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  • My sumer in a nutshell

    8/29/2014 12:36:57 PM, by SZTIME2SHINE

    these are just a few of the things I have been up to this summer check it out... Read more

  • My Summer in a nutshell

    8/29/2014 12:29:47 PM, by SZTIME2SHINE

    This is just a few of the things I have been up to this summer so here it is check it out!!... Read more

  • The Naysayer

    8/29/2014 12:06:38 PM, by LIZABET13

    Lately I've had family members who second guess my decisions to workout. They look at me like I'm crazy for wanting to bike 20 miles. Tell me I'm going to get struck by lightening, when I went for a 5 mile run with a storm on the horizon. I've been called selfish for wanting to get in a longer worko... Read more

  • Frustrating!

    8/29/2014 11:29:15 AM, by ALOOGOBI

    259 today, which is movement in the right direction, but I still feel like not enough is happening. My calorie numbers have been in range, at the low end mostly, and I have been going to yoga. When I look at my weekly report, I have more than a 1000 calorie differential between what I eat and m... Read more

  • it's friday!

    8/29/2014 11:25:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! my daughter is getting some clothes for school today. my good friend wants to get her some clothes for school,too. so i said okay. i know that my daughter does not refuse clothes, no matter where they came from or who got them for her. she is a budding fashionista these ... Read more

  • Rookie Attitude!

    8/29/2014 11:18:36 AM, by KLONG8

    Confetti in the air....tossed by ME! I weighed myself this morning , kind of cautiously, because I've been tracking regularly this week and I was thinking I wasn't quite where I wanted to be. And hallelujah, I lost 2.5 pounds. That's a tremendous amount for me! ... Read more

  • Accomplishments

    8/29/2014 10:28:39 AM, by KROWNEDBEAUTY

    So I wrote a little blog a few days ago about choosing to gear my thoughts toward moving the scale down a little bit. I'm not ready for my weigh in, it's not until Monday. But I have been strength training again. I've trained 3 times this week. Low weights, high repetitions for endurance (my body LO... Read more

  • Checking in

    8/29/2014 10:17:37 AM, by RABBITOLM

    I've started a new healthy habit. I get up a few minutes earlier in the morning, and do a quick strength training workout five times a week. I've been doing this for about a month now, and I think it's finally starting to pay off. I did an upper-body workout this morning (my arms are one of my we... Read more

  • Day 20/100- Reflections

    8/29/2014 10:14:20 AM, by KROWNEDBEAUTY

    Today I wake up feeling reflective, insightful, and deep in thought. Peaceful and ultimately hopeful for what today will bring. In these reflections I find that over the last 20 days I've learned that: I am finding peace even in the stressful times Caring about what I consume means I'm ca... Read more

  • P90X Day 8

    8/29/2014 9:29:12 AM, by TRAINER_T

    Todays Workout P90X3 Day 8 - Yoga P90X Yoga Day 8 3 x Sunsalutation Crescent w/airplane Sunsalutaion Warrior 1,2 reverse Chair Moon and twisted moon Cals burned = 67 ... Read more

  • Yes small step!

    8/29/2014 8:38:18 AM, by HEMAMALINI100

    Can't believe I am back. I guess I do like to write just don't have enough skills to do that. First of all thank you all who responded , I didn't think anybody would find my blog. I am a shorty so I do take small steps just kidding. Yes small steps work just have to stick to them. But when I fall... Read more


    8/29/2014 8:03:01 AM, by TIMEHASCOME56

    So far, have not stopped. I have cut down 60%. Prior to the increase in smoking, I would smoke 2 per week, now its one maybe 2 a day. I feel better cutting back. working on stopping all together. One of my Spark buddies, shared she enjoyed smoking, this made me reflect. I enjoy it also. I still l... Read more

  • Choosing the hardest of the hard.

    8/29/2014 7:35:07 AM, by NUOVAELLE

    Let's remind ourselves of a few things we already know. Being fat is hard. Losing weight is also hard. Maintaining weight is probably the hardest of the three. But do you know what's even harder than all of them? Regaining! Simply because in our minds it's translated as failure. ... Read more

  • Good-bye Summer!

