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  • Week 6

    2/23/2017 1:11:05 PM, by CINDY247

    It's the start of week 6 for me 1st time no weight loss, but I'm ok it will come off eventually. I am wearing 1 size smaller ! Yah ! Clothes that I haven't worn in over a year fit !!! Celebrate lil victories!!! Starting this past Tuesday I decided that I should eat more fruits & veggies, less ... Read more

  • Little Victories

    2/23/2017 7:45:46 AM, by CFODEL

    I went to the gym yesterday for my strength workout. I always warm up on the recumbent bike; it's a habit that started when I was going to physical therapy. A month ago, my typical RPMs would be around 35-36. I looked at it last night, and I was comfortably doing 53 RPMs. I also upped the level ... Read more

  • Who knew ?! Lol !

    2/22/2017 2:14:01 PM, by CINDY247

    Why oh why am I always so surprised - when- what I'm told is best to do (by qualified people no less) turns out to be what I should have been doing all along... Why do I always think "that doesn't apply to me" When YES it DOES ! It's time I stop second guessing the pros and get in line with the p... Read more

  • Blah

    2/21/2017 7:23:55 PM, by CFODEL

    I am just having one of those days. I feel kind of .... blah. On the bright side, I know I am doing so well in my push to get healthier through exercise. It's becoming no big deal to walk for 15-30 minutes most days. I did have some pain in my ankles/foot tops yesterday, so I stopped early, but ... Read more

  • Attention Alcohol, Coffee & Tea Drinkers

    2/21/2017 8:27:26 AM, by CINDY247

    Alcohol, Coffee, tea and sugar are diuretics and therefore potassium drainers. I was feeling more tired than normal so, I did some research & learned that because of my high consumption of coffee & Tea (I do not use sugar) that it is possible that I was potassium deficient. What to do- up my potas... Read more

  • Busy weekend

    2/20/2017 4:34:16 PM, by CINDY247

    Busy weekend & a slow Monday Doing what I need to do and praying for bedtime ! Lol ! This past week wore me out - Grand Mom is tired !... Read more

  • Cholesterol

    2/19/2017 3:52:46 PM, by CINDY247

    While making sure I was getting enough protein and calcium I was neglecting to watch my Cholesterol, so now it's less meat & dairy more vegetables, fruits and beans ! Got to watch shrimp too it's awfully high in cholesterol, surprised at that !... Read more

  • Believe in Yourself

    2/18/2017 7:11:28 PM, by CINDY247

    5 weeks in & started working out with my new Fit Board & it's fun !! Will still keep getting my 6 miles of walking in, everday but I needed something where I could use hand weights & get my heart rate up consistently! Great day and I'm tired! Lol !... Read more

  • Eating Better

    2/17/2017 2:59:49 PM, by CINDY247

    Eating Better go a whole lot easier when "I can't have that" turned into "I don't want that" The more you eat better, the more you want to eat better - it's true !!! Have a fabulous Friday everyone!... Read more

  • Rice

    2/17/2017 1:56:46 PM, by CFODEL

    As a diabetic carb counting is really important to me. I have to be VERY careful with portion sizes with grains, rice etc. I am also trying hard to get closer to clean eating. White rice is something I still crave, and use a lot for my meals for my family, so I've been trying to see what I can do... Read more

  • Mr Munchie

    2/16/2017 7:13:28 PM, by CINDY247

    I live with Mr. Munchie, I surely hope you do not have a Mr. Munchie at your house... Every evening exactly 2 hours after dinner he starts snacking and does not stop til he either goes to bed or falls asleep. This has me in another room doing whatever every evening. It is mindless eating and I've... Read more

  • 5 Weeks

    2/15/2017 6:54:57 PM, by CINDY247

    Wow, I am not the same as I was when I started SparkPeople Many changes & all good ones too! I am more positive, kinder, thoughtful & nicer to everyone I meet.... just a thought but maybe that's because I'm seeing myself in a more positive light. I am kinder to myself, I am more thoughtful in my a... Read more

  • Yesterday.....

    2/15/2017 9:53:03 AM, by CFODEL

    Did anyone else immediately think of the Beatles with this title? Yesterday was a good and bad day. I took my husband out for a Valentine's lunch. I mentioned that I was looking for a good salad, He asked for PF Chang's. So we went. I got my normal, Beef a la Sichuan. I love it for it's c... Read more

  • Valentine's Day

    2/14/2017 7:11:06 PM, by CINDY247

    Cooked a delicious dinner tonight! Ate a lil more fat than normal but it's all good will definitely eat on target tomorrow 🐖 lol! I hope everyone has a wonderful evening ! 😘... Read more

  • Sparking

    2/13/2017 6:40:18 PM, by CINDY247

    Doing well, not much to say except the more weight I lose the more energy I have & the more I do - the more I need to eat.... I don't want anymore food ! Never thought I'd have this problem.... lol !... Read more

  • Failure (but not really)

    2/13/2017 10:49:14 AM, by CFODEL

    Saturday was a bit of a binge day. I had gotten up early, gone to the gym (yay me) and then did my grocery shopping. And then I binged. But it wasn't a failure, at least not totally. Everyone falls off the wagon. We break those healthy habits we are trying so hard to build. The trick (and the ... Read more

  • Eating more??

