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  • Be who you aspire to be. It can be easy.

    9/27/2016 5:03:50 PM, by BRIGHTSPARK7

    I have always admired those women who carry around green drinks which they have made from scratch. It didn't seem as if I could be one of them. But all that is changing. I have discovered that it is really easy to toss a couple of handfuls of spinach, an organic apple, four inches of cucumber and a ... Read more

  • falling

    9/27/2016 3:24:39 PM, by WHIRLEDP

    Oyf. I fell today. Hard. Slipped off the last two steps in the house going to get lunch. Dang socks in the house. I also had a coffee mug in one hand water glass in the other. They're unharmed in case you were concerned. Apparently I was since when I could finally bring myself to hours later, they w... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    9/27/2016 1:35:16 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day to get outdoors and enjoy! full sunshine and not too hot or cold outside. i am at the library getting some much needed computer work done. one of my online courses starts today. i have gotten started on it and i will be doing some more work on it in a while. my daughter says hi. this week, her... Read more

  • ... 911 whats your emergency?

    9/27/2016 1:12:00 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    Saturday me and my aunt got a lot done. Yes it was just 2 things but they were big things. I got the porch patched up and ready for the resurfacer. We got the shed primed, almost. Just have to get the ladder out to finish the high part. We had dinner late and we were tired. We got my gram on t... Read more

  • Day 2 of a revised start

    9/27/2016 12:05:54 PM, by MLIEN913

    Yesterday went fairly well. I kept to the low end of my calorie allowance. Exercising went fairly well until my hip locked. Today I did my usual walk in the morning, ate light and drank plenty of water after. Lunch will be mackerel and a salad. I'm also drinking a tonic made of Braggs apple cider v... Read more

  • Fall into Fitness -- Day 7

    9/27/2016 10:15:12 AM, by MRS_EVA_K

    So today is day 7. It's arms day and I can tell that my shoulder and upper back muscles are being challenged. Arms day is Yoga with small hand weights, the instructor uses 2lbs weights. Mine are 3lbs weights. I have that nice soreness you get when muscles are being properly challenged. I love it! ~... Read more

  • Day 9!!!

    9/27/2016 9:42:23 AM, by MRSBLOSESWEIGHT

    I'm 9 days in now and it feels so good. Good decisions today include - 1.) Not getting a calorie overloaded coffee to start my day but a glass of water 2.) Logging into Sparkpeople 3.) Getting me daily 25 spark points 4.) Not giving up 5.) Pushing through negative thoughts I've got... Read more

  • Great Debates with ME

    9/27/2016 5:35:03 AM, by JSTETSER

    Last night I had a great debate with the two me's. The healthy me vs. the practical me. Are you going to eat the chocolate or have a cup of herbal tea? Are you going for the walk or clean the house? Are you going to be happy or complain because things aren't going your way? The healthy m... Read more

  • Monday Zumba and a numb foot

    9/26/2016 10:12:20 PM, by TERRI289

    Watching the debate...smh..that is all I have to say. I skipped teaching both of my Zumba classes today. I am so not good at resting but I am trying..I saw the chiropractor and the massage therapist. Tomorrow I see my primary doctor's PA. The consensus is rest, stretch, take meds and rest..sigh... Read more

  • My Next 100 Days - Day 5

    9/26/2016 5:56:39 PM, by ITS_MY_TURN_NOW

    I will be recording my exercise and steps from the previous day. Thank you for stopping by.247 I can do this! 311 Day 5 - 40 minutes of yoga, 30-30-30 and my step goal of 6500+ steps. Day 4 - Final step count 11,266 (5,000) Day 3 - Final step count 6,028 (5,000) Day 2 - Final st... Read more

  • Beginning Again

    9/26/2016 2:56:31 PM, by KGIRL160

    Not sure where I am at, just that I am headed in the wrong direction again. Seems like I have been here before. Mostly even the same story, too much to do and not enough time to do it and I have to reset my priorities. It's not all bad. There is allot going right in my life, allot of that busy... Read more

  • Back to start

    9/26/2016 2:48:16 PM, by MLIEN913

    I'm starting over again. OK, so I still have an overall loss just not what I had hoped by this point. If I "start over" I should be able to be more committed to the effort. That being said, here are my goals for the next 30 days. 1. Lose 10 lbs even if it's mostly water weight. 2. Eat seafood 2 ti... Read more

