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  • Feeling blessed

    11/26/2015 10:59:19 PM, by TRACY9103

    Blessed to have family and friends around on this rainy day. Hope everyone had a great day. Now that we have enjoyed lots of good food, time to get back on track and not gain any extra weight this holiday season. Good luck to us all.... Read more

  • Being thankful for the gift of you

    11/26/2015 8:44:21 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person ." Mr. Rogers On a day of being Thankful for so very much. Let us ... Read more

  • November 26 - Thanksgiving Day

    11/26/2015 10:20:26 AM, by JUDITH1654

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! 430 429 428 427 426 465 195 On a side note - after almost 39 years, my stovetop finally quit on me!! Can't understand that!!! It's the last of the 70's Harvest Gold appliances to go! 28 Actually, the vent hood still works but after so many years, is defi... Read more

  • I am not a fan of aging

    11/24/2015 7:23:18 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "Everybody's there own kind of a damn fool. I'll bet even you think now and then of opportunities missed and think you could have done perhaps better? I'm full of regrets. Piles and piles of them , but you must not let that bother you . You'd just shoot yourself , which would be nice, but it doesn... Read more


    11/24/2015 12:24:52 AM, by JOANN25

    i am paying the price for bad choices during this past week. Extra stress is part of the reason; knee and back problems; daughter had a stroke plus they found a broken vertebrae in her back (things looking up as they moved her into rehab today); trying to take care of my 99 year mom in assisted li... Read more

  • Give yourself a break

    11/23/2015 7:20:39 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You're not supposed to understand everything " Rod Steiger Give yourself a break now and then . You are human . Do what you can and forget the rest. Tomorrow will bring what it will. Things just happen , Don't waste valuable time trying to figure it all out . Just go for a ride and enjoy .... Read more

  • Time Change and Christmas and Thanksgiving.

    11/23/2015 12:36:56 AM, by PANDAJOY

    I hate it getting dark early. It has made me angry and sad. I have depression issues and I am not sure if I don't have seasonal affective disorder also. I should buy a light but can't afford it right now. Thanksgiving and Christmas have been hard for a long long time. I am fighting the feelings ... Read more

  • I believe in the God in me

    11/22/2015 7:42:43 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the color and fragrance of a flower--- the Light in my darkness the Voice in my silence Helen Keller I think it's human to sometimes forget that God is in you. If we remembered than we would take so much better ... Read more

  • Quote from and article on Sparkpeople

    11/20/2015 11:02:34 PM, by PANDAJOY

    I so need to remember this I think I need it. " Focus on why you do things "right" and try to increase the odds of that happening more often." more later... Read more

  • reward yourself

    11/20/2015 9:35:32 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    It's Happy Aloha Friday it's the day I reward myself for working all week and staying healthy , So I start out by buying myself a coffee and a egg sandwich .I make sure I have my favorites for lunch . Which is usually tuna fish with a dab of mayonnaise or a salad with vegetables and fruit and nut... Read more

  • Doctor's scales are evil

    11/20/2015 11:38:53 AM, by TRACY9103

    Even the doctor and the nurses say it. When losing weight go by the way your clothes look and not by the doctors scale. The scale at home says 210, but the scale this morning at the pulmonary doctor said 237, that's more than I started with. Complained to the doctor and she said, that their scale is... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Prioritize Fitness - Strength Training

    11/19/2015 11:07:11 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 9 - Prioritize Fitness - Strength Training Strength training is the process of exercising with progressively heavier resistance for the purpose of strengthening the musculoskeletal system. It is also referred to as weight lifting, weight training, body sculpting, toning, body b... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Prioritize Fitness - Warm up

    11/19/2015 11:06:19 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 9 - Prioritize Fitness - Warmup raise your body temperature and increase your pulse to an aerobic level reduces muscle viscosity (muscles can contract and relax faster) improving power and efficiency blood vessels dilate providing more oxygen and nutrient flow to the joints... Read more

  • doing it a different way

    11/19/2015 7:36:43 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "Take the course opposite to custom and you will almost always do well." Jean-Jacques Rousseau Today I made pulled pork from a healthy recipe , I used the crock pot, For dinner we had the pork over half a bun . I wanted more. I thought of my son who would love to have some of the leftovers ,... Read more

  • Don't take any hard knocks

    11/18/2015 7:06:08 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You are young and have the world before you. Stoop as you go through it , and you will miss many hard thumps" Cotton Mather Ha Ha who knew standing up straight would get you into trouble, Lol I am glad i am not boastful or prideful so I may be safe if i have good posture, Hope yo... Read more

  • Wow Talk about Mood swing.

