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  • Florida Sunshine!!!

    4/29/2017 10:05:30 PM, by CINDY247

    Hey everybody! We made it to Florida!!! It's a 13 hour drive for us & I still got my 10,000+ steps in PLUS I worked out in fitness 590 center for over an hour! I am not much for that kind of thing but hey it's free & I really, really needed to work those kinks out from our long, long driv... Read more

  • Vacation Time

    4/28/2017 2:25:51 PM, by CINDY247

    Hey everybody! Been extremely busy packing and getting ready to go on vacation, I'm ready!!! Blogging earlier than normal but I am packing my laptop up to take with me. So I decided to do my Spark People stuff 1st! I hope everyone has a great weekend and 593 ... Read more

  • Day 106

    4/27/2017 4:36:13 PM, by CINDY247

    Day 106 ! Wow!! Time flies when you're having fun! Today I discovered that Spark People has funnies, you know cartoons! I saw them for the 1st time today, have ya seen them? I scrolled thru and had a few laughs and that is a great way to spend some time - laughing. It's like my favorite t... Read more

  • I'm Not Alone

    4/27/2017 10:24:55 AM, by CFODEL

    Wow, what a 24 hours. I have been fighting my weight and my health habits all week. My weight is up AGAIN and I am watching the calendar with a fearful eye towards Saturday weigh in. I can gain 4 lbs overnight in a snap, but losing any overnight is a crap shoot. I read a blog today by a fell... Read more

  • Date Night

    4/26/2017 2:19:25 PM, by CINDY247

    Wednesday night is Date Night at our house. This is when Hubby & I go out to dinner and do whatever we want to do. We are always home by 10 pm. lol ! Last week we were riding past our local Baseball stadium and he said we never go see baseball games anymore... (we went May, June & July of 2016)... Read more

  • A Milestone Day

    4/26/2017 9:48:44 AM, by CFODEL

    Today I've been married 21 years. It hasn't been a super easy road, as my husband suffers from bipolar and depression, but we've made a good life. We have two wonderful sons, and we are committed to our family. I continue along in the 5% spring challenge. I gained the first week (after vacat... Read more

  • Blog Blog Blog

    4/25/2017 7:30:30 PM, by CINDY247

    I'm doing ok today! I hope you are too! Today was measurement day and I am still losing inches in my waist & hips... However, I discovered that my waist to hip ration now puts me at an increased risk for heart disease. Where last month I was not at risk... I've lost an inch in both spots... Read more

  • Motivated Monday

    4/24/2017 6:52:07 PM, by CINDY247

    Guess I really did need a rest day yesterday! Today, I had energy to spare! I've done everything and then some! Lol! Clean house, clean laundry, cooked a delicious dinner, got a mani & a pedi, worked out for 120 minutes - 4x 30 minutes each, and so far I have walked 19,000 steps! I got ... Read more

  • Finding My Motivation

    4/23/2017 7:33:03 PM, by CINDY247

    Good evening! We've all had "one of those days" where nothing goes right. I was having one this morning, so I decided that I was just going to quit! I wasn't going to do anything, I mean really why bother! And, that's what I did exactly nothing that I considered "worth while".. I la... Read more

  • Stormy Saturday Night

    4/22/2017 7:36:24 PM, by CINDY247

    The wind is howling, the rain is pouring and it's thundering & lightning as I type tonight. Today, started out great - I was surprised to learn I had lost another pound making that 20 lbs. for my 14 weeks with Spark People and I was thrilled! Then the migraines started and I have not fel... Read more

  • Love Springtime, The Pollen NOT So Much

    4/21/2017 8:01:00 PM, by CINDY247

    Been indoors all day... my allergies are acting up! Tree and Grass Pollen are keeping me teary eyed and sniffing... It was in the 90's here today and I wanted to go outside so bad and do a lil fishing... Oh well, not today 234 So I've been stuck inside feeling yucky but I did walk ... Read more

  • Loving this Springtime Weather!

    4/20/2017 8:09:57 PM, by CINDY247

    Good evening! Just got back from an after dinner bike ride, an evening ritual my hubby and I do during the spring and fall every year. It is so nice out tonight that I didn't want to come home but hubby's show is on tonight, and he can't miss it.... I hope where ever you are you are enjoy... Read more

  • Wacky Wednesday & Weird Me

    4/19/2017 9:06:42 PM, by CINDY247

    Wow, what a crazy day! But I made it!!! Got contacts today... It's amazing how well I can see now! lol !! Isn't it Funny how you don't realize - that you can't see as well as you should.. cause you get used to seeing that way... Just like when you are gaining weight you don't really... Read more