    8/29/2014 5:34:30 AM, by JSTETSER

    Good bye summer, we had lots of fun It's hard to believe that you're almost done Hiking in mountains and swimming at the beach- But now I have children to teach. You will be missed, It is true, But I have important work to do! ... Read more

  • Blessings, 8/28

    8/29/2014 3:03:14 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. i am grateful for my babies, because they are forgiving of my bad days. 2. i am grateful for getting some housework done, because it's been needed. 3. i am grateful for realizations, because it helped get stairs and steps in. 4. i am grateful for time, because it fixes things. 5. i am gra... Read more

  • I am burned out of Pre-Season Football

    8/29/2014 2:17:46 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    Next Thursday night is the first week beginning :)~ I'm very ready honestly. Its still quite warm here but cooling down. This weekend is Labour Day Weekend which should prove to be interesting. Baseball season has a few weeks to go before the playoffs start and my Dodgers and Angels may make it... Read more

  • Day 18

    8/28/2014 10:48:40 PM, by STHOMPS31

    Well it has been a long and tiring day. It is nice to know that I can go to work and have a long physically difficult shift, and still come home and work out. I was sore and tired, and I didn't really want to work out. But I did it anyways. My muscles were sore today. I will have to be careful... Read more

  • NORASPAT is an awesome photographer!

    8/28/2014 9:02:14 PM, by TERRI289

    Does this not look like a painting??It is so beautiful and there I am tucked on a bench! Truthfully, this picture was part of a really nice day. I had a quiet morning at home, , and happily ran errands starting at 12:30. As yo... Read more

  • Would I be able to

    8/28/2014 4:14:59 PM, by HEMAMALINI100

    Finally I decided to blog. I don't know what has gotten over me but yes I am going to start blogging. I just read an article on SP about how to blog and why you should so I got inspiration. To tell you the truth I never thought about blogging because I am not good at writing. I have been reading ... Read more

  • My Quote for the day

    8/28/2014 2:08:38 PM, by RACHELSUSANNAH

    I've got the Spark Quotes App and I'm enjoying it. Here is the one that I like especially today. I revised to make it gender neutral. "One who wants something will find a way. ... Read more

  • The Magic of ORGANIZING the Juice & Smoothie Cabinet

    8/28/2014 2:06:30 PM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    Everyday, I am finding things to do that will help me to BLOSSOM. One project that I have been working on and developing skills for is organizing. My first step on this journey has been to work on organizing the... Read more

  • it's thursday

    8/28/2014 12:46:44 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day of errands and relaxation. my daughter is pretty much all set for school now. all of the birds say hi. i will be meeting up with my good friend later on today. have a terrific day,everyone and a fabulous weekend!... Read more

  • P90X3 Day 7

    8/28/2014 9:25:33 AM, by TRAINER_T

    Todays Workout P90X3 Day 7 - Agility X Warm up 8 min Side jumps Lunges Lunges w/hops Pushup jump side plank Run circles Single leg hops Side shuffle straight leg lifts Toe tap fast Cals burned = 158 ... Read more

  • Holding Steady today

    8/28/2014 8:06:25 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    Feeling a tad better, moving a smidgen faster. It all adds up. Loving my fitbit.... Read more

  • Kindness

    8/28/2014 5:38:29 AM, by JSTETSER

    Our day goes a lot better when we take the time to be kind to ourselves and to others- Even when things get a bit messy! ... Read more

  • 'Kinder Krank' and my Experience with the German Medical System.

    8/28/2014 3:12:51 AM, by SAMZA83

    Hello everyone, I keep meaning to do an update to that very intense blog entry I did two months ago----and I will I am busy (even when sick) but here are two tidbits for those of you who are wondering: The boss, who many of you rightly (but sadly) called a 'lunatic' is gone. She came down... Read more

  • Day 551: Inspiration...

