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  • All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)

    7/28/2015 11:40:07 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Here is a song I have been thinking about today. It is an R.E.M. song about someone who thinks they can be famous if they go to Reno, Nevada. The video is actually shot in Brooklyn, New York, though! Kids from several high schools helped with the camera work. I... Read more

  • Good weekend

    7/27/2015 1:47:32 PM, by PHGARDENER-2

    I am doing pretty good. I am still tracking my food everyday and having trouble doing exercise everyday. Have to force myself every other day. Have a great day.... Read more

  • Sunday Gratitude Blog

    7/27/2015 1:58:31 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    This week, I did a lot of reading and a lot of napping. I am feeling all rested up, and have some books finished! I read one I would like to share with you. I was thinking I could turn it into a short story, or re-tell it in installments. It is a very good story! And of course, I will give credit wh... Read more

  • First time to Blog

    7/25/2015 8:29:59 PM, by PHGARDENER-2

    I started on July 3 and have lost 8 pound tracked every day and exercised 4 out of 6 days. I do not want to stop. I am feeling a little discouraged. Afraed that I am not getting this. The web site can be a little overwhelming. So here is what i have done to stay as close as I can I just tracked... Read more

  • Yellow

    7/24/2015 9:55:53 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I am thrilled right now, because I had a pee, and it was all yellow! No blood at all! I just wanted you guys to know that I am feeling better. Things are improving! Here is Coldplay, with Yellow: Yellow Look at the stars Look how they shine for you ... Read more

  • Summer Memories

    7/23/2015 5:59:15 PM, by CJWORDPLAY

    Summer takes me back to the time when I was a child playing my way through school vacation time. Things like wearing flip flops (we called them Zori’s) and writing in the sand. Do you remember your first hula hoop? I did a lot of silly things to play with it before I was big enough to... Read more

  • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    7/23/2015 4:26:58 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    What I thought at first was the problem was not it at all. I never had taken too much iron for myself. I need a lot, because of how severely anemic I am. Plus, the kind I am taking is a safe kind, the kind that they add to food, and it is very hard to overdose on that kind. One of the reasons is tha... Read more

  • Welcome back!! (to myself at least)

    7/23/2015 12:46:21 AM, by EMMASMOM9

    Hello! I'm back after one blog post, and 7 years absence. When I signed up for this account, I had full intention of using this site to it's full potential. However, life happens, and what matters most is that I am back. I am recently a new stay at home mom with my 12 year old daughter who ... Read more

  • A Shocking Discovery About Iron Supplements!

    7/21/2015 3:35:48 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I learned something today that really upset me, because I have been doing everything wrong. I thought I was doing what was best for me, given my medical history and how badly anemic I have been lately. However, I made a bad mistake! And it happens quite often, is what is so sad. I had a real... Read more

  • Just some whining to remind myself why I'm here.

    7/21/2015 12:04:28 AM, by IMSHININGBRIGHT

    I am not someone who can think back and reminisce about my skinny days. I have never had skinny days. I've been overweight my entire life. For the most part, I've been okay with it. Having to shop in ~specialized~ stores hasn't always been my favorite thing, but I've always been comfortable an... Read more

  • Summer bounty

    7/19/2015 9:42:39 PM, by LINDAM.1

    fresh berries and oatmeal Love fresh organic local food .salad greens fresher.... Read more

  • Sunday Gratitude Blog

    7/19/2015 9:05:14 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Not a lot has been happening in my life. I am still too sick to do much, from over-exercising and exacerbating my iron-deficiency anemia. I was wondering how I could do so much work and have such small muscles and not be losing any weight. That happens when you have anemia. Those were my first sympt... Read more

  • Pictures of Oregon in Summer

    7/15/2015 4:55:32 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    When I think of summer in Oregon certain pictures come to mind. First, are the roses. They signal summer, coming into bloom in June and blooming bountifully all summer. The picture above was taken at the Portland International Rose Test Garden. It is a joy to walk among them. The n... Read more

  • Tuesday july14

    7/14/2015 12:13:16 PM, by TERRIH0904

    Did good yesterday. Stayed on track and did a lot of walking. Even with pizza as dinner. I went shopping with my daughter and granddaughters. It was nice to get out. Since we moved we're kinda stuck on where we go, we have no car, and no bus money, so I have to rely on my daughter. But the... Read more

  • Inspirational/Motivating Story

    7/13/2015 3:01:34 PM, by WALK-ON

    Inspiration/Motivation James Lexa Walking is one step at a time, just as life is one step at a time. Jim is accomplishing things he never thought he would because of his steps! As a hyperactive kid, who excelled in sports, Jim spent m... Read more

