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  • Coos Bay, OR Speeder Run - 2015

    6/30/2015 5:29:13 PM, by WHITNEYTEACHER

    It was the start of a hot day when we left Venita, Oregon on our way to Coos Bay, on the coast, a distance of 117 miles. Traveling at an average speed of 15 – 20 mph it will be a long day. We were glad to be leaving the heat behind as we headed into the surrounding forest: Here is our group... Read more

  • life's little surprises...

    6/30/2015 4:37:58 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    The past week has been full of surprises for DH and I. Some good and some not so good, but all of them made the journey worth it. Last Saturday we decided to celebrate father's day a tad early due to the colonoscopy prep on Sunday. We had my BFF and her children with us for the ride. Our orig... Read more

  • Turning a Railcar

    6/23/2015 3:38:12 PM, by WHITNEYTEACHER

    My final Montana 2015 video post. I've had several people ask me how we turn the speeders around to go the other direction while on the railroad tracks. It's hard to see the turntable under the car, it's a round "disc" about 2 feet across that lowers from the bottom of the car and lifts it off the... Read more

  • More on the Rails in Montana

    6/23/2015 1:04:24 PM, by WHITNEYTEACHER

    Two of three video's posted of our Montana Railcar trip. In this video you can see some of the other "speeders" in our group. Here's a link to my blog, "Montana Speeder Run 2015" describing the trip:
    log_id=5949720 ... a... Read more

  • A Ride Down the Rails in Montana

    6/23/2015 12:41:29 PM, by WHITNEYTEACHER

    A little taste of riding down the rails in a railroad "speeder" near Dixon, MT. Here's a link to my blog, "Montana Speeder Run 2015" describing the trip:
    log_id=5949720 ... and two other video blog's of our trip also: ... Read more

  • Montana Speeder Run 2015

    6/23/2015 11:36:09 AM, by WHITNEYTEACHER

    After spending almost 2 weeks “on the rails” in Montana I’m ready to be home again. We leave again in a couple more days to go to Coos Bay, Oregon so I’ll be posting another blog when we return next week. With only about a one week turn-around between trips I’m feeling pretty exhausted. ... Read more

  • true love and male logic

    6/22/2015 5:27:13 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    I don't understand why DH has fought me to eat clean and healthy on his own, although he usually eats what I put in front of him, as long as i've known him. Yet when push came to shove he chose to do colonoscopy cleansing together. In all honesty it worked out better for me that way and we've disc... Read more

  • For Father's Day - What is a Father?

    6/20/2015 9:15:05 AM, by WHITNEYTEACHER

    On Father’s Day, in remembrance of my own father who died in 1999. I know that raising a daughter often confused him but he tried his best. I miss you and love you daddy… What is a Father? Someone who stands by you Protects you Is proud of you ... Read more

  • What I've learned...

    6/19/2015 12:29:45 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    First and foremost, I learned that while it was only a 3 day trip (Friday 4pm to Monday 6pm -- Memorial Day weekend) it took me well over 2 weeks to put together in blogs ( 14 in total -- 11 regarding just the trip, I regarding picture taking problems while on the trip, and 2 rgarding Myth busting ... Read more

  • Follow up appointment with my Dr

    6/18/2015 9:24:25 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Saw my Dr for a follow-up appointment after the trip to the ER last Monday night. He is concerned that the nose bleed is being caused by a major blood vessel up inside my nose (rather than inside the nostrils). He says it was good that I went to the ER (after 3 nosebleeds on Monday, about 5 h... Read more

  • Gross. Nosebleeds - My first trip to the ER

    6/17/2015 1:37:02 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    This is gross, not for public consumption . . . . but I'm writing it down for the record . . . . For the first time in my life, DH took my into the ER last Monday night. Last week, I had a nosebleed. Lasted a few minutes, didn't think much about it. (I've only had a couple in my life, b... Read more

  • Heading home....