    8/28/2014 2:46:41 AM, by KASEYCOFF

    ...I take it where I find it: 'ave a good 'un, Sparklers - carpe diem!... Read more

  • 14591 step count.

    8/28/2014 2:31:43 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14591 was my step count for last night. On track for the 10k steps a day fitness plan listed on my profile. Good to see 10 k steps is still working well with increased night school college classes this year.... Read more

  • Blessings, 8/27

    8/28/2014 12:42:01 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. i am grateful for my babies, because they remind me to listen to my body. 2. i am grateful for the park strip, because i can go barefoot. 3. i am grateful for remembering about the goose poop, because i didn't get any between my toes. 4. i am grateful for my meeting, because i needed it. ... Read more

  • Blessings, 8/26

    8/28/2014 12:34:58 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. i am grateful for my babies, because cuddling is good. 2. i am grateful for steak, because it's yummy. 3. i am grateful for free online conferences, because they are teaching me the most up to date, self-resonating info for healing me. 4. i am grateful for the ole man fixing supper, because... Read more

  • Awesome day

    8/27/2014 10:46:33 PM, by TERRI289

    #1-Zumba was fun #2.had lunch with dh #3..walked with two friends #4 went to a great summer bbq(even though I got lost....), did not overeat!! #5..great dental visit...teeth are good, no bleeding #6.NO JURY DUTY(still need to call next Tues afternoon)..only bad part of day, Thor puppy didn't do well... Read more

  • Day 17

    8/27/2014 10:42:23 PM, by STHOMPS31

    Another good day in my new lifestyle. Lots of exercise that I feel good about, and mostly good eating habits. (A little too much for dinner, but not too bad for the overall day). My asthma has been acting up since I started swimming again. It really sucks that my favorite exercise triggers my ... Read more

  • Doing my best to maintain my weight and my sanity

    8/27/2014 6:44:10 PM, by UNSWEETMAMA

    Guess who hasnít blogged in nearly 3 months. Iíve been super busy playing the part of a turtle hiding in its shell. Letís back up a bit, shall we? I started hoarding candy right after Halloween last year. But I was eating it in a very controlled way. Then the ďcontrolledĒ part wen... Read more

  • I told Ya So..

    8/27/2014 5:35:15 PM, by KELLIEBEAN

    ..... i have said to myself many times when I know better but I do it anyway. It was a fine Wednesday morning, yeah a little worried about dad but he'll be fine and I had my emotions in check and I felt like it was going to be a productive day at work. I bought a little bag of chocolate co... Read more

  • More about 'Future Me'

    8/27/2014 4:50:30 PM, by KLONG8

    Yesterday I talked about 'Future Me'....the me I really want to make happen. The me I see in my dream. And the goals I need to set and aim for every day to make that dream a reality . I don't want to lose sight of that mental picture because when I lose it I'm really losing my way!... Read more


    8/27/2014 1:48:21 PM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    It's time for SEVERE cutbacks. You see I have been struggling for awhile. Things have gotten pretty stressful lately. Things I can't talk about. Mums the word. The stress triggered some undesirable eating ... Read more

  • trigger warning: Great British Bake Off (no pictures)

    8/27/2014 12:50:07 PM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I'm not a big TV viewer - but occasionally I get hooked into something that I, more often than not, have to watch on 'catch up' because of my work shifts. My current entertainment viewing is a programme called The Great British Bake Off - it's on BBC1 tonight - and I'm at home, so I can watch... Read more

  • Still Changing

    8/27/2014 12:15:40 PM, by MEOWMEOWGIRL

    I just read that one of my Spark Friends made it to her 1000th day on! Wowzas! It just goes to show that you really can do what you want to do if you just put your mind (and hard work) to it! That was an inspirational read. I recently ended a 6 year relationship with ... Read more

  • a nice day

    8/27/2014 11:58:51 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to enjoy and to take it easy. it is not as hot here today,which is a relief. went for a really long walk yesterday and i felt good afterwards. all birds are okay and say hello,hello. my daughter will be getting some more clothes today for school. i will see what i can do. i know what she likes... Read more