  • Monday July 13

    7/13/2015 12:28:15 PM, by TERRIH0904

    Did pretty well yesterday kept track of all I ate yesterday. Feeling motivated and ready for a new week.... Read more

  • Monday Gratitude Blog

    7/13/2015 8:12:09 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    This week I am doing my gratitude blog on Monday, instead of Sunday. like I usually do it. I felt blah yesterday, so I did not want to write anything. Well, I still feel that way, because I could not sleep at all. So I ended up just getting up out of bed. I will take a nap later when I get more slee... Read more

  • HAPPY 4 th

    7/12/2015 9:47:58 PM, by LINDAM.1

    hope you had a happy 4 th berries and salad life is good watched fire works from our tent trailer. the power went out but I had talked my husband in to buying a solar power cell. so when the power went out we were fine .... Read more

  • Saturday July 11

    7/11/2015 11:52:16 AM, by TERRIH0904

    I got off to a slow start, had some good days and not so good days. But I managed to lose a lb. So I had a good start. 244 I finally found a park I could take the grandkids to and its a decent walk to get there and back so at least a couple days a week that will be my exercise. It'll be a ... Read more

  • The Travel Reckoning

    7/10/2015 7:51:04 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Whew! Back home after a short, busy trip. I had a great time, reconnecting with colleagues from around the country, and attending sessions that were fun and informative. Part of the trip included eating and drinking, as it always does with this group. A huge part of this journey is evaluating o... Read more

  • A Termite Scare!

    7/10/2015 2:12:52 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    My mom was happy to get a call from a neighbor of ours, that lives around the corner on the opposite side of our block,whose neighbor across the street had her walnut tree cut down. Her tree was growing into her sewer line, and the water bureau removed it for her. She was going to keep some for a li... Read more

  • Vacation starts tomorrow!

    7/9/2015 2:15:50 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    So tomorrow is my first day of vacation! I'm nervous and excited - traveling to a new place and all! I plan on trying to watch what I eat, but I also want to enjoy the local food too. Anyway, I won't be on much the next two weeks. Wish me luck! And happy healthy journey to everyone in the meant... Read more

  • How The Victorians Kept Their Children's Clothing Simple

    7/9/2015 2:34:42 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    The Victorians are not really known for simplicity, especially in their attire. They wore heavy hoop skirts and corsets. They dressed their little boys in frilly dresses. However, they did have one trick up their sleeves to simplify dressing their children. They gave their child one new outfit to... Read more

  • Things I Have Learned About Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    7/7/2015 11:34:12 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I have been doing a lot of reading recently about iron-deficiency anemia, because I have had it all of my life, off and on, and I think that is what is bothering me lately. Some of the things I have read are astounding! 1.) Iron-deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia throughout th... Read more


    7/7/2015 11:36:34 AM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    It's probably been like two weeks since I came back on SparkPeople and started monitoring what I ate on MyFitnessPal. In that two weeks, I hadn't really seen the scale move much at all. In fact, Scale and I had a heart-to-heart awhile back. But today IT MOVED! I was down 4 pounds since I starte... Read more

  • Turbulence and the Scarf of Terror

    7/7/2015 7:37:12 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Yesterday was a travel day; it was no big deal, except for a couple instances of turbulence throughout the flight. Me being me, the slightest bump convinces me that the plane is about to plummet from the sky! It didn't, of course, and here I am in a hotel room, planning on visiting the National Muse... Read more

  • Falling off the horse

    7/6/2015 1:04:56 PM, by HARRIET113

    I'm starting to feel like a broken record. It's July 6th and I essentially haven't lost any weight in the last month or so. I lose a few, gain a few, end up back where I started. There are a few reasons for this, all of them obvious: 1. I haven't been counting calories as consistently as I... Read more

  • The Results Are In...

    7/6/2015 12:21:19 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    And I think I did pretty darned well! Honestly, this weekend was so hot, all my sister and I wanted to do was lounge in front of the AC. But I did get off my booty and ran on Friday morning, though it was a tough run - so hot! At the game on Friday, I kept hydrated in upper 90's weather - ... Read more

  • Sunday Gratitude Blog

    7/6/2015 2:41:06 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    It is sort of difficult to write a gratitude blog, between the heat wave that we are dealing with in my area and having some serious health issues. The heat has not been helping me recover! It makes it very difficult to sleep and to get things done. But there are still things to celebrate. 1.)... Read more

  • First Day

    7/5/2015 6:54:43 PM, by TERRIH0904

    Today is my first day trying to lose weight again. I've lost 45 but gained 25 back. I know I have to do this just to actually be able to feel good. I've been starting to get a little depressed.. and I know what that means. I refuse to give into it. So I'm going back to the beginning, and starting ov... Read more

