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Working Out at Home

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11:21 PM

The Biggest Loser Challenge

Would anyone like to get fit and have fun? How about become bikini ready for the summer months Would you like to get either one of these AND get in shape and more connected with people on here?

Hereís how:

One (1st place winner) person will win a Withings Wi Fi Body Scale that syncs with your spark account along with other weight loss programs. Current retail value $159.99

One (2 place winner) person will get a Sportsline Solo 960 Heart Rate Monitor/Watch great for keeping up with calories burned and distanced walked Current retail valve $99.99 EVERYONE will benefit from getting more connected to group and meeting new friends.

To win, be the person who loses the largest percentage of weight over 12 weeks. Even if you donít have a lot of weight to lose, Iím going to try and get a prize for a random person that sticks with it and participates. Not guaranteed yet, but Iím trying.

RULES of the contest:
1) Sign-up! Post on our official thread here.

2) Contest starts the weekend of Jan.1st

3) Between Jan.1-3 2013 take a picture of you standing on a scale, showing you (feet) and your weight. Send that picture to me (Tema) at

4) EVERY weekend, come back to the official thread and post your current weight. You do NOT have to send a picture every weekend.

5) Then on March 26th take your final picture, you and the scale. Send that picture to Tema.

6) Pictures MUST be to Tema by March 26th 10pm Central time Any pictures received after the 26th 10pm central time will not count.

7) Winners will be picked and contacted for address to send prizes to. U.S. only, due to shipping costs for Tema.

Special RULES:
1) Everyone must post their weight every weekend. You are allowed to skip up to three weekends before being disqualified. Each missed weekend will be counted as a strike.

2) Everyone must post at least one post somewhere else on the groupís site every week. Posting that is about spark points earned or the word games are not acceptable it must be something engaging that will spark conversation among the team smileys or emoticons.

3) Everyone must huddle at least once during the week. Huddles must be done prior to 10pm to count for that day or you'll have to wait until after midnight to huddle again for the next day.

4) Everyone must post on another contest participantís wall at least once during the week.

5) If you enter please post your screen name and what team you are entering the challenge from because I'm doing this for several teams right now and I don't know everyone and it will get confusing PLEASE ANY PICS SENT WITHOUT A SCREEN NAME AND TEAM (WORKING OUT AT HOME TEAM) WILL BE DISGARDED.....

This may sound like a lot, but it really shouldnít be. Basically, each weekend, stand on the scale and come let us know your weight. Huddle, make a post, and encourage one person and you are done for the week.

Any questions, please let me know.

Good luck to everyone!!