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  • Warning: Rant Below

    12/4/2016 1:20:00 AM, by CH64412010

    I see all these parents complaining about different things that their kids are doing, hearing, seeing, and etc at school. As parents, it is our job to teach our kids how to handle themselves in these situations NOT BAIL them out. We have to teach them right from wrong and hope they know the differen... Read more

  • Under 200!

    11/29/2016 1:47:27 AM, by CH64412010

    First goal accomplished. Now on to 175 for a total of a 100 lbs lost... I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!... Read more

  • Only the beginning...

    11/27/2016 12:09:07 PM, by SABRINARUIZ24

    Hi! And, welcome to my SparkPage! My name is Sabrina. I am a 25 year old mother of three, yes three beautiful girls. These girls, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead, keep me on my toes majority of the time! I work full time as an emergency dispatcher. As you can imagine, my lifestyle is pretty hect... Read more

  • Cut back not out

    11/22/2016 12:23:32 AM, by CH64412010

    I have lost 75 lbs since February. What works for me may not work for others, but here is my advise: I was watching This is Us last week ( one of my new favorite shows). One of the characters on the show struggles with weight and is trying to lose weight. Her boyfriend makes a joke about eatin... Read more

  • 75 lbs gone!

    11/15/2016 1:15:19 AM, by CH64412010

    I cannot believe it! I am 1 lb away from being out of the 200's! I have not weighed under 200 since 2004! 12 years is a long time. It just reminds me that I did not get 275 over night. However, I will get under 200 in less than a year! I am actually doing it. Also, I went and bought a new pair of je... Read more

  • Decisions

    11/8/2016 1:41:40 AM, by CH64412010

    I work for a local newspaper. This being said it's not a booming industry. We do not get raises and there is only so many options for advancement. I love the work and people, but do want to advance eventually in life. I filled out some job applications and I got offered another job today. It is $3 m... Read more