  • a rainy day

    9/26/2016 2:02:47 PM, by MOMMY445

    it started to rain here about an hour ago and it will rain for another few hours, at least. my daughter and i are both prepared for the weather today. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i decided to pause the night school sessions i was taking, for a while. i have other stuff going on and i do not ha... Read more

  • Technical difficulties

    9/26/2016 12:03:04 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    For some reason SP app wasn't working for me at all yesterday. I couldn't log my food, my exercise...nada! I hoped that I stayed on track. But when I put in my food I take I went way over. Fortunately I did spend an hour at the gym and got a great workout. When I plugged that in I more than balanc... Read more

  • Fall into Fitness Days 4,5, and 6

    9/26/2016 11:59:52 AM, by MRS_EVA_K

    So the weekend is family time. Saturday we did some shopping and took a short hike. Sunday was a nice trip to the local pumpkin patch. We had fun finding pumpkins and gourds. Then we came home, created our display and managed a little gardening. Today is day 6. I've managed my Cardio Yoga and my vir... Read more

  • Pumpernickel

    9/26/2016 9:45:57 AM, by EL-E-E

    Today I had a breakfast of pumpernickel bread, cream cheese, cucumbers and grape tomatoes. And coffee, of course. More vegetables. More vegetables. More vegetables. Less sugar. Less white stuff. Try, try, try. The weather's going to cool down, and I will walk, walk, walk. Stretch, st... Read more

  • inspiring influences

    9/26/2016 9:03:13 AM, by WHIRLEDP

    I'm always surrounded by greatness but this weekend was packed extra full with inspiring influences. As per my usual, I had a early REV appointment Saturday morning. I usually park several blocks away at our shop so I can get extra steps in there and back. So many runners and cyclists were tracing t... Read more

  • Finding Motivation in the Darndest Places

    9/26/2016 8:45:14 AM, by MRSBLOSESWEIGHT

    This had definitely been a first for me. I'm using every thing that could be conceived as a negative and turning it into a positive. If anyone has read my previous blog, you would know that a Victoria's Secret fail turned into a workout opportunity. Now my scale this morning decided that it wasn't g... Read more

  • Changeing habits with the changing seasons

    9/26/2016 5:32:29 AM, by JSTETSER

    Finally, it's fall. Time for the fall makeover. There are things that I do to help me have a healthy change. 1. Evaluate my eating plan, and change at least one of my downfalls. I am added more water. Every time I get into my car, I have a tall glass of water. I have to drive from the sch... Read more

  • Initiating green drink week

    9/26/2016 1:38:09 AM, by BRIGHTSPARK7

    This week, I am increasing my freggies. I want to go beyond calorie tracking into really deeply nourishing the body. 1. I tablespoon of brain octane in my morning tea. 2. Green alkaline smoothie before breakfast. Include 2 handfuls of spinach or kale. The theory is that if I add in mo... Read more

  • How Did I Get Here

    9/25/2016 9:28:50 PM, by KELLIEBEAN

    I was going to write this tomorrow after I've rested but even though I'm wiped out, I'm still excited; my first half marathon! How did I get here?? I got up Saturday morning, walked the dog, cleaned the bathroom and did a load of laundry. Nervous energy. I caught a train for the hour and a half... Read more

  • My Next 100 Days - Day 4

    9/25/2016 9:05:49 PM, by ITS_MY_TURN_NOW

    I will be recording my workouts and steps from the previous day. Thank you for stopping by. 247 I can do this! 311 Day 4 - 20 minutes of yoga, 75 minutes hiking, and my step goal of 5000+ steps. Day 3 - Final step count 6028 Day 2 - Final step count 6412 Day 1 - Final step count 62... Read more

  • Sunday..Irish festival and tired leg

    9/25/2016 8:33:47 PM, by TERRI289

    I stayed up late but slept wonderful. I watched the end of three movies and they all made me smile. My sciatica is still flaring up but we managed to go out for a nice breakfast and then a ride to the Irish festival in North Wildwood. It was pretty and breezy but we missed the parade. ... Read more

