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  • Happy Hump day

    11/24/2015 11:06:45 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and enjoy your day Viva La France hugs... Read more

  • 40 pound weight loss

    11/23/2015 8:44:52 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Finally, after being on SparkPeople since August 31, 2008, I have lost 40 pounds. It feels so great. Since I graduated high school in 1997, I've lost 75 pounds. I was 275 pounds my senior year of high school and when I started SparkPeople I weighed 240 pounds. Now I weigh 200 pounds. It feels so gre... Read more

  • Lost more weight

    11/21/2015 9:33:48 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I'm down to 202 pounds. I'm 2 pounds away from losing 40 pounds since joining SparkPeople on August 31, 2008 and 2pounds away from losing 75 pounds since graduating high school I 1997. I was wearing a pair of 18W jeans today, they were starting to be a little baggy around the waist. I can put ... Read more

  • Staying in my lane

    11/21/2015 1:31:43 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    Well I tried to pass the tax class exam-my figures weren't right on the prepared portion. I am okay with that. I was trying to save cost for getting taxes done next year. But I am more wiser for having taken the course, it didn't cost me because I am a veteran and I am moving on, staying in my la... Read more

  • Attended another VWise again....

    11/9/2015 6:01:12 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    I attended my second VWise conference that was held here in my backyard in Overland Park over the weekend. I got inspired. I made some new friends. I was frustrated. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I had a reality check. It was an overwhelming emotional weekend. I had a few come to Jesus ... Read more

  • Gaining and losing

    11/9/2015 8:26:25 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    While dad was in the hospital last month, I lost 6 pounds. Well, I gained that back plus a pound. But I got 6 of those 7 pounds off and I'm a pound away from being to where I was then. Yesterday really helped me get at least 2 of those pounds off. I did a lot of walking yesterday. I walked to church... Read more

  • Breaking a plateau

    11/8/2015 10:25:38 AM, by FRELNC

    I'm stuck at 275 pounds. Been there for a couple weeks. Feel good, eating right, but the next step is getting my bicycle out and starting a pedaling program. There is a small convenience store about 10 block away. A nice little jaunt either on foot or on my old standard nothing fancy bicycle.... Read more

  • Long 2 weeks

    10/30/2015 8:53:47 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well ever since I had my gallbladder surgery 18 days ago, we have been keeping the medical profession busy. A week after I had my surgery, dad went into the hospital. He wasn't feeling great. We knew that he was anemic but we couldn't figure out where he was losing blood. Well from Monday through Th... Read more

  • Let it Pass

    10/29/2015 6:03:55 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    I didn't feel like blogging on Tuesday, the sixth anniversary of my Mom's passing. I went to physical therapy, went and had wings with my Lou and tried not to cry. I said a prayer, kept Mom in remembrance and kept it moving. I didn't do my business posts on Tuesday, just some pictures of Moma to... Read more