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  • no motivation

    8/24/2015 5:22:03 PM, by SHERRYE2014

    This morning I had no energy or motivation. Coffee wasn't doing it. After the house emptied, I took time to relax. Got the Jessica Smith's flat abs walk. 40 minutes of sweatin' and serious movements. I'm ready to finish my day.... Read more

  • Day Four!

    8/13/2015 2:17:53 PM, by ARIELMURDERMAID

    I don't know what I did but I can't move my neck without a terrible shooting pain in the back down to my shoulders. So, here I lay on a heating pad about to move to an ice pack to try to loosen it up before I must be at work. I think it's just a stressed muscle, I'm sure I'll be better by tomorrow..... Read more

  • Day Three!

    8/12/2015 4:02:34 PM, by ARIELMURDERMAID

    The juicer broke! :( Made a delicious green smoothie the whole family even liked! The following is for one serving: .5 cup cucumber .5 cup kale .5 cup spinach half a medium apple half medium orange one medium banana 3/4 cup almond milk Packed my veggie only lunch and went on a 1.5mile walk/run w... Read more

  • Day Two!

    8/12/2015 1:59:23 AM, by ARIELMURDERMAID

    Boo I ate a little too much! Shouldn't have had that second hot dog at dinner time. Oh well... I juiced this morning and had a veggie filled sandwich at lunch. Then some hot dogs at a BBQ for dinner. I went for a long walk/run this morning and did a little body weight workout with the husband. Fee... Read more

  • Day One!

    8/10/2015 10:24:31 PM, by ARIELMURDERMAID

    I am finally ready to feel good and really enjoy life. Tomorrow I start juicing! All my breakfasts will start with a BIG glass of veggie (and some fruit) juice. Lunches will consist of more veggies some fruit and grains and dinners will be some meats and LOTS more veggies. Snacks will consist of v... Read more