  • Breathing gets harder

    8/27/2014 10:13:45 AM, by SUNBEAMIN

    I had great plans after my last entry. The intro yoga class I took was great! Work got a little busy, pollen counts rose and sinus infection happened. Thus started the summer of antibiotics and prednisone. Finally leading to sinus surgery less than three weeks ago. Along with the summer h... Read more

  • P90X3 Day 6

    8/27/2014 9:21:27 AM, by TRAINER_T

    Todays Workout P90X Day 6 - Push pull Warm up - 8 min Workout: push up to side plank pull ups lunge to chair pull ups w/circles Spider push ups boat to plow Cals burned = 126... Read more

  • Clothes Shopping....Oh My!!

    8/27/2014 9:16:46 AM, by QUEENIEBELLE

    It used to be so much fun when I was a REAL size 2! Now I'm a Chico's size 2 and it ain't pretty. I've been shopping mostly at Goodwill for clothes the last two years so I've been a bit out of touch with "real" retail clothing. Last summer I did find some petites on reduced and reduced some mor... Read more

  • Seriously Concerned

    8/27/2014 8:38:44 AM, by RACHELSUSANNAH

    Good morning, I am seriously concerned and irritated with Spark People this morning. Specifically, it really bothers me that an expert in behavioral psychology (which is not clinical psychology), is asserting that we can do most, if not all, of our recovery from eating disorders on our own. ... Read more

  • the lure of the sea..............

    8/27/2014 8:03:56 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I feel blue today I think I'm all out of kilter due to work shifts - I've been doing some days of 14 hrs, losing sleep, then having days that start late, or start early, and I've being going to bed early, going to bed late - and I feel out of sorts generally.......... and I've lost my smile! ... Read more

  • A spark of hope?

    8/27/2014 8:02:38 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    This morning when I staggered out of bed, I actually had just a hint of spring in my step. It's enough to boost my mood and give me a spark of hope that this reboot will be the one!... Read more

  • First Day of School

    8/27/2014 5:39:03 AM, by JSTETSER

    Baby Lina is not excited about her first day of school. Today is my first day with students. I would be more excited if summer did not keep tugging on my heart saying "Come and play!" I suppose most of my students will feel the same way. Read more

  • Day 19 of yoga challenge

    8/27/2014 2:49:13 AM, by RASLALIQUE

    I had a really great session today. I am learning a lot about yoga and myself in the process. Today I found an awesome youtube video on how to do Savasana if you have a big butt. Even when I was 115 lbs I had a big butt. I weigh much more than that now so I need this video in my life! If anyone... Read more


    8/27/2014 2:39:18 AM, by SETTIMIA

    Hello wonderful, caring, kind, encouraging, supportive, I could go on and on... today is a great achievement for me, as I celebrate my 1st year SP Anniversary. I did not think that I would make it through a whole year as past times I became distracted very easily and my healthy lifestyle was... Read more

  • Day 15/16

    8/26/2014 11:48:44 PM, by STHOMPS31

    I worked yesterday, but still managed to keep up my routine. I tried to blog when I got home last night, but I couldn't get it to work. I don't know if it was a problem on my end, but nothing wanted to cooperate on SparkPeople last night. I was so excited because Monday is my official weigh-in day, ... Read more

  • Tuesday--the Beach and cleaning...blech!

    8/26/2014 9:13:17 PM, by TERRI289

    I got a two day jury was a day at the shore with my friend Mary Beth. That was fun. Tonight I have been cleaning a disaster corner of the kitchen and searching for my mp3 charger! Wish me luck, back to looking..Good night! ... Read more

  • ch ch ch ch changes!