    2/12/2017 7:55:44 PM, by CINDY247

    I have been steadily losing weight even though my Spark stuff says I'm not eating enough calories for the amount of calories I'm burning exercising What to do ? I can only eat so much..🍴 So I've upped my calorie intake and am exercising the same as before this Thursday will tell me all I need to kn... Read more

  • Beautiful Day !

    2/11/2017 2:43:15 PM, by CINDY247

    We are having a warm day today in SE Virginia, tomorrow upper 70's so I've been outside all afternoon -washed my car, worked in all 15 of my flower beds drank a 1/2 gallon of water & have 12,000 steps ! I'm starving & its snacktime, so let's see I need protein 4 oz of baked chicken breast wrapped in... Read more

  • Weekend

    2/10/2017 8:31:29 PM, by CINDY247

    Well, its Friday again and Hubby's working all weekend. So I guess I'll find something to do...That won't be hard as I can always find something to do ! Yes, I will make a flower arrangement for my Dad's grave for Valentine's Day 129 Of course I can always workout and cook something wonderful for d... Read more

  • Weigh In Day

    2/9/2017 7:53:05 PM, by CINDY247

    So I started a month ago yesterday, imagine my surprise when I was down another 2lbs this week !! 10lbs in 4 weeks !! Thanks to all of you SparkPeople who gave encouragement, information and for just being great people !! This weight loss is a great motivator to continue on with my journey! 252... Read more

  • 1 month already !

    2/8/2017 9:08:42 PM, by CINDY247

    I have been tracking my food, not just calories but nutrients as well & I feel great! Working out everyday. Ive lost 8lbs as of last week &:will weigh again tomorrow. I'm able to wear clothes I haven't worn in a year! The best is no aches & pains that's what's really important is how you feel ! I am... Read more

  • Spark Coach Assignment

    2/8/2017 8:11:06 AM, by CFODEL

    "Blog today about the most common excuses that get in the way of your workouts--and plan to counter each excuse to stay on track!" So far this month, I'm doing great with exercise, even though I haven't wanted to. I am trying to walk EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in February. I am 7 for 7 so far (wi... Read more

  • Cholesterol

    2/7/2017 8:26:55 PM, by CINDY247

    Who knew too much dairy today put me way over the limit 😏 tomorrow's a new day to get it right !... Read more

  • Inspiration

    2/6/2017 3:44:14 PM, by CINDY247

    Love reading everyone's blogs ! Thank you for your inspiring stories!... Read more

  • Weekend Recap

    2/6/2017 10:41:53 AM, by CFODEL

    I am really proud of my Saturday. My son had track practice out at Salem Lake. While they did their thing, I walked for 32 minutes (LOVE my fitbit) in 25 degree weather. Then Connor and I went to the gym for our strength training. After that I picked up my husband, went to Bad Daddy's (a bur... Read more

  • Calculating BMR

    2/5/2017 6:26:04 PM, by CINDY247

    Spent part of my day off learning about BMR and how to calculate your own. Then because I'M a lil OCD I figured out my macros complete with the %'s for my grams & calories per day & per meal. So I've got this 1430 calories - 40% carbs, 35% protein & 25% fat ! This is basically what I've been doin... Read more

  • TGIF

    2/3/2017 10:57:08 AM, by CFODEL

    It has been busy the past few weeks. I am grateful today is Friday and there is a weekend coming. Yesterday was my husband's birthday, so we somehow ate out ALL THREE MEALS. I did get hibachi veggies at the buffet (along with some not so good for me things) for lunch and then I gave my son part o... Read more

  • Breakthrough Day

    2/2/2017 8:20:00 AM, by CFODEL

    February started off with a BANG! I was at the office with two coworkers, and we decided to do lunch together. I asked if we could go somewhere we could walk to. Then when we got to the restaurant, I ordered a salad I had never tried. It had garden mix as well as spinach, along with some small s... Read more

  • What's for Dinner? 2/1/017

    2/1/2017 7:01:40 PM, by BUFF21CC

    Whiting, steamed rice and creamed spinach. 610 calories, 76 g carbs, 18 g fat, 36 g protein & 415 mg sodium (less than 18% DV). Whiting seasoned with lemon juice, paprika, Italian seasonings and black pepper to taste. Creamed spinach cooked with fat free cream cheese, olive oil, onions, nut... Read more

  • Homework from Spark Coach - Quick and Easy Meals

    1/30/2017 1:06:17 PM, by CFODEL

    I am in week 2 of the Healthy Cooking challenge, and I do Spark Coach. Today's prompt from Spark Coach was to put my list of quick and easy meals in my blog. I'm not sure all of these qualify as "healthy", but in my quest to eat at home more, here we go. 1. Frozen Lasagna - long cook time bu... Read more

  • What's for Dinner? 1/25/2017

    1/25/2017 7:33:45 PM, by BUFF21CC

    Spinach, chicken & black bean quesadilla with a side salad. Spicy Greek yogurt ranch on the side. 400 calories, 38 g carbs, 22 g fat, 22 protein & 1026 mg sodium (43% DV). Ingredients: Quesadilla - Flour tortilla, mozzarella, very sharp cheddar, shredded chicken, black beans, & spinach artic... Read more

  • Baby Steps

    1/25/2017 9:32:15 AM, by CFODEL

    I am excited -- I have a 21 day streak going of tracking my food. I think this is one of the most important steps for getting my diabetes under control. I want to lose weight too, but the diabetes is more important. I am doing better at testing my blood sugars when I should. We cooked TWO... Read more