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  • Such a ROUGH day for me and my kiddo!

    9/17/2014 3:07:06 PM, by GMINYARD

    So I had an extremely difficult morning with one of my daughters. I have been working out of town A LOT (5 weeks was my last stint) and I think that every one of my daughters are dealing with it in a different manner. One of them, has gained a substantial amount of weight. This both terrifies me and... Read more

  • Quote For The Day 9/17/2014

    9/17/2014 8:47:58 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them" By Leo Tolstoy... Read more

  • PNW wildfires - no exercise outside folks!!!

    9/16/2014 7:18:47 PM, by DISGUISEDBYPHAT

    In my area they state that the air index is good which is a load of garbage. I am having all kinds of respiratory issues. Inside! If I don't have the a/c on full blast and the fan above the stove top on I feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. Oregon area~... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/16/2014

    9/16/2014 5:35:01 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Anger manages everything badly" By P. Statios... Read more

  • Week 1

    9/15/2014 1:02:41 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    So I've been back on Medifast for 1 week. My first week went REALLY well, overall. Monday, I "splurged" by having a beer (only one!), and on Saturday, I went to a friend's house, where she served vegetarian lasagna, wine and ice cream. But other than that, no fudging, no cheating. I forgot how ... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/15/2014

    9/15/2014 7:38:14 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they exhausted all other alternatives" By Abba Eban... Read more


    9/15/2014 4:21:02 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    The Americans and Russians at the height of the arms race realized that if they continued in the usual manner they were going to blow up the whole world. One day they sat down and decided to settle the whole dispute with one dog fight. They'd have five years to breed the best fighting dog in the wor... Read more

  • Happy

    9/14/2014 9:06:21 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Happy Sunday Be good to your Body. ... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/14/2014

    9/14/2014 4:52:42 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life" By Albert Camus... Read more

  • Trip to Silver Falls State Park

    9/13/2014 11:54:01 AM, by BOOKAPHILE

    Our big trailer trip to several national parks was cancelled as my Dad entered his last days and passed away mid-August. As his executor, I have had plenty of things to do that didn't make three weeks away a good idea. DH and I did manage to take 3 days this week to enjoy the sights and trails aro... Read more

  • The Three "P"s of Weight Loss

    9/13/2014 11:38:30 AM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    Rx: Practice daily!... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/13/2014

    9/13/2014 4:40:44 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other" By Mother Teresa.... Read more

  • No more excuses......

    9/12/2014 4:14:11 PM, by SHAMAN29

    Welp....I have no more excuses. I can't exercise because work is getting in the way.'re on sabbatical. Get up off your butt. I can't eat right because my schedule is all messed up.'re on sabbatical. Get a routine going, buy healthy whole foods ... Read more

  • Being Frank

    9/12/2014 2:33:20 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    No, I haven't changed my name. I'm just going to be really, brutally honest. I fell off the wagon. I bumped up to 200 pounds. Sure, I kept running, but running was sometimes a nightmare, what with the knee. (People are not lying when they say that running is easier when you are lighter-weight!)... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/12/2014

    9/12/2014 4:22:02 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time" By Steven Wright... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/11/2011

    9/11/2014 5:07:40 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men" By Kim Hubbard "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" By Albert Einstein ... Read more

  • We Wish You a Happy Birthday!

    9/11/2014 3:37:07 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    It's your birthday, CJ! Celebrating YOU is such a treat! We couldn’t wait to wish you a happy birthday! We hope your Spark Friends will do the same! Many... Read more

  • Whoops...

    9/10/2014 7:27:14 PM, by OTTERMOM2

    So, in my last post, I said I'd be posting here more often. That post was a month ago.....WHOOPS! But, I'm here. The BL Challenge I'm participating in starts TOMORROW, which is good. With all the craziness in my life over the past month, I really need some structure. Both kids are in school... Read more

  • Quote For Today 9/10/2014

    9/10/2014 4:19:49 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened" By Dr. Seuss... Read more


    9/9/2014 9:42:18 PM, by 123ELAINE456

    "We seek serenity, and we acknowledge that we cannot find it unless we are willing to accept certain things. because resisting unchangeable realities is not only unproductive but actually destructive" By Father Jonathan Morris on Facebook. 9/9/2014... Read more

  • Quote For Today

    9/9/2014 10:08:46 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance" By Oscar Wilde... Read more

  • Be Positive

    9/8/2014 9:29:33 PM, by LINDAM.1

    My trouble is staying positive. Encouraging others is easy. ... Read more

  • Stop the madness! Like.... seriously.

    9/8/2014 6:52:27 PM, by SBOB82

    Okay, so I probably haven't been active on this site for about a year or so. During that time, I have accomplished exactly NOTHING aside from gaining about 25 lbs and being the lamest person I know. I am finding myself more and more feeling like I am burnt out from work with not enough time or energ... Read more

  • Day 1 reset!

