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  • Today's calendarizing

    2/21/2017 1:55:43 AM, by OAKBORN

    I managed to hot on all cylinders!... Read more

  • Have You Met My Friends?

    2/20/2017 4:51:12 AM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    This is a quote that I saw this morning, on Facebook, and I really liked it. I saw this picture today, here on SparkPeople, and was really happy, to see it in a picture! It's a powerful scripture, because it says that when we are weak, that we can lean on God's strength, and not be as weak as ... Read more

  • Kind of a day off

    2/20/2017 12:39:52 AM, by OAKBORN

    I got busy with art and making stuff.... Read more

  • Slow & steady wins the race

    2/19/2017 2:15:38 PM, by MUNCHIEMAGS

    So it has been a full four weeks working with a personal trainer at 24Hr Fitness. Rachel has been motivating, understanding, fair but tough with me. She just compared my starting measurements to my measurements at the 4 week mark and there is definite improvement. Is it drastic improvement? No. ... Read more

  • Illustrated

    2/19/2017 2:07:21 AM, by OAKBORN

    This is relaxing and helps me focus.... Read more

  • So Far, Mostly Good x 3 days...

    2/18/2017 11:59:57 PM, by OAKBORN

    So here are my goals for the rest of the week (I'm doing Monday to Sunday weeks)... 1) 8000 daily steps 2) 1800 max calories 3) 8+ glasses of water 4) 10" daily activity I didn't blog yesterday... so this will be for the 2 days. Friday (the 17th) 1) Fitbit: 8184, Garmin: 8736 ... Read more

  • Please Pray For My Aunt

    2/18/2017 10:21:49 PM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    My aunt Freda recently had back surgery, which went well, I guess. However, she is now in such incredible pain that she cannot even urinate. So she is being put in a nursing home for the time being. She is the aunt of mine who is a writer, who wrote the book about Heaven. She's also written a ... Read more

  • A day of resolve...

    2/17/2017 12:28:59 AM, by OAKBORN

    Okay, time to buckle down. I know what to do. I have the tools. So, it was 190.8 this morning. EEEP! My overall weight loss goal is to get down to 150, a total of 40.8 to lose.I'm going to try 10% chunks, which is 4.08 lbs. So I will round that up to 4.1#... so goal #1 is to get down to 1... Read more

  • Weekly Weigh-In

    2/16/2017 11:10:23 PM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    Colin O'Donoghue and his pirate dog I have good news about my weight this week! I lost two pounds, going from 170 pounds to 168 pounds. I was totally wrong about why I was having such strong cramps. It was not from my period at all, but because I needed my, I don't know how to say it. I w... Read more

  • Too much.

    2/16/2017 11:37:20 AM, by OAKBORN

    I was doing well up until the election. I have gained 15#. I weighed in today @ 190.8. I have got to get it together or I won't be alive to be part of the fight.... Read more

  • Revising Plans

    2/11/2017 2:06:42 AM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    An Autographed Portrait of Colin O'Donoghue Why the photo of Colin O'Donoghue? Well, it's good that you ask. It's because I like him, and he makes me feel better, and I need the boost right now, so there you have it! I've lost 2 lbs since the last time that I blogged about my weight,... Read more

  • February Goals -- I'm frustrated

    2/8/2017 1:59:55 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    I am frustrated. This is the time to look at my progress in January and set goals for February. I found this beautiful rosy picture and then I thought and thought and thought about what I want to achieve in February. Nothing felt right. There are many health issues that make it hard for me to... Read more

  • 10 YEARS?!?!

    2/7/2017 7:44:00 PM, by *AMBER512

    Yup, it's true. Today is my TENTH "Sparkiversary." Okay, so I don't really come onto Sparkpeople as much as I used to. I typed up a great blog for my 5-year Sparkiversary and I couldn't even begin to come up with anything better. I left a link below in case you want to check it out. ww... Read more

  • Weekly Weigh-In

    2/7/2017 9:37:11 AM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    My picture today is of a crossroads, because some things need to change. I stepped on the scale today, expecting to be about the same as last week. But no! No, I gained four pounds. I went from 168 lbs last week, to 172 lbs this week. I haven't exercised at all, because I can't stop bleeding. ... Read more

  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

    2/6/2017 6:49:57 AM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    Clock strikes upon the hour And the sun begins to fade Still enough time to figure out How to chase my blues away I've done alright up to now It's the light of day that shows me how And when the night falls, loneliness calls Oh, I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the h... Read more

  • Please Encourage PERSISTENTTIM!

    2/4/2017 4:23:13 PM, by AUNA_CYCLE

    I am writing this blog to bring attention to a nice guy name Tim, who is laid up in the hospital right now, waiting for a possible surgery in the near future. He needs some encouragement, because it's been very difficult for him lately. He can't get out of bed, and he has a tumor, which is gig... Read more

  • Message from Apt. complex this morning

    2/3/2017 4:26:32 PM, by GAYEMC

    Needless to say, I didn't make it to work. Dear Golf Creek residents, Due to icy conditions and crashes, ODOT has temporarily closed Barnes Rd. Additionally, an overturned vehicle on the bridge near the Golf Creek office is preventing vehicles from entering and exiting, and Washington Co... Read more

  • Tuesday Check-In - Intuitive Eating

    1/31/2017 4:59:40 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    Happy Tuesday! I feel somewhat bad about not posting my progress last Thursday, but last week was distressing and I'm trying not to live with regrets. That said, "No regrets" doesn't mean, "Eat anything and everything and as much as you can pack away!" This week's book is "Intuitive Eating... Read more

  • Kicking my ass

    1/29/2017 11:14:37 PM, by MUNCHIEMAGS

    For Christmas my dear hubby bought me 15 hours with a personal trainer at 24Hr Fitness. Yesterday was training day #1 (the Saturday before that was more of a questionnaire completion/goal setting/get to know you day). Training day #1 had 7 activities that left me feeling fairly tired, but enthused... Read more


    1/24/2017 2:52:08 AM, by CJWORDPLAY

    This quote is a great outline for establishing a healthy life. I know a lot about eating well. I move daily (well almost daily). I hydrate often and I do my best to get plenty of sleep. The one thing left on this list is to love my body. I have never been good at that. I have always want... Read more

  • Time to focus on planning and prep!

    1/22/2017 12:53:23 PM, by MICHELORRAINE

    I woke up this morning, as I often do, thinking about what I need to focus on today. Yesterday was a binge day. HUGE binge! I made the mistake of buying Valentine's candy at Target the other day, and went to town on them. Then I followed that with tortilla chips and onion dip and I don't remembe... Read more