    8/26/2014 7:59:57 PM, by OMNOMNAMASTE

    It's so encouraging, and just so funny to me that I can say things about myself that I have never been able to say before. "I do yoga" "I don't drink soda" and now even, "I don't drink coffee". Truth be told, I'm not sure how long the coffee thing is going to last, LO... Read more

  • Gotta WANT to Change

    8/26/2014 4:07:16 PM, by KLONG8

    If there's anything I've learned in my years's that you have to WANT to accomplish weight loss MORE than you want that candy bar, 2nd helping of a tasty dinner, or to sit in front of the TV and vegetate. You've gotta WANT that healthy lifestyle more than you want to give in to old habits... Read more

  • a lovely day

    8/26/2014 3:31:16 PM, by MOMMY445

    a very hot and humid day here today. even my daughter, who loves to be outdoors, is taking it easy today. all of the birds are doing well and say hi. it looks like i will finally get the reference i need to get into the women's program i want. i am definitely in school from september of this year un... Read more

  • Went to Cedar Point !

    8/26/2014 1:13:03 PM, by MISSA526

    I had a blast at Cedar Point yesterday! I rode so many roller coasters, the Sky Hawk, and Max Air! Unfortunately it was super and hot !!! I walked for almost 6.5 hrs with very little down time except for ride times, and 2 45 min lines. Lots of exercise! I ev... Read more

  • Not a bad start for this reboot!

    8/26/2014 10:42:39 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    Six pounds down and my blood pressure was 108/68 this morning at the doctors office. If this keeps up, maybe they'll take me off my blood pressure meds! Yeah SparkPeople! ... Read more

  • Where Are The Nutrition Police??

    8/26/2014 10:40:41 AM, by LIZABET13

    I'm happy with my training schedule, but very unhappy with my scale. I've decided that it's time to get serious about my nutrition. For awhile I've been good about tracking and I'm getting better at planning my meals. Now, I need to take what I've learned to the next level. I have disconnected... Read more

  • Found my Wedding Ring ...

    8/26/2014 10:36:16 AM, by BBLUNDON

    And that's a happy thought .. Over 5 years ago I took off 70 pounds. My wedding and engagement ring were VERY loose. I was thinking about having them resized but was leery as I wasn't convinced the weight would stay off. One day while using a wet razor in the bathroom my rings fell off. ... Read more

  • Coffee...

    8/26/2014 10:30:22 AM, by RACHELSUSANNAH

    Coffee is needed today. I'm going to take the dog out into the sunshine first. I've discovered in the past month (since joining Spark People), that if I take Oliver on his walk first thing, the sunlight usually wakes me up enough to avoid the caffeine. Because I love coffee I usually drink it anyhow... Read more

  • Speak the Truth in Love!

    8/26/2014 5:40:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I spoke up when I saw that my friend had posted something that was incorrect and harmful. Normally I try to ignore things, but today was different. I knew that my friend genuinely loves truth, and wants to spread truth, not lies. Half an hour after I pointed out the fault and the lie... Read more

  • Organizing for SUCCESS

    8/26/2014 3:40:18 AM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    The last few days I have been working on ORGANIZING. It's lots of work to organize, but the more I do it, the more benefits I am reaping. Hubby and I married several years ago. I have always felt a bit weird mo... Read more

  • I like the new Spark Points page

    8/26/2014 2:30:42 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    its more streamlined and easier to see at a glance. I'm not always resistant to change. Didn't watch The Emmy's since I'm not much for awards shows so much anymore. You can look at the Emmy Fashions online, don't have to watch the show. Lena Dunham, there are no words sista lol! There were a fe... Read more

  • 21755

    8/26/2014 2:03:44 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    21755 step count for last night. I don't really owe time management for the high steps, I got lost in the parking lot of my new night school college for a really sad long time. They have a surreal numbering system on the classrooms, and I was lost a bunch. Oh well, burns calories for sure. I eve... Read more

  • Blessings, 8/25

    8/26/2014 1:16:30 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. i am grateful for my babies, because they bring into clarity when I'm getting disconnected. 2. i am grateful for water, because it cleanses me. 3. i am grateful for twists, because they remind me not to be a nostradumbass. 4. i am grateful for real food, because it's quick. 5. i am gratef... Read more

  • Monday...a day with lots of possibilities

    8/25/2014 10:49:54 PM, by TERRI289

    It was a good Monday(no jury duty), got to Zumba class, and purchased fresh veggies. I had the best lunch(tomato, spinach, green pepper, swiss cheese, and whole wheat toast). Got some chores done, was notified of two work opportunities which will help in my saving for vacation starting now! ... Read more

  • It's a 2 Blog Kinda Day...