    9/8/2014 3:45:46 PM, by BELMACD2

    Gosh here I am back at day 1. why call it that? Because the weekend was so, so off track! I gained 2 lbs. Honestly I should care more than I do about that. But the main problem is the awful kinda sugar withdrawels I'm having now. I had a sugar hangover this morning. My blood sugar was 90 which, thou... Read more

  • Persistence

    9/8/2014 2:51:50 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    One thing I can say about myself is that no matter what was going on with me, if I was losing or gaining weight, I always knew that I had to get my weight down to a more "normal" state, and I have persisted in my efforts. I was c... Read more

  • Quote For Today

    9/8/2014 3:44:44 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" By Jimi Hendrix... Read more

  • The Goldberg Brothers - The Inventors of the Automobile Air Conditioner

    9/8/2014 2:19:57 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    Here's a little fact for automotive buffs, or just to dazzle your friends. The four Goldberg brothers, Lowell, Norman, Hiram, and Max invented and developed the first automobile air-conditioner. On July 17, 1946 , the temperature in Detroit was 97 degrees. The four brothers walked into old m... Read more

  • Ice cream, more chocolate

    9/7/2014 10:03:34 PM, by BELMACD2

    And I do have a bit of a headache, feel a bit gross. I so need my workout tomorrow. My daughter influenced my decision to not go to the gym all weekend. She said "Could you please take your day off from the gym on the weekend instead of during the week so I can spend more time with you?" I thought s... Read more

  • Jasper and the Unbaked Yeast Rolls

    9/7/2014 9:31:10 PM, by SUNSHINE65

    Those of you who have/had animals will probably appreciate this more. It is a story that is hilarious in itself and the person that wrote it is a good writer and made the story even better. ~ We have a fox terrier by the name of Jasper. He came to us in the summer of 2001 from the fox terrie... Read more

  • Quote 2 For Today

    9/7/2014 7:14:29 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    QUOTE 2 FOR TODAY "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" By Winston Churchill... Read more

  • Quote 1

    9/7/2014 4:18:31 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day" By Thornton Wilder... Read more

  • Mega fail!

    9/6/2014 11:57:19 PM, by BELMACD2

    Just couldn't keep my eating under control these last couple of days. Could it be pms again already? Ack! Had a horrible sinus headache yesterday. Don't know wth is with that! But I did have a chocolate binge today after like, what 25 days without it? Oh well. It tasted good.... Read more

  • 10 Jokes Only Engineers Will Understand. Who Says Engineers Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor?

    9/6/2014 11:26:11 PM, by SUNSHINE65

    1. Normal people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet. 2. To the optimist, the glass is half-full. To the pessimist, the glass is half-empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to b... Read more

  • How The Internet Got Started - According To The Bible.

    9/6/2014 10:21:28 PM, by SUNSHINE65

    In ancient Israel , it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young wife by the name of Dorothy. Dot Com was a comely woman, large of breast, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed, she was often called Amazon Dot Com. And she said u... Read more

  • Patience

    9/6/2014 1:11:26 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    The most important thing I have learned lately is how important patience is: patience with myself, patience with my aging body, patience with others, patience with the weight loss process, patience when eating, patience in traffic... really, patience with EVERYTHING. Life is just better when ... Read more

  • First two days back at work.

    9/6/2014 10:48:44 AM, by ROXIT22222

    Well it's the start of a new school year and that means back to work for me. It's a place that I can either succeed or fail nutrition wise. They have all kinds of stuff in the brake room especially the first week of school. Working with my nutritionist my plan calls for me to eat every 3 ... Read more

  • Quote

    9/6/2014 4:46:52 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "The only disability in life is a bad attitude" By Scott Hamilton... Read more

  • ,

    9/5/2014 2:52:21 PM, by SKITTY56

    Start intel job in a little over a month,that gives me some time to lose some weight. Had to start tracking on the bathroom scale as I can't get the wii to work at the moment. I also need to start using the treadmill again, or at east take Yogi for a walk or maybe both, it will be easier on myfeet i... Read more

  • 25 the pound is back

    9/5/2014 9:31:33 AM, by BELMACD2

    LOL I guess that's the problem with weighing myself everyday! :)... Read more

  • Quote

    9/5/2014 4:35:35 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" By Winston Churchill... Read more

  • Cardiolgist

    9/4/2014 9:52:25 PM, by LINDAM.1

    I saw Cardiologist mine yesterday he said I was doing great. Hope you are as well .... Read more

  • Day 24 1 pound down

    9/4/2014 8:47:08 PM, by BELMACD2

    Lost a pound! Awesome! Hope I can keep it off okay. Feeling the momentum!... Read more

  • Dog Days.