  • Busy Day

    4/18/2017 9:14:59 PM, by CINDY247

    Started my day at 6 am and got home at 8:30pm.... What a day! Doctors Appointments, bill paying, errands, giving hair cuts to Seniors, dropped stuff off for my daughter and I am home showered and ready for bed. So, tomorrow I can do it all over again, just different stuff! Lol ! So ready for vaca... Read more

  • Monday Madness

    4/17/2017 9:33:53 PM, by CINDY247

    Working on it !... Read more

  • East Sunday

    4/16/2017 9:13:40 PM, by CINDY247

    Hey everyone! As I sit here typing, I am thinking about what a wonderful day we all had today! Sure, it was super busy, noisy, and a whole lot of fun! I am so unbelievably blessed, and when this realization hit me (as everyone was leaving) I started to cry!! Yes, standing in my drivewa... Read more

  • Back from Vacation

    4/16/2017 9:01:05 AM, by CFODEL

    Just finished a lovely week visiting colleges and sightseeing with my son. We had a great week! I did a TON of walking. And then... I realized I had missed tracking my nutrition one day -- my streak was at 99 days. I'm at two now. And I had my weekly weigh in for the 5% challenge. I gai... Read more

  • Family Time

    4/15/2017 10:24:29 PM, by CINDY247

    I've been preparing food, yard and house for tomorrows influx of family all day today Lots of work but always worth it to see the smiles on everyone's faces! 334 We will have dinner and then an Easter Egg hunt for my Grandson's 451 After that some will go kayaking, some will fish off ... Read more

  • Good Friday

    4/14/2017 5:15:03 PM, by CINDY247

    What a Good Friday today has been! I started my day with a Guns and Roses workout & boy did I work it! Love me some G&R 276 My 90 year old 2nd Dad (my friend), was released from the hospital today now he just needs to do like the DRs tell him... 282 I mowed our lawn & I cleane... Read more

  • Terrific Thursday!

    4/13/2017 8:53:00 PM, by CINDY247

    Had a terrific day today even amidst some unwelcome news.. But I think what really matters is HOW we handle these trying situations.. Personally I'm a glass half full kind of person 194 I tend to believe that "this too shall pass", it gets me thru all kinds of stuff! Although, my da... Read more

  • 90 Days !!

    4/12/2017 10:44:30 PM, by CINDY247

    They say 90 Days makes a habit I say it's a start to a better way of living ! Thanks everyone for the support!... Read more

  • 4/12/17

    4/12/2017 7:19:26 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Morning..started work this morning at 5:50am….its going to be a long day..but I will make the most of it…I packed my breakfast and lunch…so Im winning! Day 16 Sassy 214... Read more

  • Got more Exercise minutes than EVER today!!

    4/11/2017 9:03:59 PM, by CINDY247

    Hey everybody! I should be in bed, but I'm still up & not tired - after all I did today you would think I would be.. Today I worked in our yard for around 7 hours & got it looking real good! I also got the most exercise minutes that I ever recall having - 6 hours and 5 minutes!! 590 ... Read more

  • 4/11/17

    4/11/2017 6:28:31 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Morning..purchased a new planner from Costco last night since I discovered yesterday that mine only went to July 17…booo Costco has planner kits that go through Dec 2018 for $14.99 and got in a few extra steps. Packed my breakfast and lunch but didn’t make the best choices…need ... Read more

  • Learning to Listen

    4/10/2017 8:35:13 PM, by CINDY247

    I woke up at 7 am this is extremely late for me, I'm usually up by 5 am... 102 That was my first sign that something wasn't right... It took me 2 hours to wake up and then I moved like a turtle all day... 134 I did what I needed to do. But I am not on target as far as my activity goals... Read more

  • 4/10/17

    4/10/2017 6:57:35 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Morning..had a great weekend..and met with a group of ladies yesterday and we are going to help each other de-clutter…this is going to be interesting but much needed. I brought my planner into work today so I can actual catch up and put some dates keep on task. I became ... Read more

  • I'm Back In The Saddle Again!!

    4/9/2017 8:58:08 PM, by CINDY247

    I'm back and feeling 150% today!!! Woohoo!!! I've done some research into my "Premium Reports" and I discovered that if: I get at least 90 minutes of exercise everyday and stay under 1561 calories I will not have to continue with this 20,000 step thing I've been doing - I mean who walks 10 miles... Read more

  • 3 Months with Spark People and I'm Still Learning

    4/8/2017 7:33:02 PM, by CINDY247

    Learning this lesson the hard way.... My Doctor suggested that I increase my Fiber intake to 30g or more. So I did, and this is week 2 of having problems from that change... I'm drinking 64 oz. of water or more a day so it's not from that. After a rough night last night (hard to sleep when your tu... Read more

  • Weekend Warrior

    4/7/2017 7:07:23 PM, by CINDY247

    Committing myself to a 7 days a week, 8 week challenge & it starts tomorrow! I am excited to challenge myself. I feel that it will keep me motivated to achieve my goals! I won't know if I don't try !... Read more