    8/25/2014 10:46:12 PM, by KROWNEDBEAUTY

    So I just started strength training again today. And I feel motivated. I feel like for the first time in a long time I have gained control of my nutrition. I want to start making slow strides toward making that scale move. One day at a time. Will give an update every Monday. That is all.... Read more

  • Day 16/100 "Relieving the Pressure"

    8/25/2014 7:50:38 PM, by KROWNEDBEAUTY

    It's interesting what you learn when you strip away all of the excess from your life. It really allows you to distinguish between the things that you like and the things you're doing because other people have pressured you to. (Even if it's inadvertently) The last 2 weeks and 2 days I have stri... Read more

  • weight 177 oppps from 161 low on medifast

    8/25/2014 7:01:20 PM, by MAVIEPOOH

    i have been getting 10,000 plus steps a day but giving in to chocolate and sweets so got to get back on track 50 lbs to lose to reach my goal. I have to committ and not quit! Its food and not working out intensely enough that sidetracks me. For example i will work so hard around the house that i ... Read more

  • It's been a while....

    8/25/2014 5:09:11 PM, by BETHYANNEO

    Today is my first blog entry of the year..or in several years. I let life get in the way of my goals and promises to myself. Since my last blog in 2011 I had another baby! She is now two. How time flies! I have decided within the last month that this is the year in which there will be n... Read more

  • ::fingers in ears::: lalalalalalaaaaa....

    8/25/2014 4:09:27 PM, by OMNOMNAMASTE

    So glad that I have a safe haven at Sparkpeople. I love my husband so much, and I know he loves me, but wow, he can get so fixated on my weight. I am doing so great, not drinking diet soda, exercising every day, doing my yoga..... for this moment in time, that is enough FOR ME. For dear hubby,... Read more

  • The Easiest Veggie Recipe in the World!

    8/25/2014 2:19:14 PM, by THEGETNSHAPEGRL

    Roasted Cauliflower Head Seriously low maintenance recipe for a side of veggies. Gluten free, grain free, paleo, clean, vegan, nut-free. Ingredients: 1 cauliflower head 6T olive oil Garlic powder to taste Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Preheat oven to 3... Read more

  • Happy Monday!

    8/25/2014 12:17:42 PM, by RACHELSUSANNAH

    Happy Monday all! I had a fantastic time back at home with the family. A lot of time was spent outdoors and very little on the computer. What a nice chance to disconnect. Nevertheless, I'm back at home and the semester starts today. I'm off to take puppy for a walk and then headed in to te... Read more

  • Walk On...

    8/25/2014 11:56:01 AM, by QUEENIEBELLE

    My favorite Aunt had a funny story about when she was pregnant with her first born- my cousin Doug. Auntie Helen was way far along~ big as a house she said~ and had been downtown shopping. As she crossed the street to head toward her car, she felt something slipping half-way through the cross walk. ... Read more

  • a beautiful,sunny day

    8/25/2014 11:32:39 AM, by MOMMY445

    i feel that my job interview went really well. in the meantime, i will work on other things while i wait. today, my daughter has one of her friends over that she met at day camp. they will spend the afternoon together. i am glad to see that she is making friends pretty much wherever she goes. i went... Read more

  • Disappointing month!