    9/4/2014 6:26:26 PM, by JOSHUAADAVIDD

    Whew! So August didn't go well. July was a great success and I felt like I was back on track. Then came the dreaded...well, let me back up... I started my original weight loss "journey" (I hate that word) in May of 2012, at 403 pounds. For some reason, I just had the motivation to lose the wei... Read more

  • quote

    9/4/2014 10:16:02 AM, by 123ELAINE456

    ' You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take' By Wayne Gretzky.... Read more

  • Just some funnees

    9/3/2014 11:51:32 PM, by SUNSHINE65

    - 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don't die throughout the movie. (Wait, what about Sleeping Beauty, which also has both parents surviving in the film?) - 'Stewardesses' is the longest word that is typed with ... Read more

  • If you feel like a failure...

    9/3/2014 10:45:33 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    This should turn you around! ... Read more

  • Day 23?? lost track

    9/3/2014 4:59:34 PM, by BELMACD2

    Well now, I have been quite the absent blogger! But I have been staying low carb. Got through my weekend in Seattle without gaining a single ounce! Yay! I have to say I was surprised. No I didn't overeat at all, but I did think I was eating a lot of salt and expected a gain from that alone. Surpris... Read more

  • In it to win it

    9/3/2014 2:53:34 PM, by JOSHUAADAVIDD

    It’s weird, it’s hard to realize that you’re not in a good place until you ARE in a good place. I’ve written extensively about weight and depression for a popular website in the past, and I think I’ve got a good handle on mental health issues and how they affect weight, and vice versa. But even I ne... Read more

  • You don't lose the game unless you quit trying.

    9/3/2014 12:21:10 PM, by MKATE99

    Wow, has it been 6 months since I've written here? My how time flies. I've been struggling with health & fitness these last 6 months. I've been in WW the whole time, and committed to stay (I've joined a couple times before and quit after a few to several months). I continue to struggle with food... Read more

  • First day of school

    9/2/2014 11:01:10 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    I'm a Special Ed. school bus driver, and today was the first day of school. I had a great day, my new kids were all very nice, and we arrived on time, so I had planned my route well. I am happy, and the "first day" anxiety I had is pretty much gone. Best of all, I have been eating and exercising on ... Read more

  • Week Two

    9/2/2014 10:16:57 AM, by ROXIT22222

    Well I've been on my nutrition plan for two weeks now. I must say it's working! Has it been easy? NO! But the weight loss each week is a reward worth going another week. Part of the nutrition plan that I'm adapting this time around again is no drinking alcohol of any kind. The quote this... Read more

  • Week 3

    9/1/2014 12:47:39 PM, by NIFFERY

    Progress so far: 7 pounds down Every day, heck- sometimes every 5 minutes, is a choice and a challenge. Or, to put a different spin on it, an opportunity to do the right thing. Temptation lurks everywhere. And yep, sometimes I have succumbed. In fact, last night it was Doritos, then a coo... Read more

  • Victory

    9/1/2014 12:34:34 AM, by BRANDESKA

    I'm feeling great. I went the entire month of August without sweets, chips or crackers. I stayed in my calorie range. I exercised a minimum of 30 minutes every single day. I have never done this before in my life. And as a result I am 8 pounds down! My pants are really loose now. Even my ... Read more

  • The Buffet Rule

    8/30/2014 5:43:48 PM, by SUNSHINE65

    We must support this...pass it on and let’s see if these idiots understand what people pressure is all about. Salary of retired US Presidents . . . .. . . . . . .. . $180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate members . . . .. . . . . $174,000 FOR LIFE This is stupid Salary of Speaker... Read more

  • Cool birds!

    8/30/2014 5:22:48 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    For those of you that are birdwatchers or naturalists, I got to witness something really cool last night that I'd like to share. It's known around Portland as "watching the swifts". I took my my mom, niece and nephew to a near... Read more

  • Fall down seven times, stand up eight

    8/29/2014 12:33:15 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    I used to get down on myself because I always eventually gained back the weight I lost. I talked myself into feeling like a failure. But no more.I look at the process differently now. I have finally realized that each day on track and each pound lost (or half pound or no gain) is a victor... Read more

  • Eat

    8/28/2014 1:52:54 AM, by LINDAM.1 is good I will be back after the holiday.... Read more

  • Hired a health/nutrition Coach

    8/26/2014 11:22:30 AM, by ROXIT22222

    Well a few weeks before Lake Stevens I met with and talked to a health/nutrition Coach. She is someone who will 'hold my hand' while I watch my nutrition and healthy eating choices. Someone I can send text and facebook messages to along the way. We developed my nutrition plan to start after... Read more

  • What a summer

    8/26/2014 10:32:59 AM, by ROXIT22222

    Well it's been a while. I'm sure no one has missed me on here. But I find blogging helpful for myself motivation, and to look back and the highs and lows. So I left off that I had done my first half Marathon, and was training for my first Half Ironman! So let's first catch up with those. Th... Read more