    11/18/2015 2:54:47 AM, by PANDAJOY

    I am so in a very bad frame of mind. I have messed up last night. and tonight. I start out great and then mood goes bad and I eat. Crazy. I think I have this Seasonal affective disorder. Not sure but it feels horrible. I am doing or was doing good so well not messing up. I am starting new but will ... Read more

  • A fun way to get all your water in

    11/17/2015 10:16:03 PM, by TRACY9103

    Buy small water bottles, have water races with your family, buy a cute cup and use it only for water. Here is the cup we are using for water this week. ... Read more

  • Going back to work

    11/17/2015 7:19:05 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Everything considered , work is less boring than amusing oneself." Charles Baudelaire Been out of work for two months healing a frozen shoulder that has tendonitus . I also have a bad back, posture which adds to my problem. My doctor wants me out for another month , but work wants me back n... Read more

  • Wooohoooo

    11/17/2015 6:19:15 PM, by TRACY9103

    feeling soooo good right now. everyone is doing well. My daughter/walking buddy is with her dad for the evening. so happy they can finally spend time together and she can see her little sister and little brothers. It's been 3 weeks, he calls her every night, but his work schedule was so bad, there w... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food - Mindfulness

    11/17/2015 8:32:44 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 8 - Tracking Food - Mindfullness Sure your body can run on sub-par food choices for a while. For some people, that could even be several decades. But eventyally these food choices will catch up with you. We need to pay more attention to the actual substance of our food, not just the ... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food - Tracking Macros

    11/17/2015 8:30:20 AM, by NINETOZE

    img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeo
    -4d09-8644-be171028cde8.jpg"> Week 8 - Tracking Food - Tracking Macros What are "macros?" By definition, "a macronutrient is any of the nutritional components of the diet that are required in relatively large amoun... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food - Limitations

    11/16/2015 10:34:08 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 8 - Tracking Food - Limitations The funny thing is the more I track calories the less I pay attention to the food in front of me. It all becomes about the numbers and not my choices. focusing on calories often means we restrict healthy foods not all calories are crea... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food - Tips for using SP's tracker

    11/16/2015 10:33:20 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 8 - Tracking Food - Tips for using SP's tracker Tips for using Sparkpeople trackers: Set up food groups of daily foods to get in tracker, then adjust amount or move to different "meals" if necessary. Use food groupings for your regular/"goto" meals Pre-enter foods, ... Read more

  • The world needs comforting

    11/15/2015 7:23:21 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    The Comforter "I fought the tears and ran outside From human eye I'd try to hide But there are Eyes that always see He ever watches over me And so He sent a gentle breeze to kiss my cheek and comfort me " Emily King I found this poem and it made me feel better. i hope it b... Read more

  • wow

    11/15/2015 6:09:17 PM, by PANDAJOY

    Wow I thought my entries from spark coach were being put on here. I have been doing well. I have lost 17.8 lbs sparkpeople is calling it 18. I am feeling good my clothes are more loose. I do need to exercise more not quite there yet. Still trying to go slow and steady. If I fall I just keep right on... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food - Pen & Paper

    11/15/2015 12:57:26 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 8 - Tracking Food - Pen & Paper keep a food journal journaling requires you to write down everything about what you eat focusing on portion sizes instead of calories info you may include in your journal -time of day -what you ate -how much -th... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food - Determining Your Range

    11/15/2015 12:56:20 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 8 - Tracking Food - Determining Your Range There is a fine line between too many calories and the "top of your range". The optimal calorie deficit is large enough to stimulate steady fat loss but not so large that you're always hungry and lethargic. This "sweet spot" is a... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Tracking Food

