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  • Week One

    2/6/2016 3:27:16 PM, by MISHA1231

    I have made it through my first week back and am pleased with my success. Dropping 12 pounds is a great result for my efforts. I know the first week we always loose the most and I am not expecting to loose that much each week but it has given me the incentive to keep going.... Read more

  • Continuing on my journey

    2/3/2016 2:23:30 PM, by SHERRYE2014

    My weight continues to stay in the 160's. As soon as it goes down, it goes right back up. YES!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!! But oh well. I really can't let that number thing get to me. Why am I so relaxed now about my steady weight? I use a measuring tape also. I've learned to measure my successes in differ... Read more

  • Time to start again

    1/30/2016 10:31:05 PM, by MISHA1231

    Here I am back again for another fresh start. Been through a lot last year and I self medicated with food. I am tired of being limited in what I can do because I don't have the energy anymore or I just can't physically do it. Today I begin my journey again.... Read more

  • My "uh oh" moment

    1/21/2016 10:44:21 AM, by SHERRYE2014

    It's been awhile since my last post, so taking a moment to have some coffee & fill my go go reservoir. Feeling a little sore in the joints. Yes, arthritis is acting up today. That's ok because Jessica and I are gonna bust those joints loose in a bit. Now, the moment we've been waiting for, My Uh O... Read more

  • A Cheatmeal I Feel Great About

    1/17/2016 5:25:18 PM, by AKNIPPEL

    I had a cheatmeal and I feel awesome. It was FAST FOOD even. I've been eating really well, excersizing every day & getting good sleep. This morning I decided that I would have my favorite breakfast sandwich from Carl's Jr. It was glorious!! So cheesy and meaty! Now here I am eating my raw veggies... Read more

  • Feeling is Believing

    1/15/2016 10:03:51 PM, by AKNIPPEL

    I am FINALLY starting to FEEL the results of my good choices! Though, I can't see any yet, my pants are fitting more loose, my energy is up, my mind is clear and I am motivated!! Got myself a yoga mat and resistance bands today! Going to use that as my strength training followed by my 30min walks wi... Read more