  • Song

    9/25/2016 5:13:25 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    Ok, so I just have to post this..... Hubs is in an Irish Band. He is a brilliant musician. (Singer, drummer (was in the Marine Corps Band as a professional percussionist,) taught himself mandolin, bass, piano/keyboard.) He also writes music. So the band transitioned from a cover band, to also perfor... Read more

  • Happy Sunday

    9/25/2016 4:19:11 PM, by MLIEN913

    I hope everyone is having a great day today. It's lovely here in New Jersey today. The sun is shining brightly and fall is in the air. We spent much of today at a 4H club Renaissance Faire. It was a nice little, family type of event. Hopefully we can work the Faire next year. This week off has be... Read more

  • Life

    9/25/2016 4:17:34 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    Well, tomorrow Elleanor Elizabeth will be 7 weeks old. What?!?! How is that even possible?! Anyhoo, I have to go back to work in a week. Breaks my heart. I left Ellie with my Sis for 3 hours while I had a doc appointment and ran a few errands and I missed her soooooo much! I normally work 12 hour s... Read more

  • GOALS: Week of September 25, 2016

    9/25/2016 8:41:44 AM, by DCFELLA

    Goal(s): 1) Run at least 3 miles, 3 times this week 3) Weights 3 times this week ( plus 40 minutes of cardio) 4) Goal weight at end of week: 210 Results: 1) TBD 2) TBD 3) TBD Notes as I start a new week: Man, having clothes that fit and that I enjoy wearing sure does feel g... Read more

  • Beck Check #20, high school reunion and retreat

    9/25/2016 6:59:10 AM, by KRISZTA11

    This was a good week. Had to twist my exercise schedule on account of two business trips with long drives, but did everything I planned. I requested a day off (Thursday) for the long hours worked. Eating went well. All is good, so I only did my weekly Beck skills checklist and read Advantages ... Read more

  • Gabbi Update

    9/25/2016 5:32:52 AM, by JSTETSER

    Gabby was born a strong, healthy little girl on 9/15/16. Three days later, she developed a high fever, and was in back in the hospital. On Friday, 9/23, the fever is gone, but our little grandbaby is being tested and checked out for possibly having a spinal meningitis. Gabbys parents Mat a... Read more

  • Saturday night--Cape May

    9/24/2016 11:44:31 PM, by TERRI289

    It was a nice friend Carol and I shopped and then had a great lunch at the Mad Batter in Cape May. We followed it up with a walk on the beach. Even though it was cloudy, and we hoped for beach time, it was a great time. My sciatca is still flaring up. Trying to ice my back a bit. No ... Read more

  • Happy Anniversary...11th year

    9/24/2016 9:36:09 PM, by MLIEN913

    Today was a grand day out with my hubby. We went to the Intrepid Museum for Smithsonian Museum Day. My husband is a former Navy man and I tried out for the Air Force so today was a perfect day for both of us. We also went through the Stark Trek Star Fleet Academy exhibit. Boy was that fun! I'm dest... Read more

  • Slow Carbing for Slower (Less "Painful") Weight Loss

    9/24/2016 5:49:08 PM, by MSBOOTCAMP

    The past two months I've been applying the slow-carb nutrition method. This is described and prescribed by Tim Ferriss in his book, "The 4-Hour Body." I can totally relate to what Ferriss has learned, and what he shares, about cutting back sugar and other simple carbs - the kind which release ... Read more

  • My Next 100 Days - Day 3

    9/24/2016 5:24:39 PM, by ITS_MY_TURN_NOW

    I will be recording my workouts and steps from the previous day. Thank you for stopping by. 247 I can do this! 311 Day 3 - 20 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes on the rebounder, 30-30-30 and my step goal of 5000+ steps. Day 2 - Final step count 6412 Day 1 - Final step count 6280... Read more

  • Well played Victoria's Secret...

