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  • Sunday Update

    8/28/2016 7:11:51 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Weight Watchers is going well. It's been almost two months. I've been losing after being stuck in a gain/lose/plateau/repeat pattern for what felt like forever and I'm being consistent again, which I think is the only way to reach our goals. School is going well too, but takes all my free time... Read more

  • Figuring out my way

    8/27/2016 2:12:07 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I have been reading a lot about low carb high fat way of eating and it makes so much sense to me, especially when I read about the medical and chemical and hormonal things that happen. As a veteran dieter I tried Atkins, of course, and I did lose 6 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Then nothing. I ... Read more

  • What Have I gotten myself into Part deux

    8/26/2016 3:44:39 PM, by NAMU35950

    Being pretty new to Spark, I decided to join the Summer Challenge, I was a Diamond for the summer, I lost 13 pounds I think, funny about it was I was concerned about making a commitment to the group. I didn't do as much posting and support as I should have. Now I signed up for the Fall Challen... Read more

  • Inspiration

    8/24/2016 10:12:40 AM, by NAMU35950

    Thought I would share this, made the hairs on the back of neck stand up
    made-wheelchair-1.3726231 ... Read more

  • I Can Do This...

    8/23/2016 10:38:58 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Or: I think I can, I think I can...but that's cliche. I picked up an additional college class because I'm impatient and I don't want this to drag on for four semesters when I can finish in two if I put my mind to it. I talk a lot about having nervous breakdowns and the world crumbling arou... Read more

  • Let's Call Santa and See Wazzup

    8/20/2016 9:10:34 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Translation: I'm not hiding my love for Christmas anymore. And you can pry my tree out of my cold, dead hands if you don't want me putting it up in October...or September. Ahem...moving on. 40 198 334 While my decorations may still be safely tucked away, I'm starting to get the itch. I... Read more

  • Time for Thrifting!

    8/17/2016 9:23:48 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Hey Sparkpeeps! I have officially reached the point where all the pants in my closet have thrown their hands up and said ENOUGH!!!! Gotta hit the Salvation Army and Goodwill for some deals on maternity clothes. It's amazing how fast you seem to grow after your first pregnancy. Elastic city here... Read more

  • Hope for a Girl

    8/16/2016 4:13:38 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    My "other blog" post is heavier than usual this time, but I felt it was important to write. It talks about how I fell into God's arms after two decades of rejection, but the message can be paralleled to our health goals. Sometimes we don't see how any of it is working together. Sometimes none o... Read more

  • 19 WEEKS I'm definitely bigger than the last go 'round (no pun intended)

    8/16/2016 8:08:35 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Hey Sparkpeeps! I'm happy to say that this pregnancy has been problem-free thus far. Getting to the gym and getting active has been more important now than ever. Being sedentary literally makes my body feel worse. I worked from home all last week due to my daughter's daycare being closed for su... Read more

  • Chronic Pain

    8/15/2016 10:57:50 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    It's no fun and it's often misunderstood. This letter is a little long, but well worth the read if you want to understand what someone you love might be going through. Read more

  • Super Sunday

    8/14/2016 2:36:38 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I'm loving today. I woke up exhausted and did not want to go to church. I actually rock, paper, scissored with my husband to see if we should skip. Except I told him he would be "don't go" and I would be "go" because I didn't want it on my conscious if we missed because of me. 208 Wife of... Read more

  • Hooray for Enjoying the Day!

    8/13/2016 6:15:49 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Mr. C and I took today off from landscaping/house projects since we haven't had any fun in FOREVER. Our meandering led us through some very pretty scenery. It was a lovely day! ... Read more

  • Homemade Popsicles

    8/9/2016 9:47:26 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I bought popsicle molds awhile ago, proclaiming I would start making them from scratch. The ones I buy from the store are the Edy's full-of-sugar-so-very-yummy kind but there are way too many cupcakes in this universe for me to waste my calories on sugar water. I subscribe to several food blogs... Read more

  • trying something new

    8/7/2016 11:49:35 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I have been at a plateau since last October, and have not been very consistent with strength training. I used to do a super intense program called Max-OT and got super results when I did. But now I know, since I am older (er, ahem...) and since I have had injuries that stopped me for long periods of... Read more

  • So How Many Children Do You Have?

    8/7/2016 3:57:54 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I hope I don't offend anyone in the Spark universe, but it makes me cringe when women say things like, "I have three children. Two girls and a husband." I feel like it demeans men and doesn't give them proper credit as husbands and fathers. I've been in a variety of relationships so I understand tha... Read more

  • My Someday Clothes

    8/4/2016 10:11:41 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I know there is debate about whether or not someone should keep clothes that don't fit. Some say to get rid of too big clothes immediately so you don't give yourself the impression that its okay to gain weight. Some say to get rid of too small clothes because you're reminding yourself that you aren'... Read more

  • Keeping it Real

    7/30/2016 12:59:36 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I'm having a great day. You can read why here: http://quirkyvoicegirl.blogs
    html I know I've said it before, but I love it here. We live in a world where we can invite total strangers into our lives and before you know it, you've made a friend. I hav... Read more