    11/15/2015 12:53:47 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 8 - Tracking Food The idea behind counting calories is that you write down everything you eat and make sure it stays below a certain number everyday. If you want to take it a step further you can monitor your calories burned during exercise and factor that into your daily allowan... Read more

  • There is always Hope

    11/14/2015 7:20:40 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. " Clement of Alexandria We must not forget that there is always hope to get us through . Love for our fellow man and hope, We must always hope for a better , kinder , world, Have a successful Saturday . Hope you alwa... Read more

  • Horrors in Paris

    11/13/2015 7:34:14 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Call Home at least once a week,. " John Grisham We never know how or when it will be our time. Our time here is short. Always remember to tell people you love them it only takes a minute, My heart and prayers go out to Paris and the deadly terrorist attacks there. Words can not describ... Read more

  • Feeling helpless

    11/13/2015 6:21:58 PM, by TRACY9103

    Just found out my friends grand daughter who she is raising has type 1 diabetes. Poor baby is only 5 yes old. My friend is in tears, because of the situation. I know it's no one's fault, but still feel helpless to help this poor baby. She has been through sooooo much this year. Now she can't even ha... Read more

  • don't give up

    11/12/2015 7:26:17 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats. " George Orwell We all stumble and fall and make many mistakes but in the midst of all that is goals accomplished, and many victories big and small, K... Read more

  • Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!

    11/12/2015 3:07:58 PM, by MIJAMAGS

    Super tough day today....I can not seem to control my sugar intake!! It also did not help that my coworkers have leftover sweets from a birthday party that was held yesterday. I guess I am worried about my son's exam today. He has studied so hard for this difficult exam. I know that is not an ex... Read more

  • Where is my motivation?

    11/12/2015 11:27:14 AM, by MORBIDDOLL0224

    I am trying to look at today as a new day. But, it seems like I do that every morning that I wake up. I tell myself that I am going to be motivated today, today I exercise, today I eat better, today I put my best foot forward. Then I get out of bed, have coffee, maybe clean a little, & that is what... Read more

  • Trust

    11/11/2015 7:14:33 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "Trust your gut " Barbara Walters Trust YOURSELF Trust God Thank you to all the veterans out there , and their families . Thank you for your sacrifices. Have a wild Wednesday . Keep looking for Hugs, Happiness and healthy Living... Read more

  • Veterans Day

    11/11/2015 10:40:40 AM, by CHAOSDAD71

    Oddly this is a work holiday for me but I'll take it!... Read more

  • Today

    11/11/2015 7:33:20 AM, by LINREVETTE

    Wednesday, Today I go see my two oldest children who's lives are in turmoil. One a Mom trying to keep it all together, make everyone happy ... while keeping children safe .. the other on the brink of destruction.... Read more


    11/10/2015 11:31:18 PM, by JOANN25

    Tonight I finished the 28 day bootcamp DVD. It has been hard but I really enjoyed the challenge. I have produced more sweat during these 28 days than I have in a year. I took a week off of everything to give myself a break but am back on track this week. Thank you, Coach Nicole, for giving me th... Read more

  • Having a thankful Tuesday

    11/10/2015 7:28:58 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Today was my last physical therapy session. I left with exercises to continue some good advice and a hug. I am really going to miss them , They became friends during the course of my treatment, I was never afraid while there . They always treated me gently while pushing me to get stronger . Having ... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Eating out & Portion Distortion

    11/10/2015 9:51:44 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Eating Out & Portion Distortion Ask for half or smaller portions Eyeball your appropriate portion, set the rest aside and ask for a to go box right away If you have dessert, share Large meat entrees pack tons of calories - choose le... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Portion Distortion

    11/10/2015 9:51:01 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Portion Distortion
    =177 Read the article above or take the quiz below first and see how much you know about portion sizes Portion Distortion Quiz by Spark People www.sparkpeo... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Mindful Eating - Thanksgiving

    11/10/2015 9:50:06 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Mindful Eating - Thanksgiving Meal How Well Do You Know Your Thanksgiving Portions?
    ay_portion_distortion Tips for a healthier day: Be well rested so yo... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Cravings

