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  • Been a while

    1/17/2018 10:50:19 AM, by CH64412010

    I gained about 10 lbs back. I do that in the winter but I'm happy to say I've almost lost it all back. I've really hit the grind the last couple weeks. I have a consultation next week about getting some of this excessive skin off. Not expecting a whole lot at this point just checking it out. I'm nee... Read more

  • Don't get down.

    1/9/2018 10:29:57 AM, by LA_BENTANCOURT

    Head up, chip up, eyes up on the prize, arms lifting up to reach the sky. Kick your heals up, get up and hit the road. Just get up and move around. Embrace new thoughts, dreams and challenges. Don't let the fat, your past, pain or age hold you back or get you down.... Read more

  • Getting things in order.

    1/7/2018 3:44:15 PM, by LA_BENTANCOURT

    This statement has a heightened meaning this year. See my Mother has a few months to live and am her care giver. She's currently bed bound and declining in range of motion. She's not ready to step over, because she wants to bindge watch Criminal Minds. She's also wanting her son to come see he... Read more

  • Consistency

    1/3/2018 10:53:06 AM, by MEAGHANH1

    I'm here to learn consistency. I need it in my life. My family needs it. I'm not here to do some massive diet and change everything about what I do in life, that's not realistic and I won't stick with it. This time around, I want to do little things. Make little choices every day that get me closer ... Read more

  • Plastic surgery

    12/26/2017 1:36:21 PM, by CH64412010

    I'm looking to see if anyone else has done it for the extra skin on their tummies or breasts.. after losing a 100 lbs there is just so much excess skin. Has anyone's insurance pd for it or other financing options .. don't want to get it if it cost me full price when only my husband and I see it anyw... Read more