    6/16/2015 11:51:06 AM, by ERIN_POSCH

    Internal clock must of been exhausted too, as it let me sleep in until 6:30. We wanted to be up by 7:00 and out the door by 8:00. We managed to get the task completed, but it wasn't easy. I don't know if it was from exhaustion due to not getting enough sleep, or if it was from the giggle fest we... Read more

  • Weekly weigh in

    6/15/2015 2:03:20 PM, by KETHELS50

    176.4 not what I hoped for but still down 1 pound from last week. As a dear friend of mine says "no weight loss is better than a weight gain". So this week I need to track my food better and not fudge the numbers or portions. It is summer and as a teacher I have time to do this now. I really don't... Read more

  • Dallas night life...

    6/15/2015 12:10:04 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    You probably won't believe this, but the main reason BFF and I headed to Dallas (which is 4 hours away from our home too) was to see a movie with the kids. The movie was okay ("Tomorrowland" by Disney) but it was the venue that made it unique. Motor VU Drive-in (which was actually within walk... Read more

  • many small steps will take me far

    6/13/2015 11:50:40 AM, by KETHELS50

    Today my husband and I went on a hike. He is much more fit than I so he gets ahead of me then comes back. My struggle is to not compare myself to him. I made it all 5.4 miles and did not have to stop and rest just chugged away at it. It is the same way with weight loss I have to just keep plugging a... Read more

  • Things don't always go the way you want them to

    6/12/2015 4:59:33 PM, by KETHELS50

    A harsh truth is that life happens and not always the way you would like it to. A month ago I was rear-ended in my car by a young kid. Now I am finding the information he gave me was false and it is looking like if I want my car fixed I will have to go through my insurance or let the damage stand. I... Read more


    6/12/2015 9:59:20 AM, by ERIN_POSCH

    The 4 hour trip from North Bend to Dallas was rather uneventful -- to most outsiders I suppose. We got to see many scenice views as we traveled up the coastal highway and we used the time to play more car games with the oldies but goodies and the "this or that" game. I love these kind of games beca... Read more

  • Visiting with MOM

    6/11/2015 10:56:50 AM, by ERIN_POSCH

    Just a bit north of Coos Bay is a small but spectacular place called MOM's Kitchen (1603 Sherman Ave, North Bend, OR). I'd highly recommend it to everyone. Service with a smile and everyone treats you like family =) Parking is limited -- severely -- in the lot next to the building but it you... Read more

  • Rest and relaxation...

    6/10/2015 11:18:52 AM, by ERIN_POSCH

    Well, its been a long day of walking and weather, and wondering beaches, and after a late night last night we decide to head back to the motel in Coos Bay, grab a bite to eat and call it a night. The one nice thing about the waterfront of Coos Bay is that there is much within walking distance. ... Read more

  • Try try again

    6/10/2015 10:37:35 AM, by KETHELS50

    So the 30 pounds I had lost has now become 20 and I'm not happy with myself, but I will not give up. This time around the journey started with wanting to be healthy and that is a goal I can continue to work toward. Yes there is a number I would like to see on the scale but more than that I want to h... Read more

  • Beaches!

    6/9/2015 11:02:27 AM, by ERIN_POSCH

    Once the animals were well fed and loved by us, we decided to load up and hit the beaches. I have to admit that this time around it was not my typical beach visit. We learned quite a bit and had a few chuckles too! The Coquille River Lighthouse at Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon was closed... Read more

  • Lion, tigers and bears...oh my!

    6/8/2015 5:01:45 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    The visit to Old Town was a way for BFF and her children to share their memories with me. I believe it brought us closer together as family (although not by blood -- do we care? no). I was so moved by all the love and sharing that we enjoyed that I wanted to share something of myself with them as ... Read more

  • Souvenirs and Treasures

    6/7/2015 1:56:03 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    I suppose I should give you a little history as to why we would spend so much time walking around Old Town Bandon and visiting all the shops. We were on a scavenger hunt -- of sorts. I am a creature of habit and generally rise to a warm cup of lemon water and set to a hot cup of chamomile tea.... Read more

  • Sweets and treats

    6/6/2015 6:18:42 PM, by ERIN_POSCH

    After our yummy breakfast we continued to walk around and browse the shops and sights. My BFF and her children try to come here annually and wanted to show me their favorite spots. We walked back down to the waterfront area and stopped in at Cranberry Sweets. It's a candy shop that carries ... Read more