    9/24/2016 10:29:37 AM, by MRSBLOSESWEIGHT

    Last night my husband and I went to Victoria's Secret to pick up a little "treat." Well, since gaining weight I have reached the top of their sizes and found out that all their cute stuff only goes up to a size D. Of course I am a DD. 😳 In the past this could have easily derailed me. Instead I u... Read more

  • Mindless Meandering and a Blingless Chart

    9/24/2016 9:06:05 AM, by BESSHAILE

    My poor chart. I haven't even taken it out of the envelope all week. In fact - I will probably have to hunt for the envelope. TheBirthday consumed the whole week and the computer was insulted and quit working at home. Werk has no respect for birthdays either and this year Werk is particularly Werkis... Read more

  • Family Teamwork! photos addded

    9/24/2016 6:13:04 AM, by JSTETSER

    I dont know about your family, but sometimes, maybe most of the time, all six brothers and sisters do not agree on the care that my mother should receive. This past week, I was happily surprised at how well we worked together. My Mom fell of Wednesday. My brother John took charge since he w... Read more

  • Finally decent news from foot doctor

    9/23/2016 11:07:34 PM, by TERRI289

    The diagnosis is a split one: the sciatica may be affecting the foot or I have tarsal tunnel syndrome(carpal tunnel for the foot basically). We are doing conservative things: rest, othotics, soaking in hot water, stretches, roomy shoes, and NO JUMPING!) Hope to see improvement in a month or I will n... Read more

  • Fall Into Fitness Day 3

    9/23/2016 9:21:14 PM, by MRS_EVA_K

    My kiddo was out of school today so we took a couple of walks in the place of my bike ride. I love being active with her ! I also got in some Yoga but it was not the cardio program. I made an exception because Bug wanted to practice with me. I try to set an example for her and when she wants to pa... Read more

  • It's important to have a rock

    9/23/2016 9:07:14 PM, by BIKEORAMA

    In real life, I don't have many friends that I can call up and say, "Hey, let's hang out!" But I have my husband. He's my rock. I have my two daughters. Those three matter the most in the world to me. Now that the more obvious parts of cancer treatment are behind me (mastectomy, chemo, and radiatio... Read more

  • Friday September 23rd

    9/23/2016 7:53:14 PM, by MLIEN913

    Just 1 day to my anniversary. We have a fun day planned visiting the Intrepid Museum and the Star Fleet Academy Experience on board there. Depending on the time we may go to Little Italy for the Feast of San Genero. Today I did much better eating throughout the day and drinking plenty of water. I a... Read more

  • Experimenting with some old hair extensions

    9/23/2016 5:34:28 PM, by SSMITH762

    Do I have a set of hair extensions that I never wear because the color never matched me after I started dying my hair. So I deciding to give them new life by bleaching them and removing the crappy clips, then dying them peacock blue and green and silver and applying them to my head as tape exten... Read more

  • My Next 100 Days - Day 2

    9/23/2016 4:49:46 PM, by ITS_MY_TURN_NOW

    I have been inspired by AMIEMICHELE's 100 DAYS OF EXERCISE blogs to begin one of my own. Thank you again, Amie! 334 This is going to get boring to read very quickly! I will be recording my workouts and steps from the previous day. Thank you for stopping by. 247 I can do this! 311 ... Read more

  • Odds and Ends!

    9/23/2016 3:27:45 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    Made a bet last night on The Patriots and Texans, I won yes! $50 cash in my pocket. Means I can buy a few toys for the Santa Closet in a bit! Tomorrow is a Women's Day and its at a place I haven't been before so that will be lovely! Need to be there fairly early in the morning. A friend was go... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/23/2016 1:05:38 PM, by MOMMY445

    another day with not too much planned. tomorrow, i am going to a mini high school reunion. i have not seen or been in touch with my old high school much. i plan to change that as of today. i have to admit i miss seeing and hearing from classmates that went to the high school when i did. i am also in... Read more

  • Making time for tracking

    9/23/2016 9:43:31 AM, by 3_VEGGIES

    Today I'm sitting in the airport, so there is time to familiarize myself with Sparkpeople features. I've joined a private challenge and will try my best to actually record my effort. I have started to maintain a food journal, track water, exercise etc...but tend to drop it. For example, I biked 200... Read more

  • I have to find my way!

