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  • Mental or Physical

    6/28/2016 3:55:41 PM, by NAMU35950

    It's only been about a couple of months since I decided that I didnt like the shape I was in, so dusted off my gym clothes and started back. What I have noticed is that I can walked up a flight of steps without getting out of breath now. And losing some weight along the way. So physically I am ge... Read more

  • Hope

    6/26/2016 12:49:48 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Today, our Pastor's sermon was about hope. It was something I really needed to hear. I've been a wreck since Friday when I had to say goodbye to my boss. She was the best boss I ever had. I'm not just saying that because I'm sad and can only remember the good. She is also one of my closest frie... Read more

  • In the beginning of fitness

    6/22/2016 1:39:25 PM, by NAMU35950

    We are all here for the same reason(s): Lose weight, get healthy, better lifestyle. Everyone journey to a new person is different. Some are more intense, some do weekend workouts, some work out at home or gym. More important than losing weight is health. Being a diabetic I have regular doctor ch... Read more

  • Fisticuffs with my Rotator Cuff

    6/22/2016 10:14:58 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Y'all are so sweet. So many words of healing sent my way. I appreciate all of it. It wasn't my intention to make anyone worry. I'll give you the backstory, not for pity or attention, but so you know that I'm doing everything I can to take care of myself. I was diagnosed with osteoarthriti... Read more

  • Making some progress (11 weeks)

    6/22/2016 8:15:49 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Morning Sparkpeeps! FINALLY! The nausea/morning sickness is starting to subside. My stomach isn't always feeling like a toxic wasteland all the time anymore. On the plus side, it kept me from gorging on tons of food, and the negative side, my appetite is starting to return and that makes me ner... Read more

  • How do you organize your photographs?

    6/21/2016 10:12:58 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I recently scanned in ALL my paper photos and uploaded them to Drive. I took a lot of pictures as a kid. So did my parents. Thousands. I'm not kidding. Now that I've got them all electronically, I need to organize them. I currently have them in folders by year - except I don't know the year or ... Read more

  • Thank you for Thanking Me for Thanking You

    6/20/2016 1:45:35 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I don't know that anything I post lately is contributing to society, but I'm having so much fun with my blog titles that I kinda don't care. My theme today is gratitude. I listened to a sermon this morning that talked about a grateful heart and it was a wake-up call for me. I try to be positive... Read more

  • Remember Buns of Steel? Well, I Invented Buns of Jello.

    6/19/2016 3:48:54 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I got an official workout in for the first time in probably two weeks. I've been trying to get back into a normal routine, but I've had to work lots of extra hours and by the time I get home, my goose is cooked. I'm still active, but not in a "set aside 30-45 minutes and do this DVD or ride my bike"... Read more

  • The Value of our Lives

    6/17/2016 9:07:08 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    It's a busy weekend for us...oh wait, that happens every weekend. Sometimes my full life overwhelms me and I just want to get in my pajamas and watch Netflix. Unfortunately, I rarely have time to do that. When people and projects and obligations make me want to retreat, I remember the flipside. ... Read more

  • The on-going battle

    6/16/2016 8:21:44 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Morning Sparkpeeps! It's tough to get out of the "eating for two" mentality especially when you see such tasty goodies available for lunch from the food trucks when you work in the city. Sigh...... But I'll stay the course and allow myself a cheat meal once a week so I don't go crazy. Wor... Read more

  • Get into the Groove (I'm not talking to you, Madonna)

    6/15/2016 9:23:20 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I am really in the zone lately (all two days of it). I wrote yesterday about getting back into writing on my personal blog. Then I was like, "Why did I proclaim this?! I have nothing to write about!" Then something happened today, and I wanted to write about it. I've always used writing as a fo... Read more

  • Here we go again! In a good way!!!

    6/15/2016 8:15:21 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Sparkpeeps! Please forgive me for being away for so long. No excuse, really, just the life of a wife, mommy and employee. Something that all of you deal with on some level or another. Anyhow, I haven't gotten out of the habit of being active, still working out, running here and there and still tryin... Read more

  • I Started Blogging Again

    6/14/2016 2:40:32 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I know, I know. I blog all the time. It's not starting if it's already been going on. What I mean is, I'm back to writing on my non-SP blog. When my dad was sick, I started it as a way to get my feelings out and memorialize him. Then the grief was too much. I retreated from the world. I unfrien... Read more

  • Put up your Dukes, Life

    6/13/2016 11:10:49 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I was hoping for peace and quiet yesterday so I could catch up on things. That's not what happened. Carpenter ants. These are from the devil. Apparently they took advantage of our stressed out lilac tree and made quite a home there. I'm thinking there are 50,000,000 ants in the tree, but you c... Read more

  • We are Enough...