    11/10/2015 9:49:12 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Cravings Ah, cravings. We've all had them. They strike fast and hard. Before you know it, you've downed handfuls of potato chips or half a dozen chocolate chip cookies. Not the best reaction for weight loss but contrary to popular belief, you can ... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Plate Method

    11/10/2015 9:48:21 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Plate Method The Plate Method - Of all the tactics for keeping portion sizes in check, the plate method is the easiest. For blood glucose and weight control, it works like this: Divide a 9" plate in half and cover one side with nonstarchy vegeta... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Measuring

    11/10/2015 9:47:20 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Measuring Managing portion size is one of the best ways to control your eating habits and lose weight. Use gadgets like measuring cups and spoons or a scale. Weighing food is also a good way to learn what portion sizes are suppose to look like... Read more

  • Have a Marvelous Monday

    11/9/2015 6:51:34 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You see things and you say why? But I dream things that never were; and say Why Not.?" George Bernard Shaw I hope you all had marvelous Mondays , I admit Mondays were not my favorite until i turned my thinking around. Monday is a new beginning . Monday is a new chance to shine. Monday... Read more

  • Goals for this holiday season

    11/9/2015 6:39:42 PM, by TRACY9103

    Being in a lot of challenges will help with this. These are a few things I need to work on before the end of the year. Some will take longer and are listed below this list. 1. exercise 45 minutes a day (including walking) 2. Count down on sugar 3. log all food everyday 4. write better blo... Read more

  • Starting to get old here

    11/9/2015 3:15:28 AM, by TRACY9103

    It's funny I know. Cold in texas. But it's 48 degrees at night and 68 during the day. Winter is really here, and so starts the indoor walking. This is gonna be fun this year. ... Read more

  • Encourage often

    11/8/2015 8:24:27 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The Gift The gift of encouragement Should be given each day--- Pass it out freely And in gentle ways. There's no need for ribbons To make it look grand--- Just the simple encouragement of a kind helping hand . Joan Stephen Thank you my friends for all the encouragement... Read more

  • Happy Sunday

    11/8/2015 5:56:54 PM, by TRACY9103

    Was cleaning out my closet and cleaned out my gallery on my phone. I posted the pictures from the winter if 2009. That's when my life changed. Rushing to take the kids to school, I fell and broke my fibula near my ankle. It was a long hard painful road to get back to feeling like myself again. Still... Read more

  • Always be unconsciously aware

    11/7/2015 7:13:05 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " When making a decisions of minor importance , I have always found it to be advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however , such as the choice of mate or profession, decisions should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves . In the important decisi... Read more

  • Happy saturday

    11/7/2015 10:17:47 AM, by TRACY9103

    Hope all are doing well. Remember to take time for yourself. You are important too.... Read more

  • special Happy Aloha Friday

    11/6/2015 8:24:35 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Happy Aloha Friday everyone . Today is extra special because my daughter Sara is back in the house. She has been in college since august 26th, I miss her a ton. Today I went to my shoulder specialist for my frozen shoulder he released me to go back to work November 18th . He told me to st... Read more

  • Please help.

    11/5/2015 9:25:58 PM, by TRACY9103

    i got on my gazelle to do my 15 minutes, but I got a cramp in the sole of my foot right behind my toes. Guess i wont be doing that for a while. what else can I do?... Read more

  • Have a thankful Thursday

    11/5/2015 7:47:55 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    We really have a lot to be thankful for if we really think about it. Most of us are well off and really don't have much to complain about. Some of us are having harder days but they do get better and brighter. So have a Thankful Thursday . I am so very thankful for great friends here . I am thankful... Read more

  • Today is a new day

    11/5/2015 5:00:35 AM, by TRACY9103

    No more dwelling on the past. Time to correct the mistakes of the past. Time for better healthier lifestyle choices. Time to learn to like different veggies and lean meats. I can do this. It is not an impossible dream, it is very very possible.... Read more

  • Test result are in

    11/4/2015 9:51:24 PM, by TRACY9103

    they are awful. I got a lot of work to do to get it all back in the range it should be in. COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PANEL/EGFR Glucose 107 mg/dL 70 - 99 mg/dL Hemoglobin A1C % 5.9 % 4.0 - 5.6 % LIPID PANEL Triglyceride 144 mg/dL 0 - 150 mg/dL Cholesterol 215 mg/dL 0 - 200 ... Read more