    8/25/2014 11:28:44 AM, by KY_RD79

    I've been really trying this past month and I really haven't seen my weight do anything. From 151 to 149 and then 150.5.....back and forth all month. I went 3 weeks without any soft drinks but I did have 3 since then. Only when we went out to eat (well, one was at the movies and like I said in... Read more

  • Monday Musings

    8/25/2014 11:21:12 AM, by LISA-120

    I am learning that my body shape isn't so much a result of what I eat. It is instead a reflection of how I feel. The last couple of weeks, I have not tracked. I haven't focused on what I can't have. Instead I have focused on enjoying the food I do choose to eat, enjoying activity such as Zumba a... Read more

  • 10k Training Program for the Week of 8/25

    8/25/2014 9:25:50 AM, by LIZABET13

    Last week went great. I'm a little sore, but ready to do it again! Monday - Strength & Stretch 45 min fitness class (Ripped) & 10 mile bike ride Tuesday - 3 mile run Ran 5 miles in 60 min + 11 min warm-up Wednesday - 40 min Cross Thursd... Read more

  • another hike

    8/25/2014 8:20:27 AM, by ONESPOTLEFT

    this was a very quiet morning on the lake the water was so clear we could see to the bottom of the lake there were lots of visitors at our campsite ... Read more

  • Tips To Dropping Weight (over 200 pounds worth!)

    8/25/2014 7:43:10 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I used SparkPeople and ate MORE naturally, in other words, less processed foods. I started by eliminating growth hormones, which can make cows fat (and thus the people who eat and drink from the cows fat) from meat and milk and buyi... Read more

  • Waternomee, a thoughtful hike.

    8/25/2014 5:42:25 AM, by JSTETSER

    Waternomee is a challenging climb. First, there is not defined trail. Our first attempt placed us to find this site which is within the boundaries of the White Mountain National Forest, took us to the backside of the Lost River Campground. Read more

  • 14603 step count.

    8/25/2014 4:59:11 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14603 step count for last night. On track for Ten K Steps a Day the Fitness Plan listed on my Sparkpeople profile. I start college classes Monday, so I got my workout in late night.... Read more

  • Up with the lark (or the gulls!)

    8/25/2014 3:44:06 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    On Saturday night, I was at work - and was woken around 2am by a helicopter circling around - gosh they are so noisy! must have been police, or search and rescue (but I think police!) - I woke up with a headache on Sunday morning - swallowed some Ibuprofen with my coffee then worked until 4pm. ... Read more

  • Sunday..and a few more pictures!

    8/24/2014 10:16:21 PM, by TERRI289

    Cleaned, walked, cooked, and read the paper...saw a few good episodes of Dr. favorite episode Blink was on. Love Carey Mulligan! Merrilee and me My ha... Read more

  • Things to Celebrate!

    8/24/2014 8:14:35 PM, by KLONG8

    You know the glass half-full or half-empty? It's all in how you look at it, right? I think it's so easy to focus on where you slipped up, when you disappointed yourself and although I fought that tendency HARD since the first of the year, it took some real effort to get... Read more

  • Blessings, 8/24

    8/24/2014 7:47:18 PM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. i am grateful for my babies, because they bring into relief what i need to work on. 2. i am grateful for getting things done, because it accomplishment is good. 3. i am grateful for yoga, because it keeps the chiropractor at bay. 4. i am grateful for most people at work having iphones, beca... Read more

  • Video To Chris Downie From the Spark Rally

    8/24/2014 4:02:54 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Video to Chris Downie from the Spark Rally Join the Spark Rally Team!
    gid=59291 ... Read more

  • 101th time is a charm

    8/24/2014 3:09:18 PM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    I have started and restarted my health goals so many times in the last 20 years, only to drop them after a few weeks. Now that I am diagnosed as pre-diabetic - I'm much more motivated than just wanting to fit into pretty clothes or take a sexy photo. SparkPeople is a great program, and has so ... Read more

  • 11920 Step count.

