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  • Take the pain away - Dalhouise

    3/29/2015 10:44:17 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Dalhouise sure does look sad and sore. He wobbled out of the clinic like a drunken sailor walking along the wooden boardwalk back to his ship on a Saturday night. I wanted him to have his needles up to date and that spot on his left hind leg that is still bleeding looked at before I took ... Read more

  • Just try

    3/29/2015 10:34:58 AM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    Have the best day 247 Jackie Remember ... Read more

  • My birthday is soon

    3/28/2015 11:26:35 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Singing to the world that it is going to be my birthday soon ... I collect postcards from far and near.. If you so wish to drop one in the mail to say Happy Birthday - that would be awesome. Marty Marquette C/0 Camp Summit PO Box 48 St Main. Squamish. BC Canada V8B 0A1 ... Read more

  • Just get moving, that goes for me too!!

    3/25/2015 9:10:49 AM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    Yep, thinking too much, so off for my walk I go. Hope you all get going too. Have a great day. 247 Jackie... Read more

  • Never give up :)

    3/23/2015 9:05:11 PM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    Sometimes I get a little tired, but I keep going, did not come this far to go backwards, so let's keep going together, Shall we? 247 Jackie... Read more

  • This improves my mood! Bet it will work for you too.

    3/19/2015 1:41:39 PM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    And this too Happy thoughts 247 Jackie I am working hard on having happy thoughts today, but I will win.... Read more

  • Dalhouise - spaw - postcard

    3/18/2015 3:28:43 PM, by MKMMARTY

    For those who love my Dalhouise.. before after before after So I picked up my Dalhouise - I am no longer feeling stressed about his being away. I was told he was a good dog.. He did do a lot of grumbling when he was being haired dried I was told by the groomer.. Looki... Read more

  • Just have a great day! That means YOU :)

    3/15/2015 10:18:07 AM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    247 Jackie... Read more

  • Postcards and slow mail

    3/14/2015 2:50:24 PM, by MKMMARTY

    Hello Spark People... I have begun a new hobbie... I love getting snail mail. Soon work will be started and I will be so concentrated on my responsibilities. Any kind of encouragement would help when I become exhausted and forget that I really do love my job. Hobbie.. Oh yes over the years I h... Read more

  • Ripped off?

    3/14/2015 12:09:12 AM, by MKMMARTY

    I took the car in for the spring time semi annual maintence today. Oil - lube - winter tires off - and an inspection. I don't understand they want to change spark plugs, brakes, rotors and I can't remember what else... Estimate price is about 1300 dollars.. Everytime I go there they give me a list... Read more

  • Exploring on our Bikes - Steveston BC

    3/11/2015 11:30:48 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Time to check out our new bike rack. I must say it is easy to put on and take off the car, and it is extremely easy to put on and take off the bikes. I think I made the right decision in buying this even though I paid a little more than I was wanting to. So we are heading towards Steves... Read more

  • An exploration at Steveston

    3/11/2015 12:41:24 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Choices! Where should we go today.. I want to geocache, go birding, bike riding and have it so Noni will enjoy herself also. This is not as hard as it sounds.. We could go to Stanley Park - Iona Park - Central Park or Steveston area. I decided on Steveston as I know the area is flat making it an... Read more

  • the thaw

    3/10/2015 8:26:44 AM, by ONESPOTLEFT

    we have been able to walk at the park the sun has melted the snow from the hiking trails and there are lots of warblers, woodpeckers and huge flocks of robins the snow has also melted off the plants that were in bud and still are I hope to have blooms today ... Read more

  • Just a week

    3/9/2015 12:23:26 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Where did the week go.. Time is flying by now.. This is both good and not so good. The good is the plan of a vacation to Mexico. The bad.... but good is I return to work a day after we are back from Mexico. This week I seen the eye doctor who gave me a lecture about not seeing him every four yea... Read more

  • It's up to YOU!!

    3/2/2015 9:00:42 PM, by JACKIEWALKS4FUN

    So true, so get going everybody!! 247 Jackie... Read more

  • Snowdrop Spectacular

    3/2/2015 8:00:51 PM, by MARTHA-ANN

    Not too far away from where l live is the Estate village of Burton Agnes with it's beautiful Elizabethan Manor House aptly named Burton Agnes Hall. Built between 1598 and 1610 for Sir Henry Griffith, it is still owned by the same family more than four hundred years later. Each year the Hall ... Read more

  • Looking back on February

    3/2/2015 11:05:57 AM, by TDMLUVZSNOOPY

    It was a busy month for me. Doctor appointments for my daughter, still waiting on her EEG results, but I have a good feeling about it. Her episodes haven't really changed at all. She gets really bad when she gets excited, but that is not new for us. I hope to hear something soon. My grandmother has ... Read more

  • Winter sunshine

    3/1/2015 7:44:38 PM, by MARTHA-ANN

    DH had an appointment in town on Friday so l went along for the ride, whilst he was meeting his clients l decided on a stroll along the sea front. lt was very cold and windy but the sun was shining and l'd come prepared with my good thick coat, hat, scarf and gloves...l really needed them too, eve... Read more

  • fish sticks

    2/28/2015 6:07:29 PM, by ONESPOTLEFT

    the 3 koi are in the deep end of the pond which is 4 1/2 feet and have wintered in the rock caves every year for the past 6 year; the laundry basket n the shallow end (2 feet) has a heater on a timer and we use it to keep an opening so the gases can escape. The fish won't start swimming again till... Read more