  • Have a wild Wednesday

    11/4/2015 8:10:36 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Have a wild Wednesday Let your inner child out to play Remember what it felt like to be truly you to have true fun . Continue to look for Hugs, Happiness and Healthy Living... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Practice Portion Control - Definition & Estimating

    11/4/2015 11:06:36 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 7 - Practice Portion Control - Definition & Estimating The first step in successful portion control is learning the correct serving size - the amount of food recommended by government agencies, such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans put out by the USDA and Department of Heal... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - Numbers

    11/4/2015 11:05:28 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak- Numbers Possible reasons you are not making progress towards your goals: not measuring the right things your not tracking accurately lack consistency/commitment don't keep a food/fitness journal not measuring your food Habits to have if... Read more

  • Middle School Blues

    11/4/2015 6:33:40 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    I've taught middle school for twenty years. That's right. I've worked with pre-adolescent students my entire career. I work with them, but I don't want to be them. Sigh. Somehow, I've done something or am accused of doing something, and one of my workmates (I'll call her Mary) who used to eat lunch ... Read more

  • Learning new things is awesome

    11/4/2015 3:48:31 AM, by TRACY9103

    Today my girls and I learned that we can walk 3 miles. It hurts but we can do it. Think we will stick to walking 1 or so mIles everyday and work up to walking more later when the weather gets bettee.... Read more

  • November 3 - Losing a pet

    11/3/2015 11:34:16 PM, by JUDITH1654

    My son's almost eleven year old German Shepherd is on his last legs. I tried to get Jordan to take Tico to the Humane Society since we couldn't afford the price of euthanasia. Selfishly, Jordan won't do it because he wants to bury Tico here, which is going to require a HUGE hole. In the meant... Read more

  • Everyone should be having fun !!!

    11/3/2015 7:38:54 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "We are here on Earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you different ." Kurt Vonnegut Kick up your heels. Dance with abandonment . 355 Laugh until it hurts 246 Do what you love 321 216 185 104 Love often and deeply 26 220 247 Spend your time wisely 56 36... Read more

  • Keep working

    11/2/2015 7:04:48 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves." Ludwig Wittgenstein Keep reaching , keep stretching , Keep looking for more goals, Keep working hard , Keep being thankful . Keep looking for the sunshine in the rain , the laughter in the t... Read more

  • Post Halloween

    11/2/2015 11:35:24 AM, by CHAOSDAD71

    Nope not taking the decorations down... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - Be Well Rounded

    11/2/2015 8:15:17 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak- Be Well Rounded Possible reasons you are not making progress towards your goals: not drinking enough water not getting enough sleep don't leave time for fun your clothes are too big Habits to have if you don't already: Reward your succe... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - Fitness

    11/1/2015 9:58:51 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak- Fitness Possible reasons you are not making progress towards your goals: relying on exercise only not exercising enough exercise intensity not high enough just doing cardio doing the wrong kinds of exercise exercising on an empty stomach eat... Read more

  • Feeling very very good

    11/1/2015 9:45:22 PM, by TRACY9103

    Since my journey began on Mother's day this year. I have lost 23 total pounds. Taking me from 233 down to 210. for me this is awesome. Hoping to continue losing during the holiday season. The weather is getting cooler here in Texas, but I can still use my gazelle to get lots of steps and exercise in... Read more

  • Keep a Candle Lit

    11/1/2015 7:44:16 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The Candle Put a candle in your window When the night is dark with storm. It will welcome any stranger; Keep friends and family warm. When you see someone in sorrow; Just let your candle shine From your soul and from your window It will be a cheerful sign. Always place... Read more

  • Today

    10/31/2015 9:35:26 PM, by SONYALATRECE

    Almost November... As the month of October draws to an end, I know this day will never come again. I look forward to touching a life each day. Although I was flooded in most of the day, I had engaging conversation with those I was finally able to communicate with. Yesterday is gone. Today is cl... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - Time Management

