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  • It's time to come back

    2/23/2015 1:02:25 PM, by FUCHSIARASCAL

    Well, that's a little misleading. I haven't actually been away--- not according to my browser history and daily spins, at least. I'm still here, I just haven't been active on the site. But despite not blogging, I kept up my fitness routine-- until November. Over the summer, my housing situation... Read more

  • This is a mental illness...

    2/12/2015 3:53:43 PM, by SUGARDAZE

    I quit smoking over five years ago... it was nothing compared to this insane up and down weight issues I have battled my entire life. I'm extremely frustrated. I know how I got here so that's not the concern- the concern is how I am aware yet continue to do things that hurt my "recovery." Pr... Read more

  • 2/10/2015

    2/10/2015 3:12:16 PM, by SUGARDAZE

    This 3PM hunger pang is driving me nuts. I'm trying to review what I eat and switch up my carb/protein/fat mix to see what keeps me full longer between lunch and dinner. I think I need more complex carbs because I am starving shortly after a high protein lunch. 8:30AM- Spark 9:00AM- Turkey... Read more

  • I Thought I Was Back

    2/1/2015 2:34:08 PM, by 2ABBYNORMAL

    On Monday, October 13, 2014, I blogged that it's been awhile but I'm back now. Well, things took off in the wrong direction and it's been a living nightmare. My Uncle died on October 30. My husband started showing signs of what might be a stroke. Took him to the ER and he was having a se... Read more