come downstairs around 4-4:30am, I let the dog out and he joins me on the couch under a blanket. You'd think the dog would wake me up, but... Read more

  • Hello ONEderland!!!

    8/3/2016 9:27:52 AM, by RED_WRITINGHOOD

    If you know me, then you know that I am one of those people who guards their weight with their life. My age, I will throw that one out left and right but ask me my weight and that isn't going to happen. But I am feeling so compelled to share today. I have been working so hard the last 4 months with ... Read more

  • A lot has happened

    8/2/2016 11:53:50 AM, by VICKILOWE

    247 A lot has happened since the last time I was on here. On October 30 2016 I had a full hysterectomy due to the possibility of cancer (lucky for me it wasn't), October 31 2016 I went home and slept on the couch due to fear of not being able to get up. On November 1 2016 I was picked up by EMSA d... Read more

  • I Made A Deal With the Husband

    8/1/2016 6:01:33 PM, by IVORY1825

    I've been meaning to get back on here and get back on track for a while. Like, a long while. Somewhere in the last few years, things just started slowly sliding in a off direction and they've been doing it so slowly that I barely noticed exactly when or how it happened. However, I can tell you ... Read more