    6/12/2016 4:31:43 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    ...just as we are right now. We don't have to be more, greater, better, stronger, or faster than anyone else in the universe. We just need to be who we are in this moment. What people show you on the internet and in real life is not the whole story. To some extent, we all hide our failure... Read more

  • One of Those Days

    6/10/2016 10:13:20 PM, by GRANDMAWESE

    Quite frankly in so many ways day could have been better. Started out having a very poor night. Yesterday over did the exercise so in spite of taking medicine for legs camps. I had them on and off all night including my toes. Did drink tonic water and put iced on the various muscle groups but was n... Read more

  • One of Those Days

    6/10/2016 10:13:20 PM, by GRANDMAWESE

    Quite frankly in so many ways day could have been better. Started out having a very poor night. Yesterday over did the exercise so in spite of taking medicine for legs camps. I had them on and off all night including my toes. Did drink tonic water and put iced on the various muscle groups but was n... Read more

  • When I'm Afraid Turns to I'm Alright

    6/10/2016 5:35:50 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    I spent my afternoon off from work screwing my head back on the right way. I read all your comments on my last blog, I listened to a sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick, and I spent some time with God. I also got really mad at my stupid human feelings and punched them all in the face. And now, I feel li... Read more

  • I had to laugh, but didn't tell doctor

    6/10/2016 1:45:50 PM, by NAMU35950

    I have type 2 diabetes, so I get regular check ups every 4-6 months. I went earlier in the week to have blood drawn. Yesterday was the big day, Doctor's appointment. I weighted myself before I went to the doctor's office, at work we have a big industrial scale that weighs up to 2000 pounds and hav... Read more

  • I'm Afraid

    6/10/2016 8:19:43 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Why is it that we let fear hold us hostage? I'm not talking about "Hey, that creepy guy is following me," fear that happens less than .01% of the time. I'm talking about how I can waste days worrying about something that may never happen. Weeks... quietly whispers...years. I'm a worrier by... Read more

  • Do you have a picture of a slender person on your wall?

    6/8/2016 1:57:38 PM, by NAMU35950

    I have a friend that has a picture of a female body with a six pack and her face cropped on the body for motivation. I look at all the exercise videos, and all the trainers are in great shape. I will agree they look fantastic, but that does not motivate me. I see all the overweight people walking... Read more

  • Spark World, Cranky Pants, Let's Try This Again

    6/7/2016 9:41:26 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    Yesterday I posted about some Spark peeps putting on their cranky pants and infecting the Spark universe with their anger. Don't bother looking for it. I deleted it because it was probably more knee-jerk than was required. Maybe it was fine, just a little more gruff than I like to be. But I stand by... Read more

  • Busy Weekend

    6/5/2016 5:15:52 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    We had a ton of fun at my nephew's wedding. He married a beautiful woman (inside and out) that we all adore. I didn't do so well with my calories but I did make up for it dancing the night away. They had a live band, which was awesome. The last few weddings I've been to have been DJ'ed, which is fin... Read more

  • Making cooking easy

    6/5/2016 4:38:14 PM, by ASMITH554

    You don't have to be a gourmet cook to eat light and healthy. I've learn to use foil for fish chicken and also veggies.And my best friend these days I'd my crock pot. You can put a meal in it and go to work s nd it's done by the time you get home.This is something you can do ahead ... Read more

  • Sometimes, You Should Give Up

    6/2/2016 10:25:54 AM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    My 3-year old niece does this adorable thing when making a request that repeatedly gets denied. She'll state what she wants. She'll follow the no with "Pwease?" She'll then say, "But, but, but!" She lacks the reasoning skills to argue her point from there, so she usually ends with an exas... Read more

  • Holidays are the best and worst of times

    6/2/2016 10:04:00 AM, by NAMU35950

    Holidays are great, we look forward to them, days off from work, meeting friends and family. Memorial day, we have a standing party with some friends, swimming in the pool, kicking off summer, BBQ, side dishes, desserts. Yum good times. Ok down side, how can you not eat all the food they bring? ... Read more

  • Is Courtesy dead?

    5/31/2016 11:40:51 AM, by NAMU35950

    Maybe it's the changing society, I don't know. I often times hold doors for people entering or exiting buildings just to be nice. One day I was walking into Wal-mart and a lady was finished unloading her shopping cart. I ask her if she would like me to take it back for her, figured why not, I was... Read more