    9/23/2016 8:44:13 AM, by MISSA526

    My shoulder is killing me 28 . I woke up at 2am this morning to go to the bathroom and the pain was so bad I couldn't go back to sleep. So I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep. Which is not good for my waistline or my pain tolerance, especially with the fibromyalgia and lupus. I keep putting off ex... Read more

  • Family Update

    9/23/2016 5:32:54 AM, by JSTETSER

    Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. My mother had a very interesting report. The scan of her brain showed that the Glioma (small tumor) in her brain is gone. No explanation why. Also, my mother is blind in her right eye. After the bump on her head, her eyesight has returned a bit. ... Read more

  • Thursday....fighting exhaustion

    9/22/2016 11:27:35 PM, by TERRI289

    I can't seem to shake my tired body feeling. Trying to baby my foot and keeping busy at work is exhausting. All I have to say is "yay for naps" . Looking forward to Friday!!! 211... Read more

  • Mixed up day

    9/22/2016 7:31:19 PM, by MLIEN913

    I managed to get plenty of exercise and many chores done today. Sadly, eating took a back seat. I dreamed that I ate breakfast but layer realized it was only a dream. I forced myself to have a smoothie for lunch. Dinner is still a work in progress. I ate my protein but I still need more veg. Mostly... Read more

  • The reward outfit

    9/22/2016 7:27:06 PM, by EPPIESMOM

    I finally have a reason to wear my new outfit. My 16 year old has a poetry reading at the art museum.... Read more

  • My Next 100 Days - Day 1

    9/22/2016 4:16:24 PM, by ITS_MY_TURN_NOW

    I have been inspired by AMIEMICHELE's 100 DAYS OF EXERCISE blogs to begin one of my own. Thank you, Amie! 334 The last few months have been rough and I am trying to get my head back into the game. Exercising every day for the next 100 days will definitely help me to reestablish an exercise routi... Read more

  • those aren't raindrops

    9/22/2016 12:55:32 PM, by WHIRLEDP

    So yesterday's status... I decided on power because that's how it fell in place. I called the float center and they didn't have any openings in the evening. My back has recovered quite nicely from taking it easy and doing lots of stretching, slow yoga, and yin yoga leaving me craving power y... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    9/22/2016 11:50:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    enjoying some much needed solo time. my daughter is at school and says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it's the first day of fall. a day of fresh starts and new challenges. fall is one of my favourite times of the year. the weather is finally not as hot and yet it is not too cool,either. a tim... Read more

  • Fall into Fitness Day 2

    9/22/2016 10:10:16 AM, by MRS_EVA_K

    I apologize for 2 blogs in 1 day. I'm really going to try to keep the family updates separate from the fitness ones so this is bound to happen on occasion. I joined my friend's FaceBook challenge for motivation. That was it. But this week I've found a second source, My mom's health scare. It's ... Read more

  • Four days in!!!!

    9/22/2016 9:07:59 AM, by MRSBLOSESWEIGHT

    I'm four days in on this new journey and I have decided to celebrate every good decision. Today's good decisions include.... 1.) Getting an oatmeal at McDonald's instead of a calorie laden bomb 2.) Logging into Sparkpeople 3.) Getting in a little exercise already 4.) Writing a blog entry ... Read more

  • caregiving

    9/22/2016 8:17:52 AM, by NURTUREKATE

    Last night, I found myself in the dark carrying a flashlight. This was part of a performance art piece that had the audience walk for almost an hour in the prairie. The entire time, I was shining my flashlight so that my husband could see his way, ahead of me. It was highly symbolic of my life. ... Read more

  • Family Update #2

    9/22/2016 6:09:24 AM, by MRS_EVA_K

    Mom went to the doctor yesterday. Her situation is more serious than we thought. Her age is being factored in. She's rather young for this condition, so the original plan for meds can't be done. She has her right artery cleaned out on October 11th. She'll be in the hospital a couple of nights ... Read more

  • Please say a prayer

    9/22/2016 5:22:16 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dear Spark Friends, Please pray for the youngest (6 days old) and the oldest (94 years old) members of my family. Baby Gabby is in the hospital with a fever. My mom fell yesterday, and has some bleeding in the brain. Thank you. ... Read more

  • Wednesday...working with the funky foot

    9/21/2016 11:22:23 PM, by TERRI289

    I could have a pinched nerve in my foot or the balky sciatica is causing an issue. The chiropractor and the massage therapist helped quite a bit and I see the foot doctor on Friday. My class went well but my foot just didn't feel like it was cooperating. Kind of scary actually.. Had fun at... Read more