  • 4/7/17

    4/7/2017 8:12:33 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    TGIF traveling today... Read more

  • Week 12

    4/6/2017 6:27:06 PM, by CINDY247

    Honestly when I started 12 weeks ago, I naively thought that I would be down 24lbs by today.... It doesn't work like that Cindy.... I am happy to say that I am down 20lbs since the beginning of 2017 (I lost 4lbs before I started Spark People) & I have lost 2 more pounds but I wont post ... Read more

  • 4/6/17

    4/6/2017 8:10:45 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Today is my Friday and I’m super excited… Tonight I’m going to see an Easter Play and tomorrow I’m meeting a Sister-Friend and we are going to see Jonah at the Sight and Sound Theatres. Off to the gym to get my walk in..have a great day! Day 10 Sassy https://youtu.... Read more

  • Workout Wednesday

    4/5/2017 4:51:39 PM, by CINDY247

    Happy to say that this mornings workouts did not leave me tired! This is so doable! Life is good! Tonight is date night & we are going to Chili's Yah! ! ! I already logged my meal ! Yumm! I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday evening!... Read more

  • 4/5/17

    4/5/2017 6:51:57 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Yesterday was a good day despite the fact that I had to put my Spyder in the shop..and I only had it out for 2 weeks. Be true to thine own self…do not let others dictate your happiness…if they don’t like you or support you..they can kick rocks. Big Rocks. Day 9 ... Read more

  • Morning workout...

    4/4/2017 7:16:45 PM, by CINDY247

    I read that working out in the morning is best. You have more energy, and it will keep your metabolism high all day..... NOT for this girl! I did 3 - 10 minute workouts and thought wow this is not so bad after all ! After I was through I had a small banana and 16 oz. of water and then I wa... Read more

  • Behind... and itchy

    4/4/2017 8:57:25 AM, by CFODEL

    I feel bad that I fell off the blog wagon. It has been a busy busy time (when isn't) and I just haven't made time. I had to go to walk in clinic at the doctor's office this morning -- I have a bad rash starting at both elbows and spreading. We aren't sure what it is, but he has prescribed a s... Read more

  • 4/4/17

    4/4/2017 6:08:05 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Went to bed early…and work up early and refreshed. Rode the Spyder to work…froze a pound off shivering (lol) in the cool breeze…come on warmer weather. Getting ready to knock of my first 15 min walk on the treadmill…make it a great day family. Thanks for all of encouraging... Read more

  • Staying with it

    4/3/2017 8:36:21 PM, by CINDY247

    Hi everyone! In the past I have had trouble staying on my "plan". I would always lose some weight (like now) and then I would just get happy with where I was, and think I'm good. Even, though I still had not reached my "healthy weight"... Well, I'm there again, (I'm a lil lighter than whe... Read more

  • 4/3/17

    4/3/2017 10:09:30 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal, Today I am oh so sleepy…I walked on the treadmill this morning..pushed myself to walk 15 mins…fingers are swollen..but I don’t feel bad..I will hydrate today since I know with my riding this weekend I didn’t get in the proper amount of water. I am going to set me alarm to walk a... Read more

  • Sunday Funday!

    4/2/2017 8:18:38 PM, by CINDY247

    Good evening Spark Friends! Another weekend has come and gone... they go fast don't they!! Spent the day with 3 of my Grandson's, I haven't seen them in a month because one or the other of them has been sick. So glad they are all well and came over for lunch and playtime after church. S... Read more

  • 4/2/17

    4/2/2017 6:45:51 AM, by I2BZ2W8

    Hello Journal Ahhhh man...I have muscles that I didn't remember having that are sore this morning after yesterday's ride. Hope the weather continues to warm up so i can get more riding...I have 58 days until my big ride to Canada....have to make good choices....need cute new riding gear in a s... Read more

  • Hello Journal

    4/1/2017 10:37:45 PM, by I2BZ2W8

    I had.nice ride with a group of friends today and it made me realize that I need to get my health in order so that I can continue to ride. Riding takes a lot out of you...and I need to get my strength up.... Read more

  • Enjoying Life

    4/1/2017 9:31:06 PM, by CINDY247

    Having a wonderful weekend! Nothing special going on just doing my thing (s). The only difference I can see is that I'm actually really enjoying doing them, and I noticed that I am! So that's what makes it wonderful - appreciating what you have, what you CAN do, and loving where you are right no... Read more

  • Tornado

    3/31/2017 6:48:01 PM, by CINDY247

    Hey everybody we're under a tornado watch it's very windy and raining with lots of golf ball size hail! I joined the Spring Challenge I'm on the Awesome A's! Come and join us! Lights are flickering so I figured I better get my Spark People stuff done before we lose power Have a wonder... Read more