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5' 3" and Under

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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9:43 PM

"Keeping It Going" Challenge (Feb-Mar 2010)

Hey all!

This is the new challenge thread to help us keep up with our 2010 goals. Please find it under the Team Challenges section on the "5'3" and Under" team page. I am making this one a multiple month challenge (Feb-Mar) because this seems like a time of year when consistency is REALLY needed. Winter time can be a hard time to keep going with exercise and to keep our moods up (maybe it's just me!).

Feel free to set your own personal challenges and return here to post about them. Your challenge for yourself can be nutritional or exercise based... whatever you need to keep focused on during this two months. If you set some New Year's Resolutions or goals for 2010, now is the time to REMEMBER them! Remember that motivation you had when January 1st rolled around! If you are struggling, one small step in the positive direction can restart your momentum.

Good luck and hope to see you all posting regularly! :-) Let's remember to encourage and help each other along in our journeys to healthier lives!
Mimi B
5:47 PM

January 2010 Challenge!

Hey Shortie Sparkers!

Let's start off 2010 right!! With another great, but simple exercise challenge. I don't know about you but I find these very motivating! For January, let's post our exercise minutes - cardio, strength training, whatever you do! Push yourself to achieve more minutes than you typically do... even if that is just one more cardio session per week or just one more set of lifts using dumbbells. It is PROGRESS!! Let's make 2010 a year of amazing feats and great fitness!

Also, if you plan to participate in the "Spark Your Body" Bootcamp Challenge, feel free to post about that experience here. That is definitely what I will be doing this January. If you've never tried a Spark bootcamp challenge, I highly recommend them!! See here for more info:

Tomorrow's the day... What exercise will you be doing?!? :-)
5:39 PM

Holiday Season Challenge!

Hello all! Believe it or not, we are moving into the Holiday season as we begin the month of November. Wow!! There are many holidays in the next months (no matter what your religion!) that present special challenges to those of us who are trying to be healthy... that's right... I'm talking about all the food and the desire to just veg on the couch rather than exercise!!!

So, we begin our most important Challenge time of the whole year... let's combine the next two months for a Holiday Season Challenge! Are you ready?? :-)

I've posted specific challenges over the last several months (with mixed success/participation)... so, I would like to open this Holiday Challenge up for each of you to develop your own personal challenge. It could be a nutrition challenge, a cardio challenge, or a strength training challenge. We are all different and have different goals, so we may all be working on very different challenges! But, the Challenge tread can be our common place to post our successes, obstacles, and support/encouragement to each other.

READY? GO!!!! :-)
8:51 PM

October challenge

Hi to all SparkShorties out there!

Let's do something a little different for this month's challenge... Let's focus on Strength Training which is a very important component to fitness that many of us skip (I know I do!!). Please visit the thread under Team Challenges on the 5'3" and Under Team page ( ) to post your strength training exercises and support each other.

I think a good goal (and one recommended by SparkPeople) is to do at least 2 days of strength training at week giving yourself at least one "rest" day in-between. If you are already consistently doing this... push yourself to do 3 days a week and watch those muscles get toned and sleek! :-)

See these Spark articles for more info and ideas:

Here is a link to the Spark Workout Generator to give you a starting place!!
9:50 PM

Facebook Group

Hi all!

For anyone who is interested, I've started up a group on Facebook for our team. Just like on Sparkpeople, this will just be another forum for discussion and support for our team. This will be a "closed" group, so you will have to send a request to be a part of it... this is to keep out non-Spark "lurkers" who could cloud the discussion or post unwanted ads. Please do keep in mind if your anonymity is important to you, you probably do not want to join on Facebook as that will use your real name.

To be a part of this new forum, do a search on Facebook by typing in "Sparkpeople 5'3" and Under." The group I've started should be the only result. Then, send a request to be added. This request will come to me to confirm. If you can, please also send a short message to me here on Spark that includes your Spark Name (if you want) so I can confirm you are a Spark person!

Please contact me if you have any questions!
Mimi B
4:08 PM

August Challenge

Please come join us in a challenge that will bring your summer to a strong, healthy finish!! There will be a new thread shortly for the August Challenge. Hope to see many, many more join in!

For this challenge, let's post our fitness activities and push ourselves to do at least one fitness activity per day... EVERY DAY! That could be some form of cardio (post with # of minutes) or as little as one set of a strength exercise (post with # of reps)!!

For the second part of the challenge, let's focus on eating a well-rounded diet... one interesting way I've heard about to get lots of different types of vitamins and minerals is to eat many different COLORS of fruits and veggies b/c the color often corresponds to a different nutrient. So, post the colors of the fruits and veggies you ate every day.

This should be interesting!
Mimi B emoticon
6:27 PM

Add Photos... if you dare!

I wanted to invite everyone to add a photo to the 5'3" and Under team page. Please keep the photos appropriate and geared toward showing your success! I've added a recent picture of myself that shows my progress.

You'll find the tab for adding Photos in the top box on the team's page... it is the third tab over; The box says "News," "Announcements," "Photos," "Links," and "Blogs." Just click the Photos tab and click where it says "click here to add a photo." Then, follow the directions to add your picture. :-)

Please contact me if you have any questions! Mimi B
10:46 PM

July Challenge

I finally have our Challenge threads up and running for July... Please check them out!!

Please note there are two Challenge threads for July:
One is a Scoreboard just for posting your veggie/fruit and activities for each day (My first posting contains directions).
The other thread, called "Challenge for July 2009," is for discussions, questions, etc.

Mimi B. (co-leader)