  • Cake, beer, and airplanes

    7/5/2015 9:44:34 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    I did it! I made it through the Fourth, managing to indulge a bit, have fun, and stay in my calorie range. It took more planning than I usually do (pre-entering the evening's cake into my tracker in the AM), and I was probably a bit neurotic with my friends ("How many shrimp do you guys think are in... Read more

  • Motivation, Marbles, and "Supernatural"

    7/4/2015 9:55:05 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    First and most importantly, tracking food is working really well for me! For the first time, I can say having all these ridiculous devices (phone, Kindle, Chromebook, work computer) is a benefit. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, there will be a way to track my food. (For the record, the only ... Read more

  • Celebrating America’s Birthday

    7/4/2015 4:16:31 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    Grandma always said that Independence Day was America’s birthday and we liked to celebrate it with music (as well as parades, picnics and fireworks). I wanted to give you samples of some of my favorites by American (mostly) composers. I’ve tried to give you links as well. One of ... Read more


    7/4/2015 3:04:24 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    Macy's has severed ties with Donald Trump and no longer will carry his men's wear collection. From now on, men who want to look like Donald Trump will have to hunt and kill their own hair piece. -Conan O'Brien Last night for the first time in 24 years Jupiter and Venus appeared almost on top of... Read more

  • Hard time lifting my dog--ugh!

    7/3/2015 9:39:21 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Whew, hello 3 day weekend! It got off to a bit of a rough start around here--my dog, Jimmy, broke a toenail, which can apparently be quite a big deal for dogs. He spent a few hours at the vet, and when I picked him up he was *very* heavily sedated. Moving him around (he couldn't walk so well) was qu... Read more

  • I Bought A String Bikini!

    7/3/2015 3:16:29 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Ha! It felt good. I felt really liberated to be buying this at the store. Red and black, with an elastic string that looked pretty sturdy. Not the tying string on the bottom, that was elastic on both sides. Okay, though, this has been quite a while! Did I trick you? I was actually thirteen that y... Read more

  • Goals for the Weekend

    7/2/2015 12:01:19 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    The weekend is coming! And with this being a holiday weekend, and knowing what type of person I am, I am going to have to gird myself and ready myself for the trials ahead. Tomorrow, I'm going to a soccer game. Fun, but of course, junk food galore. Besides being ridiculously and obscenely expen... Read more

  • Successes and stresses!

    7/2/2015 9:26:03 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Just a quick check-in this AM... Success! My weight is down today! I'm trying to actively reference my SP Nutrition Reports, and replicate meals/days that worked. My last two days were identical in what I ate, and I'm enjoying finding foods and habits that will be sustainable for me (and delici... Read more

  • Back on Track!

    7/1/2015 9:48:07 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Yes! Yesterday was great, food-wise. I'm back down, a few ounces below where I was after my insane salt/sugar/fat orgy, in fact. I'm trying to look at major "lapses" as an important part of all this, as that can help me develop resiliency. I mean, not all the time, because regains are stupid, but o... Read more


    6/30/2015 5:35:35 PM, by LINDAM.1

    W are not poor but no doing a good job of saving. Smile we have two houses and a tent trailer. Our animals are healthy We have each other. 334 it is healthy 252... Read more

  • A good day!

    6/30/2015 12:36:43 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    Yesterday turned out to be a good day - particularly last night. Once I got off Medifast and adopted my old Bad Habits, dinners had gotten, well, out of control. You know what I mean - you have eaten pretty good all day at work, avoiding the donuts and candy by the receptionist's desk, and then... Read more

  • My Television Binge Binge

    6/30/2015 9:21:46 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Ugh. Well, there it is, my first bona fide binge since restarting this journey. Last evening I binge watched some tv ("Jane the VIrgin," if you were wondering--cute show!), and binge ate some food. It started with dinner, pork cutlets, when I had 2 1/2 servings. That in and of itself wouldn't have b... Read more


    6/30/2015 2:28:59 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    “The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them.” I remember the first time I heard this saying. I had arrived at a huge stumbling block in my life. In fact it had stopped me cold. I was stuck and didn’t want to be -- but I couldn’t see... Read more

  • Non-Scale Victory!

    6/29/2015 1:37:19 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    So I haven't made any significant scale victory (boo!), but there is one non-scale victory (NSV) I have made: I have checked into Sparkpeople every day for the last 8 days! 208 CELEBRATION! 248 This time around, I haven't been as stringent about being on MF, which may change depending on... Read more

  • Living and Losing, Losing and Living

    6/29/2015 1:34:27 PM, by MSJESSPDX

    Living my life and losing my weight do not need to be mutually exclusive! This is such a struggle for so many of us, me included--how easy it would be to stick to our regimented eating and workout schedules, portions, pre-tracked foods, and generally avoid "risky" situations that swap out some know... Read more