    10/31/2015 8:26:22 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak - Time Management Possible reasons you are not making progress towards your goals: you aren't planning your workouts are eating too fast - chew more - sip water between bites don't know what to eat at meal time Habits to have if you don't al... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - All in your Mind

    10/31/2015 8:25:17 PM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak- All in your mind (mental health) More things to consider as to why you may not be making progress towards your goals: under too much stress eating without thinking emotional eating organize your mind
    otivat... Read more

  • Always Give

    10/31/2015 8:01:59 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You must remember to always give , of everything you have . You must give foolishly even. You must be extravagant . You must give to all who come into your life , Then nothing or no one shall have power to cheat you of anything., for if you give to a thief, he cannot steal from you , and he himsel... Read more

  • The night of goodies

    10/31/2015 7:09:19 PM, by TRACY9103

    I refuse to eat all this candy. I will still take my kids out for the fun, but we will save candy for rewards, just like last year. Only this time we will do better and still have candy left over for new years and beyond. Happy Halloween... Read more

  • Healthy habit

    10/30/2015 11:36:09 PM, by JOANN25

    Drinking water is going to be my healthy hanit for the week.... Read more

  • Dinners as a family a must

    10/30/2015 8:51:05 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    The important thing is to sit down at the table and talk. Some things are just easier to say across the remains of a shared meal," Jessica B. Harris What a lovely tradition to continue when you can. My husband leaves for work around 520. he awakens at 430 and luckily I have dinner ready and ... Read more

  • Need to get back with the program

    10/30/2015 5:44:52 PM, by JOANN25

    I have taken a week off of everything. I have eaten more and not always healthy choices. Exercise is only routine stuff instead of exercise programsand things i can really track and make myself accountable. I was doing so good until this oast weekend. Better today but really need to get with it ... Read more

  • Spread the love

    10/29/2015 8:10:26 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Love one another and you will be happy .It's as simple and as difficult as that." Michael Leunig Spread some sunshine wherever you go. Be present in the moment. Be thankful for what you have and what you will receive . Be as positive as you can as often as you can. Be grateful , fo... Read more

  • What Tracking Taught Me...

    10/29/2015 11:32:42 AM, by IMAGIRL2

    Since I have been tracking everything I eat (even if I know it would send me over my calories) was that I have not been eating enough Protein!!!!! I know too that I need protein & the tracker just confirmed it!!! Also, I haven't weighed because I know my weight flucuates and I know I had a soda here... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - Food & Drink - Part 2

    10/29/2015 8:08:51 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak- Food & Drink Part 2 More things to consider as to why you may not be making progress towards your goals: not eating enough veggies not eating as healthfully as you think not eating breakfast not eating enough leaving out entire food groups y... Read more

  • BLC29 Tip of the Day - Review & Tweak - Food & Drink - Part 1

    10/29/2015 8:08:00 AM, by NINETOZE

    Week 6 - Review & Tweak- Food & Drink - Part 1 Possible reasons you are not making progress towards your goals: there is junk food in the house over eating healthy foods eating while you are standing up addicted to condiments still drinking (diet) sodas over indulging in... Read more

  • I'm Still Here

    10/29/2015 5:39:33 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    I just haven't written much and have even neglected my sports blog over the past few days. Life at school consumes my time and energy. Too much crazy stuff happening at once makes stress a constant health hazard. Students need help they aren't receiving from home. Teachers don't have the time during... Read more

  • stay alert

    10/28/2015 7:29:31 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Don't let your hearts grow numb,Stay alert." Albert Schweitzer Be on the lookout for someone to help, Be on the lookout for a reason to care, Love yourself more , the world will open up to you Always show gratitude and love . Be thankful , kind and loving . Put your heart in all... Read more

  • Betty

    10/28/2015 7:09:37 PM, by ELIZACG9

    12-15 -2012 12-26-2012 ... Read more

  • 1 day goal

    10/28/2015 7:03:24 PM, by TRACY9103

    No candy or chips today. Eat freshape vegetables or fruit. Cut down on the juice. Try a new vegetable or fruit. Change up exercise routine.... Read more