  • Trifecta

    9/21/2016 9:23:28 PM, by MLIEN913

    Today I saw the 3rd doctor this week. Another good report. I just need to work off the weight. September is almost gone and I have not met my goals. Tomorrow is another day.... Read more

  • it's a wonderful day

    9/21/2016 2:21:40 PM, by MOMMY445

    i heard from a good friend of mine this morning. it definitely brightened up my day. my daughter says hi to all! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! a more mellow kind of day for me today. i do not have much planned and it feels so good. i try and have at least one day a week like this. it keeps me ba... Read more

  • September Stats

    9/21/2016 1:26:31 PM, by MRS_EVA_K

    So this is me on Day 1 of the Fall into Fitness challenge. Pardon the mirror. I didn't realize how badly it really needs to be cleaned. Weight is 151.8 lbs Goal is to tone and strengthen as I'm in my healthy weight range. And I'm happy with my pant size. I'm in a 6/8. I did not take measureme... Read more

  • motivation

    9/21/2016 1:12:07 PM, by GATINA18

    So I have found that my motivation is high during the weekend when I'm working out and menu planning but with the pressure of work during the week I falter and end up saying i'll get takeout tonight and cook tomorrow. but I find myself repeating myself the next day. I learned from sparkcoach that th... Read more

  • This time could be different

    9/21/2016 9:39:15 AM, by MRSBLOSESWEIGHT

    I have lost weight before. 55 lbs. to be exact. Now after having a baby and being 26 lbs. overweight, I have been feeling like I can't do it. I feel stuck and trapped in a body I don't like. But that all is going to change. The affirmation I am operating under now is, "I am going to lose 26 lbs... Read more

  • The Struggle to Summit Mt. Washington

    9/21/2016 5:19:30 AM, by JSTETSER

    Of all the 4K foot peaks that I have climbed, Mt washngton is the most memorable. It is a daunting peak, and too me 5 tries before I actually summated. The failures taught me so much more than the actual trips to the summit. Let me explain why: 1. I learned to let go of an important dreams and... Read more

  • "Exercise in the morning... before your brain figures out what you're doing!"

    9/21/2016 5:06:30 AM, by TIGERSPEECH

    I'm enjoying exercising in the morning before work. Right now Jessica Smith videos from her website are working for me. I'm being more conscious and consistent with what I do and what I eat and working on what I think. Have a mindful midweek everyone.... Read more

  • Life's Motivations

    9/21/2016 1:46:20 AM, by SUMMERFAITH63

    Life provides wonderful motivation to reach beyond our comfort zone. Life is not easy. Nobody ever said it was, but somehow that's how we always picture it. When life's lessons get you down nothing feels better than losing yourself in something, and for me that includes physically challenging myself... Read more

  • ok day

    9/20/2016 11:14:17 PM, by TERRI289

    It was an ok a little more sleep than usual. Feel pretty exhausted anyway. Since wearing tight shoes last week, my left foot has two numb toes. I am wearing my yoga toes sandals and they are helping. New day something new is a bit odd. Work and tutoring were good and had a nice c... Read more

  • Keep it moving

    9/20/2016 4:41:08 PM, by MLIEN913

    I want to be lazy during my days off but I know that won't help me. Tomorrow is my eye checkup in NYC. I'd like to get in early to visit my old office as well as my mom too. Even if I don't get to see the old gang I'll still make the most of my time. If I make it to the bus on time I can walk fr... Read more

  • recovering and nesting

    9/20/2016 12:43:10 PM, by WHIRLEDP

    Going through a bit of a cycle lately. Calming, soothing, and nesting thoughts probably incited by the coming new season. The earth and moon are transitioning as am I. It's also a product of my recovery from last week. As I talked about then, I was in a lot of pain spurred by my old patterns emergin... Read more

  • My Beautiful Baby!

    9/20/2016 12:27:24 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    Miss Elleanor Elizabeth...aka, the Duchess! ... Read more

  • Fall into Fitness

    9/20/2016 11:31:33 AM, by MRS_EVA_K

    Tomorrow is the official first day of fall. It's also Mabon, or Middle Harvest. It's time to look back and plan for the future. I've been off my stride for the last few weeks. I've been faking it until I made it, half hearted plodding along. My mother's recent health scare has jolted me back into ... Read more

  • One Small change =Big Results

    9/20/2016 5:21:22 AM, by JSTETSER

    Before every meal, I drink a tall glass of water. I also have a glass of green tea first thing in the morning. When I drive down the road, I have more water. My weight and my glucose numbers (I have Type II Diabetes) are lower. I feel great, and it's because of more water in my diet. ... Read more

  • My bike hero of the week.