    8/24/2014 3:07:26 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    11920 was my step count for last night. On track for the Ten K Steps a Day program listed on my profile. One of the better books on 10,000 Steps is the Isaacs book based on UK government Pedometer studies.... Read more

  • Crash Site on Waternomee

    8/24/2014 2:16:39 PM, by JSTETSER

    The hike to Waternomee was the most interesting hike that I have done in years!! I will write more tomorrow. ... Read more


    8/24/2014 12:36:51 PM, by TIMEHASCOME56

    Now I have always smoked cigars on occasion. However lately I have increased considerably. I have been looking for a part time job with no success. I worked a temporary job during the summer, however I need a consistent emplo... Read more

  • Day 14

    8/24/2014 10:05:11 AM, by STHOMPS31

    It is a lovely Sunday morning. The sun is shining and it is my rest day. (Which means no heavy workout, just some restful walking). I am a bit concerned about dinner tonight. We are going to a lovely Indian restaurant to celebrate a co-worker leaving. It will be a real test of my willpower. I ... Read more

  • What Inspired Me

    8/24/2014 8:20:08 AM, by KELLIEBEAN

    It was a hot and humid Saturday morning. Too humid, I decided, for the run I had planned. Too humid for a dog walk. She does not do well in the humidity. A great day to sit and decompress from the hectic week I told myself. DH and I watched 13 Going on 30. After he left for work, I settled in f... Read more

  • Blessings, 8/23

    8/23/2014 10:02:11 PM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. i am grateful for my babies, because they are in tune to me. 2. i am grateful for waking up, because being on time is good. 3. i am grateful for a more fall-like day, because it makes being at work more tolerable. 4. i am grateful for to-do lists, because they keep me on-track. 5. i am gr... Read more

  • Recovery Saturday..and a few vacation pix!

    8/23/2014 9:51:11 PM, by TERRI289

    I can't believe our mini vacation is over already..sigh! it was lovely although short! Today I did laundry, visited with a few friends, picked up the puppy from the kennel, and got a long needed nap. Now we are watching the new Dr. Who.. here a few pictures from vacation Read more

  • Day 14/100 "Be True to Yourself"

    8/23/2014 7:28:28 PM, by KROWNEDBEAUTY

    Has it really been 2 weeks? I'm finding there's a total difference in being intrinsically and extrinsically motivated. When you focus on outward progress it's so easy to get impatient isn't it? Especially when average weight loss is 1-2lbs per week and we've got unrealistic shows like "The Bigg... Read more

  • I Never Blog On Saturday

    8/23/2014 7:25:46 PM, by KLONG8

    I try to stay away from the computer on the weekend. I allow myself one day where I don't need to track (unless I really want to). Today, I want to because I cleaned up my office, everything is in it's place and it's kind of fun to spend some time here. Of course, once I go back to work controlle... Read more

  • Haircut and color

    8/23/2014 5:24:19 PM, by LIS193

    Yesterday we had a day off from spanish lessons and pickle ball, so I took the opportunity to have a long overdue haircut and have it colored again. It is a little shorter than planned and the color slightly more copper but it will grow and it will fade :) Still, I love my new cut and color, even... Read more

  • Saturday its 95 today!

    8/23/2014 5:11:46 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    That's like a cooling trend really! It is still pretty warm especially when you turn on the oven since on that side of the house is where the sun sets. Where I sleep in my bedroom office its where the sun rises and it can get pretty warm. September means cooler but still in the 90's-high 80's. Octob... Read more

  • An Organized Kitchen MAGICALLY leads to weight loss Sucess

    8/23/2014 4:16:02 PM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    It's CLEANING & ORGANIZING DAY. Cleaning and organizing is such a big part of being successful. When the kitchen is clean and organized, I feel like getting in there and making some healthy meals. Disorganiz... Read more

  • No such thing as an open relationship

    8/23/2014 1:09:22 PM, by BAREFITNESS

    I've come to the realization there is no such thing as an open relationship. It's not about having the chance to be intimate with someone other than your partner (although my honey would say it's a bonus); It's more about how open and honest you are in your current relationship. I was a sexually s... Read more

  • Golf

    8/23/2014 10:10:15 AM, by PLMITCH

    Had a really enjoyable round of golf on Friday. No, I did not have a great score -- 108 -- but it was just getting outside with friends, having lots of laughs, and taking in a late summer day outside. It was my first time this season, which is a shame, but will get out at least one more time in mi... Read more