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2:28 PM

Let's Change Our Lifestyle..and Bring Our Sexy Back! Coaches challenge...

Friday, Oct 9 marks officially 12 weeks until the first day of 2010. Most people decide to "change their life" so to say once the new year begins. HOWEVER...not us jammers! NO more waiting for the new year, for Monday, for just the right time..the right time is NOW! It's not just about getting more fit or eating better..this is about making it a lifestyle: fitness, nutrition, stress management/relaxation, sleep, medical checkups, relationships, etc. Because we ALL know...if you only work on one...the others will creep back up..they always do! Example: On Biggest Loser they often talk about the emotional aspects of why they became big and also work to fix those in addition to the fitness and nutrition. You often see contestants get big again after the show because of that very reason.

So here is what we are going to do. They say it takes 8 weeks to develop a if we all start within the next week..we'll be all set once the holiday season hits! Since we are all individuals with different bodies, starting points, goals, lifestyles, interests, and personalities..we are going to work as a team..but structure our goals for each and every one of us individually!

Now don't freak are in luck because 3 of your leaders also happen to be wellness coaches. I am going to put some notes below on developing goals..but if you want someone to coach you or be your motivator or be a fitness pal-contact one of us! View each of our pages and determine which leader is most in align with you-that relationship is key. You have me obviously (CCFETT), as well as STEPHNIC25 and KNM2008.

You will want to post your goals on your page and tell everyone you know so to keep you accountable and track progress. Blog about it, post updates, do whatever you want! Be sure to do some before info: pictures, personal stats (weight, body fat %, measurements, etc), overall lifestyle and mood-etc. I will also post some new topics on our team page so you can have one area to post your goals..and another to talk about progress..get motivation friends...etc. make our goals:

* Be sure your goals are specific and measurable. Example: I want to be healthy is NOT one. How do you know when you've reached your goal? A better one is body fat to 15%. Or I will sleep 8 hours per night. Or I will drink 8 glasses of water per day. See how those are measurable and specific?
* Incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle that need some changes and/or updating. Topics and examples include:
o Fitness: Incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility components. Examples of some of mine (broad goals): Add in more variety, do yoga AT LEAST 2x a week (I am so bad at flexibility:), finish half marathon and start Insanity, etc. You can make this turbo jam related or not. For me..I incorporate turbo jam workouts in with my others.
o Numbers: Examples are weight, body fat, measurements, etc. You can do body fat at a local gym or use a home scale that has that option. Be sure to do all your numbers consistently-weigh in same time of day, same with body fat. Use same scale, equipment. For me it's to stay in maintenance weight range.
o Nutrition: This is a broad category with tons of options. For beginners it might be more like drink one less pop per day, drinking so much water, logging in food. For more experienced nutrition people it might be to get a certain % of nutrient mix (carbs vs proteins vs fat) or to work on new recipes.
o Stress Management/Relaxation: This is another broad category, but can include things such as yoga, meditation, vacations, reading a book, etc. Sometimes stress management goes under def does that for me!
o Relationships: This is a BIGGIE! Make sure those closest to you and those you love most are on board with your new lifestyle and support you. Also be sure to spend time with those that are your biggest priority and less with people that aren't.
o Sleep: Lordy we all need sleep as it affects a LOT of our wellness goals if we aren't getting enough. In fact it probably affects all of the above. So find the right # of hours for you and work to get it!
o Medical Checkups: We often don't listen to our bodies or skip our yearly checkups..but they are SO important. Make it a goal to get in your checkups by a certain date, talk to your doctor about being proactive with your health, etc. Get off meds perhaps!

As leaders/coaches..we'll try to keep you updated with our progress via blogs, postings, and also send out tips/updates to the team.
Good luck all!
3:18 PM

Leader Message

Hey all..I hope to get our first team message out this the meantime have a great holiday weekend!
Casey emoticon
9:49 PM

Please welcome Kristy as your new Turbo Jammers leader!

Kristy (KNM2008) has been a member of the team for quite awhile now and is a wonderful encourager and motivator. I am very pleased she has stepped to this role and know she is going to do an awesome job.

Please welcome her to leadership!


p.s. We'll be adding a few more co-leaders to the team to assist her over the next few days.
8:10 PM

Seeking new leaders!

After a great deal of thought, Tracy and I have decided to step down as leaders of the team. My personal life needs more attention than I am giving it, and this team deserves more time than I have been able to give lately. I really would like to devote more time, the way I used to, but can't. Tracy also feels that it is time for her to step down (and I'll let her write you all herself.) I wouldn't be surprised if the other leaders wish to step down too as their lives have become extremely busy with school and other concerns, but I will let them decide for themselves and post. If they choose to remain, they will still need help!

So, in the interest of the team, we are asking for a few members who are interested in heading up the leadership of this team. As you know, it is a large and active team and because of that you should probably expect to give it a decent amount of attention each week.

Please sparkmail me immediately if you are interested! We hope to have the transition done quickly.

It has been fantastic serving you all as leader of Turbo Jammers! I have enjoyed meeting you all and helping wherever I could.