    9/20/2016 12:39:12 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    My bike hero of the week. I wish I could get my dog to sit this still on rides.... Read more

  • Blue screens off at sunset

    9/19/2016 10:00:47 PM, by BRIGHTSPARK7

    The latest experiment in getting a good night's sleep: Turn off the cell phone and the iPad at sunset. I was moaning to dear hubs that I like to read on my iPad. He said, "Get a real book." Oh. Real books. Yes, I do have a few of those! ;-) Two health commitments for this week: 1. Blue scree... Read more

  • Monday..rain and two Zumba classes

    9/19/2016 9:59:53 PM, by TERRI289

    It poured today...wonder how we are not all moldy!! Taught two Zumba classes and tutored a former student. Nice full day and I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Pretty awesome! Hoping to get a lot of things done this week. Have a good one! 386... Read more

  • Week 7: Spacious Awareness & Week 8: Accepting the Unacceptable

    9/19/2016 6:00:13 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    Insight changes everything. The past two weeks have been the most curious, exploratory, and wisdom gleaning weeks that I have experienced in a long time. They have also been the most emotionally taxing, as I have learned to accept the unacceptable and come around to reignite some old unfinished rela... Read more

  • May not look delicious, but it is!

    9/19/2016 3:29:21 PM, by SSMITH762

    I reheated a left over chicken thigh and had it with mushroom cauliflower 'rice'.basically just riced the cauliflower, sauteed green onion and mushrooms, then sauteed the rice and other veggies together then added a tbsp of sour cream and a quarter cup of Italian cheese blend. Also adding d spice... Read more

  • Ugh.. migraine

    9/19/2016 1:24:28 PM, by MISSA526

    Feeling so ill. I've thrown up twice and my eye is killing me. I was supposed to be at Shawn's apt today but the bug people came and I couldn't be there while they were doing their job. So now I'm stuck at home with mom and dad (he has the week off) and I'm miserable. I still need to do my PT exerci... Read more

  • impromptu giveaway

    9/19/2016 1:07:04 PM, by WHIRLEDP

    In my efforts to pair down, I would like to giveaway an awesome DVD by Coach Nicole. Don't you love her? Sure do miss her around these parts. It really is a great DVD, I viewed it once in the background while I worked (something I do so I don't attempt the workout completely clueless). It promptly s... Read more

  • Trying to reach that 10000 step goal again

    9/19/2016 12:29:36 PM, by MLIEN913

    Last night I checked my tracker and found it actually did over 11,000 steps for the day. Like I've said in the past, working at a RenFaire is an awesome walking workout. I doubt I'll beat 6000 steps today though. I'm still very sore from all the walking over the weekend. Also, I have a lot of work ... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    9/19/2016 11:04:35 AM, by MOMMY445

    one errand completed. a few more to go and then i can relax. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Zumba Toning!

    9/19/2016 10:41:49 AM, by LEESHA17

    Woke up early, made it to Zumba Toning, butt was kicked... Feel great. Logging in sparkpeople and ready for a great day!!... Read more

  • reality

    9/19/2016 10:27:50 AM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    I started to type up a blog and it was half way done until I realized that it was just another blog where I rant on and on about everything I have to do and why I cant get it done. About how I want to plan things out and be organized. So in this blog Im going to tell you that I am going to t... Read more

  • Increasing consistency

    9/19/2016 6:41:43 AM, by TIGERSPEECH

    I have exercised the last two days. I plan to log my exercise for 120 mins per week. This doesn't count walking since I'm walking the dog and that is stop-start. It is either yoga or an exercise tape- usually online Jessica Smith varied exercises. Working my way up to increased minutes per day and... Read more

  • The Gift

    9/19/2016 5:32:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    About 20 years ago, Shelley gave me this vest. Johnny, her son, was in my day care, and I was studying to become a teacher. She found the vest in a thrift store, and gave it to me. I have worn this vest in every classroom that I have taught in. Today I wore it on Peace Sunday as I teach Lesso... Read more

  • Beck Check #19 - good

    9/19/2016 3:39:23 AM, by KRISZTA11

    This was a good week. I followed my plan at all but one meal - that is success 20/21 meals. The unplanned meal was comfort food, response to unpleasant emotions - ate tortellini instead of my planned dinner. That meant I had the brown rice and beans I cooked for the next two dinners - and it w... Read more

  • Ahhhh.... Contentment.