  • Day 16

    8/26/2014 9:39:07 AM, by BELMACD2

    Again I forgot to blog yesterday! It's an important part of keeping my focus where it needs to be. Have a huge weekend coming up and I need to be focused and prepared. My sister and her family are moving to Seattle from Brisbane! So we are driving up there (from Portland) to meet them at the a... Read more

  • :P This week was a total flop

    8/26/2014 12:43:32 AM, by DISGUISEDBYPHAT

    I wonder why this week was a total flop. I wonder why…….I will next week recommit. I did get more fitness minutes in this week. ... Read more

  • Back to school time

    8/25/2014 8:36:19 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    Well, summer is pretty much over for me. I am a Special Ed school bus driver, and today was my "dry run" day, a practice for me to get familiar with my new route, and it went very well. School doesn't start until Sept. 2, but this week we have practice days and a "dressed rehearsal" day where we dri... Read more

  • Day 14 Working it out

    8/24/2014 10:07:59 PM, by BELMACD2

    Really dropped the ball on my daily blogging last week. Also had a really off workout week. I only worked out once from Monday through Friday! Back at it though on Saturday and Sunday. I was just feeling so awful from TOM that I thought I was coming down with the flu. Anyway, no regrets and I didn't... Read more

  • The other half a laugh

    8/24/2014 3:52:39 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    The personnel office received an email requesting a listing of the department staff broken down by age and sex. The personnel office sent this reply... "Attached is a list of our staff. We currently have no one broken down by age or sex. However, we have a few alcoholics." A man entered ... Read more

  • Half a laugh

    8/24/2014 3:51:50 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    My mother is a cleaning fanatic. One Saturday she told me and my brother to get down to the playroom and straighten it up. We had a party there the previous evening, and she was none too happy about the mess. As she watched us work, it was clear that Mom was completely dissatisfied with our clean... Read more

  • Hitting MY Onederland! Pics!

    8/23/2014 1:55:57 PM, by RENZRYD

    For the few who have followed me from the beginning...I used to weigh 277.6 pounds and I am 5' 5 1/4" when I can stand straight up. The 2 times I was in a weight loss regime I got as low as the 194's..I have seen it twice! Never go... Read more

  • Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge

    8/22/2014 4:14:28 PM, by PIRATEPHILLIPS

    I took the quiz, and my sweet cravings are "out of control." Which is no shock to me, because as I type this I am planning on eating a cream-filled doughnut tomorrow, as Saturday is Doughnut Day. Here are the reasons why I would like to cut back: 1. My dad had diabetes, and I saw how negative... Read more

  • My Reasons Why

    8/21/2014 4:32:11 PM, by KIRSTENLYNN62

    I'm following BLUEJAY1969's lead and going to list my reasons for being here (again): 1. I want to get healthier and stay healthy. I am saving my life. My mother got diagnosed a few months back with diabetes, and I absolutely do not want to follow in her footsteps. I have high blood pressure, b... Read more

  • Back on the horse, day 21

    8/21/2014 2:49:34 PM, by BRANDESKA

    Looking back at the progress I made at the beginning of the year, I decided on August 1st to go back to eating what I was eating then. I had eliminated all sorts of junk and refined carbs back then, and I found that if I didn't have it then I didn't want it. Well after 21 days of no sugar, cra... Read more

  • Day 9 Acheived the impossible!

    8/19/2014 4:51:55 PM, by BELMACD2

    That is, I got my kids to eat veggies! I roasted up a couple of those spaghetti squashes last night, and instead of removing them from the skin I left them as is and filled them with sautéed bacon, chicken, chard and mushrooms and my kids ate it! Both of them! I called my creation bacon boats! I th... Read more

  • To get where you are in your life and or your goal weight ..did you cut people out of your life?

    8/19/2014 4:40:16 PM, by DISGUISEDBYPHAT

    Many self help people and authors suggest that one surround themselves with positive uplifting people. Do you feel or believe that one should cut out bad, negative, substance abusers, severely mentally ill people, etc? why or why not? Can we coexist or is it a waste of breath to have these peopl... Read more

  • Sponsors on this site

    8/19/2014 1:22:52 PM, by DISGUISEDBYPHAT

    Do you think that they should allow non-healthy food adverts on this site? I just saw one for Ice cream bars. (and not the calorically responsible ones.) Do you think that they should allow them to be a sponsor? why or why not?... Read more

  • It's not a diet, it's a life style change….or is it really…..

    8/19/2014 12:54:48 PM, by DISGUISEDBYPHAT

    Those who have reached the finish line say the same thing. "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change". But is't it really reinventing yourself? Why or why not…..? To succeed in this journey…..isn't it a reinvention of yourself??????... Read more