    9/18/2016 10:20:18 PM, by BRIGHTSPARK7

    It has been a heavenly weekend in my world. I read a fantastic book by one of my favorite authors, Richard Bach. I read for about an hour every day and shoot for an entire book over the weekend. Writers thrive on reading. Hubs and I went out for brunch. He asked where I wanted to go and ... Read more

  • Sunday....Sunday Zumba is back!

    9/18/2016 9:39:38 PM, by TERRI289

    Although I am still pretty tired, I made it to the Sunday Zumba class. Class was good and then I tottered home to take my second shower of the morning. Dh took me out for a late breakfast and then a nice visit to the bookstore. Then we checked on a friend's dog and then came home to a quiet ev... Read more

  • So close to 10,000 steps

    9/18/2016 5:30:09 PM, by MLIEN913

    After a long day at the Faire I've reached my 10,000 steps. My feet and legs are swollen but I feel good. The shows went really well even with all the turmoil. I've gotten my exercise this weekend.... Read more

  • Yum!

    9/18/2016 2:09:58 PM, by LADYREDCOMET

    For lunch today I made pesto with some basil I've been growing. My herbs have all been doing really well, and I've been getting some great flavor additions to my meals as a result. (Currently growing: rosemary, thyme, sage, chives, and basil. I've room for 1-2 more, but haven't decided what to add.)... Read more

  • Big Break!!!

    9/18/2016 2:07:22 PM, by AMYCHU1

    I have been struggling for weeks to finish my boot camp class without any break!!! I finally got it today! Yay!!!... Read more

  • a new week

    9/18/2016 2:00:33 PM, by MOMMY445

    i have a somewhat busy week coming up this week. i am also helping my daughter to fund raise for her school. that is not due back to the school for a while yet. i have an appointment tomorrow that i have to keep. i am on the go pretty much every day this week. i will be attending a mini high school ... Read more

  • Cloisters Faire

    9/18/2016 12:50:11 PM, by MLIEN913

    What was meant to be a fun day of sword fighting has turned to drama. Right before the first act one of the fight troupe quit. I'm not sure what set him off either. To say that I feel hurt and betrayed is an understatement.😢😡 Today was already a challenge because of the hills and threat of ra... Read more

  • GOALS week of September 18

    9/18/2016 10:19:26 AM, by DCFELLA

    Goal(s): 1) Run 3 times this week (2:00:2:00 split x8) 2) Log ALL food and don't move workout days 3) Gym 3 times with split workout and 40 minutes of cardio 4) Goal weight at end of week: 215 Results: 1) Success! 2) Semi-success (I get tired of guessing all foods and proportions i... Read more

  • Spent a little more time on breakfast this morning :)

    9/18/2016 10:16:40 AM, by SSMITH762

    Such a yummy low carb breakfast. I had poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over sautéed bacon, mushrooms, and tomato. Hmm, a good way to start the day.... Read more

  • Learning Lessons from Jack (O'Lantern)

    9/18/2016 6:01:56 AM, by JSTETSER

    Just about everyone in the USA has cut up a pumpkin to create a Jack O'lantern. I suppose that it is a cultural thing for us. Here is the lesson that I want my friends at Smith Memorial Church to remember about the Jack O'lantern. 1. We all come from the same pumpkin patch. God picks us, and c... Read more

  • Saturday...a little antiquing and a nice lunch

    9/17/2016 11:47:15 PM, by TERRI289

    After the usual chores, we took a ride to route 9 which has a lot of nice antique stores. We had lunch at the Red Sky Cafe which is a very nice Mexican restaurant. Then we went to several shops, enjoying the look of each, but ony buying a few things. I finally got that good night's sleep ... Read more